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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Energy Report ~ Happy Equinox Update

The Spring Equinox which many times marks high energy surges, although they can come in 10 days before to 10 days after the Equinox. So even afterwards we will still be in the Energy zone. As far as energy symptoms go, yesterday I was so tired, I took a 3 hour nap for no good reason. The odd thing about this nap is I felt almost completely comatose and even when getting up, felt like I could sleep some more. I had pain in my legs when walking, they felt like lead weights. I don’t remember ever feeling like this when sleeping so this is definitely something new for me and ascension related. This was specifically from the Equinox energies coming in

Sun Crossed the Aries Point ~ Opening The Great Gates

This morning, the Sun crossed the Aries Point and swung open the great gates through which the New enters the world. Within and around you, a beginning is being seeded. Its fresh-born energy is electric and palpable. Like every Equinox, this one is bringing not a 29-day lunar cycle – but a three-month quarter of the great wheel. In fact, because everything begins anew when the Sun crosses the world axis of the Aries Point, what’s beginning now will take us all the way to the Aries Equinox of 2019. In the year ahead, both Uranus and Chiron will change signs, bringing to a close a cycle of irrevocable change, full of pain and shot through with magic

Mercury Retrograde, March 22nd till April 15th, 2018 ~ Internal, Eternal

If YOU are coming from the place of harmony WITHIN YOU in all or most moments, THEN ~ Mercury Retrograde becomes ALL IS WELL AS it is the coming from WITHIN that Mercury Retrograde prepares you for. Through its PROCESS of the external focus, apparently not working as well. Leading to what was once the common frustration as everything appears to go awry. This going awry, is just the clear awareness that the external focus does not work energetically to ones advantage, when the internal focus is more required as the auspicious way.

The Arcturians ~ Inter-dimensional Communication

All your third dimensional incarnations you have seen the edges of all life that make you feel separate from all reality. It is that “sense of separation” from each other, from Gaia, and from the higher dimensions of your reality. However, as you become increasingly fifth dimensional in your consciousness, you will begin to perceive your outer world, as being a component of your inner world. Then, as your fifth dimensional consciousness and perceptions begin to “come more and more online with your daily life,” you will begin to perceive components of reality that you have never experienced before.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Process Your Emotions Before the Shift

You are embarking upon a journey now that will take you through some experiences that you have set up for yourselves in order to elicit certain emotions. When you are in the midst of clearing and processing these emotions, that it is a necessary part of the process, and it is better for you to do it now rather than later. As the energies continue to bombard your planet, you are going to find it harder and harder to ignore that which is within you and needs to come up and out. At some point, you would find it downright impossible. But now, while it is only challenging for you to face these emotions, and you get to do it in your own timing, with the support of others, and with the support of beings like us, we suggest that you allow these emotions to flow through you.

Health Benefits of Okra Water ~ Helps with Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol and More

Okra belongs to the same plant family as hibiscus and cotton. It is indigenous to regions around the Nile in North Africa and the Middle East for it was discovered dating as far as 3500 years ago in Ethiopia. Okra contains vitamins A and C and is a good source of iron and calcium. It also contains starch, fat, ash, thiamine and riboflavin. It also contains vitamins, minerals and the antioxidants epicatechin, catechin, rutin, procyanidin B1 and B2 and quercetin. These antioxidants are capable of preventing damage to cells caused by environmental factors and stress.

Maui Updates!/ The Big Blueprint/ Essential Oil Wizardy

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Archangel Michael ~ The Equinox and the Opening of Conscious ReGenesis

Beloved Ones, the Equinox on March 2018 is a powerful moment in the Spiral of the Sacred Year. The Equinox Star Gate is an 8th Dimensional Solar Gateway and it is transmitting waves of Diamond Light to the Earth along with powerful magnetic waves of Light Codes and Water Codes. These powerful waves of Light that are being received at the time of the Equinox transition (change of seasons) are assisting you to release and clear away remnants of old Time Lines and to focus on the New Earth Time Spirals that are being activated in this cycle. Whatever is leaving your life at this moment is not necessary for your New Earth creations and journey. As the old Time Lines collapse and merge, old feelings and memories may come up. Fragments of what was or what might have been will surface to be experienced and then released

Mercury Retrograde, March-April 2018 ~ Reflection and Old Wounds Arise to Be Cleared

During Mercury Retrograde, it is common for old wounds, thoughts, and feelings to arise to the surface in order to be cleared. It is also a time to reflect on the past and to perhaps reach out to people that you have unfinished business with. Even though there are things that we say we prefer to do, when it comes down to taking action on it, the results can be quite different. Perhaps this Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to take inventory and to see how your actions are aligning with your words. Are you dedicating your time to things that you actually want to do, or are you getting caught up in distractions and old habits?

The Evolving Human ~ Changes in DNA of the Physical Body

What we are talking about today is your own physical being, for it is starting to change as well. It starts on the very smallest level–the level of your DNA, which has many more strands than you have been aware of. There are a total of 12 strands with a very weak magnetic field that basically outlines the other strands. What is happening is that these strands are starting to be reactivated. As this happens and as the dimensional walls between your other dimensions start to thin, the physical body starts to change. Now it has been quite some time that we’ve been telling you about emotions bleeding over from one of your lifetimes into another. Sometimes you may suddenly find yourself feeling very happy, sad or even depressed for seemingly no reason, only to find out that you are tapping in to one of the experiences that is happening in another dimension

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ This Galaxy is One Gigantic Family

Now the interesting part of where you are now is that you are becoming aware of your extra-terrestrial friends and what you are made of. Now is the time to take it even further and to see that all of the beings that have been helping you along in your physical, mental, and spiritual evolution, are different aspects of you. Usually it will be another part of your oversoul that comes down on a ship and tinkers with your DNA and genetics. You are going to discover that this galaxy is one gigantic family

You Have Choices and Can Change Direction at Any Time

Part of your desire for a partner is so that you have someone else to make decisions for you. You want to shift responsibility for some aspects of life to another, because you feel this is the way life should be as constantly extolled by society. Well, your major lesson is to assume responsibility for life, to find a way to be totally independent of all others. You have not reached that step because you feel you are not complete until you have a partner sharing the load, and that is contrary to your lesson. You have choices and can change direction at any time.

The Star People ~ Lakota Chief Explains ET’s

The Star People ~ Lakota Chief Explains ET’s: Stories of intelligent beings visiting our planet from the cosmos date back to the beginning of time, and span throughout several different cultures at various points in human history. Antiquity is filled with stories of beings, materials and flying objects that, according to modern-day thinking, should not have existed. When it comes to Native American ‘lore’ and extraterrestrials, they were commonly referred to as ‘Star Beings.’ For example, Richard Wagamese, One of Canada’s foremost authors and storytellers from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in Northwestern Ontario writes how

Natural Remedies For Yeast Infection

Yeast infections, caused by the fungus called Candida, are said to affect as many as eight out of 10 women. While it is women who predominately suffer from this icky disorder, men too can be affected by it as the infection can develop on the body. The most commonly known remedies for a yeast infection are creams and suppositories that are easily found at most drug stores. But at times, even these fail to work. That’s when you can find solace from home remedies! Here is a scoop of the best home remedies for yeast infection that will help you avoid shelling out wads of notes at the clinic and having to down bitter OTCs.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sananda ~ The Long Awaited Landings

The time is now to stop playing small. By now you should already know very well that your powerful, multidimensional Higher Self is full of Divine Love and Wisdom. Your Higher Self is in the process of amalgamating ALL of your Past and Future life experiences you have accumulated throughout the Universe, in the great eternal moment of NOW. This Multidimensional Wisdom will be downloaded to you soon, so that you can assist all Ascending humans to fully embody and integrate their own Higher Selves. Your Galactic Family are standing by to support you every step of the way. Feel their loving presence completely surrounding Earth right now.

Embrace The Light and Let It Transform You

Once Gaia has reached a certain tipping point the train will leave regardless – so, it is time to wake up and receive the light as the gift from God that it is. Our dear Father/Mother God has heeded your wish to come home and has now sent his/her light and helpers to Earth to help you with this wish of yours. I just want to point out now that also those that sleep the deepest have the opportunity to come home if it is their wish to do so. If they have chosen to again enter into the light they will be allowed to do so. They will receive the help they need to raise their vibrations. Your most important task now is to embrace the light and let it transform your bodies to the crystalline bodies that you have had to start with

The Ascended Masters ~ The Time Approaches for Great Change

This new reality is sinking in. The key to everything is your constant growth in consciousness. It is bringing in chakras and building a new consciousness that challenges the old. Humanity wishes us to experience the wonder of a society that cares for each other, is prosperous and creative. As you grow in consciousness, respect for each other takes on new meanings. Respect is not for personal gain. It is your sovereign right. Unity consciousness honors and holds every soul in high esteem at all times. The time approaches for a great change in this reality. It is time to transform pain and suffering into joy, peace and prosperity!

Jesus ~ Choose to Engage Only With Love, and Fear Falls Away

Love in action is the most powerful force in existence, being the only force in existence, as others are unreal, illusory and will collapse in on themselves being nothing at all, even though as humans you often perceive them as very real and dangerous. When you choose to engage only with Love fear falls away as a motivator or constant inner companion, and arises only in the moment when it is necessary to take immediate action to protect your physical bodies from harm. It draws your attention to a situation that needs to be dealt with in that moment only, and that is its sole purpose. It is not meant to limit or control you,

Anchoring The New Energies Within Your Heart Center

All of that goes into the Collective Consciousness; it goes down into the core of the Earth. Within the Earth these energies expand. They anchor and expand outward; they come up through the grass itself, through the water, the trees. I invite you now to bring the rest of your own consciousness back down within you. As you breathe and focus, breathing into your heart center, your own energy from the All That Is. It goes back through your divinity, it goes down into your Higher Self and it comes back into you the Human.

The Creator Writings ~ Rise Above

Stay in the flow, dear one. There may be things that attempt to pull you away, but it is imperative that you continue to work with the energy that is coming in now. Distractions, fear, gossip, hate and destruction…all aimed at drawing your attention from where you need to be in this moment.

7 Chakra Cleansing Herbs For Empaths and Healers

When our energy is imbalanced due to the mind, resisting certain experiences, and repressing our emotions, we experience energetic lethargy. Energetic lethargy is like stifling the flow of a crystal clear stream so that it becomes a stagnant cesspool of slime and illness. Energy is meant to flow — that is its very nature. Anything that blocks that flow creates physical, emotional, and psychological sickness. In fact, you’ll notice that you feel the most vibrant and grounded when you are actively allowing yourself to experience the present moment. This is our natural state of being! And yet so many of us struggle to experience it.

Monday, March 19, 2018

The Universal Mother ~ My Wave of Cosmic Love Advances Across Your Beautiful Earth

I see you children and I feel your heartaches and your perceptions of lack and lostness. This is to be no more as my wave of cosmic love advances across your beautiful globe you will see my essence, you will feel my love, and you will begin to remember and feel the connection of oneness that we all enjoy up here in the higher dimensions. This section of your galaxy has long been fraught with battles of darkness over the light. This darkness is lifting and you transmuters of form are lifting it and it is exploding into light of new things, of new times ahead and of new experiences of abundance that, oh children, you so are looking forward to! But perhaps the biggest abundance that awaits you – like children anticipating opening their Christmas presents under the tree – is at last feeling my presence, as fully as you will allow. Allow my breath to mix with that of your own. Allow comfort to enter you at the cellular level and be at peace.

The Star Councils of Light ~ The Great Acceleration

This is not the first period of ‘great acceleration’ in which you have been immersed, dear ones. There have been many, many periods of acceleration, even within your own lifetimes – but certainly within the great cycles and epochs of the universe. Think about your understanding of your personal heart chakra, dear ones, which relates to the energetic exchanges in your personal relationships. It encompasses your ability to give and receive love, your ability to forgive those who have sinned against you, letting go of old grievances – and thus your capacity to truly open up to being a more loving person to the people with whom you interact. And then step UP one level into the concept of the Higher Heart, where you are able to perceive all other human beings on your planet as loving and loveable. If you are able to perceive this, even for a short while – to absolutely forgive and let go of judgement – then you are able to access the energy and the purpose of the Higher Heart.

Angel Messages ~ Vibration of the 5th Dimension and Higher, is Consciously Being in Your Heart

In order to remain in the vibration of the fifth dimension and higher, consciously keep open your heart. Leave fear behind. Expand. Release the need to control. Let go of the heavy emotional energy that weighs you down like sandbags on a hot air ballon. One of the heaviest “sand bags” of all to release is the ego. Ego can only exist in and through the physical and material, not the energetic or etheric, thus it fights for its own existence by keeping you in a third dimensional framework. Once you shed the weight of the ego, you cannot help but rise. How do you know that you are existing in the 5th dimension or higher?

Letting Go to Raise Your Frequencies with Mother Earth

I encourage you to self reflection, helping and rest in isolation from other people. For you who choose to hold on the process will continue and you will continuously be reminded about and guided towards the feelings and behavior patterns that you need to heal. For you who decide to let go you raise your frequencies yet more together with Mother Earth. Your heart chakra will expand and you will gently be rocked into a period of integration

Archangel Gabriel ~ You Are a Divine Expression

Who you are is so much more than a body in the material world. Your very essence is part of a greater whole — God in whom you live, move and have your being, the Source of all Life. This Presence expressing through you is the gift you give to the world. Imagine what Earth would be like if all people remembered they were the Divine Essence expressing in a physical world. There would be so much more love, and so much less fear. In the essence of God, there is no separation into race or religion. There is no separation of any kind. It is all a great connected Wholeness. When you remember that you truly are Spirit and your purpose is to bring God through you into the physical world, different choices can be made

Galea of Neptune ~ Saedor, Mother-led Balanced, Heart-felt, Heart-Balanced, Consciousness

Upon the planet of Earth, you have begun to practice Saedor, and that is the balanced Mother-led, heart-felt, heart-balanced, consciousness-balanced form of communication. For years, you and we have spoken of the unity consciousness, of the unified grid, of your new grids which have been reinforced, and have been reinforced in terms of this unifying factor. And your unity grid is not only connecting you to all upon Gaia; it also connects you to us, which you may or may not have been aware of, that we are unified in a stronger grid than ever before.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Progress You’ve Been Making

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Progress You’ve Been Making: We have been excited to share with you our findings on the current condition of the human collective consciousness, and now we are ready to express those findings to you. This is going to come as a shock to many of you, but it is our perspective that you are evolving at a quickened pace since the beginning of the new calendar year. You are able to assimilate energy at a much faster pace. You are downloading information and receiving upgrades at a faster rate than you have ever been able to previously. And perhaps most importantly, we see the evolution of your consciousness in the compassion that you are feeling for one another.

The Creator Writings ~ Embrace Anticipation

During this time of change, you may have things you were counting on suddenly dissipate into the ether. The direction in which you were planning to move is now gone and another pathway has appeared. The door is open, but you cannot quite see what is there…yet. (Smiling) My darling, it is OK to express your disappointment of what was to be, just make sure it is properly released.

Simple Natural Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

There are certain remedies that can help prevent stretch marks and also reduce the appearance of old and new ones. There are many ways to remove stretch marks and, usually, a combination of methods works the best. Within a few weeks, you will notice those unsightly lines lightening and becoming less visible. Wondering how to remove stretch marks? Then this post is a must read for you!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Equinox, March 20th 2018 ~ A Rebirth

The Equinox celebrates and marks the seasons when day and night are equal or close to equal in length. 12 hours of Daylight, 12 hours of night. Increased DAYLIGHT Begins the first day of Spring, till the Summer Solstice. The first day of Spring celebrates BIRTH and Renewal and New Beginnings, as well as celebrating greater LIGHT. Stepping into Glory, the Higher Light version of oneself is ALWAYS available now.

Unity Consciousness ~ The Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony

Unity Consciousness ~ The Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony: In order for our transition of preparation to complete for Mother Earth’s physical transition, we must all transform our current states of mind from a unconscious mindset of the physical world to one of our Soul’s Unity Consciousness. This will be a major shift for the majority of humanity, especially those who simply define “success” in terms of his or her ability to control and manage his or her interactions within the external world they live in. Simply stated, our future “success” is aligned in the Unity of our entire Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony that we are ALL a part and whole of! Our Heart and Soul’s innate perception and awareness of Unity Consciousness easily translates and relates with the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Song of the Universe

The universe is always talking to you, but you have been trained to listen to other people and organizations, news outlets and preachers. You have lost touch with the sound that the universe makes. You want to hear a voice in your head coming to you from an ascended master or an archangel, but that’s only because you have been taught to value words over vibration, and sometimes even over the truth. We invite you to listen without expectation. Listen without having formulated a question

The Creator Writings ~ The Upcoming ‘Event’

The Creator Writings ~ The Upcoming ‘Event’: Undoubtedly, you have heard of the upcoming ‘event’ and the changes it will bring. Many of the thoughts being put out to your world are interesting, postulating finite numbers of those that will be affected or ‘allowed’ to move forward, those that will not…a very rapture like scenario.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Song of the Universe

This energetic shift represents the start of a new cycle and is also the start of the astrological new year. This is because on the March Equinox, the Sun moves into the first constellation of Aries. Aries energy is the perfect way to start a new cycle or a new chapter and will be supporting all of us to get to work on moving forward in the direction we want to go. This is the perfect time to plant new seeds, start new projects, take action, and put yourself out there. It is also a great time to take ownership and responsibility of your life and begin releasing things that may be blocking you from getting where you want to be.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Boils

These boils can be painful and irritating, and make daily activities seem like an uphill task. They are formed because of an inflammation of the hair follicles under the skin due to bacterial infection. But don’t worry. Here are some easy-to-administer home remedies that you can use to rid your body of these pesky boils.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Energy Update ~ Solar Wind is Rising, Bringing in Geomagnetic Storms for 3 Days

We are experiencing Geomagnetic Storms for the past 3 days, today being the third day. You may be experiencing sleep issues and vivid dreams with these storms. This is what I am experiencing, as I always experience any, even slight energy changes. These storms as always, bring in Massive DNA changes so we can fully transform into the Light Body. There are many other factors at work as well as Solar Storms. Do not be in fear of any Solar Storms or anything else that comes our way. These storms may continue for a few days.

Mother Mary ~ The Divine Plan and Gaia’s Ascension

In the recent shifts, Divine and the company of heaven, have noticed that a lot of our light workers have been shifting a great deal, especially in the recent shifts when the incoming energy is so pronounced, and Divine is happy about that, and thrilled that our light workers are finally getting the Divine messages and participating in the shifts. This way, our light workers themselves will grow so much and so much faster, just in time for the upcoming changes and events

The Divine Mother ~ Focus on The Goodness Coming Through at Last

Child of light we see so many of you shedding the dark cloak of fear and walking into a brand new way of being and seeing in this game called life. What you have been waiting for is a sign from the heavens that the world you see before you is shedding also it’s cloak of fear and deception and coming into a new state of being in the higher dimensions. What we wish to tell you dearest children of light is that there is no more reason to walk in fright. Let go the lessons of the past. It is time to focus on the goodness coming through at last. In each of your hearts, focus on being at peace.

The Bright Dimension Which Recently Has Arrived to Earth

Those that just have woken up and are trying to find their way through the veil, which still holds them within a certain obscurity. Many lights are needed to get a whole humanity to march towards the light. However, there are also many brave brothers and sisters that have light their lights and are letting their sparks fall on newly awakened siblings. We are all one and we help each other on our path towards the light – The bright dimension that recently has arrived to Earth. Yes, dear brothers and sisters, it has already arrived and it has come to stay. The dark is now fleeing to its dark dens, but they are all the time illuminated so there are soon no places for the dark to hide

New Moon in Pisces, March 17th 2018 ~ Rescue Remedy

The new moon March 17, 2018, falls at 26ยบ Pisces decan 3. This new moon March 2018 astrology shows us we are just about to regenerate into something new. For this reason, it is a very unstable time where everything feels like it’s in flux. This is because the new moon falls on fixed star Matar in the right knee of Pegasus, at the very end of Pisces. We are on the verge of spring, but it not quite there yet! There is no particular aspect pattern to this new moon but the Mercury/Venus conjunction in trine to the North node look like a fun escape or even an elopement from the madness. Both planets are on Alpheratz, found in Andromeda. This star is about breaking chains or possibly karmic ties

Federation of Light Update ~ The Event is Why You All Came Here

Dearest souls … firstly be not a feared. Remove ALL notions of fear based mentality. For, when indeed this Event … arrives/occurs … you will recognise instantly that there is no need whatsoever to feel afraid. The Love, the Divine Love that will wash over you and enter into your Beings will remove any fears instantaneously. Questions you have must be removed. For this Event is not about inquiring about this, that and the other and the ‘what if’s and buts’. THIS EVENT IS WHY YOU CAME TO THIS PLANET IN THIS TIME FRAME.

How to Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally

Although it may cause no discernible symptoms, high blood pressure puts you under the risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as kidney failure, aneurysms, and cognitive decline. According to statistics, high blood pressure can be considered to be the cause of around 15% of deaths in the United States. At the same time, 20% of Americans have high blood pressure right now and simply aren’t aware of this condition and its repercussions. If you’re struggling with high blood pressure, take a look below to learn about the best natural strategies for managing it

Friday, March 16, 2018

Cosmic Logos Mahatma ~ The Healing Power of Your Inner Truth

It is important to open to these energies and the divine assistance which is ready and waiting for you to receive at this time of ascension. The powerful ascension waves are causing many limiting energies to come to the surface to be released at a quick rate. It is challenging and sometimes overwhelming to deal with this without divine assistance. You are never alone in your ascension and life upon the Earth; your healing can be as quick, powerful and easy as the ascension waves anchoring into the Earth. Surrendering to your inner truth and the energies you are delivering forth from the Creator allows you evolve at a quicker rate.

New Moon in Pisces, March 17, 2018 ~ Devotion to Service

In a month whose main essence is to practice unconditional compassion and devotion to All, we are about to face a very powerful and healing New Moon at 26°53’ degrees of Pisces. The New Moon in Pisces will be all about karmic clearing, and hence the subsequent healing that comes when we dissolve what was separated within. Pisces, rules intuition, compassion and devotion to service, with Pisces comes freedom, and the completion of a cycle, in both the micro and in the macro, as it is also happening in the Planet. With Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac endings come, as well as new beginnings for there is a moment in with both exist, at the same time, and it is from this timeless and spaceless moment, that we have the opportunity to create a new phase or to get attached to an old timeline. It is with Pisces that we begin to remember our true origins, clearing karmic patterns/debts, purifying ourselves and achieving personal enlightenment.