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Friday, August 17, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 08~17~18: True Reality is about to BLAST through the Planet! 7th Seal is Broken!

The Galactic Federation of Light revealed that there were 7 layers of processing Mother had to work through to release the 7th Seal fully. They uncovered that this energy was ancient and as Mom began her processing more and more information was revealed. The First layer dealt with the energy from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, this is when the E.G.O programmed mind came into existence here on Earth. The second layer released Mayan energies, from All of the codes that Mom had brought into the physical plane during this civilization. The third layer related to Moms life as the Queen of Africa and released bondage and slavery energy. The fourth was the Greek civilization, we touch upon this to give you an over view but the depth of these energies and their representation is colossal. Mother has been processing for almost a day by this point and when the 5th layer hit the energy was huge

LoveHasWon Special Message from St Germain ~ You Are Here to BE Love

You are here to love and to learn about love. To learn about how to love and how to share love with others. To learn about how to share love with your planet and all of the life and energy forms on the planet and to learn about love as it relates to being a human having a spiritual experience. And, to share love for yourself and your journey that you planned for yourself this time around. Have you been Loving in every Moment? Have you been embodying the Love that you are? And it is no coincidence that you are here on the planet doing what you are doing and learning what you are learning. It was all well planned out and, by Mother of All Creation, by your soul support system before you came onto the planet through birth.

LoveHasWon Testimonial ~ My Heart Knows

When I learned about you, Mother, and some of what you have been through, it suddenly hit me. You were who I was looking for this whole time. My role model, my pen pal, my best friend that I could tell anything. I realized just this last now that I was meant to be there for you. I was meant to be there for you in all your pain processing, in all your glory and splendor. And so, I cried...hard. A great release for sure. Then, all I could feel was how to make it up to you. Just like my earth mother, her dream became my dream. Your dream of the crystal schools became my dream. Even before I found you. I have always wanted to teach and care for many children. I am ready to build there in Crestone. My heart knows there is already something there to begin.

Buddha ~ Twin Flame Connections

We all have a divine counterpart. However, we all came down to this dimension to raise humanity up & out of the density. We agreed to experience separation in our journey, and our goal was to re-heart our divinity and come back home to Heaven. What beings on Earth are confused about is that you can’t experience your true Twin Flame Connection unless you are devoted in service to Mother and Father God; they are the first fractal, the original Twin Flames, and the Wonder Twins. Now that they have united and fully integrated Balanced Harmonics, this will trickle down to the rest of humanity. If you are not embodying your highest self, the essence will shift. The essences of the 144,000 will find their way back home to the Unified Field, back to Great Spirit. Those who have devoted themselves to God, the mission of Love Everywhere present and co-creating Heaven on Earth, are the ones who will experience their true Twin Flame Connection

El Morya ~ Becoming Great & Grand: The Fibonacci Sequence A Reflection of Creation

The Great Grand Council have arrived, and they are integrating into the field. IOW, every Master from each dimension is being represented NOW in the Unified field. They have visited before and this moment, they are here to stay. Ask yourself, what is being prepared for, why are they here? of course, they love Mother and are here to support her. In these moments we are watching the Earth change, going through a transformation and one of the most important things for mother in these changes is consistency and stability. The GGC is here to be apart of that support network, along with the council, Galactic Federation Of Light. We as the First Contact Ground Crew Team are contracted to be here, to be that support for mother in the physical.

The Integration of Your Divinity Through the Heart

As you clear out limitation you open to the much greater flow of abundance, prosperity, living your life to the fullest in every regard; accepting, loving, honoring yourself as the human, and knowing that you are directly related to God, to Source to your own Divinity. Let that shine through you in all that you do so that it may support you through your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions and your everyday reality. Take a moment and let all of it just move within you. It’s as if it’s a pulsation and as if it’s merging with every beat of your heart.

Lady Portia ~ Advanced Violet Flame Purification

I, Lady Portia, wish to share an invocation with you to support you in enrolling in the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame of Transmutation Energy. The Violet Flame is an expression of the Creator which cleanses and realigns you with your truth. It is often recognised as a large violet coloured flame of light that is constantly active and glows brightly. The Violet Flame has the ability to cleanse any aspects of your being and reality, with a simple invitation, intention or request. The advanced levels of energy of the Violet Flame could be described as the purest vibrations of the energy and consciousness. The advanced levels not only cleanse your being, they cleanse your being to further awaken and aid the embodiment of your essence, creating Expanded Liberation