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The Currency Creator - Do you have a passion project, to change the world? Let's co-create it!

Paradise On Earth Now!

--- Meditate on this! --- NEW EARTH COUNCIL (In The Process Of Forming): Earth Dollar, World Summit, Free World Charter, Free World One, New Earth New You Now, Awakening Sovereignty Collective, Enlightened Conversations, Lightworker Advocate Magazine, Infinite Love In Motion, Peace Love & Unity, New Earth Nation, Ubuntu, United Earth, Transition, Noomap, Minds,, Local Earth, Ceptr, Venus Project, Thrive, Zeitgeist, Prepare For Change, Unify, Bloom Network, Conscious Media Coalition, Collective Evolution, The Shift Network, Uplift, Evolver Social Movement, Portal To Ascension, Tribalize, Portal To The New Earth, One Love Experience, Guardian Alliance, Wake Up World, Our Bee Well, Diamonds Network, Fruit The World, TimeRepublik, Focus Fitness & Fun, Lady Harmony, Peaceful Ninjas, Peace Sticks, NuMondo, HOPEvolve, Angel Feather Vision, Earth Restoration Camps / Eco Villages, Inspire Unity Movement, Green Earth Vision/ City, Kamini Music, 2017 Galactic Nesara Disclosure, Intuitive Healer, WalkYourSpirit, Into The Mythica, Tangle Lab Mentorship and Impact Investing, Inspired Living Events, Tesla Sustainable Village and Innovation Centre, Sacred Spaces add here- Contact Us- MAUI is calling us home, to build the Resource-Based Economic System, for the Completion of Paradise On Earth

Friday, May 27, 2016


* Everywhere on Earth; Every Major City / Region on the Planet
* Humanity Gathers to Heal All Life, All Creation
* Join existing Projects / Events, or Create a new Project / Event for your area
* Use the name "Re-Sourced" for your Facebook Groups/Pages, Websites, Etc, to ensure others will be able to find The Events in your area (example below)

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:

March & April:
Abundance / Prosperity for All / Investment in All Causes for the Betterment & Healing of Humanity & Mother Earth / Ensuring all Human Beings have ALL Human Rights (well beyond basic needs!) / And nature is our #1 priority, as we are nature, and nature is us!

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
All Professionals of all fields, and all Organizations / Businesses pertaining to prosperity, bringing together all Solutions; to help empower all human beings; all Human Rights achieved for all, well beyond basic needs
- Job training and matching of businesses with individuals / Business startup assistance; Professionals of all fields; business strategy, management, marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, website, social media, and more
- Ensuring all Human Beings in that region are their Highest, Empowered, Enterprising Self
- Helping ensure everyone in that entire region has; food, water, clothing, shelter, energy, health, happiness, spirit, and education
- Funding ALL causes that accelerate the global paradigm shift, and ensuring all life, all creation is provided for

May & June:
Health / Vitality / Well-Being for All (Humanity & Mother Earth).. ALL projects to be funded that are rooted in ALL FOR "ONE", and "ONE" FOR ALL.

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
- Those individuals focused on Healing ALL Diseases, Giving Selflessly for the Greatest Good of All, will receive the Highest Honors and receive the utmost recognition and abundance
- Healthy food planted everywhere on Earth
- Clean drinking water everywhere on Earth
- Plants and Trees planted everywhere on Earth
- Proper "Animal Codes of Conduct" set; closing down all improper / mass production facilities, and closing down all use of insecticides and pesticides (chemicals that poisoned us, animals, plants, our soils, water supply)
- Proactive health (Mind, Body, & Soul), energy, vibration, nutrition, exercise, reikki, meditation, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic, herbals, tinctures and tonics, sound healing, shamanic journeying, psychedelic healing experiences, hemp, cannabis, morongo, reishi, and all the superfoods/superherbs that heal all dis ease.

Adequate Housing, Sustainable Clothing, & Free Energy for ALL

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
- At a minimum; tiny homes, shipping container houses, sheds, yurts, shared living spaces, to guarantee every human being is properly housed
- The gradual transition to sustainable, natural clothing, and fabric usage, and the determination of re-purposing/recycling materials from old clothing
- Free energy grid established globally; open-sourced, all free energy leaders pool their tech and solutions, and every human being receives access to free energy

Happiness & Spirit for ALL

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
- Oneness / Community Centers established in every town on Earth
- All members of all communities have 3 meals a day in center of town, entertainment and education all day, all produce and products and services are pooled and provided to community
- Farmers farm, cooks cook, healers heal, musicians play, teachers teach, water and energy leaders bring their medicine for the Greatest Good of All
- Each member serves the community with their 10 hour commitment to the whole, doing that one thing they love to do, passion to purpose.
- All people of all walks are welcomed in the Heart Center; all in the community are "One"; all cultures and traditions are honored; we all agree upon The Highest Laws of the Universe, to live in harmony

Education for ALL

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
- Humanity, Earth, and All Life, All Creation's true history learned / Re-Membered
- Living in tune with nature, planting food, tending the land, caring for animals
- Ascension, being the true you, living a passionate life of learning, growth, and transformation, how to co-create Heaven on Earth with your fellow Human Beings and all life, all creation
- Mastery of all crafts by Human Beings, guided by their Hearts into field of their Passion and Purpose

October, November, & December:
Completion of Any and All Phases Above;

Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Small and Large Events, Gatherings:
Preparation for full Resource-Based Global Economy, as a part of the Ascended Universe. Mastery of Self in field of Passion, of Commitment to the Whole. Humanity shifts around, as we are all guided to where our Mastery Training Hub is located for our specific field. All the brightest minds of all fields, i.e. Health, all healers and educators convene in Mother Earth's Vortex / Hub for Health, and Collaborate, Learn, and Master their Crafts, then spread throughout the world into all communities, to maintain Perfect Health for All for all Eternity.

2017 & BEYOND:
Full on Resource-Based Global Economy for all Humanity; Humanity is a mobile force, able to travel around the world, and bring their Medicines to communities everywhere; Human Beings do not own anything, as everything is ours, shared; There is a Tech Platform for the Managing of Humanity, Earth, and All Resources; All resources are entered into the system, and maintained regularly, and we choose to no longer use fossil fuels, no longer pillage Mother Earth, as there are natural solutions for everything; We have a Divine Relationship with all Life Forms; plants, animals, minerals, humans, Earth, the elements, and Higher Dimensional (us now) life.

Expansion to other Planets and Star Systems is the way forward; We form new Star Nations, Star Civilizations throughout the Universe; the Universe continues to expand, and we continue to grow, ascend, and become "One" with Source.

We are celebrated by the Company of Heaven, throughout All Time, All Space, to Infinity, and Beyond!

Love and blessings to you and yours; May miracles manifest in every moment for you, your family, friends, and all in your path!

- Source


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