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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mother Mary ~ Urgent Call For Action

Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that all the light workers who are currently on the planet need to pitch in. We are having a last minute push right now, and your attention and effort is needed. You may ask what it is so urgent, I would say yes, dear heart, we are at a place where we need to push harder so that we can overcome the inertia, get things going. In order for the Divine plan to be fulfilled, we do need, right now, at this moment, our light workers to work together so that we can move out of the current situation

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Best Tool for Ascension You’ll Ever Need

Recently, Archeia Faith did a ascension assessment percentage check, providing all my ego mind embodiments. She was checking to see how much density is left in my vibration. She was asking her guides and angels for a number. She gave me a reading on how much unworthiness, lack of self love, white cultural programming and many other programmings, conditionings and traits you may have been implanted with throughout your journey. Faith will give an explanation of what that specific programming is. Doing readings like this can give you a break down of where the density is in your vibration

Twin Soul Energy Report ~ 5.5 Portal, The Most Intense Energetic Portal

Dear ones we are entering a timeline now of profound alignment with the 5th dimensional Christ consciousness diamond light grid, that is currently interfacing within this current dimensional reality. Please know that the more and more individuals who individually experience that which is known as the “inner event” the faster the collective consciousness aligns with the huge Collective tsunami of cosmic light particles, or that which is known as the “outward event” Beloveds please know that “The Event” is an inner and outer phenomena and it is this which marks it stupendous. Mother Earth stands now with the attention of the entire Galaxy and universe and beyond

Energy Update ~ Incoming Energy Wave Happening Now

We have a HUGE INCOMING WAVE of energy coming in right now! I felt it start to come on and felt some of the familiar feelings of all of the past waves. Since I feel every wave that comes into Mother Earth, I know when one has arrived. With this one the feeling is: Foggy Brain, Intense Ear Ringing, Nausea, Feeling Like Walking IN Two Worlds At Once

The Divine Plan ~ Mother’s Massive Heart Opening

You all love your signs and you pray and you beg and you plead for signs. And you are most certainly being given tangible signs. Now let me suggest to you, as your Mother, that the solar eclipse, all of these gateways – which I am very fond of, by the way – are reflections. A solar eclipse does not create a heart opening. It is a symbol of the heart opening. So the heart opening is already underway

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Your Memories

You do not need to be a product of your past or your memories. You are not doomed to repeat them. You do not need to be haunted by them. You do not need to give them any power over you, unless it somehow serves you to do so. We invite you to have a new and different relationship with your past, with your memories. We ultimately want for you to experience the now moment that you are living fully and completely

Health Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea For the Heart, Cysts, Liver, and More

A lot of people drink lemon ginger tea every morning to refresh themselves. But did you know that this tea does more than just rejuvenate you? Not only is it super easy to prepare, but it also gives you an array of health benefits – like curing nausea, headache, and the common cold. In this article, we have listed some amazing ways drinking lemon ginger tea can benefit you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Awakened & Ascending

You were also told in those lifetimes that you were in control of your own destiny. All you had to do was follow these rules, worship this being, ask for forgiveness, or some other combination of things, and poof! You would arrive in heaven upon your death. What’s the difference? Well, an awakened being knows that he or she is the Source, the Being that created it all, including your journey. You know that you existed prior to this incarnation and that you are eternal beings. You know that you will never stop ascending, and yet you also understand the significance of this particular shift

The Creator Writings ~ Hope, Faith and Unconditional Love

Dearest one…do not give up on hope, faith and Unconditional Love. Do not give up on trust, belief and knowing there is a better tomorrow. The current world you live in may have you believing that those things do not exist anymore, that they are in shreds floating in harsh breeze waiting for their last thread to break so they can float away from your grasping hands.

Embody the Light of the Divine Being You Are

Breathe and allow your heart to open, for this heart opening remains the key for you to truly experience all that you are. To enter inward through your heart center, drawing upon the great bank and reserve of all that you have been, of all that you will be, of all that is known and all that is unknown, tuning into your power within the infinite, the power within the greater all, and your direct connection with everyone and everything, with All That Is, with God, Source, Light, and Life. Through your being and through your awareness you are the container for all of this. Through your heart level of awareness you empower this greater presence and Divine embodiment to shine through you.

Original Light ~ The Accessing Point, Your Heart

Travelling throughout the dimensions in no time, we access all pasts and future worlds. All Was created and is unfolding instantaneously. That is; unfolding faster than the speed of Light. As it is all now taking place at the zero point field. The accessing point, your Heart centered focus, is the seed force, through which your higher self and cosmic self, surrounds and communicates through. This is a frequency device of Light, the eternal spark of your infinite flame of awareness, connected to all the dimensions of YOU through your Original Light.

Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus) For Thyroid, Digestion, Bones and More

The most important benefit of poppy seeds is the prevention of heart disease. The seeds contain linoleic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid required for heart health. Please note that excess of omega-6 fatty acids can harm your health. Hence, balance is key. And the iron and phosphorus in the seeds maintain bone health. The two minerals are essential for maintaining the bones and muscles. Poppy seeds also contain calcium and magnesium that regulate brain activity and aid in the development of neurons. The seeds can also treat sleeplessness.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Special Message from Archangel Michael & Archeia Faith ~ Lessons, Blessings and Universal Law

Greetings Dear Ones, I come to assist the collective with information on the current energies and what has been occurring with the Lightworker community. Many have gone through intense growth or spiraling downward. These energies are bringing up imbalances within family, friends and relationships…. In Totality, all that doesn’t resonate with your soul… with love. The energies are providing an immense opportunity for transformation provided by the Celestial bodies, to allow the anchoring of higher consciousness… your soul into Physical Manifestation. Let us delve deeper into these energies to assist the collective in rising above turmoil and unconsciousness. As always Dear Ones, Awareness transforms into consciousness.

The Arcturian Collective & Star Family ~ Rapid Changes Heading Your Way

We come today to discuss the rapid changes that are heading your way and in some cases are already here on precious Gaia, and are changing you from deep within. For old time beliefs no longer ring true, do they not? And things that once brought you fear are now more of a neutral observance of detachment, yes? We see this as progress, improvement, for as you are less attached to this physical reality and become more of an observer in a movie around you, you can more objectively send tremendous love and amounts of violet fire to any and all situations

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Lifestream of No Limitations

It is a wondrous feeling to be in a place of enlightened perspective. All of a sudden you look at your world with new eyes. Your attitude is one of love and compassion, and you become more forgiving of situations that normally would have upset you. This is the grace available to you from the Divine Source. It is always available to you and exists as a stream of heightened energy frequency, or Pure Consciousness. How do you reach this heightened state of awareness? Through prayer and communion with your Higher Self, by connecting to the loving Source of all that is, and by breaking free of the bonds which limit your thoughts and conscious awareness of life.

Mother Gaia ~ Ascending Earth into Unity Consciousness, Your Birthright is Love

I AM Gaia. Welcome my children of light. Years ago you have told me to not extinguish my flame and you have asked me to continue on with my ascension and my return home to original form and to the place of Love, to the embodiment of Love that I have always been. And I invite you to do this with me; it is a family adventure, it is a family undertaking, it is something we are conjoined to do and have been conjoined to do in deep promise, in sacred contract for eons. Your birthright is Love, your contract is creation, your role is co-creation…it is a time for throwing away outmoded concepts that you held, not only about your sweet selves but about your collective as well…

The Creator Writings ~ Listen With An Open Heart

As challenging as it may be, keep your heart open! Many things will ‘come at you’, testing your strength and fortitude, but keep your heart open. Some may betray the love you give but, please, keep your heart open! It is the receiver of the voice of The Universe, your direct connection to The Divine

Universal Call to Service and Action

All limitations are transformed in this expanded version of reality. Do you have the courage to quantum leap into this fluid point of possibility and swim with the big fish in the sea of the collective dream field? Your vessel of eternal self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts, you are an instrument of light that is being fine-tuned. This year is about increasing in light and value. its numerical value holds an inspirational call, clarion of nature, beckoning the guardians of humanity. A universal call to service and action in every walk of life. Understanding the constant choice of dark and light, continuing to choose light.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Divine Mother ~ Earth Day, Mother Earth and Ascension

Souls celebrate Mother Earth and all that she can provide for humanity. But in doing so, humanity tends to forget that energetically it is Gaia that needs your help. She is the Mother Earth. She is the Mother Earth spirit, and she is the one who really needs your attention and love. Love her unconditionally, just like you love Mother Earth. Yes, Mother Earth is tangible and provides. But without Gaia, there wouldn’t be Mother Earth. Gaia is the spirit of Mother Earth and all that are on Mother Earth. Gaia is the higher being and Gaia is the incarnation of the Divine Mother, Mother of all creation.

The Arcturian Group ~ All of Creation is Available to Everyone at All Times

Learn to live simply, staying in the now moment and being true to the prompting’s of your heart. Allow yourselves to be guided from a place of love regardless of what may present itself as you go about your day, for love is the only power and the only reality regardless of any outer appearances. Guides, angels, masters, and teachers are available to everyone at all times. Some of you may feel that your guide has abandoned you or believe that you do not have a guide because you do not hear specific directions when you ask. Everyone has personal guides throughout their earthly lifetime. Guides change as new levels of awareness evolve, but you are never without a guide.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Your Light Bodies

You have transitioned yourselves so much already that you are not even the same beings that you were just a few years ago. You have come so far and evolved so much, and you are ready now, as a result of that evolution, to be allowed access to the light bodies that are within you, that are occupying the same space as your physical ones. Here is what you can do with your light bodies.

Horoscopes for April 22nd – 29th, 2018 ~ Partnerships and Inner Healing

Venus makes a harmonious sextile with Chiron in Aries (on April 24th). Juno (partnership agreements) enters Aries on April 28th and conjoins Chiron on April 29th, suggesting new (Aries) partnership issues that trigger wounds. There may be pain/insecurity about fidelity, freedom or assertiveness, and how the written/unwritten understanding between two people encompasses this. A new partnership can also trigger healing, but the painful stuff will have to be confronted, first. Although Venus will be moving away from Chiron when Juno joins the party, I’ve interpreted the sextile to include Juno. So we have Venus in Gemini to the rescue - wit, charm and a light touch can smooth any rough edges, and assuage hurt feelings. This is not about making a mockery of the situation, but there will be a benefit to adaptation- staying open to more than one option and shifting your approach to maintain harmony.

I Love, Therefore, I AM

The inner tsunami of love that is released some time after a heart opening is like a spiritual wall of water, a torrent of love that sweeps away every concern and fulfills every wish. One could say that a heart opening is like a cosmic orgasm. Orgasm itself is a brief moment of higher-dimensional love (and bliss). Combine everything good you’ve ever had in your life and that’s the quality of higher-dimensional, open-hearted love. It’s entirely satisfying. We want nothing else but more of it. The inner tsunami washes us free from all impurities, obfuscations, issues – whatever you want to call them – the chains we drag along behind ourselves. We have this to look forward to in “the Event” or “the planetary heart opening.

5 Strangely Beneficial Ways to Use Your Eggshells

Everyone knows that eggs are healthy for them. After years of misguided public health propaganda about dangerously high cholesterol content, the world has woken up to the simple fact that eggs are one of the cheapest, healthiest, and most bioavailable protein sources you can eat. But while yolks and egg whites are having a good run at the moment, many people remain unaware of the many uses for the trickiest part of the egg to deal with: the shell. In this article we will shed some light on the beneficial uses for this overlooked part of one of the world’s most popular foods.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Archangel Gabriel ~ Heaven, Christ Consciousness, IS HERE ON EARTH

Archangel Gabriel ~ Heaven, Christ Consciousness, IS HERE ON EARTH : This experience of True Reality, enjoyed alongside GOD, is available to all of humanity. This experience is the full resurrection of the soul into the body. God extends the potential to everyone, THE ASCENSION, yet it is a personal choice whether to embrace it, God is here and offering the highest of blessings – Heaven, Christ Consciousness, IS HERE ON EARTH and available to you now. Heaven is on Earth, this is the auric space of Mother and Father God, within this space NO LOW FREQUENCIES OR VIBRATIONS CAN EXIST.

Crystal Light Body Energy Update ~ Blissful Feelings of Connecting to 5D For 3 Days

The last 3 days we have been receiving VERY high energy coming in to transmute our bodies into crystalline and transform our DNA in order to move up to the higher realms of Light. This manifests as a BLISSFUL feeling of Love and Connectedness with ALL THAT IS. These Blissful feelings of LIGHT have been coming in for a few years now and I always report on them when they do arrive. Along with this has been the aspect of going into NO TIME

Mother Mary ~ Divine’s Decision on Ascension and The Latest War

Divine has decreed that the current situation on the planet requires all of our attention. We have just been through a tough patch lately, and now we have arrived at a place where we need to pick up the pieces and keep going. In other words, planetary ascension reached a rocky path recently. Divine had to reevaluate the situation and came to a conclusion that even though things got out of hands from time to time, the bottom line is that Gaia is at a better place and humanity has awakened en masse. So, after the evaluation, Divine has decided to change the rules

Message to Lightworkers ~ April 20th, 2018

Earth’s energies have reached what might be called a critical mass moment, in which that which was successfully hidden for so long is increasingly no longer hidden: the presence of those you call “galactics” (though you are one of them, as you also live in a galaxy). There is also a growing belief amongst millions of people now, that each person creates their own destiny, their own life experience, and their understanding of that life experience. Haven’t we been subjected to mind control and other forms of manipulation, over hundreds of Earth lives? you may ask. Most assuredly you have, yet the effects of such are paling now in comparison to your growing sense of inner freedom

Federation of Light Update ~ After THE EVENT, Life Will Not Be The Same

THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AND IT IS DRAWING EVER CLOSER. It is part of the Divine plan and destined to move your Planet into the positioning, for it to continue on its guided path of Light, back into her Higher Vibration of self. WITH YOUR HELP. After THE EVENT … life will not be the same. For one’s perspective … of/upon … LIFE … will have changed. You know now … that you are pure LOVE. Yet, within the density of your Planet’s Energies, it appears to be very difficult to keep on top of this knowledge. Yet, AFTER THE EVENT the Energies ‘en masse’ will have changed and transformed to such a degree, that much of that which one once knew, will indeed be of the past … in the ‘old world’ … would we say.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ You Are Significant

You have the power within you to give yourself that which you wish. It is quite simple, really. This power that within each and every one of you gets activated when you give up the sense of insignificance that has been placed upon you by others. You all are Source Energy Beings, but that is not what you emphasize about yourselves. You tend to emphasize where you went to school, what you do for a living, where you live now, and other assorted details about yourselves. These details have nothing to do with who you really are

Follow The Direction of Our Heart

Doorways open doorways close and you are in-between all. Burst free from the previous shackles of limitation and fly high on the spiraling winds of truth beyond thinking and time. Your eternal heart will lead you in the direction of perfect flow. Light has a need to serve to embrace to become one with. Without you the light sits alone in waiting.) Trying to follow the direction of our heart is not a job for sissies. It takes a tough dedicated spiritually strong person to do the bidding of the heart and soul. This year has been a time of metamorphosis.

Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts for the Heart, Stomach, Vision and More

Research has shown that pistachios can contribute to heart-healthy fat, thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases. Pistachios can also lower bad cholesterol, and this cuts the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 12%. Pistachios also change how your blood pressure responds to stress – and in a good way. They lower the levels of lipoproteins, which are a risk factor for heart disease (2). They also dilate your blood vessels (thanks to the amino acid, L-arginine), and this enhances blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Archeia Faith ~ Understanding The 12 Universal Laws

The Universal Law of Divine Oneness – Everything in the Universe is connected to absolutely everything else. Everything that we say, do and think effects each other, and the entire of Creation around us. The Universal Law of Vibration – Everything in the Universe MOVES, VIBRATES AND TRAVELS IN CIRCULAR PATTERNS. These same principles of vibration apply in the physical Realm, to our thoughts, words and goals as they do in the etheric. Every word, thought and feeling has its own vibration Frequency, unique unto itself.

Saturn & Pluto Retrograde, April – September 2018 ~ Growth and Transformation

Both Saturn and Pluto shift into retrograde from April to September 2018, in the earth sign of Capricorn. In astrology, Saturn and Pluto deliver us some of the toughest but most rewarding lessons, and are huge instigators of growth and transformation. Under this retrograde cycle, Saturn and Pluto will be working closely together seeing as they are both in the same zodiac sign. This ultra potent combo of planetary energy is set to bring some huge transformative shifts. While Saturn encourages us to step up and take responsibility for things, Pluto encourages us to dig deeper so we can truly understand things.

LoveHasWon Message ~ Breathe into Your Heart

Have you ever sat by a pond of still water and tossed a rock into the calmness of the water. If we could capture what just happened in slow motion. You would see concentric ripples reverberating from the point of entry. I have often sought out the still ponds and nature for meditation.Tuning in to nature helps to balance your entire body. Deep breathing into your heart.

Energy Update ~ Crossing the Crystalline Bridges, Part Three

Pure photonic light is encoded for Divine order. It synchronizes cosmic change, reorganizing our realities into Unity consciousness. It connects the dots, causing unification. We can sense the massive reorganization of OverSoul groups during this passage. Ascension has been attained on so many levels, Beloveds. Not just for Gaia herself, for multiple Oversoul groups. The trickle-down effect within the fractals is quite strong; the bliss, the loss of identity as we merge into a full embodiment of the multidimensional state of Unity. Many are unclear about they were, who they are, or who they are becoming. This is a very good thing, as it demonstrates this merge into Unity Consciousness

Master Kuthumi ~ Recognising, Upgrading and Embodying Your Soul’s Contracts

Some soul contracts were created so many civilisations ago, and yet their energy remains within your being uncompleted. In the current stage of ascension which humanity is advancing through, the energy waves anchoring are bringing to the conscious awareness of many their soul contracts. This stage of ascension has a specific purpose of allowing the individual to discover more about themselves and the journey their soul has taken to this moment. It is also an opportunity for a deep cleansing and purification of your being. Some contracts simply need to be observed in order to be completed and embodied

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Offering Your Vibration

You always give that which you are putting out to the universe, whether you recognize it or not. Whether you are aware of what you are putting out, or that you are putting it out, you are sending a signal to the universe, and that signal is sent through your vibration. Your words, your actions, and your emotions are indicators of your vibration. They are not what determines the essence of what you send out to the universe. They are examples of it. They are the evidence that you can see, hear, and put your finger on. A true master will be more concerned with what vibration he or she is putting out than what is currently happening

The Creator Writings ~ Right or Wrong

The Universe would like to point out…it is not your decision to determine what is right or wrong for another. You can only determine what is right or wrong for yourself. If you choose to put yourself in that place of judgement, you may be ignoring some very fundamental facts about your own inner processes.

14 Home Remedies to Treat Body Aches

We know how tiring and discomforting it can be. Those long hours in traffic, followed by even longer hours at the office – your body goes through a lot every day. Getting up every day becomes an ordeal, and even the slightest physical activity leaves you exhausted. But, don’t worry. It’s now time to say goodbye to those excruciating body aches. And you do not have to pop painkillers to solve this problem. We are here with a list of home remedies that will help relieve your pain naturally

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 4~19~18: Energy Backlash, Reap What You Sow

The members of the Unified Field have been engaged in whirlwind events as always! The depth of the E.G.O (Edging God Out) programmed mind and its conditioning cannot be understated. As we Ascend out of the mind, we are continuously presented with tests to consolidate Our expansion or, should we fail to embody Divine Vibration, we experience the immediate karmic backlash of choosing to embody an energetic of the E.G.O. This will be profoundly evident with Saturn in Retrograde for weeks to come. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

LoveHasWon Message ~ The Choices Which We Make

Our choices are the most important decisions we make. We have been making choices from the very beginning of our lives. We choose on a daily basis moment to moment (I like to call them the M&M’s). We make choices every minute of the day and the choices we make can make us or break us, depending on if we choose to make choices consciously or unconsciously. Conscious choices are ones fully felt through the Heart, whereas Unconscious ones are made through the mind, from a system of logic and rationale that contradicts the free flowing organic nature of Heart-based action. Our choices shape our day and eventually our whole lives

Father El Morya ~ Density of the Planet is Finally Coming to Light

As the ascension event occurs and balance harmonics is in place, the density of the planet is finally coming to light for transmutation. Mother of All Creation has taken 80% of Humanity’s density into her body, showing up on her back, legs, breast, shoulders, everywhere. At mission house, we have done all that we can to help her heal, and Father of All Creation is with her to assist in her healing. We are all grateful that we have him here and present. The dark is coming to the surface, and the dark is not in the Divine Plan, but Compassion, Trust, Heartfelt Honesty, Truth and Love in the Present Moment

LoveHasWon Message ~ Who Are You?

Beingness replaces inauthenticity, the needing, wanting, desiring, or manipulating that ‘thinking’ encompasses. If one cannot look within and connect with the divine, authentic relationships and connections cannot be made. We have to face the source of our own unhappiness, and be with the discomfort until it disappears, because it is all energy. All unhappiness, pain, sorrow, fear, is discordant energy that is not our natural state. It can be released before every becoming embodied. We have to step up as individualized aspects of Mother and Father, which is Balanced Harmonics of the Divine Feminine & Masculine, to ascend ourselves – we have to stop the mind and realize the divinity within… the Heart.