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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Archangel Michael & the Council of Angels ~ Cosmic Light Enhancing the Awakening

We wish to speak today of these great cosmic spirals of light that are infiltrating your atmosphere at this time. All is energy, frequency and light; and the higher dimensional energy surrounding your planet is continuing to increase exponentially at this “time” ~ and as always we put “time” in parenthesis as remember time is an illusion and a creation of mankind for the sake of 3rd dimensional earth. Time does not actually exist and all is happening simultaneously. Time is a construct of mankind and has been essential up to this point to create a reality wherein the mind was able to comprehend a timeline of events occurring in your holographic projections. All of reality is a holographic projection of the Source energy via your human vehicle.

Saul ~ Love is All, You Will Awaken into the Glorious Brilliance of Love

Only Love is Real. There is nothing else. Focus on that one and indisputable Truth, and enjoy, in fact delight in the sense of freedom from worry or anxiety with which your faith in that eternal Truth fills your hearts. All else is smoke and mirrors, a system that has attempted to convince you that life is always under threat, a short-lived, one time only experience as a human in a dangerous environment from which there is no escape except through death into everlasting oblivion. Go within, to your quiet undefiled inner sanctuary and be with your inner guidance, your intuition, then ask to feel the Love in which you are eternally embraced. Remember yourselves that you are divine beings, perfect beings because that is how you were created

Federation of Light Update ~ The Highest Service, is to Be and KNOW LOVE

Energies pouring in are, of course, Enlightening the Planet! Yet, they are also stirring up the lesser Energies that must go … and these Energies are grasping onto anything they can, as they know their days are numbered. Be vigilant, Dearest Ones. Be thoughtful towards your well-being and remain guarded. The Light is your protector from all that does not serve in these matters and therefore, allow this Light … your Light … to shine Brighter than ever before, as you move on through to these great changes that are occurring upon your Earth plane. For ever and always the Highest service, as you know … is to Be and KNOW LOVE.

Mercury Retrograde, July 2018 ~ Awareness of Thought Patterns and Blockages

Under this energy our subconscious mind also becomes more active, and we are able to become aware of thought patterns or blockages that we may not have realized before. This makes it the perfect time to meditate and delve into the deeper parts of our soul. As we have so many other planets in retrograde at this time, including Mars, it may be challenging to define exactly what messages Mercury is trying to deliver to us. In fact, we may not really be able to understand them until both of these planets start moving direct again by the end of August.

Health Benefits of Passion Fruit for Circulation, Bones, Respiration and More

Passion Fruit health benefits includes providing essential nutrients to the body, supporting body immune system, may help to fight cancer, rich source of vitamins, support digestion, treat gastrointestinal disorder and reduces bad cholesterol. Other benefits includes improving blood circulation, supporting bone health, treating respiratory conditions, curing insomnia and acting as natural mood enhancer.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

LoveHasWon Astrology Update ~ Mars Conjunct the South Node: The Surrender of the Divine Masculine

The collective South Node, representing our past, outgrown habits and behaviors, and karma, is currently in Aquarius. The collective North Node, representing our purpose and highest path, is in Leo. Mars is currently retrograding back through Aquarius and will make 3 conjunctions to the South Node. The first and strongest conjunction occurred in June, the second will occur today July 21st, and the third will occur on September 26th, when Mars goes direct. When Mars goes retrograde, the masculine traits tend to become suppressed or not easily expressed. This can cause the energy to bottled up or be released impulsively. It is a time to reconsider our actions and the way we assert our power. Mars is all about our personal power and how we harness it.

Message to Lightworkers ~ July 20th, 2018

The energies now shifting not only Earth’s vibration but human consciousness also bring in interventions. We see only a forward movement, a trajectory of conscious evolvement that is moving ever-upward, beyond the material distractions, beyond the despair and fear, beyond the sadness you feel some days, that what you have experienced in this life and other lives has been just too much, and will your liberation never occur? We have said many times that you yourselves are the ones establishing your own freedom, your own kingdoms, your own sovereignty.