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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ The Dark Night of the Soul, Ascension Symptoms and Healing

Greetings Dear Ones, I have come to assist the collective consciousness with information on what many call “Ascension Symptoms” and “The Dark Night of the Soul”. Yes, they are real and felt by the physical body, which most of the lightworker community is experiencing. Some are going through roundabouts with the Dark Night of the Soul. However, you all have a choice on how you wish to go about these symptoms and healing. In addition, there is a misconception to the root cause to most of these symptoms. We will share light on this topic and assist with methods of healing so that All can choose to move forward in these energies. As always, awareness transforms into consciousness. READ MORE...

Enlightened Conversations Live Stream with Astrea Love & Guest: Michael Silver

Enlightened Conversations Live Stream with Astrea Love & Guest: Michael Silver ~ Astrea Love and Michael Silver share experiences throughout their spiritual journey... the path home into the Heart.... The information shared provides a unique outlook of the path to Ascension and assist others who are having difficulty, as well as identify similar perspectives and experiences. Whether seasoned or completely new to the Path of the Heart, you will find the conversation enlightening. READ MORE...

Breaking The Mirror Concept ~ Deep in Timeline Collapses, Personally & Collectively

We are deep in timeline collapses, personally and collectively.  For many, it has been an interesting time of feeling lost, like you are straddling two worlds or like you simply don’t belong in the one you find yourself in. With the collapsing timelines we are finding ourselves on clean up duty. This energy has a really interesting component to it as it is digging up all of our stuff but at the same time there is a ROAR quality to it. Many are finding themselves cranky, uncomfortable in their own skin and wanting to lash out. If you look into the collective or even someone close to you, you can see where some just want to pick and fight, particularly on social media. READ MORE...

The Schumann Resonance Bursts! Affects on Human Consciousness

Here is some Information on the Earth’s natural resonant frequency, or the Schumann Resonance, and how it affects our own brain waves and levels of consciousness. This is an excellent presentation by Jordan about the Schumann resonance, and would be a possibly great one to send to friends and/or family who know nothing about the Schumann. READ MORE...

Mike Quinsey ~ Events Are Ever Moving at a Faster Speed

Events are ever moving at a faster speed and they are heading for the days when the truth of your existence will be revealed. In reality there is not much time left before the changes come upon you, and it would be as well that you are prepared for them. Your main objective should be to maintain your poise and keep a calm temperament at all times, as you will find many people become upset and at a loss to understand what is happening. The truth cannot be held back much longer and even now discussions are taking place about how it can be revealed. Those of the Light wish for a complete disclosure so that it can be made known to everyone. Every effort you put in to remaining within the Light will be well rewarded. READ MORE...

Archangel Gabriel ~ April’s Escalator to New Life

This is the time you have been waiting for – the ascension of humanity. You are experiencing a new world awakening in the 5th Dimension. Bring what you have learned into the present moment and let these tools support you as you are carried on the Cosmic Escalator of your life. It will be as you make it – as you decree, so will it be. A very simple Violet Flame decree is being offered that you can memorize and use to transmute the impulses and patterns of your egoic thinking. It calls on your I AM Presence, the greater eternal part of you that illuminates your Soul’s journey through life. When you allow yourself to bask in this Divine Presence and receive the Love, your guidance is fully engaged. READ MORE...

The Twin-Flame Guides ~ For Those Who Haven't Yet Met

Dear Children of the light, those of you incredibly eager to unite with the rest of their soul, do your homework, that's all there is. That's all there is for you to know. Those of you who are in desperate need to meet their twin are causing themselves and their other halves delays. Let go and be in Trust, for it's all there is. It's all there is to the light. In the process of manifesting your twin flames let us tell you what comes to light. Let us tell you the steps to the light. First there comes the fake one, the one that terminates that kind of karmic debt. Then The true one comes, masquerading as another form of that silliness. READ MORE...