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Monday, September 25, 2017

Time to Open The Heart Now, Dear Children on Earth

You who are very sensitive can feel that you already are on the new Earth as both of them now exist simultaneously and it is only an hour away before all is changed. Do not take this as a specific hour of the clock, but understand that I measure it with the infinite time that exists in the Universe. You just need to understand that it is near and it is high time to look after your house and take in love into your hearts. It is time to open the heart now dear children on Earth. The light shines strongly now and there is no place to hide any longer. It is best to take the bull by the horn and meet yourself in your whole nakedness. Understand that all you have done or not done is forgiven and that our Mother/Father God stands with open arms to receive you.

Mother Earth Has Started to Dress in Her New Gown

The time has come now for many of you to return home and my longing is greater yet dear children There are no words for me to describe the feelings that this event means for me and other ascended beings that are waiting for your arrival. It is as if you would bring forward your most beautiful memories and then double it many million times over. There are no words for it. Mother Earth has started to dress in her new gown and she is incredibly beautiful. This earth journey is now approaching its end and a new and more loving journey will start

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Your Ascension

It has taken quite a bit of your time to get you to where you are today as a human collective. You have traveled on Earth as a species for millions of years, and you are in a place now where you can feel the change in the air. You can feel yourself shifting and evolving. But in past lives, you could not detect the movement forward because you were moving at a snail’s pace. Now that things are heating up and speeding up, you are aware of your ascension. You are aware of the feeling of it. It is not just a story that you have been telling yourselves. You can almost taste it. The ride now is about continuing to gain momentum from the little victories that you experience in your life. Many of you who are receiving this transmission have come a long way in this one lifetime as well. You have endured quite a bit, and you have catapulted yourselves into this moment of your awakening.

Angel Messages ~ How to Live The Daily Life in the Heart

In the daily life you have the possibility to remember Past Life, to rediscover many things in you; in the daily life there are continuous opportunities to learn, to practice, to check the learned, to express your Essence, to give, to love, to help. Ask to help you with this, and then watch your daily life carefully, only with the heart, not with the mind. Live your everyday life feeling it a collection of great opportunities, just so you can always live serenely. Ask to help you in everything, to live all as an opportunity, and then abandon in the wave of life, in My arms, knowing that everything you live is useful for you, for your Soul, remembering that all your daily life was chosen by your Soul.

Ashtar ~ More Who Come to The Light, More High Energy That Creates

The more who come to the Light, the more High energy that creates, and the faster the Planet moves up!!! So if you needed a reason to join in Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for these ones, there you have it, because we’re all here to participate in the moving up of Planet Earth. That’s why you’re here! That’s why I, and our trillions of ships are here. So let’s just get right on with it, shall we? And, oh my goodness, have we got some wonderful, wonderful adventures in store – experiences, adventures, whatever! A lot of you have memories. They may be buried in your subconscious, but a lot of you have memories of being Ashtar commanders. And why not, because you are!

Sananda ~ Your Real Awakening Will Fill You with Joy So Deep and Intense

As humans, to awaken is your purpose and, as all are One, that includes assisting everyone else to awaken. When you go within, to your holy inner sanctuary where the Light Of God’s Love is always present. Your Real awakening will fill you with joy so deep, so intense, that all memories of the dream will fade away instantly as you embrace Reality, Love, Oneness with your divine Source, the state in which you were so lovingly created to experience infinite and eternal joy. You are, each and every human who has ever lived on Earth, awake, alive, joyfully, eternally, and fully consciously aware in every moment of your Presence in the Presence of God, your divine and infinitely loving Creator – Source, Father/Mother/God

Federation of Light Update ~ Energy Grid That Surrounds Your Mother Earth

This Energy Grid that surrounds your Planet is made up of many components. Its purpose has also, many aspects. It is rather complex and once again, we found ‘what it is’ rather difficult to ‘simply’ put into words. In essence it is what it says it is … A grid of Energy. It serves to assist your Planet and directs/redirects/transforms/internalises/dematerialises Energy to suit the needs and requirements of … not only what goes on above your Planet … yet, also what goes on within it. When you consider that everything IS Energy … the grid keeps the ENERGY that is required upon your Planet in suitable surroundings, in order for precise functionality. It keeps Earth Energy contained, which is essential, and has the outstanding capability of recycling old/stale Energy