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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Energy Update ~ Days Away From The Most Powerful Solar Eclipse Ever!

Beloveds, we are just a few days away from the most powerful Solar Eclipse ever experienced yet by Humankind. What makes this eclipse so powerful is the alignment in which it occurs – both seen and unseen by the Earthly human realm. May we remind you that you exist in but a tiny portion of the vast Universe which you know as your Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy. We wish to reiterate the importance of being in alignment with your Soul Self at this time so that these powerful energies can be easily integrated with as little physical side effect as possible. READ MORE...

The Blue Ray ~ Your DNA Is Responding To New Codes

Many of the Light Bearers frequency holders will experience an upgrade body shift of purification and will be responding to New Codes of light. Through your body template you will be shifting your vibrational frequency. This will increase your sensory awareness and intuition that expands your energy aura sensitivities. 11:11 The Blue Rays, Ultra-Sensitive Empaths, Starseeds, New Forerunners and Angelics may go through this first and are setting code tone resonances for the new grid lines and consciousness. This can be experienced in various ways and via cycles of changes. Here are some of the Ascension Symptoms. READ MORE....

September 2016’s Preparative Energetic Pushes

After the 2016 Lion’s Gate stampede, I’ve felt that rare but oh so blissful sensation of feeling mildly drugged (zero drugs people, just an energetic side effect) and absolute need to fall asleep and get out-of-body for as long as possible throughout the day. This has been going on for the past couple of weeks and is that wonderful phase where we integrate and recuperate, acclimate and adjust to the latest inner evolutionary changes. This is not the common Ascension symptom‘tired and wired’ where you’re totally exhausted beyond all comprehension but are being fried alive inside out by higher energies and your mind races nonstop the whole time. READ MORE...

Ashira, St Germain & One Who Serves ~ Be the Light You Want To Shine in The World

There are many changes to come. Many things are about to shift. Your consciousness is shifting. The entire planet’s consciousness is shifting. The Collective Consciousness is coming along just as it needs to. Just as has been foretold by many of the prophets in the past. As you know, these are the “End Times”. These are the times that those of you, the Lightworkers, those of you who volunteered to come here, these are those times you have been waiting for and working toward. Many of you grow tired and we know this. Many of you even say, “I am done. I cannot continue on.” READ MORE...

Amplification Energies ~ Deep, Fast, Powerful, Fully Re-Align, Living From Your Heart-Soul Core

DEEP inner cleansings, deep reflections, deep emotions... these are going to our core (and keeping us there). Anything out of sync, unresolved, not pure divine love, triggered (sometimes hard and fast with these amplification energies), and the ability to utilize total consciousness to provide different options than before. No more excuses, no apologies for living your own SOUL PURPOSES and why you do things, no more story, no more defending, no more going on the offense, for each is part of the old distorted programs and "others" or "these frequencies" are just to trigger anywhere you still do this so that you can see this for you. When you stand in honor, in alignment with SOURCE SELF from inside, you don't "owe" anyone anything. READ MORE...

Frequency Shift ~ You Will Make It Through and Be Much Better for It

Many are 'not feeling well' and some are laid up due to releasing so much of the old at the physical level...this is the 'last' place one feels a shift vibrationally from Spirit to Soul, Mentally and then Emotionally, to be released through our physical bodies...this is also impacting children/teens in a big way as well. Many felt/feel they are going 'insane' in feeling 'different' and in a different/new space/place now....add to that so much information about the three eclipses during September coming in as well energetically. This can lead to a 'overload' of information of one 'doing their head in'. READ MORE...

Archangel Michael ~ Gratitude is Playing a Larger Role in Your Everyday Lives

Gratitude is playing a larger role in your everyday lives. You are learning to be grateful and appreciate the smallest possibilities. What has us equally excited, is your ability to also see the “gratitude” in moments previously thought of as obstacles. This is the growth of a Master Dear Ones. When you can rejoice and celebrate the things that didn’t work out as you had planned, BUT you see the JOY in what did unfold, and you appreciate the lesson in that unfoldment. True Spiritual growth and understanding that only a few short years ago so many would not have seen this as an opportunity to expand their awareness. READ MORE...

Family of Light ~ Planetary Change and Transformation

Family of Light volunteers are on Earth to aid in planetary change and transformation. They are to bring in or ‘remember’ high levels of information, guidance and awareness…and most importantly to anchor the energy of unconditional love. This is to aid in raising the overall energy of the planet. Much of the information given to the planet is not new to you, it acts to stir memory, and to remind you of what you have known before. It is time to remember your mission on Earth, what you are to do, who you truly are. You are incarnated upon Earth at this time to help create a high level of light, unconditional love, knowledge, willingness to grow, and to aid in the shifting of consciousness needed for the planet. READ MORE...


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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

“THE SOURCE” Broadcast / Paradigm Shifting Network

Posted by Doron Kutash on Monday, August 29, 2016

Eclipses to Equinox ~ The Ultimate Balancing Act: Anchoring The Accelerated Creation Cycle

The energies of the new month are already beginning to arrive, heralding the entrance of some superhero (m-f) rebalancing efforts set to take place in our lower body system in preparation for 2017…a year when the planet will need as many people as possible anchored in divine neutrality. We are moving into a period of grounding, a profound integration of the new accelerated creation cycle which amplified exponentially thru the Lion’s Gate, and becomes fully viable on the September 22nd equinox, directly following the last eclipse of the year. And from what I am hearing, so many have succeeded in ways that will not only change the course of our entire life’s creation, but the entire course of human history. READ MORE...

Acceleration and The Solar Eclipse ~ Making The Choice

Many have asked about the upcoming timeline shift, wondering if the Light Tribe can handle an acceleration since symptoms have been somewhat intense this year. Let us review a few items for clarity. An acceleration is occurring regardless of our choice. Evolution is evolution. We are receiving a third wave of photonic light in September, the third in a series of waves intended to prepare us for the global intense shift in 2017. The first wave was in December/January, the second in April/May, and the third arrives in September. All of these waves are focused on amplifying the shift in consciousness and Ascension. Regardless of our collective intentions before the wave arrives in September, there will be an acceleration. READ MORE...

When You Were Born, You Were Given an Angelic Guardian

The Heavenly Father issued you to be in charge of us.  Finally, after so long, we are set free to do our job, to love and protect you.  Each one of you has a multitude of us around you.  We flit about as a butterfly in a palace rose garden. When you were born you were given an angelic guardian.  We come forth to allow you the experience the grace, the glory of peace amongst all the turmoil.  We are what brings a smile to your face in the midst of a hectic day when just for a moment you remember us and just for a moment you experience peace.  We are just as real as you are.  We are just at a different frequency of light. READ MORE...

The Eloheim ~ The Levels of Consciousness

Move your issues up the levels. The levels are fluid to begin with, but consciously move them up. We have wanted you to at least default to level 4 but, for 2014, aim to default to level 6. Be honest. It’s deeply empowering to own the level that you’re on. I: Duality.  A fact of this system. The temptation here is to feel there are only two options. Adversarial systems. (ie Yes/No. Black/White. Right/Wrong. D) To open this up, use the “color with all the crayons” tool to see the other options, to see at least a third way. Do you want to be right or be happy? 2: Victimhood.  This is a sticky place. “Somebody (or something) is doing it to me. I pay the price for their choices. They are controlling me.” You have no power here. READ MORE...

Archangel Michael ~ The Eclipse Cycle and Your Innate Authority

It benefits you to listen to your heart. Your heart speaks to you and it is always orienting you to that which will move your life forward. At times you don’t trust this. You feel drawn to things you feel are a detour. Are not taking you into what you want. But we tell you clearly: your heart knows the way. Your heart in the way we mean it, is your inner knowing, your connection to your own vastness. You have this light flowing within you all the time and as a result, you can always tell what feels right to you. This is because of the true divine essence which is in you and is informed. Your Source; the essence that is you, is always up to speed with everything in Creation. READ MORE...

Being Love... Being Peace

We continue to have ongoing influxes of Light downloads. All this Light brings up more and more old energies that no longer serve us. Old beliefs surface, along with grief, perceived loss, perceived abandonment and more. Any time you feel someone has hurt you, it shows you that you still hold victim energy. If you don't release it, you continue to create circumstances in which you feel someone or something has done harm to you. We are not victims! If, however, you still carry old perceived hurts, you will continue to create more circumstances that prove that you indeed are a victim. READ MORE...

From “Oh NO!” to “Whatever.”​

Perhaps you feel deflated by not sensing anything extraordinary or as you might say, “woo woo” during this energy season. Your concern is that you are not progressing as you wish or that you cannot progress because of something you have not cleared or have not done that others seem to do automatically. None of your worries are accurate. You are accepting the new energies of this strong eclipse period as fully as anyone. It is just that you have less to address, or the energies are not those required for your expansion into new you. Your path is unique. So it is with energy bursts. You will collect those pieces of any energy burst most appropriate for your being. READ MORE...

Sananda ~ Upcoming Energetic Shifts, Step into Your Power

Being the detached observer and holding a neutral attitude, while blessing and sending Love to the ones in need, you are of the best service that you can Be. The upcoming energetic shifts and openings have great opportunities for You here to step into your power and truly Be the walking Masters on Earth. That requires great stamina and strength, which you all have by now, and it gets constantly increased and replenished when in need by simply calling on Me or finding your way Home into the Mother/ Father/One’s arms. READ MORE...

Archangel Metatron ~ The 12 Sun Discs

Change is the nature of reality, and ‘reality’ is ever expanding as consciousness expands. All that you term as reality is dynamic, constantly shifting, within & without all dimensions in a manner that is appropriate on & beyond the holograms of the Earth. We tell you that in 2016, year 4 of the New Planet Earth, many of you are in the advanced stages of achieving Mastery, and indeed have attended the Mystery Schools of Earth far more times than you may realize. And now is the time of completion. It is the 12th Gate, and the energy of this ‘Mastery Initiation’ is resurfacing. READ MORE...

The Pleiadians ~ Prime Creator’s Dimensions

As Earth is catapulted into a frequency that will allow the Living Library to come back into full function, necessary experiences will be shared by all. In order to once again become valuable assets as the keys who access the Living Library from many cosmic points of view, you will have twelve-stranded DNA and full brain capacity. And, in order for you to be in partnership as library cards, you must understand that you are more than human. Throughout existence, where you are multidimensional in your truest form, you have many different guises. You are collections of sentient energies that are seeded all over this universal system. READ MORE...

Kryon ~ Within You is The Inexhaustible Spiritual Treasure

Kryon ~ Within You is The Inexhaustible Spiritual Treasure

Mercury Retrograde ~ September Eclipse Shock Waves

We’re now immersed in the powerful Eclipse Season that includes Mercury turning retrograde in Virgo, Jupiter moving to Libra, a Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st and Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16th.  Starting this Tuesday, Mercury turns retrograde from August 30th at 29° Virgo till September 22nd at 14° Virgo and the arrival of the annual Autumn Equinox. Mercury retrograde is a time for deeper personal review and reset. Supported on both sides by the good-fortune planets, Venus and Jupiter, Mercury’s retrograde journey occurs during September’s eclipse season. This packs a powerful punch to out-dated systems, patterns and operating systems. You can expect more surprises and rapid change. READ MORE...

Monday, August 29, 2016

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter ~ You're in a Corridor of Cosmic Grace

Mercury and Venus will reach 29 degrees of Virgo at the exact same moment.  These two reside closer than anything in our solar system to the Sun, the star power that holds our reality together. Mercury is the energy you use to perceive reality. Venus is the power of your love, and what and why you do.  The seed they'll create when they conjoin will be highly magnetic and extremely auspicious. Venus is one of the two planets known to the ancients as "the two benefics." The other is Jupiter. Tonight's Mercury-Venus conjunction occurs almost exactly halfway between the Messenger’s two meetings with the other benefic, our Blessing Giver Jupiter. These three conjunctions are a triple infusion of blessing, grace, and love. READ MORE...

Love Has Won Update 8~28~16: 3rd Wave of Energies Released ~ YIPEEE!

The Third wave of energies has been released as per the Divine Plan. YIPEEEEEEEEE! CAN YOU FEEL THIS? This will be occurring for all of September. The Energies will increase in intensity as we move forward in them. We are in energies of choice and this is all up to you what you would like to experience. You can Choose lessons as gifts, or serving love and receiving love gifts. Lesson Gifts you will receive, if you are choosing to be self important and continuing in the egoic program mind.  Love Gifts will be given for those who decided to choose love and are moving into the heart. Simple as this. Either way its all good. Have Fun Everyone. Highly recommend getting your sessions in with us

We’ve Collectively Chosen Acceleration of New Earth Changes ~ The Event

Have you felt antsy and expectant lately? The Event is about to become clear and hopefully, undeniable as a massive Galactic Wave hits Earth in September, accelerating our Transformation. Be ready to relax, to keep feeling and projecting love, peace, and happiness during the big changes that are now starting. Don’t fear. We are witnessing one of the biggest and best events EVER on this planet. Recently, it was said that we had a choice (as you will read, below) between a timeline of continued slow progress toward a planet without strife, conflict and war, or an accelerated timeline, with less gradual, huge and noticeable changes, and of course, includes Divine assistance. I said, “Bring it on!” READ MORE...

Integration Into The Universal Community

Our family units serve as our initiation into the social world and function as our basis of learning and understanding the external factors involved in the relationships. We also increase and expand our own Self awareness in experiences with others to learn about our own social needs in our relationships. On September 16, 2016 our awareness in our social Self’s need to seek relationships in others will be increasing to an unprecedented level, as the way in which we looked at and experienced our relationships in the past will be drawing to a close! Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be compelling us to expand our social Self’s need to seek relationships with others to prepare for our relationship with God – and our Return to God! READ MORE...

The Arcturian Group ~ You Must Now Leave Behind Any Outgrown Dependence

Humans have attained a spiritual readiness to realize who and what they really are and start living it. There are those who still refuse to move beyond the obsolete belief system they know and love in the belief that the world they see with their eyes is real and cannot or must not change. Free will allows all to evolve at their own pace, and the right time comes for everyone. Your time is now. You must now leave behind any outgrown dependence upon a person, tradition, ritual, or object that may of helped you in the past. READ MORE...

The Arcturians ~ Within This Now by Suzanne Lie

Within this NOW you are not fully in the third/fourth dimensional body. Nor are you fully in your fifth dimensional body. This is NOT because you did something wrong. This is because you are a prototype. You are among those who has volunteered to “test the equipment” for transmuting your third/fourth dimensional Earth vessel into your fifth dimensional Light Vessel. Therefore, you will be called to release your third and fourth dimensional manner of thinking before your fifth dimensional brain is fully online. Within this NOW, we suggest that you focus primarily on the third dimension as your baseline and the fifth dimension as where YOU go, but you do not live yet. READ MORE...

The Pleiadians ~ Awaken Within This Dream

As a species of life, you are poised at that moment when you are required to make a leap of faith. We tell you stories from which you can evolve. You can choose whether to believe them or not. However, if you believe them, be willing to let go of them and recognize when they no longer serve you. READ MORE...

Ashtar ~ Taking Off Into Higher and Higher Levels of Dimensionality

Welcome to the New Dimensionality!  Welcome to the Golden Age and the Ascension Path because your roller coasters are transforming alchemically, so to speak.  Imagine this – imagine first of all, and this is where you are right now – that the lows are happening fewer and fewer times.  And even though it might seem in the World around you they’re going as low as they ever did – in fact for some of you it may seem even lower – the reality of it is that there is an upliftment happening even in the lowest of the valleys, while at the same time the highs are going higher and higher. READ MORE...

Receive The Energy That is Streaming Down to You Now

Receive the light. Receive the energy that is streaming down to you now. It opens up for who you really are. It gives you the courage and the power you need to go on now. It greets you welcome home. You will find yourself and your own light with the help of this light. It is strong and continuously demands your attention. Do not turn your back on it, as this will give you more problems. You make it easiest for yourself if you welcome it with your whole heart. READ MORE...

Pleiadian High Council of Seven ~ The Power of Your Feelings

It is true that Earth is a type of experiment and that humanity has been engineered, but what those who have been doing the experimenting and engineering didn’t count on was the power that you all have access to through your ability to feel. Your ability to feel far outweighs your ingenuity or your survival instinct. It is your ability to feel that fuels you and that calls forth more of Source Energy through you. All of your innovations and all of your creativity stem from this ability that you have. The feelings that you experience are electric. They are powerful. They are not to be trifled with or brushed aside. READ MORE...

The Children of Light: Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, And Starseeds ~ Are You One of Them?

All children who have entered into the world can be either Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Starseeds etc.  There is no birth status amongst children, just their level of awareness of who they are, their mission and purpose. Every single child is capable, especially if given the proper support and nurturing, to become the amazing and brilliant new creators, healers, helpers and caretakers of tomorrow.   Unfortunately, it is often the unawakened parents along with the current system of control that is responsible for hijacking their true potentials. When we can identify the unique qualities, talents, attributes and interests of our children, this is a truly magical moment. READ MORE...

The Heart Has Its Own “Brain” and Consciousness

Many believe that conscious awareness originates in the brain alone. Recent scientific research suggests that consciousness actually emerges from the brain and body acting together. A growing body of evidence suggests that the heart plays a particularly significant role in this process. Research in the new discipline of neurocardiology shows that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated center for receiving and processing information. The nervous system within the heart (or “heart brain”) enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex. READ MORE....

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ascension in The Zero Zone (Last 3 Months of 2016)

I’ve asked for more conscious understanding about where we’re at within these last three months of 2016, our time in what I call the Zero Zone, and all of it preparing us for entry into 2017 at an entirely NEW higher level. This one is a biggie within the Ascension Process and I’ve been working on better understanding this mammoth and rare evolutionary shift we’re entering already. The other night I received some interesting themed insights, awareness, visions and better overall understanding about this powerful phase and shift at the physical level we’re in now and will increasingly be for the rest of 2016. One very strong message I perceived was how important it is, especially now. READ MORE...

Guide For Surviving The Releasing Process & Downloads ~ Going Beyond Cutting Cords

We have entered a new phase in this ascension process. Instead of downloads coming at determinate times, they are non-stop now. The light codes are intense and are changing everything in our world, but even more so, it is changing us. No longer will we see huge leaps taken in groups upon planet alignments, solstices and other events. Now, more so than ever this process has become very personal and individualized. Below are techniques that I use to move through these downloads with as little pain as possible. These are my techniques and they work for me in this now. I say, in this now, because as I evolve, my techniques change and evolve too. READ MORE..

Summary of Energies and Where We Are At, August 27th 2016

Souls are coming into their power as we are more connected to our Spirit...BUT are not yet fully integrating this into the human being...this leads to a 'top-heavy' input or influx of information overload. I have been reading some articles by souls who are sharing mixed up information....others are sharing what is going on energetically, yet only on the spirit level and not the human soul level. We need to go with the flow of energies, one foot after the other...pull back and don't go into what is going to happen in the future. READ MORE...

LightKeepers ~ Stability Amidst Confusion & Projected Chaos: Mass Awakenings

Very active StarGate activity again today, high high high ion charged atmospheres... Looks like we have another day of AMPLIFICATION ENERGIES.... The higher the frequencies, the more these structures collapse, the old fixed ways of thinking become visible... these mega high frequencies can create utter and complete chaos of the mind and emotions, for it is the point/purpose... as every cell has to cleanse and fill with MORE LOVE. Chaos creates confusion, yet only where old programs are concerned. There is nothing confusing when one is in total alignment inside and existing through the purity of Divine Love. READ MORE...

Ascension, Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: Cosmic Rays Evolve Consciousness & Transform DNA

The effects of cosmic rays on our own genetics has led to mutations within the body, within the mind, the brain, that has altered our perception of reality… The correspondence between ancient cosmic ray levels and sudden evolutionary leaps and human technology and art are facts. Cosmic rays are passing through the Earth and our bodies all the time due to ambient processes of the cosmos – hence why there is always a slow and gradual evolution taking place. READ MORE...

September 2016 Astrology ~ Jupiter Comes Back Online by Carl Boudreau

September 1, UT ~ a solar eclipse in Virgo. September 16, UT ~ a lunar eclipse in Pisces. Added to August’s mid-month eclipse, these eclipses make up a series of three eclipses. On one level, we can be grateful for these eclipses. They are occurring as the power of the mutable T-Square is peaking and its energy is shifting. This surge of eclipse energy from the mutable T-Square will accelerate the demise of global oligarchy and hasten the end of the gross political and economic inequality threatens global stability. The eclipse energies will trigger and accelerate karmic consequences for using dishonest and manipulative language. This will further cleanse our politics and economics of toxic rhetoric. READ MORE...

The Andromedans ~ New Earth is Approaching Fast

We are in exciting times. Everything is accelerating, can you feel it? This may seem exhausting and too much to take, but this is really a reward. As a collective you have managed to shift energies so quickly, that you have decided to move into a faster timeline than planned. We, your brothers and sisters, are observing what is going on on planet earth with pride. Ascension is happening even faster than planned, in terms of linear time. At the same time, linear time is dissolving, that is why you often feel completely lost in time and space and everything seems to happen simultaneously in one moment, followed by a feeling of nothing happening at all the next. You are realigning to the laws of the fifth dimension. READ MORE...

Archangel Raphael ~ It is The Age of Love That We Enter

The percentage of the population on Earth that has sought and found their light now holds the light steadily on Earth. It is the Age of Love that we enter and it is the love for ourselves that we need to bring forth. Let the seeds of love grow and develop to full bloom. Then let these seeds spread and spread roots here and there. The Light that is spreading on Earth influences these seeds so that they will grow strong. You have much help from the light now, dear friends. It is calling you in many different ways. Some of you can feel the transformation that is taking place in your bodies. READ MORE...

Archangel Gabriel's Daily Message ~ Saturday August 27, 2016

Dear Ones, one of the biggest ways you hold yourself back is by your habit of seeing yourself as being wrong. What if your procrastination is simply waiting for supportive energy to create from? What if your sudden time off work is designed to give you time to focus on your spiritual growth? What if your breakup happened to make room for the greatest love of your life to occur? What if you were late this morning because had you been on time you would have been in an accident? READ MORE...

Message From The Angels ~ Your Seeds of Love

If you poured water through a dry and dirty sponge, before the water can run clean, the dirt and debris must first be washed away. So too, as the light of love continues to flood human hearts, it continues to exposes human fears. These fears expose themselves in many different ways. For example: You may feel tangible worries about areas in your own life – the bills, your family, your job, your health, etc. You may have vague feelings of anxiety or unease. You may experience tension, digestive discomfort, or a feeling like static electricity in the body. You may find yourself nervously diving into frantic activity, or discover your thoughts are jumping rapidly from one concern to the next. READ MORE...

Pleiadian High Council of Seven ~ The Most Empowering Act

If you are in the middle of something that you are not enjoying, you really only have two choices. You can stop doing the thing that you are doing, or you make it enjoyable. Those are the choices that serve you and empower you. Staying and complaining or trying to change the situation are not the most appropriate or wisest choices. When you are in a situation where you do not feel like you have a choice in the matter, that is the moment where you must empower yourselves. You always have a choice, and telling yourself that you do not have a choice is disempowering, and it is never true

5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ A “Hermes” Mercury Retrograde

On August 30th till September 22nd, 2016 ~ we have in Virgo the Mercury Retrograde. Before you gasp and say oh no, let us look at the benefits and activate within us, the greater joy and fun during a Mercury Retrograde. It is an AUSPICIOUS time for Synchronicity, and in Virgo, also ruled by Mercury, we may experience more of a Hermes (The thrice Magician) influence. After All, Magic and the HIGHER Mercury energy is what the 5th Dimension is ALL about! The Goddess the God! Here we go! READ MORE...

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Archangel Michael ~ Third Wave Energy and Karma, "Reap What You Sow"

The energies of the “Third Ascension Wave” is climaxing. There has been much information on what these energies are and the affects they will have on the Collective and the Planet. However, very few details has been given on the Karmic Energies that this Third Wave provides. There has been much miss and dis-information on Karma. Most of the Lightworkers are familiar to what is known in the 3D realm as negative karma. Some do not even know what karma is, let alone how this applies to their journey, soul growth and to the collective. Let us clarify the knowledge of Karma and how the Third Wave will play a significant role with Everyone residing Our Beloved Gaia. READ MORE...

Frequency Activation Into The New Earth Reality

We are in the final count down into the number of days left before Everything Begins to Change. A while ago, our OverSoul Family placed protective seals on our DNA template until the time came when we would be truly ready to access our highest DNA potential. The reason why protective seals were placed on our DNA was because when the seals are unlocked we all have the potential to be instant manifestors of reality. It was decided that we would be ready to begin unlocking the seals on our DNA in September 2016. READ MORE...

Incoming Energies ~ The Intensity is Going to Increase, Substantially...

Super mega high plasma energies (inside your bodies) and out, these magnify your own distortions, a gazillion-fold, by way of your own thoughts. They also open the heart huge. After a strong period of plasma-filling-expansion then we quickly move into an intense contraction.... squeezing the energy, squeezing anything of discomfort... out of the body..... then we move to cellular cleansings and then we do it all over again... So get ready loves, observe you, your own emotions, your own perceptions, judgments, mentalities, beliefs.... We've been watching others project huge lately, all their hate (which equals hurt), lashing out at others. The intensity is going to increase, substantially. READ MORE...

Energy Update ~ Massive Plasma Energy Exacerbating Any Distortions of The Human Mind

Yesterday we went through an entire range of activations again. Massive plasma energy exacerbating any distortions of the human mind. Template clearing, cellular cleansings, zero point/void spaces... all in & out, activating, anchoring, clearing, shifting... zoom zoom zoom... instantly then onto the next... It's the fastest cycling I've seen thus far and we continue to increase all .... For me it was clearing remnant twin soul energies that were still trapped in my own cells, cutting any old cords of thoughts, recognizing any emotions left, for our connection is so strong, when he goes through stuff, I see/feel/know it here. READ MORE...

Message to Lightworkers ~ August 26th, 2016

Regarding your choices before incarnation, this is of course a matter to discuss with your support team of higher self, guides, and Angels. It is indeed unusual for a Lightworker to come to Earth at this time with making money as their main interest. Most assuredly, there are those in the banking, legal, and government systems who are there as transforming and transmuting Lights. They have chosen to be there, to root out corruption and reveal the weaknesses of the old system, and to help establish the new, NESARA-era system. READ MORE...