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Monday, November 12, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Karma & Chaos Hitting the Collective

On November 9th, we confirmed with the Great Grand Council “the Homies”, that karma was finally hitting the collective.  Karma has now hit the collective by 100%. Chaos has also hit the collective as a reflection of the dysfunction within humanity. Two days ago, wildfires broke out in California, setting records for some of the most deadly fires. This was the start of the karma hitting humanity. The areas in which the fires hit were symbolic. They represented some of the lowest consciousness places in the country.  Every area of the world has been experiencing unprecedented earthquake, volcanic, tsunami, mudslide, flooding and hurricane activity.

Boldly Communicate from Your Heart

Can you feel it?  Those words rising up from deep within you, sitting there at the edge of your tongue – is it now too sore from biting it all this time to keep holding back what you long to say?  It’s bursting to get out, yet you feel afraid to say it.  The energy of the collective consciousness today is that of a dam bursting open, and so many fears over potential consequences of speaking that which you can no longer hold back.  The guidance from Spirit is to let it out.  Say it.  Speak!  Communicate boldly from your Heart.

Mary Magdalene ~ Be the Love of the Divine Mother in Action

For too long our voices have been silenced by time, space and misunderstandings surrounding us. For too long the masculine energies of Gaia have remained unhinged, unbalanced. We are balance. We anchor the light of the Divine Mother into your forms now, a blessing from the Magdalenes on this most blessed 11:11 portal, day of attunement. For you are attuned to our frequencies as you read these words


St Germain & OWS ~ Collective Consciousness Rules Everything

there are many things still happening behind the scenes. Many things that are still kept from your physical eyes from seeing the reality. But your third eyes are opening. Your pineal glands are expanding, and everything is now becoming more and more open to you. Where before you could not see, now you can. Now you can get those glimpses–those glimpses behind the scenes, behind the veil, or beyond the veil.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Don’t Stop Climbing Until You Reach The Top

GOD IS A WOMAN AND PHYSICALLY INCARNATED ON EARTH. Mother transmutes ALL the energies that Enter Earth. When Light workers speak of Energies entering The Collective Human Consciousness, people might envision these energies just floating down from our Atmosphere. This is false.


Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ It is Time… Soul Mission Activation

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Love. I am come bringing Love and Light on the collective consciousness of Humanity. The energies of the 11~11 Portal ignited the “Completion Energies” of The Ascension of GAIA, Twin Flame Reunions, The New Earth Story and so much more. The energetic point that finalizes these energies will be 12~21.