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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Equinox, New Moon, 4:4 Gateway Preparation

This is crucial beloveds for gaia to stay on her 5d timeline, and it is also crucial for the divine masculine collective consciousness that is being deeply worked on energetically at the moment. Please know they are being supported by all of the forces in existence to take the greatest leap of their lives from identification with the mental realm of consciousness, to full prioritisation of their heart consciousness. Everything has been leading up to this beloveds and huge shifts are abound in the divine masculine consciousness as we speak. Many of them are receiving potent upgrades via the dreamtime, and are being taken to the ancient crystal pyramids of Lemuria where they are being worked on by the highest living masters of light. READ MORE...

Energy Update ~ Under The Influence of Energetic Bombardment

Last week was a constant battle - even just moving felt difficult. When we are under the influence of Energetic Bombardment and continual warding off of outer negativity, like we have been experiencing the past three months, it is only a matter of time until the integrity of our personal energy field collapses. The energetic 'weather' last week (still going on) tapped directly into the vacuum between our INNER PROMPTING to move forward and our UNSTABLE HEART-CONNECTION - driving us into a painful dead-end; exhausted, burned-out from mental looping, feeling like a loser and overwhelmed by obstacles many of us were willing to give up. READ MORE...

Message for The Feminine Twin Souls ~ Don't Wait, Rise...

There is still something in you that seems to be waiting for them - as if they should ignite the fire, reveal something again, reveal more. But you see, they did their job already. They revealed what they could. Now it's you. You and yourself alone. You still wait for them to give you your own keys but this is over. Now it's your job. UNDERSTAND THIS. You both are ONE. They won't do anything BECAUSE THEM IS YOU. IF YOU WAIT FOR THEM, YOU WAIT FOR YOURSELF. You need to RISE. Regroup. Rise alone. Again... READ MORE...

As The Collective Transform From Old Earth to NEW

Every day, higher, stronger, more powerful, more awesomeness, more responsibility and unity required by all. We've observed the unraveling and sometimes abrupt collapse of old timelines & realities and this shall continue stronger & more powerful as NEW TIMELINES/REALITIES come online.... Each must do the work required to accomplish this. First inside and simultaneously "outside" as comes forth/presents... As your other aspects activate (first outside too, as a higher vibration than your human aspect you), these aspects will activate/move inside and how you function/exist/come from will too. Your EXPERIENCE as FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, AS PURE ENERGY, PURE SOURCE, PURE LIGHT, CREATOR and more. READ MORE...

Transcending Addictive Behaviors & Karma ~ My Personal Journey of Recovery

The question was raised of how Addiction and Recovery tie in with Ego, Inner Child, Karma & Trauma? In context with Recovery, Inner Child and Karma aspects are very important topics. The reason why Ego, Inner Separation, Inner Child and Shadow cannot be left out of our journey of recovery, is because they are karmically tied to our energetic expression, as they can for example increase or decrease our propensity to addictive coping behaviors in all areas of our life. While we have given away our powers to external substances, activities or our ego, the reconnecting process to these severed parts is therefore the key element of our self-healing process in recovery. READ MORE...

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Peace on Earth

We see a unifying event occurring that gives you all pause and reason to reflect. There is a tremendous likelihood that you will begin to see each other as allies, because you will have experienced something so magnificent that you will come together as a species, and you will celebrate. We know that you all want us to tell you what that unifying event will be, but there are many possibilities and all of them are being explored by the collective consciousness. You are all co-creating this event. When you look within yourselves for inner peace, you bring about this event more quickly. READ MORE...

Earth Angels, Starseeds, Lightworkers…. Why Are We Here?

Have you ever wondered why Earth Angels, Starseeds and Lightworkers are here? Why would we, as infinite, vast, badass, high vibrational, spiritual beings choose taper down our vibration into the physical? Why would we lower our vibration in order to fit in these physical bodies, into the third and fourth dimensions, into a realm of challenge and duality? Why are we really here? We're Here For the Pure Experience of Being Alive. There are many layers of reasons for why we're really here. READ MORE...