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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

LoveHasWon Blog~Calling Out the EGO: The Truth About Twin Flames

The original twin flames were Mother and Father of All Creation. Mother was created by love and the unknown and she then created Father from her heart. Together, they created the original 144,000 as a fractal of Mother and Father. These were sets of twin flames that represented the divine feminine and masculine as mirrors of Mother and Father.

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ ULTIMATE Ceremony of Ascension!

Beloved Mother of All Creation, Angels of Heaven and All that Serve Love,
We are so grateful for the Truth you are, for the Love you give, for the endless flow of your beautiful Heart, that beats throughout the Cosmos. We put All of my Power, intention and focus, All of our Capacity as BEings of pure Love towards my absolute embodiment of Pure Love now! We are so grateful to have released and let go of every false frequency and to have transformed our BEings back into a whole, pure, true BEing of LOVE!

Special Message from Archangel Michael ~ The Divine Masculine Support the Divine Feminine

Special Message from Archangel Michael ~ The Divine Masculine Support the Divine Feminine: Greetings Dear Ones, many changes have come to pass within these energies. The changes come if you allow them to transform you. The transformation of old, into your genuine and authentic Being, which is Love in physical form. We have notice the struggles from the Masculine in keeping up with these energies. The masculine have been deeply programmed and conditioned in their old ways of being, continually severing their connection to God=Love, and staying in a perpetual state of imbalance of the Divine Feminine within. Let us delve deeper into these imbalances, and how they are affecting the collective. As Always Dear Ones, Awareness transforms into consciousness.

Final Event Energies Update 11~13~2018: Incredible New Earth Energies

This morning when we woke up Mom was unable to stabilize. The Great Grand Council suggested that Mom stayed in the bed alone. Once she was alone she was able to stabilize and process the energies coming in. The energies Mom was bringing in were the New Paradigm energies. Once Mom brought in these energies the field was heightened again, and everyone had to integrate the new energies. It is now to the point where if beings are not fully integrated, embodying their higher selves, they cannot be around Mom. The entire time is integrating these energies now, that are being broken down into 8 phases. The 8 phases are:

Ashtar ~ The Pleiadian Fleet Are Preparing

I am Ashtar. It is always wonderful to be with you in these times and moments in the midst of these many changes that are occurring and are about to occur. I come at this time to share with you those outer happenings that are occurring above you in the many ships, the many fleets that are here, those ones that you have heard of that have been parked just outside of your atmosphere for some time. And as we have said several times that we have come closer and closer, even to the point where we have begun more and more to uncloak ourselves so that those that have eyes to see can see us, and that of the Pleiadian fleet that is preparing not only a great celebration, but they are planning an operation, you might say, an operation that will bring this even closer—disclosure

Message to Lightworkers ~ November 14th, 2018

You are in the midst of a powerful change all around your planet. That tends to greatly threaten the old power structure, which is not used to be questioned in any concrete way. It also sees its grip on human life loosening by the minute, and this creates a panic that then pushes them to create events that throw everyday life into different forms of chaos. We ask that you not give way to fear, that you trust that in the higher sense, All is Well, and ever has been and will be.

Gratitude 11~11~11 Energy! ~ The Heart is Real

The heart is real, it speaks and it is now OUR unified priority!
Physical conditions are popping up for many people as these shifts are taking place world wide. I am a healer who works with so many people throughout the world, and it is this information that I share with you to help you understand the reality of your body’s language. Your body is responding to your higher self. The adrenal glands are tired of holding on to patterns no longer serving your health. Your heart, and your nervous system, is mostly affected during this period.