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Friday, April 28, 2017

April New Moon in Taurus ~ Asking Us to Connect with Mother Earth, Ground in Her Beauty & Energy

This Taurus New Moon….is asking us to embody Mother Earth….to Ground in her beauty and feel her energy.  This Taurus New Moon is a quite New Moon as it doesn’t make any aspects to any other planets.  It is Peaceful and serene.  It embodies all of Taurus’s energy without being altered by any other connection.  True Taurus!    Your senses will be heightened….    Go outside and listen to nature….enjoy the sounds of the birds, the wind, and water.  Let you feet touch the Earth…let your feet “kiss” the Earth with merging energies.  We have been in a whirlwind of chaotic energies over the past several weeks.  This Taurus New Moon is asking us to relax, be with the Earth. READ MORE...

Ascension Update ~ Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Your power resides in the Now, in the capacity of BEing fully present in the moment. To transform your life and regenerate yourself, it is essential to first dissolve all the false inner beliefs that impede realisation of who you truly are and the power given to you, to create. Changing your life is done through constantly letting it all go and being at all times aware of who controls your life and who does not. When one feels lack of self-love and respect for the self (an individualized aspect of Source who is immensely loved and appreciated by the Divine) one cannot use his/her power properly, for it has already been given to others or external forces. READ MORE...

The Golden Ones ~ Unity with SELF, Part 2: Unity Consciousness

Gaia is in preparation to finally be released from all third/fourth dimensional patterns. Hence, She is asking Her humans, who are supposedly Her most evolved creatures, to remember, and clear up, all past incarnations. From your third/fourth dimensional consciousness, you would not be able expand your consciousness beyond time to enter the NOW in which your fifth dimensional consciousness can perceive ALL your myriad lives as different expressions of your true Multidimensional SELF. Fortunately, the Ascending Ones are NOW remembering their fifth dimensional consciousness, as well as their fifth dimensional SELF that has been assisting them from “above” for most of their life. READ MORE...

What’s Happening is Almost Invisible… Quantum Solar Shift, The Schuman Resonance and More...

What’s Happening is Almost Invisible… But We See and Feel the Effects of the Transmutations Everything is moving. Everything is changing—including us. Transmutation of energy is inevitable and unavoidable. Jordan Sather has done a superb explanation of The Shift and why and how it is happening. His version of the physics behind the transformation of our sun is a beautiful lead-in to what Cobra has alluded to when he said, “the sun is about to sneeze”. When that happens, it will set off a chain reaction. I don’t believe anyone knows precisely when that will happen—just that it’s very close. Our sun is a crucial catalyst for change. The wait is frustrating, and many are feeling it acutely now. READ MORE...

New Roles for Divine Changemakers ~ New Energy Thresholds

With each passing week in 2017, the world's energetic climate has become more chaotic and less certain - with crisis arising with such regularity that it can begin to feel normal. In this article I outline a fresh approach to viewing and moving through these unprecedented times. As humanity moves through new energy thresholds - like the next one occurring in May during Wesak season - intensities can amplify and the need for new choices is accentuated. This is on both a personal and collective level. With each threshold comes an opportunity to make really big shifts. This where you as a divine changemaker come into the equation. READ MORE...

Twin Flame Energy Report ~ When God Chooses to Bring Twin Flames Together, It Will Happen

We come forward in this hour of your time with much to share with you dear ones. For the sensitive among you, you will be aware that there has been vast changes occurring in the electromagnetic grid that surrounds Gaia and this is even being measured by your crude 3D instruments. What is known as the Schumann resonance has now spiked at 90 Hz which is unprecedented.  Please note that your planet is aligning with the frequency that it was vibrating at before the great fall of Atlantis and this is crucial for you all to know as there is a huge connection with that timeline and what is occurring for many of the 144,000 illumined twin flame soul group. READ MORE...

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Let The Animal Kingdom Guide You

There has been a shift going on in the consciousness of what you would refer to as the animal kingdom. The Earth is shifting, which means the plant and mineral kingdoms are shifting as well. And the animal kingdom is shifting along with the human collective. Many of you have an affinity for a pet, or several pets, and many of you feel a resonance with the animal life that you have on planet Earth. You recognize the high frequency that these beings are putting out. You see them as beings of service, because that’s what they are, and you feel attracted to their energy because they not only ground you to planet Earth with the energy they give off, but they also help you to attain and maintain a higher frequency state. READ MORE...