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Paradise On Earth Now!

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Permaculture / Village Bus Tour

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(Tentative- Details Subject To Change) 


(Brought to you by I Am We, & The Source / Source Network)

November 18 - December 19

5-10 creative individuals, Traveling by bus..

Village to village, "Bringing people out of their houses and into community!"



Pre-Tour Appearances:

11/10 - 11/13 - Desert Hot Springs - Earth Shift/ Star Knowledge Conference - Tour Showcase

Bus Tour Begins:

11/16 - 11/17 - Fontana - Future Project Site - Observation - Gathering Information - Project Planning

11/18 - Prep Day - Organizing - Solidifying Schedule

11/19 - Holy Light Gathering @ Corey's Eco-Community Center

11/20 - Venice - Full Circle Venice visit, and Venice Drum Circle and offering Free Massage, Tea Ceremony, & Capoiera along Venice Beach

11/21 - 11/22 - Organizational / Work Days

11/23 - Santa Monica Mountains Property
  • Design consultation
11/24 - Thanksgiving!

11/25 - Kiss the Ground, 681 n venice blvd, venice, ca
11/26 - Los Angeles Ecovillage, 117 bimini place, LA, ca
  • Free tour for our core 5 - 10:30 - 1pm 
  • $10 for others
11/28 - 12/2 - Full Circle Farm, 10239 ojai santa paula rd, ojai, ca
  • Cobb building workshop

12/3-12/4 - Full Circle Farm, 10239 ojai santa paula rd, ojai, ca
12/5-12/6 - Aloha Farm, 1049 sunset dr, vista, ca
12/7 - Coastal Roots, 441 saxony rd, encinitas, ca
12/8 - Terra Madre, 9928 protea gardens rd, escondido, ca
12/9 - Corey’s Sound Palace, 4701 cedros rd, los angeles, ca, 4-10pm
12/10 - 12/11 - Visioning Party @ Meowington South, 17144 holly dr, fontana, ca
  • volunteer day and community potluck with massage, tea, yoga, etc
12/12 - Visioning Party @ Lucid Portal, 3959 Arroyo Sorrento Road, San Diego, CA
  • volunteer day and community potluck with massage, tea, yoga, etc
  • & Medicine Wheel (Gentle Thunder)
12/13 - 12/15 - Sunburst Sanctuary, 7200 HWY 1, Lompoc, CA
12/16 - 12/19 - Coming Soon!


Many, ongoing potentials!


Along the route, we're sharing:
- Garage/ h-OM-e Massage
- Human Massage
- Tea
- Permaculture
- Yogapoeira
- Happiness!


Permaculture Project Sites - We volunteer!

h-OM-e / Garage Massage / Pop-up Carnival - Helping you clean out your garage! Get organized! Clear out clutter! We will take it off your hands, and re-source it, through our traveling Really Really Free Market in local parks along our route. Also, receive free tea, massages, & learn about Permaculture, and projects for your property.

Carnival Of Love

House Gathering


From as far North as Lompoc to as far South as San Diego..

Mid-November to Mid-December..

Community Potluck Gatherings in parks, at house venues, and at permaculture projects..

Would you like a Garage Massage? We will help you clean out your closet, per se..

Get organized, clear our clutter..

We will help re-source your un-needed stuff...

We bring music, tea, massages, and permaculture project/teachings, & are likely to bring your neighbors out of their houses. It's time to come together as a community!


Join us!

Participate in or attend one of our public events and bring your friends

Help us organize an event in a park near you

Offer your house as a venue to host an event. In exchange, we will give you a “Garage Massage”

Help us create signs

Tell us about new or established permaculture sites that would love us to bring a busload of volunteers to help them with their projects

Printing / distributing posters and fliers

Let us know about events (street fairs, house parties, farmers markets, etc) in your area where we could bring our offerings

Share ideas for how you want to be involved that we haven’t thought of yet!


Via , or
Autumn - 415-532-6403

How would you like to be involved?

Paradise On Earth Now!

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