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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Archangel Gabriel ~ It's Safe to Let Your Light Shine!

At the very heart of you is the pure light of God. This light has the ability to change your thinking and change your outer world. It is a light which, like a flame when fanned, can fill every cell, every fiber of your being and transform you. Fanning this flame means giving the light within you a time of focused attention. Your imagination holds the key to transforming your life. What you believe can be achieved. Even before you believe something is true, you can allow the possibility to be there and imagine it to be true. Wherever you focus your attention, your life-force energy will follow. It’s safe to let your light shine. Your energy alone will have a transforming effect. The visualization of the flame of love in your heart shining out to the people of Earth is very potent. No matter what is happening around you, keep this visualization moving through you.

Final Event Energy Update 10~17~17: The Angels Send a Message

Greetings Love Beings, We keep on keeping on! Yipeee!!! Planetary Ascension in the Evolution of Humanity is on the Love (Ethics) Train, Full Speed Ahead! The old power over train is dead. No chances of stopping this Love Train, despite any and all attempts. The True Human Potential Movement, the Shift of the Ages! Out of The head (the program conditioned ego mind), and into the Heart, and Pure Soul of the Being. In the following video all of Creation decided to send there blessings through energetically, especially the angels, who within a minute shuffled me outside to make this, Amazing Everyone! ENJOY! LOVE HAS WON! LOVE IS STILL STANDING!

New Moon in Libra, October 19th, 2017 ~ Unexpected Change

This is a POWERFUL New Moon in Libra on October 19th, 2017 at 4:12pm ADT. With a strong aspect to Uranus we have Unexpected Surprises! Maybe a powerful Relationship? Abundance? Change? With the fixed Stars Arcturus and Spica aligning with this New Moon also, we have the potential for Wealth and Honour. Now of course where YOU are at and what you are going through is all part of the Ascension Process. GOING ~ through, is the WAY. Without (eventually hopefully) resistance or attachments, which are the causes of suffering. We do not suffer from external situations, we suffer from the mental and emotional REACTIONS from the situations. Being in Bliss no matter what is going on. When one is in Bliss always (Harmony) one is free from suffering and is the DIVINE FLOW of being.

Djwal Khul ~ Self Judgement, Awareness and Surrender

Monitor yourself. Be self-aware is the first practical tip. What can you do when you find yourself judging? First thing is don’t judge yourself. It’s natural. It’s an old habit and habits die hard. So what you need to do is be self-aware and then simply surrender it. Ask our Creator to take it away. Take away this habit please. Our Creator loves to help us clean our closet. No request is too small for our Creator because we are our Creator. The Creator is everything that you see around you including that smelly person that you are judging. So don’t be afraid, don’t be shy to ask our Creator whatever you may call her

One Who Serves ~ Energies Coming Are Taking You into the Next Higher Frequencies

Clean out the closet, clean out the home, all of this – and this is important now because of what is occurring energetically in these times now – it is time for you to let go of the old. Move on into the new. That time has arrived. This is an auspicious time now that you are moving into because it is the end of the old and the beginning of the new. And those of you that are into the numerology and all of this you are finding this. You are seeing much remembrances or understandings of this type of energy acquaintance you might say that is occurring now. And when the times and the frequencies rise enough you will come into the remembrance of this and join these aspects of yourself. This is coming also. This is part of moving into the higher vibrations of the higher dimensional frequency.

Archangel Metatron ~ First Level Energy of the New Golden Age

There has been a fundamental change in your local universe which has allowed us to install the first level of this energetic change that is now permanent and what is now happening on this planet and you have no doubt been feeling a certain difference in energy that you’re feeling. It can come across as more bliss but it can also come across as a certain emptiness. And what is now changed is that the ability for one to gain energy from controlling others or gaining energy from having this sense of self-righteousness through judgment is now missing. Clean it out to allow this new energy to come in. And what is this new energy? This is an energy of letting others be. This is the energy of honoring their free will. This is an energy of letting them experience their path. This is the energy of honoring yourself and honoring your path. This is the energy of forgiveness. This is now what is been put into play. This is the first level of scaffolding of the new Golden Age.

Energy Update ~ Dense Energies Are Being Pushed to the Surface to Be Transformed

The shift that is occurring within your realty is the struggle between the limited physical self and the unlimited divine self. This struggle is happening within each individual and it is magnified and witnessed by the collective. Imagine each and everyone is being stimulated, activated, quickened to realize that they are more than the physical body that certainly feels real. This quickening will continue within the collective since you are on course to evolve and ascend into the higher dimensions. The vibrations being offered by the galactic/cosmic forces are bathing every aspect of your planet. Dense misqualified energies are being pushed to the surface to be transformed. When these dense negative energies are witnessed from your limited physical consciousness you feel hopeless, helpless, frustrated and even angry.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ You Deserve to Receive

We know that we have access to unlimited amounts of energy, and we know without a doubt that we are unconditional love. As we sift through your requests for assistance, there is one common theme that we come across. We see you asking for that assistance but doubting that you will receive it. We also see that you are asking for circumstances that you do not believe you are worthy of. Some of you believe that you still have to prove yourselves to us in order to get what you want. That sort of programming is something you adopted very early on, and it can take some time to undo. We want you to see us as partners, equals, and co-creators, rather than as those with all the goodies, bestowing them only upon the righteous. It is time for all of you to accept that everything you ask for is granted and that the only thing that gets in the way of your receiving is your own energy

The Heart Opening ~ First Stage of Enlightenment

We have several hearts. The physical heart, the heart chakra, the “high heart,” the spiritual heart, etc. I’m only speaking about the spiritual heart. The spirit occupying a physical body from birth to death normally exists with no access to the spiritual heart. The heart aperture which Hindus call the hridayam, which opens into the heart, is normally closed. Apparently, by the old system of reckoning, a heart opening would be reckoned to be the first stage of enlightenment on the road to Ascension. I know the archangels are not following the old system, but let me restate it, if only to provide a standard for comparison. When the kundalini reaches the fourth or heart chakra, we have a heart opening, an explosive or implosive experience of love bursting its bonds. Hindus call it spiritual awakening

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Archangel Michael ~ Be the LIGHT in an Ever Evolving New Earth

The closer you move towards the end of 2017 (the year of endings and new beginnings) the faster closure that needs to happens progresses. Time speeds up exponentially. GROUNDING is so important - staying on your side of the fence, staying calm and centred whilst all rages around you. Live as the Beacon of Light on the cliff top, observe as the waves crash beneath you. Keep that Light shining brightly as many more souls are now radiating towards your strength and stability never knowing what it took for you to become that Beacon. Look back at how far you have progressed - much of what you left behind no longer resonates with who you are NOW. No longing to return to the old YOU - that person no longer exists and is unrecognisable as who you are NOW. Conscious Beings you are - Conscious Creators you are. As you grow into your new bodies of Light, and Love, who you were will only be a distant memory.

Final Event Energies Update 10~16~17 Through AAMichael ~ Unprecedented Moments

Greetings Love Beings, I am here to provide an update from The Unified Field, the Natural State of Energies you are all returning to through The Full Planetary Ascension currently underway. I have been guided as per Master St. Germain, to provide as many updates as possible in our current energetic moments we have entered. Mother Earth, Sophia Gaia, has said; “Enough is Enough!”. The illusion must end. The True, Real Golden Age is shining upon All, who choose to Be in the Heart, in Right Action, in Service to Love. Those in right action are going to receive the fruits of their labor. This will be very clear in the days, weeks, and months ahead. All Truth Must Be Revealed, with the Divine Decrees arriving into Physical Manifestation.

Time to Take The Step Out in Your Own Master Role as Co~Creators

It is time to bring forth your own master-cloaks and become your own gurus. You have all you need in order to take the steps that you need to take. It is there within you, turn off the noise and listen into the stillness. Be patient and you will find what you seek. It is time to take the step out in your own master-role. Follow your own path and pull your own straw to the stack. Your purpose for being on Earth can only be revealed within you. You cannot find it outside yourselves. This we have talked about, but yet you seek something or somebody external when it only can exist internally in the form of your heart and your soul. The time of light is here. We walk with you and help you to lighten up your paths so that each one of you will be able to walk on them. You have the light within you and it lights as small stars when you walk on Earth

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Your Relationship to Source

We have been watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity to share with you this particular bit of information, and now is the perfect time for us to share it. The relationship that you have to Source Energy is the exact relationship that you have to life. If you don’t think about your relationship to Source Energy at all, then you probably do not think about the purpose of your life. You are probably not asking the big questions. If you are afraid of Source, and are afraid of the judgment of Source, then that is probably how you face your fellow humans, as if they were representatives of Source. If you are seeing Source as a benevolent being who loves you unconditionally, is infinitely wise and expanding, then that is how you will view the other humans

October New Moon in Libra ~ Your Lucky Stars, Spica and Arcturus

The new moon on Thursday the 19th of October 2017 is at 26 degrees Libra. New moon October 2017 aligns with the two most fortunate stars used in astrology. Spica and Arcturus have always foretold wealth, honor and success. The October 19 new moon is critically aspect by Uranus which means unexpected change is a major theme of this moon phase. Be open-minded and flexible to take advantage of some rare opportunities for riches and honor. The key to success is slow and patient plodding but there will be many temptations and distractions to overcome. Alpha Virginis, fixed star Spica, is the most important star in the night sky for many cultures and religions. It marks the beginning and the end of the Sidereal Zodiac used in Vedic astrology. It may also be the reason the Sphinx has a Maiden’s Head and the body of a Lion. The Sun conjunct Spica

You Crowned Yourself ~ Co~Creating New Earth Together

Go inside your being to determine who and what you are. Of course, such a command seems silly for you know who you are. Or do you? It is time to determine what is important to you beyond the 3D pieces of home, family, and country. You are global ambassadors not merely community do-gooders. Some of you will take offense at such a statement, even though you have no difficulty proclaiming that you are one with all. It is time for you to acknowledge and proclaim your global role. You are a forerunner so you will not function as most of your peers – and most definitely not as those fully enmeshed in 3D thought and action. You are different. Most of all, allow that to be acceptable for you. Follow your joy knowing that your current joy is likely much smaller than your new totality.

What is Real Cannot Be Lost ~ Letting Go of 3D Relationships During Awakening

Loss is an aspect of awakening. It is a consequence of awakening, of bringing in soul frequencies into your consciousness…of waking UP in new ways. Then, you are looking around your life with new eyes…seeing what fits your soul’s landscapes and what does not. You are feeling with new heart too what hurts and what feels enlivening. Your criteria for what you want in your life in terms of relationships especially with family, friends, mates… is rising as your higher self/soul consciousness reminds you of what you have known of unity consciousness. Convenience in relationships (and in life) is no longer enough…you are starting to want RESONANCE. You want to feel drawn, passionate, able to understand without words…just ‘get’ someone and them ‘get’ you. Convenience and safety is replaced by curiosity and desire for growth.

How The 3D, 4D, 5D Self Experiences Love

Each dimension of our ‘self’ feels and experiences love in different ways. The many parts of us that have formed in order to navigate and be in life as we’ve known it so far, each have their own relationship to love. As we continue to awaken and heal, their perspectives shift and heal too, especially as the growing authentic you that holds and feels them, lets in more and more real, pure love and learns to trust it and what it wants to offer you in every sacred moment of your life. The 3D self, says, “Love, I don’t trust you and I want to control you, though I also feel you get the better of me and we are constantly at odds. I feel like I will never get what I want, though sometimes I can’t even feel what I truly want… and am pretty afraid to find out

Doubting Yourself and Your Spiritual Experiences?

There is something about us lightworker’s that makes us continuously stall. Continuously worry, doubt, fear and re-think what our gut is telling us. Has this been your experience? If so, lets all put down our tarot cards and astrological charts and see where the answers lie; within our bodies. Sensitive beings will always take in from this world more than they can handle. It happens at a young age, everyone’s facial expressions immediately made us feel bad or good about ourselves. Eye rolls, opinions, criticisms, judgments hurt us more than any other physical pain. We took on everyone’s feelings. This made us want to always make the people around us feel good and happy. We became externally focused to such a degree that our own internal guidance systems were cut off from being valid, worthy or even relevant. What does that mean for us now? We do not trust ourselves.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Ascension Process Has Passed the Point of No Return

The ascension process is well on its way and passed the point of no return, these souls are trying to redefine their purpose. The time has come for them to move into joyful service, and to co-create in the new energies based on what they would enjoy. This can be difficult for these beings as there was no room for fun in the first part of their mission. In fact, fun is an underdeveloped skill for them. it is time to connect with your inner child. Embrace the little you that exists within you. Ask them what they would like. Create a safe space for them to fully express themselves in all their divine innocence and wonder. Acknowledge them, and integrate them into your daily experiences. Give yourself every single thing you could imagine would nurture and encourage a child to grow into their fullest, most confident and happy expression of self. It is safe to be now, Dear Ones. You are still creating and driving the shift, just in different ways

Energy Report Update ~ Downloads Through The Crown & Third Eye Chakras

Major downloads came in last night through the Crown and Third Eye chakras during “Twilight Rest.” There was no REM sleep last night for me- zero! What amazing visions I received! It makes my heart feel great! These all revolved around “Star Children,” and I was shown how they are touching everyone on this planet now. This is the second night in a row that these visions of New Earth children have shown me in visions so much!

Saul ~ You All Have a Very Important Divine Purpose

As you wait confidently for humanity’s Grand Awakening, continue to hold your Light on high, and continue to hold firmly to your intent to be only loving whatever arises. Doing this is very powerful indeed because your intent combines with similar intentions held by others resulting in an exponential increase in the intensity of the field of Love in which humanity is firmly held, even while choosing to remain asleep within the illusion. It is the Light and the Love from you, the Light bearers and Light workers, seeping steadily and constantly into people’s awareness that is nudging them toward their moment of awakening.

Archangel Michael ~ Embody Your Awakened Self

Have you been noticing the waves of light, new activations and high vibrational energies that continue to stream in? Continually increasing in strength, vibrancy, and frequency? Today, I’m so excited to share with you today something to support you in expanding your awakened heart light. Gently and effortlessly raising your vibration… And actually, increasing the light you can carry and comprehend in this moment now… These light codes… The Divine frequency and solar cosmic light meet you where you are right here and now. And when you allow the light in, it serves in activating you to an entirely new level by increasing the level of light you can carry. This supports you in expanding your level of awareness so you can more effortlessly embody the light of your solar crystalline awakened self… Standing in your Divine truth, embodying your true Divine nature.

Federation of Light Update ~ The Power to Manifest Has Never Been Stronger

The power to manifest has never been stronger or more powerful than now. However, given that our ‘Higher Self’ is presumably in charge, no matter what, then is it not true that as much as we consciously try and manifest (eg, trying to create a new job, attract more money, find a partner etc.), if any of these ‘wishes’ are not in alignment (at this time) with our ‘Higher Purpose’, as controlled by our ‘Higher Self’, then none of these manifestations will come to pass, no matter how powerfully or passionately we try to create them

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Traumas Create the New Earth

The energy that has been summoned as a result of all of that trauma is now being downloaded and is being utilized to create the new Earth in the new fifth-dimensional universe. You have all done this together. Sometimes you had to team up so that one of you could play the victim and the other could play the perpetrator. And then you would both die and switch roles, and you called it karma. But the effect of all of that trauma has been tremendously positive, and what you are downloading now is the energy you have summoned, the energy that is so fresh and new

Action Inspired ~ Find The True Voice of the Heart

The heart speaks powerful Love. Love itself is unconditional in nature, it is the human realm that has conditions. These conditions are valuable and provide the necessary experiences to progress into unconditionality. To find the true voice of the heart, of Love, one must listen within and listen with compassion for the self. Love must be discovered, for it is the quiet opportunity amidst louder options. Pain in your physical body is ‘louder’ than ease. It is the same with your heart (emotional body in this sense), it will cry out in fear much louder than it will whisper, “All is Well.” In this way, you see that it takes great courage to find the quiet whisper of Loving opportunity. Yet it is the path to empowerment.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mother Mary ~ Preparations for Building The New Earth

There is much happening on our Earth even if it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Preparations for building up the new Earth have already started. Do not fill your hearts with doubts, but fill them with song and joy. See beyond your egos and understand that a new and beautiful world is at the doorstep. It is a dance taking place on Earth now – a dance to the light. The light beams down on Earth and your souls want to dance in this splendid light. Let it do so, you dear children on Earth. Let your souls dance in the light and feel the love and joy there. It is then that you understand where you are heading and which path you should follow. Follow the heart dear children on Earth – follow your heart and you will notice that you soon can walk with light and bouncing steps.

This Message is Speaking About The Moments We Are In Now

At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly, rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the earth’s gravitational field will be affected in some way. There will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical precedent, though it does have antecedents in the prehistoric events of this and of distant worlds. We are rapidly dispelling what remains of human illusion, helping all to identify with the growing currents, the energies and the forces of love and life. You are already living in the dawning of the age of Planetary Awakening, the age of peace and community building. It is here now for the most sensitive to its fragrance, texture, majesty, and vision. The age has begun when the earth is to be cultivated like a flower garden and her gifts presented as conscious offerings to the gardeners of eternal beauty, the age when humankind return its gifts to the earth, to her soil, her streams, her mountains, her oceans, her creatures of water, air, fire, and clay.

Pleiadian Council of Light ~ Time to Let Go of Everything that No Longer Serves

It is time to let go of everything that no longer serves the bigger picture that you are becoming. Many of you still cling to ‘what was’, going through the trash of your day and of your life – digging up, exhuming, and examining ‘what could have been’, ‘what would have been’, “if only” you had taken a different path, made a different choice. We come to assure all of you that this emotional regret is an illusion. Stop digging through the very trash of your life, amplifying the ‘regrets’ of the past. You are being pushed and pulled into a very tight-fitting energy–that actually squeezes your humanness into new directions that are not comfortable. These are the forgotten corridors in your heart, your dreams, and what lives in your soul. The energies are making you squirm, irritable, and emotional. You are being re-sculpted into something new more enhanced than you ever thought possible.

Message to Lightworkers ~ October 13th, 2017

We note many powerful and Earth-shifting changes occurring now, not in only the atmosphere surrounding Earth, but the vibration of Earth life itself, including empowering shifts in your own individual and increasingly unified group consciousness. Some of you have been aware of the great influx of Light that reached the planet, with an initial outpouring and new Light-grid creation that occurred on October 11, over a twelve-hour span. This Light is unlike that which has reached your planet for many millions of years. This is a form of energy once only experienced in the higher realms, and felt and experienced by those of higher consciousness, for millennia. It has come to the planet now not only due to astrological shifts and occurrences, but because human consciousness has called out with intention to experience that which you once would have once considered impossible to experience on Earth

Messages from The Angels ~ Earth is Growing, You Too

Your planet earth continues to grow dear ones, much in the same ways you do. She stretches her awareness into greater love. She shakes and erupts to release dense and stuck energies. She, like you, wishes to allow love to flow through every pore and vein of her celestial body, but like you sometimes movement, growth, and change are necessary. She loves you very much. She never wants to hurt you. She warns you before disasters and attempts to create peaceful movements. Nonetheless, she is subject to the collective consciousness. You, the human race are cells on the body of this earth. Your energy is within hers and her energy is within you. When the collective consciousness has harbored pent up energy for too long, she must release it for you. When she is about to erupt, you may feel as if you are as well

The Council ~ Create a World of Peace

You are painfully aware, in some locations, that there is quite a bit of almost chaotic activity around you. There are also surprising occurrences in many of your personal lives. Some of what is happening to and around you is very welcome. Some of it is not. What we wish to point out to all today is that all of these events, as trying as they are, are bringing about a massive growth in the compassion and the understanding of deep connection that all of you have for and with one another. We also wish to bring to your awareness that there are still greater shocks just behind the curtains, waiting to be released. And the compassion and connectedness will certainly help you, as a civilization, to deal with what must come. New buildings cannot stand in places where old buildings still exist. Cakes do not contain whole eggs. If you wish to live in a changed world, then it must change. And almost all of you have asked, at least once, for the changes to accelerate. Actually, they are not so much accelerating as they are coming to a head.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Be Yourself

It is the perfect time for you to express yourself as you know yourself to truly be. What the world needs now more than anything else is authentic human beings. You need more examples of your genuine nature to inspire others and to give others the opportunity to see themselves. You see, when you are true to yourself, you are more good to your fellow humans than when you pretend to be what you think you are supposed to be. To be awakened and enlightened means to be accepting of all parts of yourself. It does not mean that you have to do everything that you think a spiritual and awakened person does. So let yourself off the hook. Be kind to yourself, and honor the moment, because that is the version of you that will be of most service to others who need permission to be themselves as well

Spiritual Rebirth of The Divine Self

I’ve been waiting awhile for Jupiter to enter Scorpio and the subsequent destruction of the Archon agenda. When Jupiter moves thru Scorpio it initiates a powerful death- rebirth cycle, a spiritual transformation that activates new levels of enlightenment. We are entering an era of purification, as intense Light reveals hidden evil and corrupted power. Jupiter in Scorpio flushes this dark behavior out in the open, so that humanity may evolve into more loving, respectful interactions with each other. During the 10-10-10 Stargate on October 10th, Jupiter shifted into Scorpio territory for 13 months…setting off a new ‘1’ trajectory into the rebirth cycle. The Resurrection Codes are activating within the frequency bundles dormant in the multi-dimensional DNA

The Essence of Your Soul is All Powerful

The essence of your soul is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-magnificent, and all-creative. Nowhere in your inner being is there a lack of anything. You deserve everything that will allow you to experience the chosen lessons of your life – if you allow yourself to accept that as a fact. Whenever you start to think that you are not worthy, stop and ask yourself why you think that. Your unconscious will bring to light the origin of such thoughts. You will then be able to face them and see that they do not apply to the person you are today. If you believe they apply to you, then you create a world where you cannot escape them. Once you have gotten to the point of knowing you can deal with anything that comes your way, you will then be able to understand the positive/negative energy that creates the love/hate dichotomy. Souls possess the freedom of choice to determine how they deal with their lessons.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Crystal Kingdom ~ Gaia & Humanity Needs Your Stable Grounding and Loving Light

Dear hearts, we want to remind you that we are here and we are more than eager to assist thee in your missions of clearing and purging the outdated 3D energies and simultaneously to work with you in anchoring the light and in manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven on Nova Earth. You see, you have all the support and tools needed from the higher realm to keep yourselves in the highest vibrations that you can hold on a continuous and constant base. Your loved ones and the entire human collective, our beloved Gaia, needs your stable grounding and loving power to light up this dense world of duality

Archeia Amethyst ~ Ascension Now, Transformation with Gentleness

Ascension at this time is powerful and constantly increasing in acceleration with numerous diverse energies and light frequencies continuing to download into the Earth. Humanity and Mother Earth are constantly awakening, moving through numerous layers and levels of inner energy, seeing the truth of the Creator within so it may be brought to the surface. The constant inner transformation can be tiring, strenuous and demanding on your mind, emotions and physical body. While there are many beings assisting and numerous light frequencies anchoring to support the impact of your inner unfolding, I, Archeia Amethyst wish to share my consciousness to further assist the matter.

Current Insights for Inner Transformation

Today we see the Goddess, or Divine Feminine, has come to life. The old forms of masculine dominance has been in each of us as we used it for protection and survival. Many women have embraced that form and they have become hard… and maybe that served them at one time. However, with this brand new gift of Feminine quality arising to heal our planet, that style serves no one. The times we are in derive from the true source of love. With that comes the recognition to revisit our past and change it from our hearts. Did you know that this is truly the quantum effect we’ve been waiting for?? With surrender comes softness. When a woman is having a baby, they must relax into the contraction as much as possible to allow the dilation to occur

Energy Update ~ Integrate and Expand in Balance

We are progressing at what seems like a rapid pace, nowadays. As change is the order of each and every day, more and more. Since we are increasing in frequency and illumination, our bodies are in a seeming continual state of flux. We are at a state of continually integrating all that we have experienced and learned through our divine energies. And as this is through integration, we must become more and more aware of the reality of the experiences that we’ve had. Let us keep in the flow, of this divine energy that is being brought forth. As more of our DNA is activated, and we call forth as much light as is necessary into all of our lower-bodies. The mental, emotional, physical, astral and etheric. All the way through our molecular, cellular and DNA level of expressions. Every increasing in light, function and frequency throughout our eternal expression of here and now moments.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ You Are Creating The Shift

You have awakened within you a sense of belonging to this particular journey that you are on, and that awakening has given you the power and the strength to endure a tremendous amount of discord on planet Earth and in your personal lives. You incarnated in this lifetime to make this particular journey, and those of you who are awakened are making the journey consciously and deliberately, knowing that you are creating an entirely new Earth and an entirely new universe in the fifth dimension.

Council of Overseers ~ All Dimensions INTERFACE NOW, Here on Planet Earth

These sphere of consciousness are ALL consciously ACCESSED when you live through your Higher God Self ~ Union. That is ~ with no awareness of SEPARATION. You exist in that state now ~ not consciously in your vibrating form of light that you perceive as solid. The Process of Ascension with the YOU as your conscious awareness now with your Original Light which aligns you with all the dimensions you exist in and AS ~ with the merging and Union within the consciousness that inhabits your form. 3rd Dimensions as seemingly that most separated aspect of self, Yet also coexisting in the higher NOW. Many Beings now are interfacing with all dimensions Now on Earth. It is the process of FuLL Union of no SEPARATION that is the Ascension you are going through now. At the higher levels there is no separation.

Service to Others and Service to Earth

Humanity forgot that protection of Earth is prime. Service to Earth is new to many, in fact, unknown till NOW. We came to Earth to raise the consciousness of Gaia (Earth) with humanity and all living beings as passengers on Her. In effect we raise one and bring along humanity with Her. Those who embraced darkness at third dimension living go to a similar low frequency planet, a look alike of earth in their eyes and senses. Awaken and realize how wonderful to live on a real Paradise Earth. Humans who love to save the planet & nature; planting trees, cleaning our surroundings and generally ‘save Earth from wanton destruction’-serve others will be raised with the planet. You provide humans with a beautiful habitat, a place of abundance.

Be a Steward of Love

You have chosen to be a steward of great importance. What it is you are here to usher into consciousness is yours to bequeath and ours to behold. This stewardship starts off personal and evolves into the galactic. It can’t help but to do so if you follow its natural and arising course. This stewardship is one that is self-proclaiming and love-directed. You are the captain of your ship first and foremost. Take care of You. Feel those inner parts of your titanic heart. Connect with them and bring them aboard your UPward coarse. As each one begins to trust the Divine Heart within you, they can begin to shed the layers of the shroud that had them as good as dead. Transform that shroud to a cocoon and let the process of healing take root