Wednesday, August 31, 2016


We are very, very excited to announce our 1st "Live, Work, & Play" Community & Event Space (a Source Network Membership)!

In Beautiful Los Angeles, CA..

Corey's Sound Palace:

Financial Model:

The "cumulative membership income" + "event income" + "sponsorships"; provides the necessary revenues to operate a "Live, Work, & Play" Community & Event Space.

Paypal of $20 can be paid to for your first 2 passes,
or pay in advance in quantities of $20 for more,
These also are great for gifts for friends, family, and tribe.

Upcoming Events:

(You can contact Corey's Sound Palace to book your event as well. Schedule filling up fast.)

Thursday Nights - Corey's "Cosmic Sound Bath experience"

& 1 Saturday Night a Month - Source Network's "Tribe Abundance Gathering"

About the Membership Passport:

$20/ Month, per member
= 2 Event Passes

Includes 20% off all in house treatments: massage, shamanic work, sound healing, toning, workshops, readings, channeling circles, cosmic choral choir, and more..

The Model for Community "Live, Work, & Play" Community & Event Spaces going forward:

In every town on Earth,
connecting all spaces/communities together,
we are One Global Village,
via the White Light Railroad to freedom.

Other Details:

You can trade passes, from village to village..
You can bring a guest with your passes... (This encourages guests to bring you the next time with their passes)..

Buy now!

Set up your space in your village today!
(And let us know via Contact Us, and we'll list your village... This is the 1st step to community living in your area)

Blessings of love and abundance to you and yours,

- The Source