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Saturday, July 23, 2016


 Contributed By:  Anya Love


I intend a world where:

Universal Law is the only Law, with Love as it's presiding principle and energy.

The Planetary Body, Gaia~Sophia, is Free to evolve along Her chosen multi-dimensional timeline, in accordance with Universal Law.

Interplanetary and interdimensional travel and exchange is freely & safely available to all, as the Earth and her inhabitants ascend into Galactic Citizenry.

Contact, communication and communion with exiled Space and Soul family, Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, and Benevolent Higher Dimensional Beings is freely and widely available to all, as they choose.

The Land has been restored to it's Divine Blueprint of Beauty, Abundance & Balance, with pristine bodies of water, healthy, fertile soil and pure air. Fire remains in it's uncorrupted natural state.

All forces of Nature operate according to Natural Law & Equilibrium and the principle of Ahimsa, “Do No Harm”.

All living inhabitants and inanimate consciousnesses are Free, Sovereign, Self-governing entities and actively co-creating their Highest Destiny, in accordance with their Divine Blueprint, Divine Purpose and Highest Potential.

Harmony between all species is restored and respect and cooperation exists between all kingdoms and races: human, animal, plant and mineral as well as the Angelic and Devic kingdoms.

Peace reigns across the Land with open borders which allow the ability to travel safely and freely, at will and/or according to pleasure.

All inhabitants are free to participate in cooperative interchanges between cultures, tribes, races, groups and individuals.

Each being is centered in their Heart, connected to the One, the Goddess, their I AM Presence and all living beings.

All personal will has been transmuted to Divine Will.

All minds are Inspired and Illumined by their Higher Mind, the I AM Presence and Divine Will.

All imperfections and illusions have been transmuted to Divine Will Expressions.

All physical, emotional, and mental and spiritual suffering has been healed and transformed into Compassionate Wisdom.

Christ Consciousness is manifest within the Hearts and Minds of all planetary beings.
Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine principles have been restored, unified, united and harmonized in balance.

The principles of Purity, Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Gratitude, Humility and Compassion are manifest in all beings and forms.

All Wisdom of the Universe, including Planetary and Galactic History is freely available to all who wish to access it, through the Akashic Records or other instruments.

All DNA strands have been activated to their fullest potential with Grace, Harmony and Wisdom and Ease.

All Beings have full recollection and memory of past, future and multidimensional lifetimes, as they choose.

All Beings are free to celebrate their Divinity through their chosen medium.

All Beings are Divinely guided and mentored, as they choose.

There is an open and allowing acceptance of all belief systems.

All Beings are Free to pursue their Heart's Desire, with every abundance available in the Universe.

All creations of form have been impulsed and intended from the Higher Dimensional Planes and manifest in Love for the Highest Good of All.

All Art, Music and Science reflect the sacred geometric principles of creation, in harmony with Natural Law.

All technology exists for the purpose of, and in alignment with the elevation of consciousness of all Beings

An abundant supply of pure nourishing food & water exists and is available to all inhabitants.

Sexuality has been restored to it's sacred form and function, as well as it's healthy expression between consensual loving beings.

An egalitarian societal & cultural structure exists which includes all races, genders & ages.

And So It Is

Paradise On Earth Now!

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