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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Time is Now Accelerating to a Standstill: How Do You Deal With That?

Are you feeling it too? It’s like you have more and more to do, and increasingly less time to do it. It’s because of this Great Shift of Consciousness into the 5D. Time is speeding up, because life here in the 3D has been locked into an eddy current — a ‘time-warp’, behind the flow — but now that reality is unwinding. We’re rejoining the space-time continuum, where there is no time! How do you deal with that in a practical sense? What does it mean for your life and all that you’re doing, all that you’re trying to create? READ MORE...

Why is This Happening? 14 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Like the caterpillar on it’s journey of becoming a butterfly, we’re all moving through a transformation process. Whether you fully realize it yet or not, you live in a time of awakening. The template of what it means to be a human being alive on planet earth is changing as we all awaken, and ascend into a much higher and lighter vibration. On an individual level this includes becoming more heart centered, intuitive, compassionate, creative, and crystalline as you open your subtle multidimensional psychic senses, and bring more light, and more of your true divine nature into alignment with your physical being. Below are 14 symptoms experienced by those undergoing a spiritual awakening. READ MORE...

Are You A Starseed? 21 Signs to Look For

Do you sometimes feel like you came from another planet? Many of the political and social rules of society may also feel unnecessary or irrational to Starseeds and often they will forge their own path or find a new way of doing something. Starseeds are also extremely intuitive, psychic and empathetic. They are very sensitive to the world around them and may also have an interest in time travel, space and alien life. Appearance wise, Starseeds often have large eyes, long necks and angelic faces. If you feel that you could be a Starseed here are the top signs to look for. READ MORE...

Archangel Metatron ~ You Are Awakening to Your True Nature

You are becoming more of your divine truth, more of divine presence, more of the divine light being you authentically are. This is what is happening to you. This is the transition you are amidst. This is the trigger of challenge. The trigger of lower vibration rising to the surface – this is all happening, so you can continue to ascend further. And this is a powerful, beautiful, magnificent gift. And dear one, when the challenge appears, step back to observe. When dense emotion appears, feel it, and let it go. Return to presence in this moment, return to love. Return to truth and knowing that you are one with God, one with light, one with the entire universe. And the universe is conspiring with you, is on your side. READ MORE...

Archangel Gabriel ~ True Wisdom and Pure Love Go Hand in Hand

When you receive pure love from your Divine Source and offer it to yourself, your life will transform. Loving yourself means that you accept yourself as a student of life. You know that you are growing every day, and deep within is the spark of enlightened consciousness that is God. Focusing on this place of Divine Light will assist it to grow. When the light of Divine love grows, it enlightens your mind and heart so you see your life from a more expanded perspective. This allows you to tap into the graceful flow of the universe and to live in more peace and harmony. Loving yourself includes being able to see the tricks of ego and the aspects of your personality. READ MORE...

You Are All The Divine Children of God, Created Eternally Perfect!

We are all ONE! It really is that simple. You do not have to do anything, because you are One with God, our divine Source, and therefore your individual wills are in complete alignment with His. All you need do is to allow, and when you do the divine field of Love, which surrounds you in every moment, will embrace you, suffusing you completely as It flows through you out into the world nudging humanity toward its inevitable awakening. You are each beings of intense Light – Love – Light. READ MORE...

The Great Divide ~ A Whole New Wave, Souls Can NO Longer Hide

A blending of old timelines are coming through for integration, healing and upgrade vibrationally. This can cause a soul to subconsciously slip into 'old ways'...that one may not even know they are doing. As this is occurring SUBCONSCIOUSLY. This is bringing up to the surface what people have been previously able to hide. Souls who are awake who have been able to 'hide' what is going on deep deep within are now NOT ABLE to hide what is going on for them. Especially from other souls who are not only awake but WIDE AWAKE. Those souls who are FEELING Deeply on their souls journey in the human BEing. Those who are very real and have 'worked very hard' on introspection and feeling within and have been 'working through their stuff'. READ MORE..

Your NEW Life Shall BE PURE, Free From All Limitations and Lack, Full of LOVE

NEW Earth Beings, you are building yourself and your physical reality a-new... every moment you shall see an old perception that limited you, an old belief distorted by old perceptions no longer true, every facet of your old life shall die and be re-born too. Your new life shall be PURE, shall be free of all limitations and lack, free of old judgments and that which held you back. This occurs because you went inside, you did the work, you transcended separation from within and YOU EMERGED full of love, full of life again. This time is of UNITY, of peace, bliss and love. This time you do not hold unworthiness, skewed perceptions, selfishness, competition and the "need" for anything at all. This time, you are WHOLE, completely. READ MORE..

You Love, Thrive, Breathe & Exist Fully From The Depths of Your Divine Light Core

Your desire for deeper connections will continue, for the old surface and shallow ones will no longer do. Your desire for true happiness, based on purity, love, inspiration, respect.... these will drive you... from within you.... As you delved deeper into your own BEING, you feel more, know more, realize more and hold more light than ever before. Your own integrity is important, your own sharing is too. You are not always sure what's next, yet it does not matter, for you are committed and following your own truth, speaking your own truth and showing others what true beauty, magnificence and NEW EARTH REALITY IS.  READ MORE...

Quan Yin ~ Next Phase: Moving Towards The Solstice by Jenny Schiltz

The next phase as you move towards the solstice will be one of deep growth and revelation. The energies will be pushing all of humanity forward and changing each of you deeply should you allow. You are being purged of all that is not in alignment, of all that stands in the way of merging with your soul. Never before has it been more important to love yourself completely to undo all the years of conditioning and beliefs that you have accumulated throughout your lifetimes. Your soul can not merge fully with a vessel full of self-doubt and self-hate. You must look at all the ways you do not honor yourself, the ways in which you sabotage or hold yourself back and the reasons you give to support this decision. READ MORE..



Morning, and Night,

- I think them,
- I speak them,
- I meditate on them daily,
- I hold the intention as if it all already is,
- And I feel the love vibration as it all already is...

I AM God, and and I decree:

- NOW, NOW, NOW!!! The Earth shall bring in a New Age, an age of Natural Law. Call it Human Law. Universal Law. Common Law. All the same.

- We are One. To transcend fully the 3rd dimension, and enter the 5th dimension as One, we must unify. In addition, we must unite on all other fronts. To have a common language, honoring and celebrating all differences between us, common calendar, common time system, common currency (or lack thereof).

- We are now ready for a Resource-Based Economy that has no currency, and an age of abundance for all.

- It is a world of love, peace, joy, happiness, health, wealth, and harmony for all.

- It is an age of equality for everyone, of cooperation, of collaboration, and infinite advancement.

- It is an age in which we all do what we love to do, each and every day. We align with all our passions and fulfill each of our individual purposes.

- We have much time for leisure. We spend much time with friends and family. We spend much time in nature.

- In fact, the Earth is returned to perfect balance, and health. All life, all of creation is sacred. Humans, animals, plants, and all other forms of life honor and respect all other life forms.

- All life, all of creation is returned to full consciousness. There is perfect health for all. All life has all strands of DNA fully activated.

- Humanity is united in the goal of advancing all life and creation, and makes all decisions with several generations into the future in mind.

- All the most advanced technology is available to us, and we continue to advance more each and every day. We have the right balance with technology, with the knowledge and awareness that we have our own master technology within us.

- We have all inventions at our disposal. We have all patents open to use for humanities greatest good.
- It is this time, that all time before has been preparing for. We are all blessed to see the completion of Heaven on Earth, and all our lifetimes before this one were lived to bring us to this moment.

- We are champions in ascension, and we help planets ascend. We will be settling on many, many planets, and forming star nations. The Universe celebrates us, and we will be joined by the many, many universal family members that exist outside of Earth in the coming days.

- We have decided that we are ready, we are worthy, and we can be responsible. It is a joyous day.

- Below is a great video that shows the way to higher dimensional consciousness beyond the lies of scarcity, The Venus Project - Paradise or Oblivion,

With Love and Blessings to You and Yours,

- Doron Kutash

Monday, May 30, 2016

Prayer of the Sisterhood

As we continue to progress into greater and greater levels of our restored Divinity, this call provides inspiration to connect with the Divine Feminine within us, and the Divine Mother, ever~present in Her purity and love.

The Prayer Of The Sisterhood

Sisters this is your long awaited wake-up call
It is time now to emerge from the long winter of universal seclusion
The Great Central Sun has risen so now we can teach in our own style
That this life is no more than an elaborate illusion.
The centuries in retreat and hiding are over now
There will be no more wondering if it is right
For us to emerge making our myths and legends public
We have journeyed together, sisters, through the dark shadow of the night.
We have reached the end of the major stage of the journey
We have worked, toiled, laughed and sighed
We have walked together and independently along the way
And as some of our friends were lost to the cause we cried and cried.
Now the depth of darkness is transformed into our mutual friend
It is bringing love and bright white light
It is pushing urgently through our bodies into every hidden crevice
Opening us to the knowledge and understanding of our might.
We welcome with arms open wide the Brotherhood
We acknowledge joyfully our Holy Alliance
The male community with whom we have been associated on this road
Who sometimes has brought out our feelings of defiance.
But now a time for extraordinary celebration is here
In the Garden of Eden, where Atlantis has risen
Flowers adorn every available open space
And now in every living thing there is no schism.
Suddenly three Phoenix fly across the sky as we watch
The five Russian dolls stand here too in their appointed place
The new archetypes are positive, extraordinary, illuminated and strong
They are reflected in the starry brilliance of each watching face.
We thank the Goddess, the Angelic Beings, the devas and the sprites
Who have helped us on our quest
They have carried us through the depth of the mire
Even when we cried out – ‘Please let us rest.’
They have whispered words of wisdom, support and guidance
Whenever we have faltered or seemed frail
They have never been critical or abrupt
Even when we asked ‘May we leave this trail?’
Our collective call to move forward is accompanied by music
Music from our soul, our essence and our own heart
It is time for acceptance by this world and all the others
Emerge from hiding now my sisters. Let us make this brand new start!

Copyright Cris Henderson

For authentic knowledge and teachings about the ancient order of the Sisterhood of the Rose, please access:

source credit:

Your Soul Says, It is Time

When your precious Soul says “Now is the Time, the Time has arrived,” then it will begin. “It” will begin. The movement. The melting open. The breathing, deep into your being. The decision to transcend the small mind’s hold over you. The expansion. The lifting. The gradual and consistent return to God. The ‘awakening’ of dormant psychic records that have lain in your cells for eons. Everything that is not authentic about you is disappearing. It can be unsettling in the extreme when rapid spiritual awakening happens. This is because often the consciousness needs a sudden ‘jolt’ out of coma in order to bring Itself back to life. Your Higher Self creates certain events, life changes, shocks, sudden changes and movements. READ MORE...

Being a Clear Conduit For Love

Remember this – when you act upon your inner guidance you often become the answer to someone else’s prayers. When you follow your Calling, you bring a unique contribution to earth’s healing and divine evolution. When you express something that springs from your inner creativity and truth, you may well be the only message from God that one person hears that day. When you get the urge to start expressing yourself very authentically, it is because there is a collective need for what you express. READ MORE...

Feeling Pressure on My Third Eye by Michael Isherwood

The Third Eye can be called the “all-seeing eye” because you can see and perceive many more levels and dimensions of truth and reality. In ancient times, seers were often blinded so they would not be distracted by the illusions of physical sight. Insight is far more powerful than eyesight, so you can see much more accurately with the minds’ eye. If you are wondering how to develop power of the third eye, you can start by closing your eyes gently, and focus all of your attention on the middle of your forehead. Allow the feeling of tingling or pulsing, or feeling pressure on your third eye.  READ MORE...

Energy Update ~ Body Releasing Irritation and Aggravation Energies

High frequencies, solar flares to crystalline charging activations to the body releasing irritation and aggravation energies without an actual triggers or anything going on, love filling every cell, peace and brilliance as it does...yet scattered energies as particles re-align make it hard to focus/produce... It takes more focused intention to do heart-brain-work in these energies right now... Plasma gas and physical body upgrades continue, the body continues to release old timelines from the structure, muscles, cells.... Lots of love, nurturing and care for our physical body, sunshine to charge up. READ MORE...

Pleiadian High Council of Seven ~ The Shift is a Monumental Undertaking

It is a very large task that you have undertaken in this lifetime. The task of shifting your conscious from a third-dimensional perspective to a fifth-dimensional perspective is one that you only come upon after many, many lifetimes of trial and error. Now we say trial and error, even though there are no real errors to be made. So just know that we mean you have many different experiences that bring you to this place where you can and will make the choices that are supportive of the shift in consciousness. This is a monumental undertaking because you do not come to it lightly. You come to it carrying a lot of baggage. READ MORE...

Message From The Angels ~ Meditation, Trust and Gratitude

A quiet mind hears the voice of the Archangels more easily. Meditation is very important right now. First thing in the morning, give gratitude for this life that u have been given, secondly surround yourself with the Angelic light, shades of Purple or Green, Archangel Michael or Raphael and imagine yourself protected with these energies. Breathe in these energies and breathe out all the stress, giving the Angels/Archangels permission to intervene so that you are cleansed and u feel your freedom. Trust the process of life. READ MORE...

The Pleiadians ~ Preparing For First Contact, Chapter 4, The Debriefing by Suzanne Lie

We Pleiadians see the combination of male and female influence to be very beneficial. Now, I do need to explain that we Pleiadians have so much contact with our Earth family wearing physical bodies, that we often maintain a gender while on duty on the Ship. Then blend with our Divine Complements, if they are on the Ship, during our times of rest and recreation. We will begin our debriefing. As we stated, we are ready to make our presence more obvious to humanity, especially since the latest Arcturian directive regarding releasing our cloaking more often and making our presence more known to the many who are ready and, in fact, asking us to show ourselves. READ MORE...

Keep Your Focus in Your Heart and The Path Will Be Easier

It has been a tumultuous time for many who are on Earth now. Much is happening within each one of you. You might think that you are on a journey that is like a rollercoaster. It goes up and down the whole time. Things pop up, which influences your mind in one way or another. This is also reflected in the outer world. We say as we always have said: Keep your focus in your heart and the path will be easier to walk. Have belief and trust in yourselves. Have belief and trust in your guides – that they help you on your way and can find the best solution for your problems. READ MORE...

Mary Magdalene ~ Stop Underestimating Who You Are!

The fulfillment of your unique mission and purpose – which is only the outer expression of your divine pattern – in that, sacred space and holding of space for yourself and for others is absolutely necessary. And it is even more necessary, more critical for those of you whose decision and choices and fulfillment, as you see it, of your mission and purpose is to foray out into that chaos, whether it is as a nurse, a doctor, a teacher or a neighbour – it matters not, because what you do is you carry that sacred space with you. READ MORE...

Saint Germain ~ NESARA is Divine Law and Freedom for All The World!!!

The NESARA Law is a combination of the Declaration of Independence and the true Constitution of the United States of America. And the really, really good news, Beloved Ones, is that you do not have to fight a war! You do not have to storm the Bastille to accomplish this Freedom coming to you. You only have to join with us in getting it announced!  That is the step that we are engaged in clearing the way for! “So do it from your Hearts. Energize it with the LoveLight. That’s Step One.  Step Two is to then utilize your Divine Freedom to share it with others in whatever way you choose, so that its Light reaches everyone on Planet Earth! READ MORE...

The Arcturian Group ~ Love is The Glue That Holds All Things Together

Love is the glue that holds all things together.  Because the resonance of the world is becoming ever more enlightened, you are seeing and hearing messages and articles about love from many different sources on all levels of understanding.  World consciousness is beginning to open to love. Love at its purest level is simply the interconnectedness of Oneness. READ MORE...

Intense Energies Affecting The Physical, New Bigger Picture Forming

During this period of energy that is with us 'for a time' until 20th June, we are really feeling this in the physical:- Headaches - Not going able to rest, sleep or meditate - due to so much 'activity' going on above us and more so than the usual 'not being able to sleep'. Losing track of what day it is and even day or night - even just briefly. BALANCE ~ It's about balancing the activity and passivity of feeling the energies 'above' us swirling around quite furiously right now - to also 'carrying' on in our daily lives with all else we are needing to do. It is very 'full on',  no doubt about that. READ MORE...

Energy Report (Shift Update) ~ May 29th-31st, 2016

We’ve had a modge podge of mixed energies today. Last night came extreme lethargy and nausea, timeline shifting into new realities to meet you where you are now. Then bam! The energy increased and you may have been up all night unable to obtain restful sleep. Over the past few months past lives are surfacing for healing. This will be on going. Today earlier for a period the heart chakra expansion came through more to bring you into love. Shortness of breath and major heart palpitations. Now we are experiencing extreme hunger with major belly bloat as the body fills with gas from the phototonic energies coming through and in. Burning eyes, itchy eyes, blurry eyes all part of this shift. READ MORE...

Lemurian Fractal Project: In the Heart of Humanity lay Infinite Thoughts, Emotions, Wisdom, Power and Love

Lemurian Fractal Project:
In the Heart of Humanity lay Infinite Thoughts, Emotions, Wisdom, Power and Love

Link to Post:

Song of the Avadhut (read by Mooji)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Michael Jackson - Will You Be There

"In our darkest hour.
In my deepest despair.
Will you still care?
Will you be there?
In my triumphs.
And my tribulations.
Through our doubts.
And frustrations.
In my violence.
In my turbulence.
Through my fear.
And my confessions.
In my anguish.
And my pain.
Through my joy.
And my sorrow.
And the promise.
Of another tomorrow.
I'll never let you part.
You are always in my heart. "

- Michael Jackson

Video Link:


Contributed by: Collective Evolution -


"If you are living in America, chances are you’re familiar with the little pink ribbons. They seem to be plastered on everything — from makeup and jewellery to gardening tools and even buckets of fried chicken. But at least they are for a good cause. If we see this symbol and purchase these products, that means we are supporting breast cancer research, right?

Well, surprise, surprise — that is exactly what you are meant to believe and an example of marketing at its finest. It is truly sad to realize how much power marketing and advertising campaigns have over us."

Continue Reading at Link Here



* A Global Network of Tens to Hundreds of Millions of Lightworkers, Bringing in Paradise on Earth

* Networking & Empowering; Individuals, Organizations, Missions, Causes; the Open-Source Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth


Healing yourself, and healing your world around you are the same thing.

Take time to be with yourself, to be quiet, to be in meditation, in nature, with your own heart.

Please enjoy this playlist. Feel free to hit the shuffle button at the top, and then just let it play out.

Here's A Sample Video From The List:

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The New Earth Vision is Manifesting Now

The Following are recommendations as the release of all the old programming is coming up to the surface for many. Make sure you breathe, Be Patient with yourself and with others and stay focused in the Present Moment. This is going to be uncomfortable for Some as this clearing takes place. Let us Love Each Other and Support One Another..You will not take things personally, You will be gentle not only with Yourselves each other as well, You will not feed into fears, doubt, worry, resentment or negativity, You will ask for help. READ MORE...

June Gateway ~ Owning Your Ascension by Sandra Walter

Feel into this message; there is a lot presenting for the next four months as the May acceleration settles in. We are about to experience why May was so strong and transformative. That second preparatory wave of 2016 really pushed for the New Self to emerge. Denying it can crush the lower Self, so if you are experiencing doubt, fear, or confusion, get on board with the New Self decisions now, before this energy intensifies beginning of June. The intensity of the harmonics, light waves, and adjustments to the physical container are shifting continuously. Your moment-to-moment intentions and choices are key to your comfortability. READ MORE...

Energy Update ~ Wounding of The Soul-Ancient, First Incarnation Continues...

The recent Blue Full Moon opened a gateway to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Centre and will remain open and intensify until the Second Full Moon on June 20th during this period. Recently as the Full Blue Moon energy 'arrived' on the 21st May, with it, in all else that has been written by others, was an opportunity or an opening for an Ancient Soul Wounding to be healed...and we are talking First Incarnation here. Many souls have been feeling grief/anger that has been buried so very deeply in our souls core. Many of us who have been peeling those layers off for a while, were a little 'surprised' that there 'was more' to be felt. READ MORE...

Completion of Old Earth Phase... ForeRunners Now Refocus

Much transpiring for everyone right now.  For many, just awakening to the confusion, the injustices, the duality and the realization that their world is not as they desire, and that they desire so very much more... the confusion is "how to get out of" the current reality and "into that which inspires and fulfills". For others, Crystalline LightBody activations and the anchoring of the higher dimensions in their physical one. This space is bizarre, challenging and one doesn't want to be here, do this, yet they know they must, they chose it and while not injoying it, know it's important... the journey into the depths of their soul, to emerge AS their higher self aspects and on NEW Earth. READ MORE...

The Brainwaves and How the Mind is Dissolving in the God Consciousness

The Energies that are coming in are going to be moving you in more ways than one. You must be in Match with Your Vibrational Frequencies to the Space you are in, or else you will feel a lot of discomfort. AS the dream dissolves, WE as a Team of Light Together will BE Co~Creating in The New Reality. Each of you have Your own unique Aspect and mission as per your part of the Divine Plan and it will be up to you to fulfill this plan. In Choosing Love and Light, You are being Called, and you will need to travel light. For In choosing Love, The responsibility is that You Let go of all nothing and You are Return to Spirit Form. READ MORE...

Paradoxical Ascension Symptoms ~ Am I Going Crazy?

As we move ever-more deeply into the Ascension process that is unfolding everywhere now, many of us are at times experiencing increasingly intense Ascension symptoms. Some people I know are having serious physical symptoms, exacerbated symptoms they’ve either chronically had or those they’ve had in the past but thought they’d already healed from. Others are experiencing a lot of emotionally-charged situations—again in a heightened form and also with a feeling that they’re in a repeat experience of something they went through in the past. Fear, anger, emptiness and despair waft in and out, causing a puzzling disruption in their lives. READ MORE...

5D Life on New Earth

After we move to New Earth, we will still have animals, forest, rivers and lakes, grass, and birds. However, the Sun will be brighter, yet it will not feel so hot. Everything around us will have more colors and things will look sharper, fresh, and brighter. Not very many people will be here, because many will choose to go to their original home world. New Earth will not have religions, nor church systems. There will be no political parties, policymakers, rulers, or leaders. We will have universal rights and there will not be strict laws or regulations on living. The new social system will function on the universal Law of One. READ MORE...

Pleiadian High Council of Seven ~ Embracing Your Emotions

Sometimes you feel something, and you don’t know where that feeling is coming from. You cannot identify the trigger, and you often then wonder why you feel what you feel. You go right into your head, because your head wants to protect you from any sort of feeling that is not positive in nature. And if it’s a positive-feeling emotion, then your head wants to understand where it comes from so that you can access it more easily. But we want to encourage you to let go of the need to know. Let go of the need to understand and make sense of an emotion. Instead, recognize that it is an experience, and it is an experience that you are having. READ MORE...

Synchronicity Happens For A Reason ~ There Are No Accidents And No Coincidences

Have you stumbled upon an old friend? Seeing someone doing the same thing or speaking the same words as you? Or maybe experienced an accident? Are you thinking ‘Oh! What a coincidence!’ or ‘I could skip accidents like this…’ Well, you shouldn’t, because every single coincidence brings a message to you. In fact, there are no coincidences and accidents — there’s only synchronicity, and everything happens for a reason. The truth is, everything in our life is linked. From the past, to the present and future — every single coincidence or accident we stumble upon is linked. No matter how small or big of a movement is, it is all about synchronicity. READ MORE...

Morning Conversations with The Arcturians by Suzanne Lie

It is true that you have been feeling that something is about to happen. But because you were not sure what is coming, it left you with an emotional discomfort. Therefore, please allow us to assist you in remembering what you already knew but doubted because you want it so much. Therefore, instead of realizing that what is about to occur is actually exactly what you wished for, you are “protecting yourself against yet another disappointment.” We remind you now that it is far more effective to send Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light into that which you wish to experience. READ MORE...

Just A Reflection

When you first meet me on the street you may not know my name....I am your reflection in the "Grand scheme of things" are me.....Just a reflection of what Grand is becoming to mean...A light, A truth,of un-condtional love in action.....for what I give to you in those moments is me....Naked and Free, Gentle and Kind, honest as can be....Just A reflection of the miracles to come, the future we have all been dreaming of...this beautiful Love..connecting like notes of a beautifully written song....and its true we are heading for magical and I.....Just a reflection to heal and to leave all hearts open....and truth to flood the walls....We are a reflection no need to hide....its time to reveal all of our colors. READ MORE...

Goddess of Creation ~ There is Only Love

take this moment and have a sense of inviting that universal light energy to come in through you and then clear it out.  Clear out the space of your higher self so that you can look around and see not only that alignment to your divinity, but also that alignment to your earthly life.  It is as if you are suspended between them.  As you allow yourself to feel what that is, or whatever clarity may come to you, you then stream your consciousness up even further.  You allow your energy to flow until you find that balance with your I AM presence.  This is you as your divinity.  This is you as your God source energy.  Allow yourself to connect so that you may feel it. READ MORE...

A Message to Lightworkers ~ May 26th, 2016

We are the trailblazers laying the ground work for the next wave of Lightworkers. We need to start having direct communication with our Spirit team. We need to let them do their job! How can we help our Spirit teams bring us through the Ascension process—how do we make their jobs easier? The “invisibility” factor is not the hardest part for them, for most of you are able to see your Divine helpers in your mind’s eye, or to feel their presence with you in some way.  You also speak directly with them in your sleep state. And increasingly, as you continue to Ascend, you will be able to see them as clearly as you see loved ones now when they walk into the room. READ MORE...

Friday, May 27, 2016


Five minute of epic science compilation. Enjoy.
Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Friday, May 27, 2016

Our Solar System is a Vortex

Mind = Blown Credit: iReleaseEndorphins
Posted by Universe Explorers on Sunday, March 20, 2016


* Everywhere on Earth; Every Major City / Region on the Planet
* Humanity Gathers to Heal All Life, All Creation
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Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:

March & April:
Abundance / Prosperity for All / Investment in All Causes for the Betterment & Healing of Humanity & Mother Earth / Ensuring all Human Beings have ALL Human Rights (well beyond basic needs!) / And nature is our #1 priority, as we are nature, and nature is us!

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
All Professionals of all fields, and all Organizations / Businesses pertaining to prosperity, bringing together all Solutions; to help empower all human beings; all Human Rights achieved for all, well beyond basic needs
- Job training and matching of businesses with individuals / Business startup assistance; Professionals of all fields; business strategy, management, marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, website, social media, and more
- Ensuring all Human Beings in that region are their Highest, Empowered, Enterprising Self
- Helping ensure everyone in that entire region has; food, water, clothing, shelter, energy, health, happiness, spirit, and education
- Funding ALL causes that accelerate the global paradigm shift, and ensuring all life, all creation is provided for

May & June:
Health / Vitality / Well-Being for All (Humanity & Mother Earth).. ALL projects to be funded that are rooted in ALL FOR "ONE", and "ONE" FOR ALL.

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
- Those individuals focused on Healing ALL Diseases, Giving Selflessly for the Greatest Good of All, will receive the Highest Honors and receive the utmost recognition and abundance
- Healthy food planted everywhere on Earth
- Clean drinking water everywhere on Earth
- Plants and Trees planted everywhere on Earth
- Proper "Animal Codes of Conduct" set; closing down all improper / mass production facilities, and closing down all use of insecticides and pesticides (chemicals that poisoned us, animals, plants, our soils, water supply)
- Proactive health (Mind, Body, & Soul), energy, vibration, nutrition, exercise, reikki, meditation, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic, herbals, tinctures and tonics, sound healing, shamanic journeying, psychedelic healing experiences, hemp, cannabis, morongo, reishi, and all the superfoods/superherbs that heal all dis ease.

Adequate Housing, Sustainable Clothing, & Free Energy for ALL

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
- At a minimum; tiny homes, shipping container houses, sheds, yurts, shared living spaces, to guarantee every human being is properly housed
- The gradual transition to sustainable, natural clothing, and fabric usage, and the determination of re-purposing/recycling materials from old clothing
- Free energy grid established globally; open-sourced, all free energy leaders pool their tech and solutions, and every human being receives access to free energy

Happiness & Spirit for ALL

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
- Oneness / Community Centers established in every town on Earth
- All members of all communities have 3 meals a day in center of town, entertainment and education all day, all produce and products and services are pooled and provided to community
- Farmers farm, cooks cook, healers heal, musicians play, teachers teach, water and energy leaders bring their medicine for the Greatest Good of All
- Each member serves the community with their 10 hour commitment to the whole, doing that one thing they love to do, passion to purpose.
- All people of all walks are welcomed in the Heart Center; all in the community are "One"; all cultures and traditions are honored; we all agree upon The Highest Laws of the Universe, to live in harmony

Education for ALL

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
- Humanity, Earth, and All Life, All Creation's true history learned / Re-Membered
- Living in tune with nature, planting food, tending the land, caring for animals
- Ascension, being the true you, living a passionate life of learning, growth, and transformation, how to co-create Heaven on Earth with your fellow Human Beings and all life, all creation
- Mastery of all crafts by Human Beings, guided by their Hearts into field of their Passion and Purpose

October, November, & December:
Completion of Any and All Phases Above;

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
Preparation for full Resource-Based Global Economy, as a part of the Ascended Universe. Mastery of Self in field of Passion, of Commitment to the Whole. Humanity shifts around, as we are all guided to where our Mastery Training Hub is located for our specific field. All the brightest minds of all fields, i.e. Health, all healers and educators convene in Mother Earth's Vortex / Hub for Health, and Collaborate, Learn, and Master their Crafts, then spread throughout the world into all communities, to maintain Perfect Health for All for all Eternity.

2017 & BEYOND:
Full on Resource-Based Global Economy for all Humanity; Humanity is a mobile force, able to travel around the world, and bring their Medicines to communities everywhere; Human Beings do not own anything, as everything is ours, shared; There is a Tech Platform for the Managing of Humanity, Earth, and All Resources; All resources are entered into the system, and maintained regularly, and we choose to no longer use fossil fuels, no longer pillage Mother Earth, as there are natural solutions for everything; We have a Divine Relationship with all Life Forms; plants, animals, minerals, humans, Earth, the elements, and Higher Dimensional (us now) life.

Expansion to other Planets and Star Systems is the way forward; We form new Star Nations, Star Civilizations throughout the Universe; the Universe continues to expand, and we continue to grow, ascend, and become "One" with Source.

We are celebrated by the Company of Heaven, throughout All Time, All Space, to Infinity, and Beyond!

Love and blessings to you and yours; May miracles manifest in every moment for you, your family, friends, and all in your path!

- Source




Conscious Products & Services:

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* 75% of Doctors will NOT use chemo for themselves, or prescribe it for their families..

* I abolish all Dis Ease from Planet Earth, and Beyond!

* I AM Vibrating Perfect Health!

* I AM That I AM!

* I AM All That Is!

* I AM Love!

* I AM Whole and Complete!

* All is in Perfect Divine Order, Always, All Ways!

* I love you ALL!!

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Monsanto Ordered to Pay $46.5 Million in PCB Lawsuit in Rare Win for Plaintiffs

"A St. Louis jury has awarded three plaintiffs a total of $46.5 million in damages in a lawsuit alleging that Monsanto and three other companies were negligent in its handling of polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, a highly toxic and carcinogenic group of chemicals."

"Still, a growing number of West Coast cities have slammed lawsuits against the St. Louis-based corporation for cleanup costs of the compound. On May 19, the city of Long Beach in California became the eighth city to sue the biotech giant, joiningPortland, Seattle, Spokane, Berkeley, San Diego, San Jose and Oakland. These cases are pending."

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Ascension Energies Amping Up

Lately the Ascension process is gaining in both intensity and speed. Especially since the beginning of 2016, there have definitely been new Ascension energies flooding in, giving us an experience of transitioning that is more pronounced than before. And the energies have a different flavor from what we’ve experienced in the last few years. They’re hard to describe. In one way, there seems to be a firmer push with them. We’re being compelled to move forward somewhat faster now, whether we feel ready to or not. There’s also a demand to be ever-more vigilant about what we think and do and to see what we are creating for ourselves. The energies are affecting—and, at times, disrupting—our lives more than before. READ MORE...

Summer 2016 ~ Everything is Changing and Becoming Very Demanding

Love yourself for doing the very best you could in any given situation and forgive your self for everything else. Do not carry guilt’s from any time frame.  They burden you, and weigh you down keeping you from flight.  They block you from feeling, they keep you from loving, and they limit you from seeing your true light. Stand in these energies of Light as you walk through the shadowed corridors of your own mind. Everything is changing and becoming very demanding. The universe is pulling your ear and twisting your arm trying to get your attention.. READ MORE...

Spiritual Doctors ~ Opening Up to Your Own Healing, Divine Gifts and Abilities

Spiritual Doctors are IN! 



Are You lost? Feeling stuck or blocked? Having unusual experiences you cannot explain? Are you suffering with health issues? Would you like to raise your frequency? Are you aware we are in a full planetary ascension? Would you like assistance into what is really happening on the Planet and the Co~ Creation of The New Earth? 

The Spiritual Doctors are IN!! We offer a Magical Love Filled Multi Dimensional Experience for Your Complete and Whole Healing and assist you through the ascension process. Our Heart Based Technology Surpasses the old 3d technology. The old 3d technology increases your pain and suffering, our technology makes you feel good and feeling refreshed, energized and Light. As First Wavers Ourselves, We have assisted over 30,000 Love Beings Across the Planet into Higher states of Joy, Peace, and Wholeness of Being and we have many testimonials of the affects of the use of our 5d Based technology. READ MORE...