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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

SOUTH KOREA LIFTS BAN! ~~ Watch the market fly! :)

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The Rise of Cindicator - Palm Beach Confidential Leak - December (& Anal...

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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Golden Door Within the Heart

It is true that more layers will be soon revealed but you must make peace with what you can already understand so that you can expand with grace and ease. Talk with your higher self, your highest expression of your spark light. Thee is no conflict with this and with your relationship with me. You are a fractal of me. How could there be a conflict of interest? Many changes and much chaos is brimming on your beautiful planet right now, like a pot boiling over on the stove. You are hearing the bubbling and the sizzle of the steam at this time but regardless, the meal is being cooked in the process. The dinner is being prepared. All is being prepared for you now, Humanity, children, friends in form. And all is well. Focus more on light and love

Christ Consciousness Has Been Reached

Love is all, it is in everything, it belongs to everything as we are all born in love and nobody can ever take that away from us. It is our birthright – our gift from God. God only creates in love, in the highest love that exists and God loves everything he has created unconditionally. It is the unconditional love that you need to reach. When you have found it you have reached your goal in life. That is all, nothing more is needed. Your Christ consciousness has been reached and you are now one of God’s gifts on Earth. Do you understand how important it is to cultivate love inside you? Do you understand now why we all the time talk about love and light inside you – the unconditional love that only wishes the best and who looks after everybody without exception.

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Need to Acknowledge Yourself

You have grown and changed so much. You are so busy being in the moment, applying all you have learned, and giving of your talents, that it’s necessary to take time to really notice how far you have come. See all that you have given to others and your world. Notice how much you have changed and how hard you have worked on yourself. See how your intention for a better life is leading you forward. You have come a long way and truly have so much to offer. For all that you are, acknowledge yourself. Acknowledge your commitment to a higher purpose in life. Acknowledge your willingness to give. Acknowledge yourself for the loving heart you share so freely

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Progress You’ve Made

There have been enough instances on planet Earth of the human consciousness moving to a new level that you all have become desensitized to it. You no longer feel the steps forward that you make as you evolve, because you have lived it so many times. You have experienced the growth, the expansion, and the evolution of your consciousness to the extent that it is now a commonplace occurrence. It might help if you were to think back to who you were many years ago, and if you can see how much you’ve changed over a large timeframe, then you can get a sense of the large leaps forward that humanity has made. We know that you are all waiting for a final leap to take you into the fifth dimensional frequency range

The Creator Writings ~ Leave The Door Open…

My beautiful and wonderful child; there will be those that, no matter what you say or do to help, will be unwilling to follow the ‘lighted path’ in front of them. They may have been on the ‘lighted path’ before and have strayed into dimly lit spaces. Words of encouragement and support may fall on deaf ears and the extended hand of assistance may be batted away. Please do not take this personally