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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Energy Report ~ Happy Equinox Update

The Spring Equinox which many times marks high energy surges, although they can come in 10 days before to 10 days after the Equinox. So even afterwards we will still be in the Energy zone. As far as energy symptoms go, yesterday I was so tired, I took a 3 hour nap for no good reason. The odd thing about this nap is I felt almost completely comatose and even when getting up, felt like I could sleep some more. I had pain in my legs when walking, they felt like lead weights. I don’t remember ever feeling like this when sleeping so this is definitely something new for me and ascension related. This was specifically from the Equinox energies coming in

Sun Crossed the Aries Point ~ Opening The Great Gates

This morning, the Sun crossed the Aries Point and swung open the great gates through which the New enters the world. Within and around you, a beginning is being seeded. Its fresh-born energy is electric and palpable. Like every Equinox, this one is bringing not a 29-day lunar cycle – but a three-month quarter of the great wheel. In fact, because everything begins anew when the Sun crosses the world axis of the Aries Point, what’s beginning now will take us all the way to the Aries Equinox of 2019. In the year ahead, both Uranus and Chiron will change signs, bringing to a close a cycle of irrevocable change, full of pain and shot through with magic

Mercury Retrograde, March 22nd till April 15th, 2018 ~ Internal, Eternal

If YOU are coming from the place of harmony WITHIN YOU in all or most moments, THEN ~ Mercury Retrograde becomes ALL IS WELL AS it is the coming from WITHIN that Mercury Retrograde prepares you for. Through its PROCESS of the external focus, apparently not working as well. Leading to what was once the common frustration as everything appears to go awry. This going awry, is just the clear awareness that the external focus does not work energetically to ones advantage, when the internal focus is more required as the auspicious way.

The Arcturians ~ Inter-dimensional Communication

All your third dimensional incarnations you have seen the edges of all life that make you feel separate from all reality. It is that “sense of separation” from each other, from Gaia, and from the higher dimensions of your reality. However, as you become increasingly fifth dimensional in your consciousness, you will begin to perceive your outer world, as being a component of your inner world. Then, as your fifth dimensional consciousness and perceptions begin to “come more and more online with your daily life,” you will begin to perceive components of reality that you have never experienced before.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Process Your Emotions Before the Shift

You are embarking upon a journey now that will take you through some experiences that you have set up for yourselves in order to elicit certain emotions. When you are in the midst of clearing and processing these emotions, that it is a necessary part of the process, and it is better for you to do it now rather than later. As the energies continue to bombard your planet, you are going to find it harder and harder to ignore that which is within you and needs to come up and out. At some point, you would find it downright impossible. But now, while it is only challenging for you to face these emotions, and you get to do it in your own timing, with the support of others, and with the support of beings like us, we suggest that you allow these emotions to flow through you.

Health Benefits of Okra Water ~ Helps with Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol and More

Okra belongs to the same plant family as hibiscus and cotton. It is indigenous to regions around the Nile in North Africa and the Middle East for it was discovered dating as far as 3500 years ago in Ethiopia. Okra contains vitamins A and C and is a good source of iron and calcium. It also contains starch, fat, ash, thiamine and riboflavin. It also contains vitamins, minerals and the antioxidants epicatechin, catechin, rutin, procyanidin B1 and B2 and quercetin. These antioxidants are capable of preventing damage to cells caused by environmental factors and stress.

Maui Updates!/ The Big Blueprint/ Essential Oil Wizardy

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