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Monday, August 21, 2017

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 2017 ~ Recognizing Your Divine Royalty

We are finally heading towards our New Dimensional Space/Timeline, a higher one, where, some of us have been already transiting, anchoring ourselves and dwelling for a while. In this unique moment within Creation, as you already may know, we are the focus for many civilisations and non-physical beings, ones that have been assisting us in this quantum leap, and others, who are still trying to submit, manipulate and control our Planet. At this time, Forces of the Light and forces of the dark, are disputing for control over the Planet. We all know that in truth, the choice is within us all to finally end eons of manipulation and energetic control. Yours is also the choice to unite with one Force or another, for it is precisely free will that has brought us into this moment of bifurcation. This New Moon Solar Eclipse at the critical 28 degrees Leo, will be the catalyst for all of us to choose; whether we keep fomenting the old or move forward within new horizons

Special LoveHasWon Message ~ The Red Dragon & Solstice Energies

Greetings Love Beings, We are well into our Powerful Solstice energies! These energies represent balanced harmonics, upgrades, and twin flame connections. The power of these energies combined with everything else is simply mind blowing for many of you, which is a good thing, wink! Out of the head into the Heart everyone! Meditation, Prayer, Nature, Music, Gratitude Ceremonies, and Playing are good ways to integrate these. Grounding is also required as we need to stay in our bodies to assist in integrating these higher frequencies into the planet. Every Now Moment we are raising the frequency of The Earth, YIPEEEE!

Energy Update ~ Zero Point Eclipse

The energy is intensifying as we approach the total Solar Eclipse this Monday, August 21st in the sun sign of Leo. During the eclipse blackout we will experience a collective ‘pause’, when the world is suspended in zero point energy. This creates a bridge to parallel realities. So what exactly is zero point energy, and how do we work with it? According to Quantum Physics, there exists within a vacuum state of zero gravity and zero temperature, pulsing virtual particles of kinetic energy. These minute fluctuations create a field of popping virtual electrons, a magnetic force that reacts with the charged particles in an exchange of radiant energy (light). This is the shimmering light activity we experience in the realm of spirit. The vibrant sea of light operates like a dynamic primordial soup of popping virtual particles, waiting for conscious connection

Ashtar ~ There is No Separation Between Us!

Some wondrous openings, changes, shiftings, and so on, are taking place! “And so it is to greet the Lion. And, of course, the Lion will be here – the main Lion representative that we have, and are blessed to have in our company.* But for now, I will simply say, hang on for the ride, because it’s huge. You just heard – unprecedented events opening, shifting – revelations are occurring even now.** How high can that Schumann resonance go? Use your imaginations! It is to come together in the consciousness, and the raising of it, that it’s all about anyway. So take off whatever limitations you may have on your own individual selves

New Moon & Solar Eclipse ~ Time to Manifest New Beginnings

The New Moon and Solar eclipse takes place Aug. 21, 2017 at 28 degrees and 53 minutes of Leo and during an intense Mercury retrograde. This retrograde has been full of resistance. Everything feels irritable, confusing or just not working. But now is your chance to work on new beginnings and manifesting. Not just because of the New Moon but because of this powerful eclipse. In my reading for the Full moon and solar eclipse earlier this month, this same idea was coming through. It was said that; “there is a portal, a major opening for more intuitive thoughts & creation happening. A cosmic door of creation. Follow the direction of your heart, not your fears - and you will see its power.”

Lion's Gate Energies ~ Anchoring During The Solar Eclipse, Part 3

I highlight the importance of doing what you can to share ascension energies during key alignment moments like our upcoming Eclipse. Building on 8 months of sharing, I remind you about the different skills we have been sharing and building, particularly through Love Wave. This ascension thing is not something done for us - it is by us - so join in and let’s make this happen!

August 2017 Eclipse, Upcoming Equinox & Solstice Ascension Stair-steps

In my vision the path the chalkboard eraser made across it was exactly the same path, track, angle, width, breadth and span of the Solar eclipse path across the entire USA. And interestingly I thought, was that the eraser vision also started at the upper left of the chalkboard and swept across it and exited out the far right lower side, exactly the same path the eclipse will take across North America. What I knew when I Saw this chalkboard eraser vision earlier this month was that, starting from the west coast (at Oregon), that everything and I mean everything that humanity has done across time in all of North America is intentionally being undone, permanently removed, energetically cleared, erased, wiped clean, exorcised