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Monday, August 13, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Join Us LIVE Daily! EXPLOSIVE ENERGIES!


Message from St. Germain ~ Auspicious Portal Opening

Greetings To The Gods and Goddess’s of the Highest Light and Love, I Honor each and every one of you who are stepping forth unto this Auspicious Portal Opening of the Lions Gate! Dreams of Love Are Coming True~Your Love, is Lighting up the Atmosphere and the skies. Your Earth Mother~ MotherGod, Your Mother of Creation has Prepared You very well for the next energetic events which are coming and for this very portal into your heart you are moving into.

Hanging Onto Your 3D Comforts ~ Let GO

Many of you are questioning the validity of our assertion a few days ago that you merely need to walk through the door when you are ready, and you will be in joy. Such is so for your life has not yet expressed itself in sparkling joy. In truth, your life may feel cumbersome, even painful. Let go. If you feel as described, you are hanging onto your 3D comforts or knowingness with your fingernails – afraid to let go and yet not able to climb back into 3D. You are in a void of beingness. Let go.

Solar Eclipse Update ~ The Degree of Christ Consciousness

The major event connected with this eclipse is the fact that the sun and moon are both on 18 degrees Leo. This is the degree of Christ Consciousness. This is the time we have been waiting for and it has taken us 19 years to reach this point. Let’s take advantage of this degree and open our hearts and let love flow through us. We just walked through the Lion’s Gate and who knows what is now ahead of us. We have entered the unknown. It’s like turning to a different station on the TV. We have been watching one station for a long time and all of a sudden we change stations. The frequency of the higher reality is heart centered energy. It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you manifest heart energy.

Elthor the Dragon & the Dragon Collective ~ Expanding, Growing, Changing, Evolving

Daily you are expanding, growing, changing, evolving. We dragons see this with delight as we look on you fondly with our golden wise eyes that see all things. We dragons cannot be fooled. So too will you no longer be fooled, you who see with your opening third eye with the rising of the energy tides, for this is possible now. Seeing with your heart is possible now. All things good and mighty and wise are returning to the earth plane again. For Gaia is rising, fast and furiously. You my human friends, of the warrior side, are here to balance, to bridge the energies, to hold space for the floundering ones and to be the beacons that you came here to be, and that you are already in your innate being of Source light. For we are all emanations of Source.

Archangel Gabriel ~ Your Illuminated Thoughts Are Needed Now

The gifts and blessing you send out to the world have a ten-fold return. This includes your thoughts. This is a time of new vision on the Earth. The exalted, expansive, illuminated thoughts that you have as a part of your energy body are needed right now to lift up the world. There is a part of you that knows you can bring your dreams into fruition. These dreams are an aspect of you that is receiving so much Love that it is transforming your emotional body by filling it with the Light of Infinite Intelligence. There is a transfiguration occurring throughout this month. The Light of true healing is enfolding you

Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts for Magnesium, Cardiovascular Disease and More

Do you want to protect yourself from cardiovascular diseases? Or want to enjoy the benefits of fiber? Well, there is just one ingredient that can give you all these, in addition to many other benefits. Tiger nuts are what we are talking about! Would you like to know the many benefits of tiger nuts?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ The Eclipse Game Changer!

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an update with the powerful, game changing energies of August. The energies will be affecting individuals and the collective as a whole. The best way to describe these energies is “Shock & Awe”. We wish to assist the collective in this next phase of the Divine Plan, as these energies will shake your foundations to the core, within your Being, Governments, Societies and many other linear structures. Much is being orchestrated within the Celestial Heavens, with intense Fiery energies, specifically with the Lion’s Gate, Uranus Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde, the Eclipses and more. Let us delve deeper into these energies, and what will be brought up for All to transformation, growth and expansion. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

A Message to Humanity From the Great Robin Williams

The depth that humanity has gone into a conditioning is unfathomable. There was no plan once it came in, the disease/virus. And Mother and I, Doloris and Spock came into the human conditioning each with our own part to play, which should be apparent. Mother did not know what she would be facing, but decided to take it on, on behalf of her love for ALL her atoms. It was a complete experiment to come from the highest light into the lowest of all (zero point). There was no guarantee that she would make it out of it to help everyone else. She was willing to take the chance against all odds, and all odds were stacked against her. With a 7.8 billion chance she could make it. In 2008, she did. It has been 10 years. Over a million spiritual surgeries as we experiment with a full planetary ascension. Mother is the most bravest being in ALL OF CREATION. She does more than we could ever imagine, more than one being could ever do. I’m disheartened at the distrust in your REAL GOD. Mother of All Creation.

El Morya ~ The End of EGO and Integrating into Unity Consciousness

We represent humanity, the collective and when we take it personally, it’s dumb. We are One integrating into unity consciousness, what comes to us flows through us and away from us. There is NO separation. Calling it out, bringing awareness to consciousness is necessary to transform humanity, to end the EGO programed mind. We are here to support Mother in bringing about the new paradigm, Heave on Earth=Heart, which involves your divine blueprint, truly embodying balanced harmonics and your Higher Self

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Surrender to You Divine Nature

Do you remember, Dear Brother, Sweet Sister, Of when we came to be? Can you yet conceive of, How ancient is the 'we?' Before the wind and any flowers had bloomed, In a pocket of frequency, Nothing yet in Creation, Save Her etheric womb. Dare you connect with your eternal Truth?

The Spiritual Influence of The Leo New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse

Dear Friends, the Lion kings forces are coming on to us this week! Today we are experiencing that the energy field of the Lion’s Gate is at its peak and on Saturday the zodiac sign Leo will collectively rock our world with a New Moon, appearing at 18 degrees and 41 minutes. After the last New Moon in Cancer which was already coupled with a partial solar eclipse and the massive Impact Of The Aquarius Full Moon And Total Lunar Eclipse from July, this is the third very big moon event in a row, and we better open ourselves to the forces that are streaming into our life right now. On a spiritual level this Leo New Moon is collectively inviting us to let our inner light shine and to feel the internal energy flow of this light deep within our own body and soul. Its a time to act in confidence, to be courageous, and to honor our own inner light

Partial Solar Eclipse, August 11th 2018 ~ Masculine and Feminine Energy Unified

I have always loved Eclipses whether it’s solar or lunar, it doesn’t really matter to me. I know that energy will be intense leading up to the event and through it, if only for a fleeting moment. On top of all that, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all in retrograde. As we all know, retrograde planets give us the opportunity to look back on things that have happened in the past. They highlight the karma. We’re going to get to revisit what we have done in a new way. So, we’ll keep that in thought when reviewing the aspects above. The Sun and Moon represent the masculine and feminine energy and the conjunction shows it coming together in a unified manner. It is a focused, driven, aware, intuitive combination. It represents an energy of knowing what needs to be done and being able to make that happen

The Creator Writings ~ Let It Be, Honor The Universe

Your spirituality, way of life and how you view your Earth plane existence is yours and yours alone. How you choose to honor The Universe and those within it is unique, beautiful and as individual as you. You may not agree with another person’s ideas on the subject and that is okay. Acceptance is key!

Federation of Light Update ~ Extreme Weather is All Part of the Plan

All that is taking place with your extreme weather conditions are, as we say, part of a plan … and the plan is not … of /for … one’s Highest good. The Universe does not distinguish between anything. Large or small. It simply adheres to your passions and as long as those desires are Vibrating on the correct frequency to bring them to you … anything can, especially in these days, arrive at your doorstep in a flash. Many of you are experiencing this in these Higher Frequency Energies.

8 Fascinating Uses Of Papaya Leaf Juice for Digestion, Malaria, Skin and More

Traditional medicine has used several plant parts for treating simple as well as extremely lethal human and animal diseases. Most commonly, we think of neem, holy basil, dandelion, aloe vera, and mint leaves. But recently, another leaf has been added to this list of medicinal leaves – papaya leaf. Its extract, also called papaya leaf juice, can treat parasitic fevers like dengue and works wonders for your immunity. Read on to know the ways in which papaya leaf juice is beneficial for you, how to prepare it, and other exciting details.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 08~11~18: Mother & Father Are Writing the New Story into Physical Manifestation!

Given the colossal energies BEing directed by Mother of All Creation to dissolve the Illusionary Matrix, the back bone of which is the Federal Reserve and All corrupt banking methods many of which are based in Switzerland - we're not holding Our breath for its safe passage through these times. Trump is working diligently to ensure the arrest of All cabal aberrations, and the full dissolving of their structures, in the political arena. We time-stamp everyone of Moms sneezes and releases and they match up, moment to moment with Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Fires! You cannot make this stuff up. Humanity are refusing to transform and release and so Mother Earth is doing it! Phenomenal, Wonderful!

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Knowing Your Divine Mother is the Only Way to the Light

I always knew I had a divine mother. That fact always resonated with me. Even being raised in a strict patriarchal religious society, I understood that a man could not create without a divine feminine. There is no equal to a divine mother’s love. She exhibits laughter, joy, childlike wonder, affection, forgiveness, grace, courage, endurance, self sacrifice, passion, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Humanity, I come to you today, as a member of the Galactic Federation of Light’s ground team, to ask for you to consider the divine mother that created you. She birthed every atom of existence.

LoveHasWon Testimonial ~ My Journey Home Into the Light

I fell deep into the programming for many years, struggling to find a purpose to live. I suffered from severe anxiety for almost 12 years and spent most of my adult life in deep distraction from my own emotions, numbing them in any way possible. 2016-2017 were the worst years and most transformative years I ever experienced. I was forced to face all of the buried wounds and trauma I had not dealt with, and began getting a lot of angel guidance. I was guided to search for the truth. Through much research and synchronicities, I found the Lovehaswon website. I instantly knew I had found what I was looking for. Every piece of information shared resonated with me, and I diligently read the site every day for about a year and a half before my first session.

Saul ~ You Are All Loved Beyond Measure

Your rapid movement toward awakening is unstoppable, and there are signs of it everywhere, and not just on New Age and Spiritual web sites. Enormous and important changes are happening right now all over the world, even as the media focuses on reporting conflicts, disasters, and on the marital woes of the rich and famous. Do not be distracted by these distractions. Pay attention to Love wherever you find It, and that should not be difficult because It is everywhere. It is within you! Love is Reality, everything else is distraction.

Messages from The Angels ~ Bringing Order into Chaos

There are times in your life when it seems like everything is going crazy.There are times upon your earth where you feel the same. Yet in the midst of the so-called chaos a greater order is emerging. Sometimes what is not working must be revealed to be healed. Sometimes you need an outer reflection of what has been blocking you from within. Sometimes you are simply seeing the effects of past creations, in stark contrast to what you passion now. When you feel your life has become chaotic and you don’t know how to fix it, be still. Sit. Breathe. Receive

James Gilliland ~ Lame Stream Media, Q, Fueless Energy, Natural and Energy Cures

We are moving through a veritable hit storm. Everything is surfacing, the masks are coming off and soon everything will be made known as to people’s true intentions and motives. Many have fallen and in their own self-righteous twisted way they actually be lie ve they are serving god when it is their own unhealed agenda influenced by unseen negative influences running the show. We all have to step back and look at the source of our inspiration, what is the real source fueling our words and deeds. With the planets lined up in retrograde, mars and mercury direct everything is pointing to a hot fiery August. There are spiritual fires or a major infusion of higher consciousness and energy which are bringing everything to the surface.

Health Benefits of Camu Camu for Depression, Inflammation and More

Camu camu is an emerging superfood and the new obsession of health lovers all over the world because, as I mentioned before, it has the highest recorded amount of natural vitamin C known on the planet (up to 30 times more vitamin C than oranges). Not only that, it comes with an impressive nutrition profile that helps detox your body and fights many stresses. Let’s take a look at what camu camu can do to your body and other exciting details.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 08~10~18: How to Activate Your Higher Self to Connect to Your Twin Flame

The Divine Blueprint is COMING ONLINE. Mother and Father God are here and booking Twin Flame Sessions to return to your Original Divine Blueprint is essential. These are the moments of Planetary Ascension. Many do not understand what the Ascension looks like. Some wonder if they will be taken up and off the planet. It is a physical Ascension, of the Environment, Our Bodies and the Planet. This means the Higher selves are moving down and into embodiment, through the Chakra system which must be 100% open and unblocked. As the Consciousness rises so too will the conditions on Earth. Release is essential, all of the natural disasters occurring, IS the Planet itself releasing ~ on behalf of Humanity. Everyone is contracted to be an active participant in the Planetary Ascension, doing so anchors in the Higher self and Activates the Divine Blue Print. This is the purpose of the Twin Flame Sessions and activation are guaranteed if the Guidance is followed.

LoveHasWon Astrology Update ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, The Beginning of New Earth

This eclipse includes a rare astrological formation called a Yod, or Finger of God. In essence, this formation appears as a triangle, with planets at the base all pointing to the apex. All of the energy focuses on the apex, and adds so much additional power. Neptune retrograde in Pisces and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn will be at the base of the Yod, pointing up to the Sun and Moon in Leo. Neptune represents our dreams, fantasies, spiritual connection, and transcendence. Pisces is the home sign of Neptune, so his beautiful energies are especially strong here. Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and rebirth, is stationed retrograde in Capricorn, the authoritarian who rules governments, institutions and limits. With both planets retrograde, there is an internal revolution going on. We are combining our spiritual essences with the power of transformation and tearing down the walls and limits that we have allowed to be built around humanity.

LoveHasWon Special Message from Robin Williams ~ Idiots Without a Cause

Mother of All Creation is Bringing in New Earth energies, this is happening through Our physical vessels, this is Higher Consciousness. Lower Consciousness frequencies must be released, you either Trust God is here and has the way or your Screwed. All have a Divine Contract, whether this is to establish and found the Crystal schools, to be architects of the Crystal Cities, whether you are Flagship, or Star ship Commanders. How are you going to Fulfill your Contracts if you haven't even checked in with your Divine Director, Your Mother, Your Creator?

The Divine Mother ~ The Ups and Downs of the Soul Journey

I love you my precious children on earth. In this environment, the density sometimes gets my children. I have seen quite often that when the energy gets intense, my children tend to give up the effort and hide as if in hiding, the energy will leave you alone. That is not the case dear ones, the energy nevertheless will continue to work on you. If you face the energy bravely, you may find your days are somehow easier. Otherwise, you may feel like you get a double dose. The energy is going to continue engulfing the planet

Mike Quinsey ~ You Are No Longer Bound to the Old Energies

You have so much to look forward to and we have given you ample indication with a picture of where you are heading. Time and time again we have informed you that the old energy is dead and you are no longer bound by its dictates, and have relative freedom to choose your own path to Ascension. It therefore follows that matters develop according to the activities taking place on Earth, although encouragement is given to keep you pointed in the right direction. Out of the apparent chaos and uncertainty that presently exists, there are changes taking place to create a basis for a new way of looking at things with a view to achieving permanent peace on Earth. You cannot achieve total peace overnight as there was and still is much that needs uplifting. Be assured however, that although it has been difficult to dislodge the dark Ones and their minions, good progress is being made

Partial Solar Eclipse, August 2018 ~ Creativity Balanced with Collective Service

The Partial Solar Eclipse on the 11th August takes place in Leo and it has strong energetic connections to the annual Lion’s Gate opening and the rising of Sirius. The Sphinx is a representation of a sacred astrological axis of the Lion Leo and the Human Aquarius. This theme of individual creativity balanced with Collective service has been an unfolding theme for the past few years with many of the eclipses falling on this axis. The eclipse is conjunct Pallas Athena and Mercury suggesting that confident communication and assertiveness is important right now. We have seen another wave of strong women rising

Thursday, August 9, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message from St Germain ~ Rising into Unity Consciousness

Mother Gaia is here on Earth and is Ascending the Planet into Unity Consciousness. However, do not think that this means you are not responsible for your own Ascension. Mother is raising the energetic frequencies of the Earth to that of Heaven Consciousness, Mother is not raising the frequencies of the HUman BEings on Earth to Heaven Consciousness, the Free Will nature of the Planet prohibits that and Mother is bound by, and always in honor of, Universal Law. This is a miraculous occurrence, one that you and All of Creation has been working towards for Billions of Years. The FULL return to Love Everywhere Present, in All of Creation, for Earth is the final Planet to Ascend lower Consciousness.

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Testimonial, Take the Leap!

I came across LoveHasWon randomly by clicking on one of their articles off of Google. After that I began checking the website multiple times a day because they were the only ones giving consistent accurate updates about what was going on. Until that point, I didn’t know God was incarnated in a physical body on the planet. I decided to book a session after watching the livestream every day. My session with Faith was amazing, it was back in February the day of the partial solar eclipse. The next day I lost my job for no reason, but I knew there was a bigger meaning behind it. I booked another session and Faith told me I was soul contracted to be out with the team within a week. I bought my plane ticket and I have been here ever since.

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ We Have the Capacity to Manifest Anything

We have the capacity to manifest instantly, we are here to realize Our Truth as Divine Co-Creators. When in the Present Moment of Now, embodying Divine Frequency any thought and intention instantly becomes so. This is the Highest timeline reality. We live in this space in the Unified Field, two of us will throw out the idea of getting a second fridge and then 2 minutes later a third team member will walk in the room and ask if we need a second fridge as their friend has one. We will All crack up laughing, living in absolute bliss and sync with Our Highest timeline reality.

Energy Update ~ Final Eclipse and Unity in the Intensity

There is Unity in the intensity of this passage. The energies, and our Higher levels, are pushing for deep personal shifts to accommodate our true heart’s path and Ascension. If you allow it, choosing Unity and Love as your Primary focus and Primary timeline choice, the Source codes can activate, shed what does not serve, and migrate your consciousness to a brand new experience. It takes focus and trust to utilize this passage for the highest interests of all, and maintain calm in the cosmic storm. Ultimately, this is a passage to choose your true heart’s path, and align with it wholeheartedly in thought, word, and action. Aligning with the New Earth timelines can feel complex in this energy, since so much shedding, releasing, clearing, and higher choices are presenting right here, right now.

Solar Eclipse & New Moon, August 11th, 2018 ~ The Turning Point

This Powerful Solar Eclipse and New Moon on August 11th, 2018 Is in Leo at 6:57am ADT. This will be a powerful transformative influence of frequency. This Solar Eclipse supersedes the earlier Solar Eclipse on July 12th and its impact combined with the July Lunar eclipse will be felt till January 2019. Mercury Retrograde is conjunct the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, so please slow down as much as possible, go deep within and enter Harmony within. Mercury Retrograde square Jupiter encourages you again, to slow down, and enter your heart more deeply (consciously) with greater compassion and love, with yourself and with all communications.

Sananda ~ You Are Being Acclimated to These Energies

You, those of you that have awakened first are preparing to awaken those who will come after. And then those who awaken will help to awaken those who come after them, and so on. For the energies as they continue to come into the planet now increasing in force more and more each and every moment each and every day. The energies are increasing, becoming more and more powerful, more and more to raise the consciousness of each and every one of you. And each and every person on the planet as well as all life forms on the planet. And those of you that have been feeling these energies, this one I speak through included, you are feeling these energies in different ways than you have ever felt them before because you are being acclimated to these energies. You are being prepared to handle these energies so that you can work with them; and even more importantly help others work with them after.

Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse, August 2018 ~ Balance and Oneness

The final eclipse arrives on Saturday, August 11th as a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18° Leo. This Eclipse falls on the 11th day during an ‘11’ year of Mastery, creating an 11:11 gateway of balance and Oneness. It will be a partial Solar Eclipse that also aligns exactly 19 years after the great eclipse of August 11th 1999. The cosmic wheel of fortune slowly turns into position, clicking into gear with divine destiny. his magical Solar Eclipse amplifies the Leo New Moon and offers victory and success to those with focus, intent and perseverance.

List of 30 Herbs and Their Uses

Herbs are a great way to purify your body. In ancient times, these herbs are used to improve overall wellbeing. And even in current times, health experts favor herb due to their excellent health benefits, several medicinal and culinary uses. The healing powers of the herbs are effective to treat common cold whereas other compounds are necessary for detoxification. You should consume parsley, peppermint, and sage to obtain the following minerals and electrolytes

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The 8~8 Lion’s Gate ~ The Hidden Doorway

The 8~8 Lion’s Gate ~ The Hidden Doorway: Certainly this celestial lineup of events has its challenges…like unreasonable exhaustion or chronic fatigue for example…but all this inwardly directed life force at one time is serving to recalibrate us to the new Template, to realize a whole new (ancient) body program born of our divine (M-F) union. The final two eclipses (in the trinity) will propel this process even further as we continue to complete the embodiment of the divine trinity within. To make that a reality we are also entering (by way of the Lion’s Gate) a secret passageway never before accessed by humanity…more on that below ⇊…in which those prepared will gain access to some important new codes needed to live the light-body experience in form, and all in preparation for greater/higher level Service.

The 11~11 Solar ECLIPSE New Moon, August 2018 ~ New Destiny

A stunning 11:11 Solar ECLIPSE in Leo on August 11, 2018 triggers a powerful Finger of God pointing directly at the Sun and Moon! During any Solar eclipse you're letting go. Something is being eclipsed in your past, and you're starting completely NEW. This last if three consecutive eclipses is special, as it opens the 11:11 portal (August 11 at 10:58 am UT in London, 5:58 am EST in New York, 2:58 am PDT in L.A.). Your life is in a state of RENEWAL Amazingly, the planetary sacred geometry is equally as stunning. Strong mystical forces are at play… many experiences will feel destined…

Message from Chief Eaglefeather & The Ancestors ~ Great Changes of Mother Earth

Many of you hear my words, our words of ancestral affirmation and are comforted. For you know our vibration. We are the ancient voices of the past, your past. We see with wise eyes. We see through the smoke, through the illusion and dross, and we see the current suffering and pain resulting of the delivery of New Earth. She is in labor now with these great changes of vibration and coding. Send comfort to the Mother. Send your healing light and love. And you will restore her, rebalance her and in this process you too will be restored. For humanity is one with the Mother. Humanity is a part of her. For as we live on her we must honor her and in so doing we find our own inner voice, inner balance. For all must be in balance for the mother and her kingdoms to thrive

New Moon Eclipse in Leo, August 2018 ~ The Big Deal

The August 11th New Moon eclipse in Leo (18 deg, 5:57 AM EDT) is a doozy. It's the focal point of a Yod, which means "challenges." The Sun and Moon conjoin in Leo , which is a new beginning that features pride, power and attention. The Big Deal. The Sun/Moon conjoin Pallas, so we include strategies, and Mercury Rx, so we also include a clarification of what the Mercury Rx cycle (reviews, delays) has been about. The Sun conjoins Mercury Rx on August 8th, which is the midpoint of the Mercury Rx cycle and (hopefully) the ray of illumination that lets you know why everything has been happening. Mercury Rx can be a person from your past or a messenger who drops some dramatic info. This will all be part of the eclipse.

Love Is Not A Result ~ It is Being Your Ascended God Self

Many Envision an idea of when One is Ascended or Being Their God Self, they will have all the things that they now want. The thing about that is ~ when we are in our God State ~ we live aware of the energy that FLOWS through us ~ as our Being and we have gone through the process of letting go of our previous external demands from life. That doesn’t mean we do not get what we want now, it means all attachments are gone to WHAT THE results will be. These are initiations, after all. What are you holding on to? What concepts and beliefs are you not WILLING to let go of? The areas of life that you are not willing to let go of, may feel like the painful areas of life. That is because of the associated attachments to the will itself.