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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 03~31~18: Diving Into Balanced Harmonics Frequencies

Today is the 31st March 2018. It is the Super Blue Full Moon, the Second Blue Moon of the year. The Blue Moon sits in the Heavens with a Cardinal Cross pattern, a perfect representation of the Christ Consciousness that is now alive On Earth,x as it is in Heaven. This is what Christ Consciousness is – IT IS BALANCED HARMONICS FREQUENCIES, LOVE AND THE UNKNOWN, DANCING THEIR DANCE TOGETHER, LOVE AND THE UNKNOWN EVERYWHERE PRESENT. As Mother and Father of All Creation re-merge, as their essences strengthen from one another, symbiotically dictating the energies of the Collective Consciousness, All of Humanity and therefore ALL OF PLANET EARTH is transforming.

Libra Blue Full Moon, March 31st, 2018 ~ Rising From The Ashes

March 31st, 2018 at 9:36 am ADT we have the FULL BLUE Moon in Libra. For many this Full Moon may feel very blue. That is if you stay there. With ONE major frequency aspect, helping to lift you to RISE, We have Jupiter Sextile PLUTO. That planet of Transformation. REBIRTH. Jupiter Sextile Pluto will continue its impact till the end of April, 2018. SO ANY inner changes….through the sadness…pain, or whatever you are experiencing, will make way (as it always does) for your Rebirth. Painful experiences are the FUEL for rising from the Ashes. And what better time….during the RESURRECTION time, Easter. Use this Easter time as fuel for WHATEVER arises within you, to BE transformed through you. Remember, NOTHING happens to YOU. Everything is experienced THROUGH you.

The Arcturian Council ~ Tipping Point Between Awakening and Higher Consciousness

We ask warriors of light to release all last traces of fear. There is need for calm. Great swathes of negative energy are clouding the light on Gaia. As more awaken, tearing down the walls of deceit, fear is locking down their energetic systems. We see in colors and we see this energy as grey, dark and heavy. We can see density in its fabric. If these low frequencies are allowed to settle into Gaia’s vibration they will block future tidal waves of photonic light. Higher vibratory fields of light triggered by cosmic intervention. We can already see this light wave coming, as some of those on Gaia also see. The tipping point between awakening and higher consciousness is being reached by many.

Ignition of The Grail Codes of the Sacred Rose of Christ Consciousness

This really beautiful transmission that you can step into, called the Ignition of the Grail Codes of the Sacred Rose of Christ Consciousness. With the Flame of Divine Love now activated within the hearts of all awakened Souls upon this sacred earth, we are able to deepen into the embrace and love and appreciation of ourselves and others upon this sacred earth. With this, we step into a new flow and balance within our daily lives we Ignite the Grail Codes of the Sacred Rose of Christ Consciousness within our Christed Hearts, and draw to us the Overlighting of the Divine Feminine deities of Creation

Sananda ~ Resurrect Your Divine Truths and Easter Blessing

What is important is the significance of Easter and the days of Easter before and after!!! And it is indeed to be celebrated, and most particularly in this era or time of Planet Earth, most particularly during this calendar year which you know as the year of ‘One’ – a beginning, because it is for the Resurrection for all of you who choose to return to the Light of Love! It is to bring back into your consciousness that which you already know in your Higher Selves, but which because of the veil and the missions that you have carried out in the name of accomplishing this great return, or Resurrection, your memories have been dimmed until now.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Feel the Shift

This is a complete game-changer, and so of course it is challenging. You wouldn’t want it any other way. You wouldn’t experience what a big difference the fifth dimension will be unless you first had the experiences that you are having. You wouldn’t be able to feel the enormity of the shift without the experiences of the third and fourth dimensions. Now, the key component in all of this is that you feel it.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Master Kuthumi ~ Prayer for The Inner Child

It is the inner child who often absorbs energies of suffering. Your inner child is a reflection of your childhood, of wounds carried forth from past lifetimes and represents the essence/ innocence of your soul. It is within the inner child that the truth of the Creator can be seen plainly while limitations and suffering of any form are evident as well. The inner child feels and experiences energies deeply and profoundly which means that spiritual experience can be intense while suffering can feel crippling. If negative or limiting experiences occurred in your childhood, then it is often that the inner child reacts from the age, awareness and consciousness of those limiting points even when the body is fully grown to an adult.

Energy Update ~ Crossing the Crystalline Bridges, Part One

We are experiencing major releases of plasma light pulses. Ancient codes are stepping forth for higher timelines. Unlock what you planted here for Ascension, beloveds. The Crystalline Grid is adjusting the New Earth Grids for stability; Intend flow, ease and grace. Meditate to feel the bliss, expansion and soothe the clearing activity. Focus on the heart as the energy field stimulation is very strong, especially for embodiers of the Christed frequency. The whole-body vibrations and surges will continue to amplify. Shake it til you make it!

Archangel Raphael ~ You Are All Born in Love

It is the era of love that now has arrived and the lighter it gets the faster you manifest your wishes. Your wishes need to be anchored in love. Your thoughts need to be dressed in love. Your whole being now needs to be filled with love – The love to yourself, Gaia and your fellow man. You are all born in love and you will now return to your own love in the light. You are now receiving much help from Father/Mother God and your beloved Gaia. Gaia shines from within as a sun and she embraces all kingdoms on Earth. She loves you so much and looks forward to the journey of light that you are now doing together. Gaia longs to go back home to the light and love again

The Second Blue Moon and the Rainbow Light Body

The Blue Moon on the 31st March is the second of this year and also falls the day after Good Friday and Passover. This is a beautiful event in the heavens marking the possibilities for a resurrection for humanity. Firstly, the Blue Moon has a cardinal cross pattern which is a powerful transforming aspect. The horizontal arms of the cross are the Moon in Libra crossing to Sun and Mercury in Aries. The Spring Equinox is upon us, the seasons are changing but it feels this year a much deeper level of alchemical transmutation is taking place too. The top of the cross aligns to Sirius which is assisting this transition through sacred geometry in light. At present, Vesta the Sacred priestess is crossing the Galactic Center and ahead of her are Mars and Saturn in Capricorn forming the base of the cross. This is about the control and structuring of life force energy

Mother Mary ~ The Divine Has Given All Lightworkers a Call

Divine has decreed that all light workers who are on the planet earth, with Mother Mary or any other teams, need to hear this call. Divine has given all light workers a call to ask light workers to do their best so that the Divine plan can move forward and Gaia and humanity’s ascension can be smooth. The reason Divine made this call is because the current situation on the planet needs help. In other words, Gaia and humanity are in the middle of yet, another great shift, and they need our light and love. Light workers who participate in this ascension know well that in the time of the great shift, our light is so needed and it is so important to lend your helping hand to Gaia

Message from The Elven Folk ~ Green is The True Color of the Heart

We Elven folk have assisted quietly in the background with transmuting to be sure, but know that we too have struggled within the journey of the density and fog of forgetting and we too have had our issues with entanglement of the dark and we too are freeing ourselves up for more light. All of us elementals are! We are ready for new things. For more love, more light, more hope, more joy! And we have all of these attributes tucked up in our high hearts for you, Humanity, the hope of the world, of Gaia, the Great Mother of all things. Green is the true color of the heart. Green is a powerful healing color and high vibrational rate. Use it well.

The Pegasus Collective ~ Energetic Flow Returning to the Heart-Wells of Humanity

We see energetic flow returning to the heart-wells of Humanity and it greatly pleased us. For we have long watched and waited for this precious time of self discovery and renewal -when the Christ light would blow through the realm and blow away the dross and replace it with yet more light. For we see the light of the Christed ones burning more brightly by the day and this greatly pleases and excites us! For this means the prophecy of the rising of the Earth, of newness being born, is indeed happening now – which means it is beginning to be safe for our kind to be seen and to become reunited with our human friends.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Seeing Life As a Gift

It is the best possible approach to take to your lives when you operate from the position that every moment that you spend here is a gift. Oftentimes your lives can seem like a sentence, and you have often been told that your lives are a test. But what if you being here was the absolute most exciting experience you could be having? Trust us when we say that you knew you wanted the rollercoaster ride of Earth before you incarnated here. Now, if you are truly grounded in your physical body, and are consciously breathing, you have everything that you need to make the most of the moment that you are in

Health Benefits of Milk Thistle and Its Synergy With Glutathione

Best known for protecting the liver, milk thistle is an herb that possesses amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Native to the Mediterranean countries, this herb helps manage diabetes and even boosts bone health. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is more for you in this post. Milk thistle works by flushing out the toxins in the body, which can otherwise cause issues like liver cirrhosis, kidney stones, diabetes, ill effects of chemotherapy, etc.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 03~28~18: Moving Back into Balanced Harmonics

The Unified Field is Heaven Consciousness, this is Mother and Father of All Creations’ Auric Field. It is an experience unlike anything you could possibly imagine. Energy responds to energy, summoning forth the deep unconscious for transformation, multiple times a day. Becoming FULLY CONSCIOUS. E.G.O Edges God Out, except when in the presence of Mother and Father of All Creation, then then they edge it out – always! Resistance is futile. WE HAVE MOVED BACK INTO BALANCED HARMONICS.

Quan Yin ~ Awakening of the Masses and Incoming Energy

The company of heaven, have implemented quite a few new rules on the planet lately. You may not have noticed but in reality, these newly arrived rules have been working deep in the society, and in the governments. As result, we have seen all the changes happening throughout the great cosmos and on the planet. Humanity has awakened enormously and has realized the influence of the dark forces on humanity. Therefore, at this moment, humanity finally realized the influences, rather than love, has ruled the planet for eons of time, and sees the results of that ruling. Now, humanity has finally sees it’s own power and has decided to forgo the dark influences, start the new, and that is what is happening throughout the planet

Energy Report, March & April 2018 ~ Recalibration of All Energy Fields

Never before has an evolutionary process required so much from humanity. The ceaseless movement of evolving energies is pushing us towards a genuine, authentic evolution of consciousness. An evolution in consciousness where we recognise that our soul’s evolution and the evolution of the Earth are intertwined. That the condition of the world is dependent on the condition of humanity’s consciousness. And that evolution must happen for new life to emerge and flourish. More than ever it is important that we stand in the truth of who we authentically are to harness the energy of our souls and bring forth a new Earth reality.

Our Divine BEing ~ Harmony, Non-Attachment, Completion

We LIVE as our Divine BEING through being in a state of Being ~ that is Harmony. Harmony exists through Freedom from Attachments. This is a process. We become aware of when we are suffering, we then choose to be free from suffering WITHIN ~ when. we are ready. This is a process. The MIND feeds on adrenaline rushes. With thoughts of the past and future….racing…which consists of everything NOT present now and it does so from lack consciousness. It needs to get, to have, to control, more. Having to have. Having to Know. Tightly wound up……unable to let go and BE. Do YOU recognize this pattern of thought?

Full Moon in Libra, March 2018 ~ The Pressure Will Make You Pause

The March 31st Full Moon (10 deg Libra, 8:36 am EDT) makes a hard square to Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Blocked or defined (Saturn) actions (Mars) will be the point of frustration during this culmination. There may be something you must do or can’t do, and the pressure will make you pause. As you pause, consider what’s unbalanced or projected - where do you need to pull back, where do you need to make more of an effort, what do you need to own?

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Measuring Your Spiritual Growth

You are expecting to feel something much different in order for you to accept that you are changing, raising your vibration, and raising the level of your consciousness. But you cannot always measure these things. You cannot always detect changes, so we are here to help. We want to help you measure the progress that you’ve made as individuals by getting you to look at some very facts about yourself. Are you more empathetic than you were ten years ago? Do you care more about the Earth and her environment, more now, than you did fifteen years ago? Do you feel more compassion for others now than you ever have before?

The Creator Writings ~ Learning to Love You…

The Creator Writings ~ Learning to Love You… Be easy and gentle with yourself, my child. Going through old feelings is not the easiest thing you will ever do, and it can be taxing on your whole system. Do not berate yourself for them. Instead, look at them honestly and see how they have served you for so many years.

Natural Remedy for a Pinched Nerve in The Neck

Whether you are looking over your shoulder for a parking space, simply getting up from your bed, or trying to pull a dress over your head – a pinched nerve can make even these basic tasks seem impossible. It’s quite likely that all those days of immobility and bad posture are getting back at you in this form. So, pull up your sleeves and get ready to combat this condition before it leads to any complications. Just take a quick look at the remedies listed in this article, and you can bid goodbye to the pinched nerve in your neck. Read on!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Message to Lightworkers ~ March 26, 2018

Though we know that in this time of Mercury in retrograde, in which life feels to be a bit upside down, or heavier and more taxing than usual, that you may not be feeling particularly empowered. And we would say, that many a great ship has been built, despite the heaviness of the timber or the steel that had to be put in place in order for it to find its completion. And that those who lifted the heavy objects for construction, lifting and fitting into place the pieces of a great ship, may not have been the ones who already held the full vision of what was being built, and how it would look upon completion. But times have changed.

The Grandmothers ~ Nothing Can Ever Go Back to the Way It Once Was

Nothing can ever go back to the way it once was,” they said. History does not repeat itself — not really, and this makes it impossible to cling to what has already disappeared. Everything is always moving forward, forward into what you call the unknown. We encourage you to welcome the unknown, to open your arms and hearts to what lies before you and say ‘yes’ to what’s beginning to show itself. After all, it’s change itself that’s beginning to show its face so why not say ‘yes’ to it? Accept the challenge,” they said. Take it on

Are You Connected With Your True or False Self?

We all have different reasons to rather presenting a fake persona than our True Self; it is often part of our inner core protection, as our True Self feels to vulnerable to be exposed. However, this is based on the misconception that we need to hide who we truly are - and because everybody is doing it, it seems natural to feel like we need to protect this part of us. From an energetic point of view, this is quite a tragedy! By choosing our False Self we are not only communicating that we don’t feel good enough, we are also increasing inner conflicts and agree to incongruence, that can do severe damage to our ENERGETIC INTEGRITY

The Creator Writings ~ Expansion and Contraction

It is time to stretch again, dear one. With all this expansion and contraction, it is challenging to believe that anything is getting done at all. (Smiling) Most of it feels like one step forward, two steps back. Imagine yourself doing the cha-cha and it becomes perfectly normal!

Being Your Presence ~ Your Light NOW

Living as your Light is living through your Heart. This powerful radiation of Light ~ transmits all that you are everywhere. Living through thoughts of the future, seeking or resisting, although appears very normal, is consciously missing out, as the experience of your Essence. This tangible Presence in the physical, is the welcoming in of the Higher Dimensional Worlds, into this form, this world. Form and mastery of it, includes freedom from pain and suffering. As one transcends the appeared limitations of the physical, one enters into complete union with the Glorious Divine State of Being.

Tests for Understanding Lessons ~ Clarity and Discernment

Each of you had lessons concerning romantic love, honoring your journey through being your own person, understanding how to discern the things from which you can learn, and fully bringing clarity to your lessons. What is happening currently throws a spotlight on many of these training areas. Society establishes the rules and regulations one is supposed to obey when it comes to relationships with those other than their spouse. These are controlled by the ego mind, which is controlled by judgment with a distinct black-and-white delineation. Just as it is possible for a parent to love more than one of several children, so it is possible for someone to love more than one other individual

Essential Oils to Cure A Sinus Infection

If you are among those unlucky few who have experienced a sinus infection, you know how unpleasant it can get. The constant feeling of a runny nose, sometimes accompanied by pain, can leave you running around in search of a decongestant. Sinusitis is undoubtedly tiring in the long run. However, you will be surprised to know that this condition can be treated right at home with the use of essential oils. Read on to find out how essential oils for sinus infections work wonders.

Monday, March 26, 2018

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CHANGE THE WORLD Community Forming Here!

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Final Event Energies Update 03~26~18: YOU Are on Earth Now to Ascend the Planet

All the Unified Field family gathered in Mothers’ room to share in Her moving Planetary Energies. High Vibration IS the aim of the game and assisting Mother in Creating those High energies is of paramount importance. The symbolic representation of what Mother is doing on Earth, FOR HUMANITY, was given to me from Robin Williams in the Etheric. I was shown, in my Heart, a broken down train with ropes tied to it and a Tiny Might Mouse, holding the ropes and pulling the Train forward. And that train was moving, IS MOVING! Mother is the only one who lives, permanently, in Heaven Consciousness, also known as Unity Consciousness or Christ Consciousness and that Energy has been pulling the planet forward in Consciousness.

Federation of Light Update ~ Intense Upgrade of Energy

The fact is … THE EVENT IS COMING. Another fact is … IT IS COMING SOON. Change is occurring. It has been doing so throughout every moment of one breath to the next. However, the CHANGE that is coming is on a greater scale than the ‘every day’ movement into the following moment. THIS CHANGE HAS TO COME. Some people are confusing it with what we would put … in their terms … as full blown Ascension . This is not so. This CHANGE, this Energy that is to ROCK YOUR WORLD is the ultimate transference of the beginning of the Higher Energy that needs to be present

Sananda ~ The Old Ways of Running Things is Now Past

On ascending Gaia, no less, the planet who has been injured so much is now ascending into the light once more, victorious in her learnings, her adventures and her compassion in waiting for humanity to tag along is unfathomably kind. She waits for those who have so wounded her and her kingdoms not much longer. For the time of the old ways of running things is now past. A new day dawns on beautifully rising planet Nova Gaia and friends, you are experiencing the ride of your lives! And I see that many of you are quite weary and yes, it has been a relentless pace of upgrades and downloads – and to have been feeling down, then up, and so on, have you not? And so I want to reassure you that of course this is very normal with all of the upgrades

Angel Messages ~ The Pendulum Has Swung as Far as It Can Go

Just as the pendulum swings in one direction, so must it move in the other. This is basic physics and it can be no other way. The pendulum has swung as far as it can go towards the dark, and it can swing no further. It is now in retro-motion, moving back towards the light. Watch now as your world, your reality and your life grow brighter and brighter. For one aspect cannot brighten without the others coming with it. Just as the depths of the darkness seemed unfathomable, so it will be with the light. You will not be able to comprehend the radiance that will awaken within you as you move nearer to the light. The process will take time. What you need to know is that it will get no darker. You are coming out of the night and the dawn is upon you

The Arcturians ~ Remember Your Reason for This Incarnation

It is the NOW to find and/or remember your REASON FOR INCARNATION. It was easy for your higher dimensional SELF to look down to planet Earth, which was so small and so far away, and write your “Reason for Incarnation.” None of us Galactics could really understand, and/or remember, how it felt to be a human. But now, YOU, the ones who chose to travel away from the safety of our higher dimensional reality to take an incarnation, living on a planet in the midst of change, are remembering who they were, who they are, and who they want to be in order to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Many of you chose to incarnate on Earth during this NOW to assist Gaia with this “time of great change”

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Kindness is Spirituality

You are the most precious beings to us and to many others here in the higher realms. When we look upon you, we see your potential. We see how far you’ve come, and we see the potential for so much more, and that is exciting for us. As we witness you growing and evolving, we also witness you sharing more of who you are with one another. There have been more awakenings in the past three months than there have been in the past several years put together. And when you awaken, you want to share your stories. You want to share your discoveries about who you are, and many of you can feel that same potential within you that we see, and you want to express it. You want to share it with the world, and yet, most of the world is still asleep. So what can you do then? How can you express your newly awakened self? You do so through acts of kindness.

The Creator Writings ~ Time to See The Beauty!

There has been much talk of the not so good things regarding this current shift…now it is time to talk about the amazing! (Smiling) One of the most beautiful is the ability to embrace transparency and be at peace with it. Yes, being open and honest with yourself and others may create some ‘hard feelings’; some may not understand your new-found freedom (because that is, indeed, what it is) causing them to react in unexpected ways. Remember, darling child, this is not a reflection on you. It is merely the issues they need to work on coming to the surface. Never take it personally!

Natural and Effective Way to Stop Your Migraine in an Instant

Have you tried a natural remedy for your migraine? If not, today I want to share with you an “all natural” way to confront a migraine. This means that you can lock the pills somewhere else and try another approach. But before that, let’s discuss what happens when a migraine “strikes”. The people that suffer from a migraine say that when it comes, you need an immediate way to stop it.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Sacred Act of Surrender

We understand that many of you have a fear of surrendering because you perceive it as careening about wildly with no control. Nothing could be further from the truth! Surrendering into the flow with your faith and trust is an empowered act of co-creation. It is activating the support and guidance of all of your guides and helpers, as well as giving your highest self a more active role in your life experience. We wish to explain to you the mechanics of how surrender works. When you surrender, you are choosing to shift into empowered movement. Your act of surrender gives permission to your team of helpers to start to actively assist you. It is stepping out of separation into the whole. Surrender is a sacred act, and there is great rejoicing, both on a soul level and also from the universe when it happens, for you are choosing empowerment

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Earth is Raising Her Vibration

We are excited to give you the following transmission. This Earth that you inhabit has once again increased its vibration, making it easier for all of you to get activated into a higher frequency state. The Earth is slightly ahead of humanity in terms of its ascension process. You all have the ability to tune in to mother Earth and feel the vibration that she is giving off. Once you acclimate to the higher frequencies that you can feel coming off of the planet, she will sense that, and she will raise her vibration again. Your Earth is a conscious being, and she has always been in service to you. From the very beginning Earth was aware of your path, and now here you are.

The Arcturians ~ Align to the Reality of Power Within, Part III

We advise that you breathe that power of your own Higher Dimensional Self into your heart chakra and allow it to go up into your third eye and all the way down through your body and ground it in Gaia. And say to yourself, “I Am Ready Now, I Am Ready Now.” And you can even say that, not even knowing what you are ready for, but if you say it with love and you say it in a Higher Frequency of Consciousness, you will attract that which is right there just beyond the edge of your consciousness that you are ready for. But remember your consciousness and your state of BEING

Sananda & OWS ~ This is The Time Prior Now to the Great Changes

Many of you have not yet come to exactly what your mission is going to be. Some of you already have. It is all a matter of a process that you are moving through: to remember. To find you here now in this moment, this moment that is directly in front of the Grand Event as it comes closer and closer to being realized here at this level of experience; this expression this consciousness here on the planet. And the moments that you have been anticipating, and waiting for are coming now in waves of energy. You are feeling these energies as they come in and move through you and raise your vibrations. And as your vibrations continue to raise you will find that whatever maladies, illnesses, sicknesses that you might have had, they will dissipate now as these energies become stronger and stronger and you yourselves become stronger