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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Equinox, New Moon, 4:4 Gateway Preparation

This is crucial beloveds for gaia to stay on her 5d timeline, and it is also crucial for the divine masculine collective consciousness that is being deeply worked on energetically at the moment. Please know they are being supported by all of the forces in existence to take the greatest leap of their lives from identification with the mental realm of consciousness, to full prioritisation of their heart consciousness. Everything has been leading up to this beloveds and huge shifts are abound in the divine masculine consciousness as we speak. Many of them are receiving potent upgrades via the dreamtime, and are being taken to the ancient crystal pyramids of Lemuria where they are being worked on by the highest living masters of light. READ MORE...

Energy Update ~ Under The Influence of Energetic Bombardment

Last week was a constant battle - even just moving felt difficult. When we are under the influence of Energetic Bombardment and continual warding off of outer negativity, like we have been experiencing the past three months, it is only a matter of time until the integrity of our personal energy field collapses. The energetic 'weather' last week (still going on) tapped directly into the vacuum between our INNER PROMPTING to move forward and our UNSTABLE HEART-CONNECTION - driving us into a painful dead-end; exhausted, burned-out from mental looping, feeling like a loser and overwhelmed by obstacles many of us were willing to give up. READ MORE...

Message for The Feminine Twin Souls ~ Don't Wait, Rise...

There is still something in you that seems to be waiting for them - as if they should ignite the fire, reveal something again, reveal more. But you see, they did their job already. They revealed what they could. Now it's you. You and yourself alone. You still wait for them to give you your own keys but this is over. Now it's your job. UNDERSTAND THIS. You both are ONE. They won't do anything BECAUSE THEM IS YOU. IF YOU WAIT FOR THEM, YOU WAIT FOR YOURSELF. You need to RISE. Regroup. Rise alone. Again... READ MORE...

As The Collective Transform From Old Earth to NEW

Every day, higher, stronger, more powerful, more awesomeness, more responsibility and unity required by all. We've observed the unraveling and sometimes abrupt collapse of old timelines & realities and this shall continue stronger & more powerful as NEW TIMELINES/REALITIES come online.... Each must do the work required to accomplish this. First inside and simultaneously "outside" as comes forth/presents... As your other aspects activate (first outside too, as a higher vibration than your human aspect you), these aspects will activate/move inside and how you function/exist/come from will too. Your EXPERIENCE as FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, AS PURE ENERGY, PURE SOURCE, PURE LIGHT, CREATOR and more. READ MORE...

Transcending Addictive Behaviors & Karma ~ My Personal Journey of Recovery

The question was raised of how Addiction and Recovery tie in with Ego, Inner Child, Karma & Trauma? In context with Recovery, Inner Child and Karma aspects are very important topics. The reason why Ego, Inner Separation, Inner Child and Shadow cannot be left out of our journey of recovery, is because they are karmically tied to our energetic expression, as they can for example increase or decrease our propensity to addictive coping behaviors in all areas of our life. While we have given away our powers to external substances, activities or our ego, the reconnecting process to these severed parts is therefore the key element of our self-healing process in recovery. READ MORE...

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Peace on Earth

We see a unifying event occurring that gives you all pause and reason to reflect. There is a tremendous likelihood that you will begin to see each other as allies, because you will have experienced something so magnificent that you will come together as a species, and you will celebrate. We know that you all want us to tell you what that unifying event will be, but there are many possibilities and all of them are being explored by the collective consciousness. You are all co-creating this event. When you look within yourselves for inner peace, you bring about this event more quickly. READ MORE...

Earth Angels, Starseeds, Lightworkers…. Why Are We Here?

Have you ever wondered why Earth Angels, Starseeds and Lightworkers are here? Why would we, as infinite, vast, badass, high vibrational, spiritual beings choose taper down our vibration into the physical? Why would we lower our vibration in order to fit in these physical bodies, into the third and fourth dimensions, into a realm of challenge and duality? Why are we really here? We're Here For the Pure Experience of Being Alive. There are many layers of reasons for why we're really here. READ MORE...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Market Place - "The New Way of Business" - 3/28/17

Adama of Telos ~ Energy Update, Higher Dimensional Energy Body Activation

With the intense energies of the Spring Equinox, you are leaving layers of your lower dimensional energy body behind, and are now activating higher dimensional energy bodies. This might have caused emotions of sadness and letting go for some of you, as you have released this lower dimensional energy body. Now, the higher dimensional energy body was activated and is being integrated into your being. What do we mean by energy body? READ MORE...

Energy Update ~ The Liberation of Planet Earth

The individual and collective impact will be directly related to the choices and actions taken individually and collectively. The 5th dimension is here, all that which does not resonate with it and is not frequency specific will not continue on the Earth because the Earth has chosen to ascend. Until this point, the Earth has been governed by the controllers, some call enslavers. The puppet masters and the elite have been given an ultimatum: Either shift the power back to the people, stop the enslavement through dependency, the gross uneven dispersal of wealth, the wars and destruction of the environment or a reset will occur. They will loose everything and there will be no place to hide. READ MORE...

Sananda ~ The New Era on Earth Has Started

The energy around Gaia is high and powerful and she no longer fits in the narrow space that the lower energy constitutes. It means dear children on Earth that the new era on Earth has started and that everything on Earth has a free choice to follow Gaia. She has invited all to follow her. That time is here now, dear children on Earth. ou have been given this opportunity because a whole planet is ascending and she loves you so much that she wants to have everybody with her – All life and all the beings that exist on your planet today and during days past. This means that everybody needs to raise their frequency so that they are in alignment with Gaia. READ MORE...

March New Moon in Aries ~ Moving into a Heighten Level of Higher Consciousness

This Aires New Moon seems to have a message… no matter how chaotic, intense and transformative the last several weeks have been, and still are... there seems to be a “new” energy of motivation, movement and the urge to start something “new”. This Aries New Moon is opening up a new beginning….as it moves you into a heighten level of higher consciousness. It is almost like the Universe is saying… take a step…any step….just move!!  There is no way to hide now.  Things are being put in our faces…..right in our faces…. and now is the time that we DO have to deal with them. If you stumble and fall… it is time to pick yourself up and brush yourself off... and move forward again. READ MORE...

The Fear Mongers Lost The War

Current earth structures are in a self-destruct mode as can be noted via your media and personal observations. But because nothing is coming to your mind regarding the restructuring of institutions that have maintained their self-interests for eons, you are starting to believe that there is nothing you can do other than help with the destruction. That you will complete this lifetime with views of crumbling earth structures similar to those portrayed in so many of your earth survival movies. Structural pieces that once required decades to shift are now doing so in days. And those that demanded months of deliberation are happening in hours. READ MORE...

Saint Germain ~ Alchemy, Multi-Use of The Violet Flame

This Violet Flame – to utilize for whatever transformations you choose to make, for we truly are One in Family, in spirit, and in destination!  There is no holding back any more.  We are moving in all areas and on all levels!!! Use the Violet Flame for yourselves as individuals, and then envision the whole World.  Then take it a step further, where there is no money anywhere, because you are finally living in harmony with your Divine Gifts – accessing them freely because you finally know that you have them, and you don’t need money to create or manifest whatever it is that you desire, because that’s the ultimate destination! READ MORE...

Kryon ~ Unexpected Changes, Earth's Crystal Grid Rebooted

Kryon ~ Unexpected Changes, Earth's Crystal Grid Rebooted

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Receive Our Energy Transmissions

We have begun to explore the extent to which you are capable of receiving our energy. We have arrived at the conclusion that you are capable of handling more than we have been transmitting. This is very good news because we offer you our energetic transmissions so that you can do whatever you want with them. Open yourselves up energetically to receive that which we are transmitting. Even if you are only reading this message, instead of hearing it, you can and you do receive the energy that is woven into each and every word. READ MORE...

5 Signs of Kundalini Pre Awakening

Many kundalini awakening symptoms result from changes to the nervous system. It is easy to confuse symptoms from a neurological or biological condition as being due to kundalini awakening. In either case, symptoms are a sign of healing and of your body trying to maintain homeostasis or to increase your energy. Kundalini symptoms happen all along the awakening process, before pre-awakening, at spiritual awakening and afterward leading to full-blown kundalini transformation. Symptoms are produced as signs of physical changes manifesting in the body after each event of quiet mind happens, no matter how long that interval was. READ MORE...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Source Talks - Navigating These Energies! - 3/27/17

Inner Balance & Top 5 tips for Masc and Fem:

Recently a lot has been happening to help me become more balanced, grounded and in harmony with my whole. From travel, adventure, experience and I have begun studying Tantra and More Energy movement practices, these have had such a profound effect on me feeling peace and well-being. I begun a meditation and mindful practice of connecting my yin and yang energies in powerful, intimate, respectful and loving actions in my heart and mind. The changes I have noticed are, attracting different people mirroring the change, a greater feeling of balance,  a deeper feeling of self love, more support and ease and grace in manifesting all my needs outside of myself.

“What you seek is seeking you ” – Rumi

With Peace, Love and Light.❤Namaste – Infinite blessings
Intuitive Medium, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

New Earth NOW:

Many would dispute the idea and claim that we are NOW in a “New Earth”. What has changed? What is new? Why do you think that? or you may say that is some “New Age” junk and I am crazy, let me explain myself:
I have been in a huge state of preparation, for the past several years, re awakening to my feelings, psychic abilities, gifts and taking a path of radical self lovetravel and throwing myself in the deep end to grow. There has been many known things on this journey, mostly from inner knowing and experience, I have had since my youth (including dreams and visions), which has only gotten stronger. More and more experiences have begun to prove these knowings, from other people having experiences, research and science proving things with Quantum Mechanics and Physics and other more modern and universal sciences.
As I opened myself to more understanding and connection to “Source Creator/Spirit“, more messages came through me, visions and blue prints for “New Earth” a Utopian world, which we are getting closer to seeing. Our mothers vibrations are rising with ours, we will begin to see more and more of these “New Earth” energies and realities and we allow our inner world to become more new and pure, through raising our own vibrations, surrendering to the support we have, the new information and experiences on how to better us, in love and peace and how to be part of a more sustainable ways of life, in HARMONY with the spheres.

With Peace, Love and Light.❤Namaste – Infinite blessings
Intuitive Medium, Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer, Speaker, Thought Leader and Visionary.

New Moon in Aries, March 2017 ~ The Shamanic Rebirth!

As we are immersed in a very fiery year, with masculine energy. We are experiencing what I call a shamanic rebirth, which occurs when we dive deeply into our inner realms, dissolving all sense of separation that continues fragmenting ourselves from All. It is a time to rebirth from the ashes of the old into the purity of our true being. Even though Aries seems to be a very fiery and potent frequency, if wisely directed and channelled, it can also be a fountain of great purification and rejuvenation. For seven are as well the Planets that we have in Fire at this time, and this will also help us to be reborn and begin to work with our physical plane as well as we have done with the ethereal. READ MORE...

The Divine Decrees

The Divine Decree’s were Born to Jump Start the Energy of Divine Intervention into Manifestation. Now in the Year of 2017 We have a Window of Opportunity to Physically Manifest These, We are The Ones We have been waiting for. The following Drecrees have been shared many times. However, the moments in energy We are Now in, is an opportunity to Physically Manifest these and begin the New Story of 5d Living and BEing! All of Our Decrees are Heard Across the Universe’s and ALL Galaxies, as well as to the StarShips Surrounding Planet Earth=Heart, and they are assisting in energy, assisting us in these manifestations. READ MORE...

12 Signs Your Are on The Right Path, Even Though Your Ego Tells You Otherwise

The pain you are now beginning to feel is not the kind of your wounded ego/inner child anymore, but the labor pain of your emerging True Self, shedding all layers of programming, perceptive distortions, mind-wipes and emotional fear patterns. Each little incongruence hurts now – deeply – and more than ever before! Therefore, forget about your the details of the remaining layers of your hurting ego and focus on WHO YOU TRULY ARE instead! Take charge of your energy, be responsible for everything you put out into this world and own your journey. This way, you are not only transcending your past but also your future and thus create your own destiny! READ MORE...

Twin Flames and The Burden of Patriarchy

Love is the Key, darling. Maat within yourself is the Way. Only when you are balanced, only when you take your goddess power back will you help both of you. He is trying. You need to know that. He is trying although he WILL keep making you angry, he WILL keep pushing your buttons, because it is the woman who has to take her power back; a man will not just ever allow it to happen. But instead of being fully empowered, women, how many of you are tired and frustrated? Offended? Fed up? Again, just treat yourself like the goddess you really are during intermission. READ MORE...

March New Moon in Aries ~ Ready for Your Next Steps

This is the game of the spiritual path. It starts with an incredible faith in something you never did - which sounds like breaking free. You believe in that first leap so much because you intuitively know that you're doing what's right. Then you fall, somehow. The first struggles are maybe the hardest to face. Because you thought it would be just easy and fun and free, to find yourself - to become the truth. The more you walk the Sacred Road the more you see yourself willing to travel more adventures within and in the world, the more you risk you heart in the name of love - the more that invincible golden center of yours ultimately wins over the mind. READ MORE...

The Love Misfits ~ Ascension and Healing for Indigo & Crystal Souls

Coming into this life as Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Starseeds (or a little bit of everything, as it feels like we could be many of these at once), means we have come in to remember who we are and find our way back to the power and powerS we have always had access to in our home frequencies. So much in 3D reality has densified life with our permission, but we do have the choice to start lovingly recognizing this and pushing against it like a springboard. I stand aligned with Mother Gaia in heart, soul and body and have felt that I am more deeply impassioned and aware of issues regarding her stewardship than some others, which is another trait we as Indigos and Crystals seem to commonly share. READ MORE...

Daily Teachings of the Masters ~ Your Awaited Appointment Time is Now

Your awaited appointment time is now. Now is the time you have been seeking, searching out, now is the time that has been forecasted for a millennium. So what to do with it? You have been calibrated, recalibrated for freedom, for enlightenment. It is literally yours for the taking. So, as you receive the energies of the portal that you crossed through look to Your Truth to find your passageway Home. ANYTHING can be cleared, when held up to the Light. You are working with a bit more energy now and you will have more of an impact. READ MORE...

What is a Starseed? Plus 20 Signs You Are One

Do you feel like you’re from another dimension or another planet? This is one of the top signs you are! Work to remove the filters of your ego mind, and more of your authentic truth and light will be able to rise to the surface. As you open your heart, raise your vibration, and reconnect with who you authentically are in the present moment, as a result, more of the truth about your origin will come to light as well… One step at a time. Here are 20 Signs You Very Well May Be a Starseed… READ MORE...

Sunday, March 26, 2017



Join us, "Live" on THE SOURCE!

Every other Wednesday, 1:30pm pst, starting Mar. 29, & Apr. 12

Destiny sharing tips and experience on inner alignment to "Self Destiny" and "Global Destiny" and New Earth Energies and Oracle reading to ignite your inspiration and feel clear in moving forward with Divine Ease and Grace. Sporadic interviews with "Spiritual Nomad's" and "Divine Masculine and Feminine Rising" Topics, people sharing their inner knowing and experiences around these topics. Ending with "Questions with Destiny" - Psychic answers and mini clearings for further alignments to your path and the collective energies for peace, abundance and unity on earth.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +16465588656,8087436381# or +14086380968,8087436381#

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 808 743 6381
International numbers available:

The Source - Main / Feature Show - 3/26/17

Divine Masc and Fem Rising

Divine Masc and Fem Rising:

Ok!!! OK!!! ok!!!

 Ladies and gentlemen- far and wide. We are bringing in the NEW. We are busting the systems.
I want YOU! To share. Your views, your experiences. The thought of as taboo.

  I was inspired. A hit of glorious proportion.

 I want men on the path to the divine masculine and women on the path of divine feminine. Scoops on alternative relationships, conscious unions, your journeys, bared all. To inspire and ignite the permission in ALL beings to their divine potential and ability to co create what their highest sexual, spiritual and balanced life and love in all areas can be. Not with guilt, force and lust. But with love, nurture and true glorious and divine pleasure beyond our physical vessels wildest dreams.

With Peace, Love and Light.❤Namaste – Infinite blessings
If you would like more useful advice, guidance, healing or support check out our services below on our website and facebook page.

LOVEHASWON WATER ~ Pure Alkaline Water solution based on Dr. Emoto's Water Technology & Sacred Geometry

LoveHasWon Announcement: We have updated our LoveHasWon Water page to include "Replacement Filters". We also ship internationally. Get your Alkaline Water Today!! Thank you for your continued support and love. 

Love Eternally,

The LoveHasWon Family

Seek Your Soul and Dare to Set It Free

We have a task in front of us, but it is a positive and beautiful task, which gladdens many souls. Yes, all souls, which are on Earth and long for the light. The Light sets them free, the wonderfully beautiful loving light that shines ever stronger on our Earth today and many days to come. I write this today, as it is important that all of you here today seek your soul and dare to set it free. The soul needs to feel free in order to do what is best for it and you. The soul needs much space in your abode and be the one taking charge now. You wake up to yourselves and you become the light that walks forward on our Earth. It is a light that only does good and which wishes everybody well. READ MORE...

March Aries New Moon 2017 ~ One of The Most Potent Times of The Year

Now as we officially enter the energy of 2017, Mother Moon is calling on all of us to nourish, heal and love ourselves. She is calling on us to make space in our lives for self-love. She is calling on us to take action on our lives based from a place of love. This is one of the most potent times of the year to think about what you want to be manifesting and creating for the months ahead. It is also the perfect time to think about expanding and enhancing your dreams and wishes.The time to upgrade yourself is now, so think about ways that you can update your life, your beliefs and your values. READ MORE...

Mid-Gateway Shift in Progress ~ Emergence

We are in our second amplification of this major timeline shift (March 23-27). Meditate, pray, visualize 5D New Earth, allow the uncomplimentary lower timelines to drop from your reality. Embodiment is key for the quantum effect to unfold. Breathe and welcome forth the emergence of the Higher Christed Self. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, this is a Solar grid focus weekend; Solar applies to all Gates; the Great Central SUN, Galactic center, Solaris, Gaia, and your own Heart center. On behalf of all, let us bring this forth. Our timeline shift is upon us, already in progress and unfolding over the next few weeks. READ MORE...

The Final Event ~ Mother Earth's Fifth Dimension Transition!

Our primary roles during Mother Earth’s 5th Dimension Transition was to acclimate and adapt ourselves into the new standards she was introducing through her new Fifth Dimension Vibratory Frequency for our ALL 5th Dimension Experience! Some Souls will still be acclimating and adapting into the new standards of Mother Earth’s 5th Dimension Vibratory Frequency while others will still need more time to just acclimate. Occurring in three segments from March 25 - April 2, 2017, Mother Earth will be finalizing her 5th Dimension Transition while every Soul upon her body finalizes his or her own Freewill Choices to develop and enhance our ALL 5th Dimension Experience – as Co-Creators and Co-Facilitators of Universal Light, Love, and Harmony. READ MORE...

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Helping Others Ascend

We are here to help you, and we are here to help you help each other. We are giving you our energetic transmission through these messages. So it is more than just our words that is assisting you. It is our vibration. It is the space that we hold for you. When you want to be of service to another and assist that person in their journey, remember that the same is true for you. It’s not as significant as you might think for you to take actions or speak words to assist another. It is also the energy that you transmit, the vibration that you hold, and the space that you hold for the other. Those are the things that do the majority of the helping. READ MORE...

Get The Red Carpet Ready ~ Your Golden Blessing is Finding YOU

There is a huge opening in preparation. A big new path is trying to find its way within you.  It's the answer to an ancient prayer, the resolution of a significant offering you made a long time ago. Such a huge opening requires a guard of honor - the red carpet. This big thing that you've worked towards needs to feel that a large, wide, white cleared happy space is steadily ready within you to actually Enter. READ MORE...

March Aries New Moon ~ Will Fuel Things Up a Few Notches in Relationships

On March 27th, 2017 (10:57PM EST / 7:57PM PST) an important Aries New Moon, particularly in the relationships department, will fuel things up a few notches. It’s like the flames of fire are heating us up and pushing us to act upon something we’ve been contemplating. If you’ve been looking for a push to jump in feet first or take a stand on something important – this New Moon could be just the ticket. Some initiations are about to unfold and a need to act is front and center. The caveat, however, is that we’ll need to be in tune with the signs that will come in strong as we welcome the March Aries New Moon.  It will fall in the sign of Aries (7° 37) and push us into an arena that this sign likes best – making a decision to act. READ MORE...

What is a Kundalini Awakening?

With the current cosmic energy and the focus on heart awakenings, it is the perfect time to talk about Kundalini Awakenings. Kundalini is a feminine, creative energy that lives inside all of us. It is often envisioned as a snake that lies coiled up in the pit of the belly or base of the spine. It is said that this snake is coiled precisely three and half times around. If you have ever had dreams about snakes, or felt drawn to the energy of snakes, it could very well be that your Kundalini energy is preparing to awaken or rise. READ MORE....

The Meaning of Your Birthstone and How to Use Its Magic Energy

Crystals and gemstones hold special healing and spiritual properties. It has long been believed that when you wear the stone that coincides with your birth month, astrological sign or numerology birth number, that it can exude stronger healing powers. You can also tap into the healing potential of each stone, no matter what month you were born in, by wearing or using the corresponding stone of the month. Here are the birthstones for each month and how you can tap into the amazing energy of your stone. READ MORE....

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Collective Wealth Stewardship - 3/25/17

Infinite Tour of Love - 3/25/17

The Source - Weekly Schedule of "Live" Interactive Shows

Energy Update ~ Burn Out Warning, Hot Flash Ahead!

The current bombardment of our Central Nervous System (CNS) can be felt as 'weird' feeling in the stomach area, nervousness, ringing ears, anxiousness, dizziness, feeling shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, or having prolonged head pressure and headaches, heart palpitations, heat waves and can even manifest in never ending sinus issues (also read last week's Energy Update on our Lymphatic System). If you got worn down by constant physical-mental discomfort and not feeling in your own power – know that you are not alone! Energetically this phenomenon is reflecting on stuck energies our Solar-Plexus area. READ MORE...

Energy Report March-April 2017 ~ We Have Reached a Turning Point

The incoming energies are fully activating your original divine blueprint and releasing your pure essence. The unique codes of light and energy, which define your soul, are shifting the patterns of subtle energies that have shaped your soul’s form and experiences. With this shift your energy field is naturally expanding and linking you to multidimensional consciousness. Your ability to see, hear and feel truth is being enhanced, enabling you to step fully into your soul’s consciousness. Clarity and wisdom are emerging, which is helping you to being creating a new life filled with the light of your soul. READ MORE...

New Moon in Aries, March 27th, 2017 ~ New Beginnings

Wow! This New Moon along with the beginning of the Astrological New Year ~ at the Equinox (March 20th) represents a powerful New Beginning. The Sun Conjunct Moon, experienced throughout  the 28 day lunar cycle ~ till the April 26th New Moon, has powerful Blessings and challenges. Zest for Life! Exciting New Life within YOU. Arising from the Ashes, here we go! Of course anything within you as reactive responses and memories that trigger painful experiences IS and will be ~ UP for transformation. The Light at the end of the Tunnel you will experience as you feel and see clearly, where you WERE in your consciousness, where you are going within you, and where you ARE Now. READ MORE...

Energy Update ~ GeoStorms Causing Ascension Symptoms, Upgrades to DNA, Timeline Changes

Beautiful Souls, We are experiencing 2 days of Geo Storms bringing in DNA changes for all of us. All part of the Equinox energies arriving which can arrive 10 days before and 10 days after the Equinox as I talked about in my last Equinox article. Some of these issues I have been discussing for about a month now and they are coming and going. The not wanting to drink water issue is back again. Many are finding it difficult to drink enough water so please be diligent about your water intake. Some of the symptoms are either extreme fatigue or extreme energy. You may have the following... READ MORE...

Archangel Metatron ~ Prism of Light Healing

The Prism of Light Healing is connected to all Rays of Light including the Twelve Rays of Light and all other expressions of the Creator that exist within the Universe of the Creator. Energy and consciousness from the Universe of the Creator exists within an energetic hexagonal Prism form which is composed of the highest frequency of Angelic Light. The Prism of Light Healing shape is known as an Ashram because it is a space which any being can exist within, receiving healing vibrations from the collected frequencies of the Universe of the Creator that are anchored, supported by the purest Angelic vibrations. READ MORE...

Mike Quinsey ~ Time Speeding Up, As You Continue to Enter The Higher Vibrations

Many of you are well prepared for Ascension, but some are also lagging behind with little chance that they will really improve their position in the time that is left. Time has been speeding up for quite some time, and is a sure sign that you are in a period of change and upliftment. As you continue to enter the higher vibrations world peace draws nearer and slowly but surely conflicts will begin to cease until eventually they completely stop. One thing for sure is that you will not have to walk this pathway again, as the time for testing in the lower vibrations has passed and you are all the greater for your achievements. READ MORE...

The Shadow Side ~ Self-Importance & Entitlement

Instead of experiencing that felt need for self-importance to completion and becoming supple with it instead of coralized, we go through life seeking validation from outside. But validation from outside is at best a stop gap. If it doesn’t translate into validation from inside, then it won’t be received and assimilated. When we have low self-worth we don’t translate it very well. The desire for self-importance, for validation from outside is a trap and a swamp. We bury lifetimes in it. Entitlement is the sidekick of self-importance. Any time I’ve ever “come from it,” it’s cost me. Entitlement says: “You can’t do that to me. I don’t need to take that from you. I deserve better.”. READ MORE...

Recovery Beyond Guilt & Shame

For many of us, the inability to be intimate with others can become quite painful and something we come to regret. We may realize that much of what gives meaning to life is passing us by as we observe from the sidelines. Whenever our basic needs are not met, or the pain of dealing with our reality becomes too overwhelming, it requires us to resort to our conditioned coping behaviors. What energy in us can be so strong that it can keep us from opening up and expressing ourselves, dismissing our most basic need to to connect with others and isolate ourselves? I invite you to take a look at how Energy Work can provide the missing link that can show us new ways out of our guilt and shame cycle and how to address human wounds. READ MORE...

Going Home: Land Based Intentional Communities - 3/24/17

Friday, March 24, 2017

"Portal To The New Earth" Co-Creator Call

"Portal To The New Earth" Co-Creator Call:

Thursday, 3/30/17, 7pm pst

* We are co-creating "An Evolutionary Gathering"...
* Be a part of grounding this magical experience...
* Bring your ideas, & enthusiasm... And any/all your passions to the table...
* We are all festival producers.... & as a collective, we are "an event production force" to be reckoned with...
* We are the pioneers of the new paradigm, we are the "Portal To The New Earth"!

Portal To The New Earth - May 5-8, 2017 - Joshua Tree, CA
Event Page:

Invite your fellow co-producers, specialists in all fields, & all leaders in your tribe..

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +16465588656,8087436381# or +14086380968,8087436381#

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 808 743 6381
International numbers available: