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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mother Sekhmet ~ The Power of Intentions

Prayers are powerful, it is true. Intentions are powerful truly as well. Are you being intentional as to what you wish to experience? Many of you are simply in survival mode, which we observe, respect and understand. But perhaps you would feel more serenity of purpose and joy should you be more intentional about that which you wish to experience. Take the prayer “God, please get me through the day,” to “God, higher self, please pour joy and depth of serenity over me and all around me today in every interaction and experience so that I may feel acutely attended upon and loved.” Do you see?

Final Event Energies Update 01~17~18: The Trauma of the Mother of All Creation Revealed

Robin Williams informed me that there was 2% of her Mission Trauma that he was particular concerned about, 2% that was so severe he seriously doubted if she would be able to handle accessing it and, subsequently, healing it. Yesterday, Robin decided it was time. The way that Mother’s spiritual gifts and particular consciousness work is interesting. Mother is here bound by voluntary amnesia, as are all of us, however as she has always had her etheric team around they give her images and speak with her constantly unfolding what she needs to know, as she needs to know it. Mother does not possess ALL knowing and ALL feeling at every moment, she would die if this were the case as she IS ALL THE ATOMS OF EARTH. As such, Robin unfolds the need to know information that correlates to the journey as it progresses. Yesterday Mother began to be shown, and in response feel, these severe areas of pain.

Archangel Gabriel ~ Praising Your Path in Life

Your path in life is decided upon before you take birth in human form. Your soul reviews the lessons necessary for highest growth, and then chooses those life experiences that will provide them. From a human perspective, this choice is often difficult to comprehend. Many outwardly horrendous lifetimes have powerful lessons and seem beyond human understanding. To truly understand the soul’s growth, it is necessary to have an expanded perspective that sees an overall picture. When situations occur in life which seem very difficult to handle, a certain balance is provided in knowing that, on a soul level, a great learning experience is occurring and that you are given all you need to handle the situation, for the highest good of all concerned.

Archangel Michael ~ Deep Inside Your Heart, is The Spark of Creator

At this time, we wish to speak on the reason for your incarnation in this lifetime. Deep inside your heart is the spark of Creator, who wants to experience expansion. The way expansion takes place is when consciousness is in an environment that allows for desire to spring forth. In other words, when you, as the expression of Creator, are experiencing your life in this incarnation, you constantly deciding if you are enjoying or not enjoying an experience.

January 2018 New Moon ~ You’re in The Presence of the Mystery Which Made You

And in the days before each New Moon of your life, Luna dives into the dark and fathomless depths where the pure creation magic is made. We call that potency the Dark Moon – and it’s where you are now. Each month, every year, this is magic. Not smoke and mirrors, but the real magic that made you. This month, though, the magic is different. For those who watch the stars, all the signals say, Pay attention. Come fully alive. You’e in the presence of the Mystery that made you. Behind and around and ahead of the Moon, making her way now through Capricorn to meet that great Star we call the Sun, are more planets than have gathered in any single sign in years

The Ascended Masters ~ Chaos and The Demise of the Dark

We are your Ascended Masters. We come knowing that your world is now in transition. The chaos you are witnessing is simply the demise of the dark’s stronghold on you. Let us explore a vision of what lies ahead for you in your new reality. We are here to support this transition and to show you what it means and how you are to navigate the changes. Your reality is now undergoing a tremendous shift that goes unnoticed by many. Feel how these changes affect you on a daily basis

New Moon in Capricorn, January 2018 ~ Working Hard for Something You Love

This New Moon opens an eclipse Portal: the next two moons are a pair of eclipses – on January 31 a Total Lunar Eclipse (also a Blue Moon) in Leo (Sun in Aquarius); and on February 15 a Partial Lunar Eclipse (also a Black Moon) in Aquarius. These two eclipses bring a burst of Aquarius change energy, and today’s Capricorn New Moon puts up a platform for it. There are 6 planets in Capricorn at this moon: Pluto, Saturn, Venus and Mercury join the Sun and Moon as they meet in their new cycle. So, in a way, today is more of a New Year point than January 1 was. It is the true chronological/solar New Year Reboot.