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Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Divine Mother ~ Earth Day, Mother Earth and Ascension

Souls celebrate Mother Earth and all that she can provide for humanity. But in doing so, humanity tends to forget that energetically it is Gaia that needs your help. She is the Mother Earth. She is the Mother Earth spirit, and she is the one who really needs your attention and love. Love her unconditionally, just like you love Mother Earth. Yes, Mother Earth is tangible and provides. But without Gaia, there wouldn’t be Mother Earth. Gaia is the spirit of Mother Earth and all that are on Mother Earth. Gaia is the higher being and Gaia is the incarnation of the Divine Mother, Mother of all creation.

The Arcturian Group ~ All of Creation is Available to Everyone at All Times

Learn to live simply, staying in the now moment and being true to the prompting’s of your heart. Allow yourselves to be guided from a place of love regardless of what may present itself as you go about your day, for love is the only power and the only reality regardless of any outer appearances. Guides, angels, masters, and teachers are available to everyone at all times. Some of you may feel that your guide has abandoned you or believe that you do not have a guide because you do not hear specific directions when you ask. Everyone has personal guides throughout their earthly lifetime. Guides change as new levels of awareness evolve, but you are never without a guide.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Your Light Bodies

You have transitioned yourselves so much already that you are not even the same beings that you were just a few years ago. You have come so far and evolved so much, and you are ready now, as a result of that evolution, to be allowed access to the light bodies that are within you, that are occupying the same space as your physical ones. Here is what you can do with your light bodies.

Horoscopes for April 22nd – 29th, 2018 ~ Partnerships and Inner Healing

Venus makes a harmonious sextile with Chiron in Aries (on April 24th). Juno (partnership agreements) enters Aries on April 28th and conjoins Chiron on April 29th, suggesting new (Aries) partnership issues that trigger wounds. There may be pain/insecurity about fidelity, freedom or assertiveness, and how the written/unwritten understanding between two people encompasses this. A new partnership can also trigger healing, but the painful stuff will have to be confronted, first. Although Venus will be moving away from Chiron when Juno joins the party, I’ve interpreted the sextile to include Juno. So we have Venus in Gemini to the rescue - wit, charm and a light touch can smooth any rough edges, and assuage hurt feelings. This is not about making a mockery of the situation, but there will be a benefit to adaptation- staying open to more than one option and shifting your approach to maintain harmony.

I Love, Therefore, I AM

The inner tsunami of love that is released some time after a heart opening is like a spiritual wall of water, a torrent of love that sweeps away every concern and fulfills every wish. One could say that a heart opening is like a cosmic orgasm. Orgasm itself is a brief moment of higher-dimensional love (and bliss). Combine everything good you’ve ever had in your life and that’s the quality of higher-dimensional, open-hearted love. It’s entirely satisfying. We want nothing else but more of it. The inner tsunami washes us free from all impurities, obfuscations, issues – whatever you want to call them – the chains we drag along behind ourselves. We have this to look forward to in “the Event” or “the planetary heart opening.

5 Strangely Beneficial Ways to Use Your Eggshells

Everyone knows that eggs are healthy for them. After years of misguided public health propaganda about dangerously high cholesterol content, the world has woken up to the simple fact that eggs are one of the cheapest, healthiest, and most bioavailable protein sources you can eat. But while yolks and egg whites are having a good run at the moment, many people remain unaware of the many uses for the trickiest part of the egg to deal with: the shell. In this article we will shed some light on the beneficial uses for this overlooked part of one of the world’s most popular foods.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Archangel Gabriel ~ Heaven, Christ Consciousness, IS HERE ON EARTH

Archangel Gabriel ~ Heaven, Christ Consciousness, IS HERE ON EARTH : This experience of True Reality, enjoyed alongside GOD, is available to all of humanity. This experience is the full resurrection of the soul into the body. God extends the potential to everyone, THE ASCENSION, yet it is a personal choice whether to embrace it, God is here and offering the highest of blessings – Heaven, Christ Consciousness, IS HERE ON EARTH and available to you now. Heaven is on Earth, this is the auric space of Mother and Father God, within this space NO LOW FREQUENCIES OR VIBRATIONS CAN EXIST.