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Friday, November 17, 2017

November New Moon in Scorpio ~ Transformative Art of Death & Rebirth

Life is always giving us opportunities to shed ourselves and to be reborn into something new, and that is exactly what this New Moon energy is beckoning us to do. Life is always a series of twist and turns, and under the influence of the Scorpio New Moon we are all going to receive the potential to rise up and shine with our truest colors. We have all been a journey of peeling back the layers, and now it is time to celebrate how far we have come and what is next on the road ahead. The time to officially rebirth ourselves is here and even though there may be some residual pain and grief, know that this is where we are all heading.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Way of Love

You receive the call to love each other no matter what, but the call is often obscured by the reasons that the mind comes up with to not love another. These reasons can be quite compelling, and they are often chosen over love in spite of the fact that your true nature is love. We want you to observe how differently you experience your life and your world when you lead with your heart instead of your head. The mind is emphasized more than the heart in society, and it’s time for that to shift. It’s time for everything to shift. It will begin when enough of you are willing to be vulnerable, to love all others in your path, to lead with your hearts and to forget about all of the reasons your mind can come up with to shield yourself and to keep your heart hidden away. You will eventually do this.

Saint Germain ~ Transmuting All of The Darkness

The Mother has told this as well, many times over. And yet you still create these stories that make life difficult. And I tell you now, it does not need to be this way. It is not that there is not important work to do, but that the work is hard is a story you have created. And you can let that story go. Sweet ones, I tell you this again, bring joy and laughter in. Beloved Gabrielle has told you this as well and this message comes back over and over again to you because we are trying to assist you, aid you, and guide you into letting go. These core issues—these are just moments you are holding on to. When you stub your toe, do you continue to think about it for weeks on end? You move on. Let things go. Relax and enjoy. Everything is unfolding.

The Council ~ Changes Are Upon You

All moments exist now. There is only now. This is not something that can be explained to you in your current state of perception. We are saying all of this in order to help you understand the very short and simple statement that we truly wish to make today. The process that you have longed for has begun. The changes are upon you. Even now, you are not being apprised of the progress that is occurring, unless a certain event cannot be hidden. Even then, you are often being told utter nonsense when it is reported. We want to say very little to you, but we want to remind you of a few things. This is to be the beginning of the world you have come here to create. This will be a world of truth.

Archangel Uriel ~ Shine Your Light on What is Holding You Back

Dearest brave hearts, this is the time to show that courage and fearlessness that you possess. This is the time when you have to have faith in yourself and in the spark of love that the Father and Mother placed in your hearts when you were conceived eons ago. You could never, ever forget and separate yourselves from the love that you are, no matter how far into the darkness you have decided to travel. Take my silver light to shine upon every dark corner, take my gentle Grayelsha Flame and see the truth and the light in every shadowy part of self. Sit in silence with your entire being, love it and accept you unconditionally!

Jesus ~ There is Absolutely Nothing to Fear

There is absolutely nothing to fear. Nothing can destroy you because there is only Love, and Love is eternally One with Itself, and therefore with You. And while still playing the game you can access the knowledge that you are infinitely more than your human body. You do this by spending time within, where all knowledge resides and is available to you if you choose to access it. All knowledge at once would utterly swamp or blow your human mind/brain. However, sections or aspects that are in harmony with your pre-planned life path as a human are readily accessible in the appropriate now moment should you choose to avail of them. All that you have to do is set the intent to be open to receive what you need now. And it is your heart that you need to open so that the knowledge you require and passion can flow in and inspire you

Elthor the Dragon ~ Blaze The Violet Flame and Purge the Dross

Fire is a symbol of many things, but for us dragons it is just a part of who we are, a part of our experience in dragon form. We speak of fire for it is in this powerful, fiery moment of change that you Humans must find the power and fire within your own will, your own gut to forge ahead through the unknown in all of your blazing glory. Much is packed tightly inside your dense physical forms, human. Much indeed. Much fire and passion remains unkindled, unlit. It is time to light your flame and blaze it! Blaze the violet flame and purge the dross. Reignite your passion.