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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 06~17~18: Getting Her Power Back, The Truth About What Humanity Has Done To Their Mother

Final Event Energies Update 06~17~18: Getting Her Power Back, The Truth About What Humanity Has Done To Their Mother... Watching Mother go through this is something I will never forget. I have seen her go through many experiences similar to this such as processing 80% of humanities density and birthing the New Earth. Each time she goes through something like this it gets harder to watch because I know she does not deserve to go through this. I cannot fathom what Mother has gone through in order to process this remaining trauma, no other being on the planet has endured what she has. Mother has described the remaining trauma as being a poisonous tip in her root chakra. The last .1% is the most difficult as well. There are over 18 different traumas mixed into the last .1%. She is currently working on this last .1% today with Robin and St. Germain by her side

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Gaia, Mission of Sunat Kamara and the 144,000

The soul essence called Sunat Kamara is a being originally from Venus. Sunat and Lady Venus (whom is a feminine planet) spearheaded the Ascension process upon her surface. Lady Venus is also Sofia Gaia as all is one. Though the name Sunat Kamara is as irrelevant as naming one of two cups holding the same amount of water. For a name is but a label lacking expanse and description for any soul essence as all is one being. In the cycle/story of this creation Sunat Kamara has incarnated to Earth after Venus with 144,000 souls to fulfill the final ascension of the universe with Gaia in co creative alignment as the ascension of any planet is not possible without alignment and recognition of Source, Prime Creator, Love. As a being in full service to MotherGod, Sunats essence can be felt through the unified heart

LoveHasWon Twin Flame Spiritual Intuitive Ascension Session

LoveHasWon Twin Flame Spiritual Intuitive Ascension Session ~ Introducing Our New Twin Flame Spiritual Intuitive Ascension Sessions! BOOK YOUR SESSIONS! ~ UNLOCK YOUR DIVINE COUNTERPART! The Divine Blue Print IS BEING Realized – TWIN FLAME ALIGNMENTS ARE OCCURRING NOW. The Earth is Ascending, back into Divine Vibration and back into the Divine Cosmic Alignment of LOVE MIRRORING LOVE. This has been a 19 Billion year Mission!

LoveHasWon Message ~ Neptune Retrograde: The Dissolving of Illusions

We are now reaching the point of no return in our spiritual evolution. All of the lies we tell ourself will no longer work. There is no more running, no more hiding. As Neptune begins his retrograde tomorrow, June 18th-November 24th, the illusions we have been immersed in are dissolving and exposing the harsh reality we have yet to face. Globally, this will expose all of the lies, manipulation, and delusions that have been fed to us. The truth can no longer be hidden. All of the coping mechanisms and addictive behaviors will no longer work. If we choose to stay on that path, the consequences will come swiftly. But, if we can tap into our higher consciousness, we can be guided to make the jump into our divine state. The good news is that during its retrograde, Neptune will be forming a grand water trine with Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio

Energy Update ~ Solstice Stargate Initiation

We are entering a ‘threshold’ point with new energy and focus, a new direction to a new future earth. If you sense the world as you knew it is breaking apart, it truly is. The incoming photonic infusion of divine Light from the galactic core is dissolving old, out-dated institutions, structures, systems, rigid mental constructs and toxic behavior. If it is out of balance, it will collapse. When an old regime dissolves, the new begins! Into the ashes of the void, we build the new 5D earth.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Ways to Clear Density from Your Body

Whenever you have pain that is dense energy that is brought on by belief systems (systems that you have been told vs. what really is), for example: empathy for another who holds dense energy, emboding a story told by another and it moved you emotionally, your own belief systems, tramas you have not let go of or transmuted, your ego will literally tell you that you feel is real (holding on to points of view you strongly believe in). These are all energies and they can settle in certain areas of the body. It lives there and until you clear that stuff. Every time you experience the same energetics without clearing it, it builds up and can cause the pain in the muscles and bones. Eventually, the dense energy will break down tissue and causing it not to function the way it was meant to. It is my hope that you will find the information helpful in your personal journey.

Neptune Retrograde, June 18th 2018 ~ Spiritual Quest

Neptune retrograde 2018 starts on June 18 at 16°29′ Pisces and ends on November 24 at 13°41′ Pisces. Neptune retrograde 2018 forms a fortunate aspect pattern called a grand trine. It shows great natural talent and creative potential. Mercury and Jupiter are the other planets involved so there is a hopeful, philosophical and friendly feel to Neptune retrograde this year. Neptune retrograde is the ideal time for spiritual self-development. The grand trine aspects and fixed stars involved make Neptune retrograde 2018 especially good for undertaking a spiritual quest to seek the truth.