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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Astrology For The Soul - December 25

Astrology For The Soul - December 25

Astrology, Kaypacha, soul, guidance, horoscope, 2019, 2020, eclipse, solar, lunar, new moon

Beautiful Planet Earth 🌎

Beautiful, planet, Earth, nature, environment, love, care, nurture

Monday, December 23, 2019

We are Here NOW


"We are Here NOW.

We LOVE you.

We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.

Today, is the Winter Solstice and with this Cosmic Event, you are entering a powerful Energy Portal.

This Energy Portal will be open until January 6th, 2020.

As you are celebrating your Holidays in many parts of your planet, we invite you to take the time to go inward and be still...

...receive the tremendous LOVE that is being sent to planet Earth...

The main portion of these energies are entering the Earth at the peak of sacred Mount Shasta and are then distributed throughout your planet.

The remaining energies are entering Earth at different sacred sites around the globe.

Your Heart opening and capacity to hold Higher amounts of LOVE is of great importance to create your New Reality of the NEW Earth.

Simply sit with the powerful energies today...

Millions of Galactic Families of Light, Angels, Ascended Masters, Telosian Families and all Realms of Light are with you right NOW...

Feel the JOY and LOVE entering your Heart and from there, expand into your world...

Your Higher Self is orchestrating important activation Light Codes to enter your entire being to propel your Ascension forward.

These Light Codes are designed to activate the Cells of your Physical Body to the next level and to increase the capacity to hold more Light.

You are changing into the NEW Human and you have the assistance of the entire Cosmos and SOURCE by your side.

We are holding the vision of the NEW Earth with you and from our vantage point it is Glorious.

We are with You, every step of the way.

You are Loved beyond measure.

We are with You... always. We LOVE You.

WE are YOU.



Thank you, Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light!

Channelled through Asara Adams  💜

Shared with LOVE  💜
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

How The December 2019 New Moon Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

“ Welcome to the final major luminary of the decade, folks! The December 2019 new moon, which takes place late in the night on Dec. 25, is rising in earthy, get-stuff-done Capricorn. But it's not just any ol' new moon. “


Sunday, December 15, 2019




* Decree it out loud! :)

" In the name of I am that I am, in the name of divine soul presence that I am, in the name of all ascended beings of light, in the name of the Galactic Confederation, in the name of the Galactic center, I decree and command to cancel and nullify all my past, present and future contracts and agreements made between any part of my being and the dark forces. All these contracts and agreement and all their consequences are now completely erased from my reality. I am now free, all the karma of my whole being is now erased as well.

I am a free sovereign being of light, from now until eternity.

So be it, and so it is.
In Light

*Sign with your name here*     "

Thursday, December 12, 2019


What it takes to reach the big stage

Live your dreams

A cameraman/ videographer.. some choreography

Do it

Thursday, December 5, 2019

NESARA Disclosure ~ MotherGod's Communion With The Animal Kingdom

The story of NESARA is very multidimensional. It goes beyond what many think is about funds and structures. The true story of NESARA is the birth of Christ, our beloved Mother of All Creation, White Buffalo Calfwoman, Spiderwoman, Prime Creator, the Holy Spirit and Her journey here in physicality. The synchronicities which have followed MotherGod's journey is plentiful, with many of ancient kingdoms connecting with Her and sharing in Her experience, which is TRUE Reality of LOVE Everywhere Present.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Energies of December & The Revealing

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information of the coming energies of December. These energies are the totality of what is to come forth for the new year. All of your spiritual work and endeavors is the culmination for the upcoming moments. These energies are massive, powerful, life changing, shocking, and filled with Activations, DNA Upgrades, Transformations, Revelations and Surprises. In Truth, all are meant to be prepared for these energies by the end of November, as only Authenticity can enter and embrace these energies. Let us delve deeper into these energies, and unravel of what is to come in this end year cycle. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.
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Thursday, November 14, 2019

John The Baptist ~ The First Step of Ascension is Absolute Faith in God

Continue the path of light and of love unflinchingly. Nowadays you are driven into insecurity and doubt in many different ways. Is the shift of the earth really happening, and will humanity come to its senses? Is ascension just a concept or will it actually take place? While many things seem to stay the same and people’s patience is put to a test, many lose confidence and turn away from their faith in the Golden Age. They forget their own missions and get lost in the course of this time.


Re-parenting Your Wounded Child

Unconscious parents are repeating the same habits and patterns they’ve learned. They’re operating from a wounded space because of their own unprocessed emotions. It’s important to understand that parents can only parent from their own level of awareness. We can only give others what we have practiced giving ourselves. I’ve worked with all different demographics of people. Over time I’ve come to understand that most people seek help for relationship “communication problems”, destructive habits (addiction, self-sabotage), identity confusion (“Who AM I”), and generalized feelings of low-self worth.


LoveHasWon Twin Flame Spiritual Intuitive Ascension Session

Introducing Our New Twin Flame Spiritual Intuitive Ascension Sessions! The Earth is Ascending, back into Divine Vibration and back into the Divine Cosmic Alignment of LOVE MIRRORING LOVE. The original blueprint of Creation is sets of Twin Souls, One soul in two bodies, the eternal ying and yang, the Truth of Our Hearts is as ONE. This Journey on Earth is One of Return, return from complete separation, into the wholeness of Love. In your true state, no pain, suffering or lower experience exists, this is Heaven state and All on Earth are here to embody that energy in physicality.


Message From The Pleiades ~ The Still Being Of Love

Ancient wisdom about the new human being. The most important thing we want to talk to you about today is every person’s Vedantic space that is in the depths of your soul. Many have called this room a still being of love. That’s exactly what it is too. The loving room of still life is where you have your hand on the solar plexus. You don’t have to remember every single word I say. But I want you to know every single word I say. It is about lifting the lid to the divine source in your interior, through the vibrating power of words. The most important thing to me is not what your brain says, but what your heart and soul say


Food Is Free Project

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Full Moon in Taurus, Nov 12th, 2019 ~ New Life's Foundations & Star Lineage Clearing

Galactically, the Full Moon in Taurus is a wonderful portal, connected to the 11:11 previous one, that is going to help us commune with the cosmic aspects of who we are as well as others stellar companions that are One with us in soul and that are helping us while we walk as humans. As I said before this Moon can be taken in many ways and one of them is by focusing in using its galactic frequencies, ones that are linked to the Pleiadian/Venusian portal that connect our Planet with Taurus constellation, to work on unconditional love and the conscious co-creation of these same loving essences within our tangible plane


The 11:11 Portal ~ You and Your Light Body

The 11th month, the 11th day, the 11th hour. It is no coincidence these sacred frequencies belong to the remembrance of what others have gone through. To their selfless acts, to the end of war. To peace and love, all now. The eternal portal you wish to be activated into, is that of harmonizing with your Light Body. This requires the internal state of being in harmony for that actualization to take place within you. 11:11 ~ enter sacred space. Enter your heart. Enter the eternal portal of your unification to the New Earth/5th Dimensional Being, you so passion. How to get from your head to your heart?

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ You Are Made Of Atoms That Are Only Love

HUmanity is returning to the truth that They are All indeed a Family of One, who truly participate In Love Everywhere Present in Harmony and Balance. The Foundation for The Inevitable return to this State of Being Full Consciousness, has been Firmly Planted and Grounded into Mother Earth=Heart, which includes all of Her Inhabitants. These are Contained within All of HUmanity’s Dna which We have been Activated Into Full Consciousness~


Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ It is Time… Soul Mission Activation

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Love. I am come bringing Love and Light on the collective consciousness of Humanity. The energies of the 11~11 Portal ignite the “Completion Energies” of The Ascension of GAIA, Twin Flame Reunions, The New Earth Story and so much more. The energetic point that finalizes these energies will be 12~21. Keep in your hearts Dear Ones, this is a multi-dimensional orchestration as is The Divine Plan. It is through the hearts that you develop and access the inner knowing of what is happening within you as well as outside of you. More transformations and revelations are before you during these profound and climatic moments. This planet Belongs to LOVE and those in the Heat Know This Truth. LOVE HAS WON!


The Angels ~ Peace And Clarity

More often however, there is confusion in the human mind, because each one of you has a collection of voices in your head, heart, body, and mind that are often at odds with one another. Most of you have, at times, felt a little crazy. So how do you find clarity when you have a busy inner committee with each voice vying for attention? When these conflicting voices start to cause confusion, Stop. Breathe. Become deeply present, simply by noticing everything around you. Observe your thoughts. Breathe again. Silence the mind to the best of your ability. Ask your body, “Body, what do you need?” Now drop into your heart


Saturday, November 9, 2019

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ We Are Here to Heal. The Importance of the Brain

In these NOW moments, the Ascension of the Planet is underway. THIS IS A FIRST-TIME SITUATION FOR EARTH, NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME. This means each BEing is heavily effected by incoming Higher Consciousness energies that are lurching consciousness Higher and Higher, Mother of All Creation spends 24 Hours a day directing Planetary energies, raising the Consciousness into Divinity and this is effecting every facet of every Human Vessel, FOR WE ARE ONE and we are becoming crystalline in Our DNA structure, many on Earth already are.


LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Putting The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together

The transformation into Divinity provides many catch 22's, you come to realize that you are going against Universal Law when you try to convince others of the truth, stepping into Savior Programming and disrespecting the Free Will conditions of Earth, we must speak the truth and allow others their choices in response to the information. Trust, that the Divine Plan will provide All with their necessary lessons and blessings is essential, we are not in control, for we cannot see the long~distance, macro level effect of our choices and so truthfully, we are in no position to make them


Twin Soul Ascension Report ~ 11:11 Gateway is Open... Prepare for Huge Collective Shift

At such extremely important earth portal dates it is highly advisable to come together in your soul groups/ twin flame Ascension groups in order to harness the power of group intention on significant portal dates such as this. When 2 or more gather in this way to align your intentions with the will of prime creator, there are literally no words that can adequately express how powerful this is dear ones.

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council ~ The Earth Wants To Be Free

The old third dimensional material world has not been serving most lives on the planet. The earth wants to be free from the abuse and disrespect that she experienced from the darkness. She is patient and tolerant, but she has a right to freedom. Little did she know that this darkness would prevail for such a long time. That is why the ground crew, the most powerful light beings from all of creation, came at this time. Remember your mission even in times of discouragement. See the big picture for the overall possibilities that are coming to you and the earth.


Friday, November 8, 2019

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Stolen From Love, The Truth Of The Illusionary Matrix

On this Planet, there are many stories, many versions, many ideas and perceptions about what is occurring, however there is One Truth. One Truth of what happened to this Planet is real and there is One Truth as to why we are here and the only Being that perceives this reality through that truth is Mother of All Creation, God Herself is on the Planet. God incarnated here because no one was making it out of the illusionary Matrix Humanity has been trapped within, a complex internal program of lower perspectives beLIEf systems and separation was created by the Cabal. Their Goal? Divide and conquer, the EGO programmed mind, is the division.

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Big Pharma Fallacy. Time To Swallow The Truth Pill

LoveHasWon is a living library of these truths and natural remedies, to be applied with spiritual discipline and the philosophy of True Reality. Mother has shared with the extent of targeting suffered by Humanity in order to correct the imbalances colloidal silver, gold, coconut oil and tumeric must be ingested daily. On top of consciousness control, the pharmaceuticals companies were created in order to make profit. The Cabal poisoned our air, water, food supply, clothing, products, etc., with low vibrational toxins to create keep our consciousness low


11~11 Portal: Aligning With The Highest Love

As the 11:11 energies enter let them purge you of what has been solidified and blocked. All of heaven known and unknown enters through this 11:11 Gateway. Align with all you know to be the highest love. A flooding of the heart allows you to rise above previous emotional tide lines and the barnacles of the past. Set sail into a heart that is free of debris, free of the definitions of the past. What is good within you has survived the storms and floods.


Thursday, November 7, 2019

Planet Alert ~ November 2019

We have major transformation in front of us and we need to be balanced so we will be able to move through this upcoming energy in a peaceful way. In January there will be a major line-up of planets in Capricorn. On the full moon of January 10, 2020 there will be 5 planets plus 2 dwarf planets and the moon’s south node all in Capricorn with the moon opposing those planets. The main aspect of that line-up is the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on 22 degrees Capricorn. This aspect indicates the ending of one cycle and the beginning of something new


$4,000 Homes | Let’s Print 1 Billion Homes

MotherGod’s Divine Decree’s

THE MOMENTS IN ENERGY WE ARE NOW IN IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO PHYSICALLY MANIFEST THESE, TO BEGIN THE NEW STORY OF 5D LIVING AND BEING! JOIN US AND SYNERGIZE AND BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH! WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR~ These Decrees have always been Ever Present. Meaning they have Always Been Here. Now, it is Up to all Of you, to Put these into your Experience, Creation in Motion. For this is the Absolutely Exact Right Moment, of Your Complete Freedom if You So Choose, The Moment is NOW, When the Planet is Returned to the People. The Meek Are Inheriting the Earth. And SO it is on Earth as It is in The Kingdom of Heaven, and So it is, and So Shall Be as Decreed and Granted. These Decrees Have Been Decreed, By the Galactic Federation of Light, Mother(MotherEarth) and FatherGod


There is an intensification of pure Consciousness Light entering the planet, which is creating a Powerful Shift within the dimensional grids on the Earth. The Energetic Magnetic Core is Shifting its vibrational pulse. This is creating a constant disorientation within your senses as your own systems are going through a complete reset as you are moved into another phase of energetic transmutation.


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Weekly Intuitive Astrology | Nov. 6-13

Clear Negative Energy / Subconscious

The Queendom of New Earth Will Reign

In truth, the Divine Mother Feminine energy is the Creator power, as above so below. On Earth, the feminine give birth to life, the are the creators in all aspects and the masculine are the support and assist in the manifestation of the feminine creation. Have you ever seen a masculine give birth to a feminine? NO. Why then have we believed such a lie and allowed it to perpetuate our consciousness?


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Era of Light Report For 11/5/2019: Golden Times, Schumann Resonance, 11:11 Portal

As far back as we know, the Earth’s electromagnetic field has been protecting all living things with this natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 Hz. You can think of this as the earth’s heartbeat. From the beginning of time there have been clear moments when the Portals of Awakening open for individuals to advance. The 11:11 Gateway is a collective, high-vibrational portal opening to assist the evolution of consciousness on the earth at this time. A crucial time is upon us as we unfold infinite possibilities and opportunities through these incredible energetic codes popping like bubbles from within, creating changes with so much transformational power


Universal Mother and Pegasus Collective ~ Time to Embrace The New

I am coming through to energetically assist you in this Now of intense upgrade, for the vibration of allowance. Now in your world allowance tends to deal with money. This is not what I am referring to. This is the process of allowing on a deep soul level another to assist you. We see that the collective consciousness of humanity struggles with this process of allowing, for your fingers have been trained, programmed, to grasp tightly, so that you fight against this allowance. Open hands, open hearts are what is required for true allowing of the energies of the goddess, of love


Monday, November 4, 2019

LoveHasWon Testimonial ~ By The Power Of The Sun

Recently I downloaded a guided meditation for the Solar Plexus from LoveHasWon, and to my surprise, it was incredibly potent! The Love poured forth was amazing… As I felt the sun’s powerful love enter me through this meditation, great peace and balance poured through me. It felt like I had been bathed in the essence of the sun. With each word spoken, I could feel energy of the highest, most radiant light infused into them



The Gate which opened last weekend is transforming Embodiers – and quickly – into the next phase of our Ascension. Gaia released a multitude of Ascension codes with the last influx, and the New Crystalline Grid system is delivering these to all willing hearts in alignment with this next phase. IN BRIEF, EMBODIMENT IS GOING TO FEEL VERY DIFFERENT FROM HERE FORWARD. THIS IS A SHIFT TO A REFINED STATE OF DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS, A NEW LEVEL OF THE DIVINE HEART ACTIVATING IN THE HUMAN HEART GRID AND OUR DIVINE DNA.


Sunday, November 3, 2019

Failure Is Not An Option, Literally

Dear ones, we in the heavens could never, ever consider you anything other than Divine Love having an experience in human form! Your terms “success” and “failure” have no bearing in the greater light of truth. You cannot ever be something other than the light which you are. You can simply experience your essence, or not. You can “fail” to experience your greater self, but this is just a description, not a judgment. You can “fail” to see the truth about your eternal, magnificent nature, but this too is just a description of a state of being.


Gaia Brought Back From The Depths Of The Dark

Much wind is blowing within the collective consciousness of humanity. Much change is afoot within the hearts of man and womankind. For now is the chapter of new beginnings and you are a new creation, should you choose it. You are wise, ancient, in your knowing. Many of you are aspects of us. It was always to be this way. Choose love. Choose more love, more light to enrich your field. Choose abundance and the universe will conspire to please you. For all is a gift to you. Do you see? This entire experience, no matter how arduous the path, has been a gift of the greatest proportions for you are finding your true treasure of the Christed consciousness within.


November 2019 Energy Report

Translating the recent codes we have been receiving has given a super expansive view of how the month of November and the following months are going to unfold and to say we are about to receive more light than ever before would on the one hand be obvious, we are of course evolving which means we exist within an ever increasing spiral of love, but on the other hand I am aware there will be many hitting the WOW frequencies, how that wow transpires of course is dependent on your current octave and what mirrors are required to be seen


Archangel Gabriel's DAILY MESSAGE ~ SUNDAY NOVEMBER 3, 2019

Co-dependency is attempting to apply the martyred service paradigm to your relationship. When you start to honour your needs and growth in all relationships, whether personal or service oriented, dynamics will begin to change and evolve


The Definition of Crazy ~ A State of Madness

First off folks, you cannot fix anybody unless they want fixed! The definition of ‘crazy’ is doing the same thing over and over again with the same results. How many times have you given your all to another just to watch them repeat the same destructive habit over and over again? When another wants to be truly fixed of what ails them, it will be so. Once a heart is made up it always completes its actions

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sananda ~ Unconditionally Accepting of All that God Has Created

Here in the spiritual realms – which of course is not ‘a place’ but is the One infinite energy field of Love, Mother/Father/God, where All That Is has Its eternal Presence, and therefore, where all sentient life has its eternal existence, even when unaware of this – we are joyfully observing humanity’s long anticipated awakening process approaching fruition. All is proceeding beautifully. The chaos, conflict, and confusion in so many areas is drawing to a close


The Final Endgame Drama is Playing Out

We are in the last stretch before duality ends forever in this Galaxy Time Matrix. We are watching it happen right now in real time. We all have front row seats to the spectacle of all spectacles. The veil is being lifted so much that the Unified Field of Consciousness will collapse the old faulty system of the Phantom Earth Matrix; the Moon Chain Forces and the distorted Chakra Displacement system. There is a Divine Plan for the complete Liberation of our Solar-Star System.