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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Archangel Michael ~ Energies of Change & Transformation Continue to Expand

NEVER have you EVER been this Creative. Your words and actions are flowing out from YOU, and radiating back at a rapid rate.
Manifestation is instant, so take advisement to be Creative with your WORDS, use only the vocabulary you want made manifest.
Your thoughts, words and actions are rapidly flowing into your reality.
This is an accelerated time of Manifestation in ALL areas of your life.
The Creative Beings that you are allows the consciousness of the ALL THAT IS to flow toward you.
YOU as Christed Beings are returning unto yourselves, your wholeness. It is the time of year when you celebrate the Birth of the Christ – now it is YOU who are birthing the CHRIST THAT YOU ARE.
It has been prophesied for eons that “CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN” and here YOU ARE.
Each and everyone of YOU hold a piece of the Christ Consciousness and at this time of the Birth of the New Earth and the new HU-MAN  you are asked to return your CHRISTED SELF to the WHOLE.

Archangel Raphael ~ The Kingdom of Heaven is on It’s Way Down to Earth

I am Raphael and I have come today in order to bless this world that now is starting to be born on Earth. It is a ceremony that is being done in order to mark that a new shift has taken place on Earth. It is a clear sign that the old now is finished and that the new is taking over. From now on the old can no longer get a hold, which they seek, instead the light vibration is taking over more on Earth. You can feel it. You can experience it and you can manifest it. It is here now dear children on Earth. You have built a bridge to the light that is now pouring in over your planet. You are in the ascension and your journey of light is irrevocable. Feel it in your heart, feel it in your aura, feel it all around you – it feels like a mild breeze and you can feel how it vibrates in your body. Perhaps you heart beats a little faster – be then in stillness and ground yourself to Mother Earth. It is important to feel the connection to your Earth now. You ascend together and as her heart beats your heart beats. She has taken you under the protection of her wings so that you will have the opportunity to come along at the pace that your bodies adapt to the light.

Energy Update ~ Light Body is Forming Through The Heart, Activated Through the Emergence of the Divine Feminine

At this time of high acceleration the light body has also accelerated in it’s transformation from the HUman Body.  The light body forms through the sacred heart. The beginning phase of the light body formation starts with the opening of the Heart chakra. As it opens it then works to open even wider to let more LOVE in which then builds up to allow more LIGHT to develop inside of it. As more light permeates the Divine Heart, more compassion for all sentient beings develops and takes hold. This can also be referred to as activation of the Divine Feminine. The Divine feminine exists in all beings.

The Divine Feminine’s main function is through the Heart and Heart chakra. The opening of this energy center provides more love, compassion and connection with all things to take place. This is the connection of Source, through Creation. As the Divine Feminine is the Divine Consciousness that creates and maintains life. Through this sacred connection lies the connection to the Entire Universe and all of Reality.

Archangel Gabriel ~ The 12:12 Activation of Unconditional Love

At the moment of 12:12 on the 12th day of the 12th month, the pure golden light of Christ Consciousness ignites the sacred vessel of your high heart with compassion and love.

Divine Love is an imprint pre-encoded for your awakening consciousness. If you could only see from the Angelic viewpoint, it would appear that humans are acting as lightning rods when they receive this immense download of Christed Light that anchors Unconditional Love into the Earth.

When your heart is open and there is a willingness to receive, the connection to your new thymus chakra becomes activated at the 12:12. This center receives divinity and awakens Divine Love in the sacred chalice of your High Heart.

Although Christed Light is not a Christian teaching, the connection to the master Jesus is within the same light field that embodied his instructions to Love One Another. This golden light carries a pure download of Unconditional Love to uplift and support your time on Earth. You may also experience a softening in your heart that allows you to see the world from a greater place of Balance, bringing more Peace into every area of your life.

When there is no resistance, you can open to this Grace-filled presence and spark the Divinity in every cell of your being

Message to Lightworkers ~ December 11th, 2017

Children are mind-controlled to view their peers as competition that must be either enlisted to their private army of comrades, or challenged and fought against as a potential social or personal threat.

We do not call that miracle simply “the end of the old forms of masculinity.”

We call it the Return of the Divine Feminine.

What you see occurring to this and many millions of other children, young people, and adults, is not an isolated social condition, but an outpouring of the lower, ego-based self.

This Shadow Self is rising in vibration, and after eons of being manipulated through fear and survival instincts by the lower order, is desperately trying to maintain its hold on human consciousness, yet failing to do so.

This downfall has been viewed by the lower realms as a temporary setback, as those who inhabit those dimensions do not read rising Earth vibrations as anything other than that which they can perhaps tune to their own preferences and use for their own ends.

Yet they are mistaken on this point and in their appraisal of the current phase of human evolvement, as they have been mistaken on many points all along Earth’s current timeline.

Archangel Uriel ~ Transformation of the Silver & Pink Flame, Foresight and Clarity

I come here to bring you a newer understanding of the gifts that you have been given recently or even some time ago, it really matters not.

I have ignited my Silver Flame into your fourth eye, into your heart and superimposed it on and intermixed it with your Pink Flame. I have activated the flame into your hands so that you can place it in front of thee when you are traveling into the shadows and shady areas. Then you can discern what is of the truth from that which is tricky and only attempts to distract thee so that you lose your focus and direction.

I have to bring to your attention that you can use this flame to foresee the future, to see where this or that action will lead you and may even eventually take you. You can see that you are going to arrive in the same upsetting and frustrating dead end that you have traveled in before, and so you could decide in that split second that you have to take a different route so you will have a better, smoother and more pleasant heart fulfilling journey. And of course, knowing this you would choose the action that is going to take you, and everyone that is connected to thee, into a more peaceful and joyful place. You would not want to repeat past errors.

Intuition & Observation vs Judgment ~ How To Trust Yourself

I want to talk about discernment.

This is the BIGGEST challenge I see people have in accessing their intuition.

Sometimes your intuition will reveal something to you, about a person’s character, about a situation, about yourself – and you don’t like it. You immediately reject it as being “judgmental” or “negative”. 

I also know there are schools of thought that focus only on “thinking about what you want” instead of what you don’t want, because you will attract more of it.

I’d like to present you with another way.

Notice what you are thinking about someone or something. Notice how you feel. Pay attention, without pushing it away, and ask what your thought or feeling is telling you.

You might think it’s negative. You might think you’re being judgmental – when in reality the only person you are judging is yourself.

Monday, December 11, 2017

LoveHasWon Update ~ Site Upgrade

LoveHasWon Update: We are in the process of upgrading servers. You may experience lag or down time. We will not be able to post on our Social Media networks for a couple of days. You may get updates directly on our site Thank you for your patience and continued support. We Love You!

Blessings & Namaste,
The LoveHasWon Family

Energy Update ~ Into New Earth! The Anchoring of a New Reality through Extreme Polarity

The old collective timelines and realities of 3D and 4D have energetically been deleted and dissolved, they only exist in the memory bank of each individual, this includes the mental memory (ego), the emotional memory (inner child) and the physical memory (cellular memory/DNA). So what we experience as the old realities is nothing but an inner movie, a show that plays out created through our own energy. The feeling of hopelessness that many experience at the moment is caused by the fact that the old outdated patterns within us cannot find a resonance field as the old timelines are gone. It forces us to return back within to deal with the pain that is surfacing. This can play out as panic attacks (mental cleansing), emotional breakouts (emotional cleansing) and physical pain (cellular cleansing)

Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe

Are you feeling a change in the spiritual energy on our little blue planet? Humankind has gone from ordinary people to super enlightened beings, creating books, movies, and lecturing on many of the hot spot topics that we have dared not to address in the past. Most important, people are beginning to question the creation story that has been past down for centuries, by the patriarchal religions. At the base of this mystery of creation is Sophia, “Mother of the Universe” and why she has been purposely annihilated from the creation story?

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Move Beyond Fear

You take many steps forward in your evolutionary journey every time you face something that you fear. You are taking these steps forward in spite of the fear response. The emotion of fear is not a bad thing by your definitions of what is good and what is bad. It is, however, important to note here that what you do, and what you think, and what you say while feeling that fear, these things are important. And you certainly can make better choices. Some choices will be fueled by that fear. You will feel controlled by it, powerless over it, and yet there are other choices that exist that will take full advantage of the opportunity to expand and grow from the situation you are facing. And that is what we want to encourage you to do. If you see fear as an opportunity for you to grow, to integrate, and to become more of who you are, then it is serving its purpose and it is serving you.

The Creator Writings ~ Honesty & Integrity

As you move forward from this pivotal point in time, only things you truly own are your honesty and integrity. Being transparent and maintaining that transparency will be of the utmost importance in the coming months.

Luminous Divine Light and Glory Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

The Levels of Light that shift and awaken ARE here as the overlay of Light of the New Earth. The New Divine Humanity. The mind may attempt to reach and imagine what this would be like. Although unrecognizable in certain levels of Light Consciousness. When YOU enter this, you will know this as your Eternal Home. The New Earth ~ The New Divine Humanity ~ a State of EXPANDED DIVINE Light ~ Beyond anything imaginable. Brighter than a million Suns. A Central Sun ~ you illuminate and TRANSFORM everything. The LOVE is so powerfully tangible ~ and remembered. Felt, known.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Energy Update ~ The Becoming: The NOW Embodiment Events

Embodiment of the Christed Self will change the HUman heart grid, and provide the new experience as a palpable reality for all willing hearts to align with. It works in tandem with Gaia and the SUN; a collective cosmic trigger which reveals reunification with Source. As Wayshowers, Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, we have witnessed consistent, accelerated shifts in the SUN, grids, Gaia’s core, and our own hearts this year. The revelation of our Solar focus, Gaia’s Solar activation, our Solar Heart activation, weaves us back into the cosmic fabric of Oneness; Pure Unity Consciousness. Changes in the Universe without, changes the Universe within. And vice-versa; we are in the direct path of Becoming. In order to create the Christed embodiment, our Heart center torus becomes a Solar generator during our Ascension process

Mother Mary & Quan Yin ~ Divine Feminine Energies Bringing Balance from The Heart

As you feel your energies moving into the space of your divinity you arrive on what may be known as the soul plane. The soul plane is a high vibration in which soul to soul you may meet other people. It is frequently a bridge between the consciousness of earth and other places out within the universe. This is your opportunity to feel as if you are blending, as if you are merging and becoming one with your divinity. Some consider this a feeling of coming home, a feeling of awareness. Follow that thread and it takes you straight into your divinity. The more that there is a balance of the feminine energy infused into the world the greater compassion and selfless giving there will be. As you feel the compassion for yourself you step into a mode of acceptance.

Mary Madalene ~ Time for the Truth of the Feminine Spirit to Light The Way

We come during the Holy Days to initiate you into the Christic Light. Activating the heart center and the Divine Codes within your DNA, we bring you into remembrance. As you step more fully into who you are, so much of who you are not falls away. This is the time when you change completely. When even your DNA is altered so that you are resonant with the Divine Frequencies raising all into a Golden Age of Light. Time for the truth of the Feminine Spirit to light the way for all humanity. To guide them back to the Authentic Self. To lead them to the Fount of Truth, which is within. As the Christic Light is activated within you, you may remember what truly took place in these ancient times. We come to break the bonds that have kept souls unfree. To unleash the Christic Light that has been a latent seed in humanity

You Have Started Your New Direction, Feeling the Way Forward Through the Heart

You have started your new direction and you are feeling your way forward with the new knowledge that has been offered you by your heart. It is still your heart that is guiding you forward towards your life’s goals. You receive images and information along the way that tell you that you are on the right path. The right message, the right person or the right opportunity appears at the exactly the right moment. It is not by chance. It is your work that yields this result that you have wished for deep inside. Your higher self works together with you and the beautiful visions that are in your heart. This strengthens you intentions and your work moves forward in the best possible way. Some small resistance can emerge here and there, but you overcome them easily. it is possible to create one’s heart’s inner wishes since the vibrations on Earth have risen

Archangel Raphael ~ Proceed in Love, for The Next Steps Are Grand

Greetings my dear ones! I am Raphael, Archangel of Love, Holder of the Emerald Green Flame, your close friend and family, your preferred personal physician, and yes, physician of the soul and bodies, Healer of this Universe and beyond. I am here to fill you with my emerald green, with that sparkling pure and sweet love that changes and transmutes everything. I am here to encourage thee to use that newly activated free will that I have recently bestowed on you. Use it to the fullest dearest ones, just the way it was originally intended by the Mother! we are observing, dearest hearts, is that you are still caught in inaction, you are still waiting, just as if you are expecting someone to open the doors wider, or are not even sure if you can effectively move through the doors and beyond. You behave as though you are paralyzed, even though your legs are strong and your arms are angelic wings.

Archangel Gabriel ~ Preparing for The 12:12 Energies

We are in a powerful time on the Earth. We are birthing the Light together for Solstice and preparing for the 12:12 energies that are awakening before the holidays. It is a time of great opportunity, potential and freedom. Your spiritual process takes a clear focus since much of the old 3D level of activity has completed its usefulness. Some of the emotionality people are experiencing is the way through the 4th Dimensional level as the spiral of evolution continues. The 5th Dimensional energetics are here and are being called into your energy system through your spiritual practice. Your emotions will let go into a new element of surprise when you bring the magical elements of the spiritual realm into your daily life. Come and fly

Messages from The Angels ~ Release Expectations, and Face the Present Moment

It is in releasing expectations, and facing the present moment with all the love and light in your heart, that you can find joy amidst loss, loneliness, or lack. If you feel a sense of loss, by facing the present bravely you will see all that you do have. If you feel a sense of loneliness, and face the present you will see all out there who are in need of love and in volunteering, or assisting others you will soothe your own loneliness. If you feel a sense of lack, it is in facing the present that you can look inside of yourself and find the gifts you do have to offer

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Enjoy Your Beautiful World

It is a beautiful world that you all live in, and there are many aspects of your world that you can focus upon. You do live in a system of duality, and there are extreme polarities present on planet Earth. And those of you who are coming from the light could easily become preoccupied with the dark end of the spectrum. You could easily find yourselves looking to remove all of the darkness, and in so doing, you would take your focus off of what is already right and beautiful and filled with light and love on planet Earth. You don’t have to run from the darkness or bury your head in the sand in order to enjoy what is beautiful and right in your world, and you also don’t have to go looking for all of the darkness with the intent of exposing it and making others accountable. You can send the darkness, and those who operate in the dark, your light and your love

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mother Earth ~ Returning to Your Original Design of Co-Creation

I, Mother Earth, notice that many souls upon the Earth do not take time to engage with my energy, in fact, they do not realise that what occurs within my energetic and physical being directly influence their being, ascension and existence. They are disconnected from themselves, therefore from the Creator and my own energy. Thus they are not fully themselves or in their own power. Due to this disconnection, our energies become out of sync; it is almost as if we are repelling each other’s energies. I, Mother Earth, then must create from the space of my source without divine connection with humanity and without understanding the needs or divine plan of humanity as a collective, because I can no longer access it. Humanity becomes unfulfilled, destructive, chaotic in nature, powerless, and lacking in true focus and connection with the Creator. Mother Earth and humanity were designed to exist in harmony, to co-create and empower each other. This is something that is important to retain in your conscious awareness.

The 12:12 Gateway ~ Time of Remembering

This is a very important time, one that has been described by my team as the Time of Remembering. It began the 3rd week of November and will go into the 3rd week of January. This time will encompass the energetic gateways such as the 12:12, 1:1 and 1:11. While these gateways are important, I am told that the entire time has significance. What the Time of Remembering means will differ for each person. For some it will be the embodiment of their higher aspect, for others, it will mean a redefining or who they are, and for some, this time will be a trigger for awakening even deeper. Regardless of where you are in this process, it is intense. There will be lessons, triggers and intense downloads. You are being given a choice to push past all the doubt and disbelief and honor who you know that you are at your core. In order to do this, all the layers of the matrix must fall away.

Starlight the Unicorn ~ Shine Your Light as You Have Never Shined Before

We unicorns greet you now with energy bursts form the great central sun from which we were formed. We salute you in honor for your service to all kind. For it is finished in many ways and proceeding very well in many others. The dark cannot withstand the height and intensity of the energies coming currently to your beautiful planet and they are being dealt with as we speak to you. It is time now, young ones, to shine your light as you have never shined before, for your light and your energetic signatures count now more than ever in the final push towards your enlightenment and Gaia’s ascension. It is time for comfort, for you are so weary, young one, and we both see and appreciate this. For your many wounds and challenges have created much to clear and we tell you that you are doing it that all is unfolding swiftly. You are emerging from your cocoon

Twin Soul Energy Report ~ Twin Soul Union Template Has Anchored

It is crucial in this moment that we inform you about the significance of the 12:12 gateway which is a huge energetic preparation for the solstice alignment. During this sacred portal which is fast approaching, we are being directed to activate and enliven the 12th dimensional union of you and your genuine bona fide divine vibrational consort known as your true twin soul. The reenactment of your 12d merge with your divine counterpart is necessary at this time in order to fully clear any last residues of illusory dark programming that is still hanging around in your and your divine counterparts energetic system prior to your full and lasting unions on all planes of consciousness. Many many twin souls are coming into divine recognition in this gateway and this transmission has always been a crucial and necessary part of the divine plan

December 2017 ~ Saturn Alignment to The Galactic Center, Conclusions & Life Mission

Saturn is passing through the last degrees of Sagittarius, Sign of Fire in which it has been established from September 2015. Soon, on December 20th, the Master enters Capricorn, where he will stay until 2020, taking us by the hand inside a path of growth and maturity. Before starting this further phase of alignment with the Self, Saturn brings us within an extremely interesting inner movement, its transit inside the Galactic Center, located between the 25th and 27th of Sagittarius. The Galactic Center is the focal point of a galaxy, from which the spiral is generated. It is the Source, the Human Ku, the black hole, the origin of the Primordial Sound, whose harmony holds together the whole Force that generates the balance between the solar systems and between the planets and their reference star. The Galactic Center is identified as the 25th and 27th degree of Sagittarius. Wherever it falls, there is an important turning point for us.

Mike Quinsey ~ Beyond Chaos, The Vibrations are Lifting Up

At present because you are now well into the New Age, unlimited opportunities exist for rapid development. Those who can keep an open mind without any pre-conceptions that are based on previous teachings and will be able to accept the latest ones that can be largely intuitive. Never lose sight of the fact that the old teachings were for a different era, and having served their purpose it is time to move on to a greater understanding. There will be those that try to adapt the new teachings to the old way of interpretation, and that may satisfy those who have yet to move on, but the true message is likely to be lost because of it. In some senses time is short because Ascension is soon coming, and you will need to have lifted up your vibrations to keep up with the information coming through. The vibrations are lifting up and little by little most welcome changes are taking place

Message from the Rock & Mineral Kingdom ~ Intensity of Light Encodements

The Mineral and Crystal Kingdom harmonically support and guide vibrations of Gaia while we rocks transmute and provide firm footing for you all on the surface and structural integrity for all life on Gaia. This great upliftment is here and now and can no longer be denied or dismissed as our ascending ones blink and see and in turn share their understandings with the others. We have seen continents rise and fall. We have experienced great upheaval of Earth tectonics over the eons of time but we have never seen or experienced this uplifting to light that we are now all experiencing together. It is truly miraculous to behold. We are star struck with the intensity of glory and light encodements that are raining down on us all

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Compassion & Empathy to Co-Create

You have taken many positive steps forward as a collective, and we have been observing how far you have come. The progress that you are making has been in your ability to feel. There are receptors within each and every one of you, some of which have been dormant or atrophied, and those are the receptors that have been activated recently. What you are capable of feeling more of now than ever before is compassion. You are able to empathize with the circumstances of others because of what you have drawn on in this lifetime. You have been drawing on your past life experiences, and those experiences have awakened the receptors within you, so that now more than ever you have compassion and empathy for your fellow humans.

The Creator Writings ~ Waves of Change

The waves of change are now upon you! They have been gathering and gaining speed like swells in the ocean. What started out as a ripple has grown, become larger and more powerful the closer it moves towards your shore. However, rather than crashing onto your ‘beach’, you can control how this new experience arrives

Friday, December 8, 2017

Archangel Raphael ~ The Time of Victory is at Hand

I am Archangel Raphael, Healer of the universe, servant of the Mother, blessed of the One. It is my honor, my joy, to be here with you this day. The collective, each and every being whether they know it or not, sacred children of the Mother, volunteers, implementers, are of the Creator Race. And that is why I come to this sacred circle, this is why I come to this place of loveholders, to address you, to implore you, to employ you, to seek your assistance, and to give you the conformation of that which you are doing, and doing not merely adequately, but stellar, stupendously, victoriously…for yes, the time of victory is at hand! The healing is also the remembering and bringing into determined focus what you intend to do. If there is one area where there is a huge gap in the collective thrust forward, in this final birthing of Nova Earth and New You, it is in this holding, particularly with the Mother’s gifts of expanded clarity, it is in the deep focus of knowing, holding, and operating from clarity of intention.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ~ The Foundation of the 3rd Dimension is Crumbling

As you might have noticed there are strange occurrences on your planet. You are probably feeling some of them, for most lightworkers feel these energies. Even the awakening humanity are paying greater attention to these anomalies. They are occurring because you are going through the Ascension process. Please be assured that these unusual activities and events are a normal part of Ascension. It is common to feel awkward as you make your way sometimes feeling clumsy. There is a monumental shift occurring with the earth herself. The magnetic fields of the planet are unstable. Therefore, as you know, the ride can get a little rocky. Due to the influx of light and information your consciousness is rising. Transparency is becoming the norm. As there is increasing exposure of the secrets and the darkness, the foundation from the third dimension is crumbling before you

Archangel Gabriel ~ Reclaiming Your Power

When you are in a situation where you begin to feel powerless and less than another, this can be viewed as a wake-up call. We are referring here to any situation in which you feel devalued, not necessarily one of obvious abuse. If there is another person who wants to have a certain level of power over you, consciously or unconsciously, your physical body is often a good indicator that something is not right. You may notice a feeling of discomfort in your solar plexus area. Perhaps a weight descends on your shoulders, and your head hangs down. Paying attention to your bodily discomfort can help you become aware and allow you to disengage yourself from the situation. When you feel strong in yourself, you are less likely to stay in situations that may harm you, or allow others to treat you with disrespect. You do not have to stay in places or around people who do not give you the respect you deserve. However, it is also not necessary to react in anger. As much as possible, stay in your heart

Mother Mary ~ The Physical Body Now Going Through Great Transformation

Many bodies are now going through a great transformation. They adapt to a higher light and it can give some physical problems. This is different for everybody. It depends on what the body is carrying, as there can be different balances for each and everyone that walk here on Earth. You have had different lives and have taken down with you different things that will be released and healed. This is the reason it is important to seek within, as the outer cannot give you the answers you are looking for. The light is strong now dear children and it is meant that all who want to should be able to absorb it in their bodies and ascend with Earth. Never before have so many ascended at the same time on this Earth. The light affects all of you and the body’s many cells are transformed in one way or another. For some it goes fast for others it takes longer time. It depends on which consciousness level you are at.

Energy Update ~ 12:12 Cosmic Code of Ascension

As we move into the magical 12th month of the year, the 12 Tribes stargate and 12:12 Cosmic code of Ascension, our bodies are being prepared for the crystallization of the 12 strand DNA. We originate from a 12th dimensional, 12-sided dodecahedron universe! 12:12 is a sacred symbol that represents your spiritual growth as an infinite being. Those who are drawn to the power of 12:12 (inverse 12:21) belong to a group of evolved souls that carry the crystal god seed codes of ascension. According to Metatronian mysticism, 12:12 is a sacred code that activates your Merkabic field. The sacred geometry of Metatron’s Cube comprises of 12 circles/pillars encircling the ONE.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Loving All Parts of Yourself

You often favor the parts of yourselves that show to the rest of the world how special you are. You like the parts of yourself that will get you love from other people. The parts of yourself that feel ashamed of, because others have taught you that they are shameful, are the parts of yourself that need the most love. If you hide them away from others long enough, you can deny their existence to yourself, but with the lack of love that you show these parts of yourself, coupled with the lack of love from the rest of the world, these parts of you wither away. You become less of your whole self because of a judgment. If you can find it in your heart to look at the parts of yourself that society deems unlovable, you can put the pieces back together that have been missing. You can bring these parts of yourself that you do not like into the light and shine the love that you have within you on them. In so doing, you can start a movement within yourself

Message from Arkadia ~ Those Seeking the Return of Christ

Know that the energy is already here, that there is no one man or woman to lead you. It is within all of you, for you are the sons and daughters of the great ones. You physical parents are in human form, yet your energetic forefathers are imprinted in the galactic blueprints of the universe. Remember, energy is the currency of the universe. All things trade it between themselves, in flow, in a unity, either where conscious or not. It is not the commodity that you use your money tokens for, for you have lost the great connection of unity and love and wholeness. It is there for you to rediscover, by connecting your heart once again to the universal language of energy and vibration, to the great tones of life.

Shift to Higher Consciousness ~ Embodying The Golden Silver Ray to The Solstice Rainbow Bridge

As The Golden Ray Frequency and healing transmissions are downloaded to the Christ Consciousness within and Merkabah Activations, we emerge to the next level to embody on this journey. December is always a magical part of year, as we receive cosmic transmissions to further us on our Ascension of Higher Consciousness. This December will be no different, with the exception of the downloads we are being given this December. These are the Golden Ray of Healing and The Silver Ray of Consciousness. 2017 is the catalyst to the Master Year 2018 Energy, so doing the work necessary this month will take you to the next steps on your journey on The Ascension of the Higher Self and Consciousness into 5D. As the sun continues to send off solar flares, CMEs & Geomagnetic storms, the energy is carried to Earth to create a shift in Consciousness

Forgiving Allows More Light to Enter Us!

Forgiveness is the key to the success of earth’s freedom. Truth is the light, love is the answer and forgiveness is the key. We find out the truth and we are enlightened, filled with light, we realise love is the most important emotion in the universe, with love comes understanding, the more we understand others, the more empathy we feel for them, it then becomes easy to forgive them, with forgiveness the darkness gets released and more light pours in. The more we forgive the more light will enter the earth and its inhabitants. When we cannot forgive we hold darkness in our hearts and it spreads to other situations, it corrupts our way of thinking. Spreading like a virus and we then become bitter and negative. We start to view every situation from a dark negative place. When we forgive we set the darkness free and we set ourselves free.

Activating Dimensions and Parallel Worlds NOW

These are the Activations that move the awareness of your consciousness to the eternal. To what already is. To your Original Light, consciousness. To the present moment. This is not a matter of wishing this. Or reaching for something beyond you. Your recognition of yourself, your identity, will shift to the eternal. As you enter your Heart and receive this flooding of Light which is Eternal, into your heart. Activating, your Divine Self Awareness. It is a merging. Of here NOW with everything that you TRULY Are.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Full Planetary Ascension ~ We Are Here, Incredible Testimonials

Dear Mother and friends of lovehaswon, I started this journey of trying to understand parts of myself that had been lost along time ago. With limited resources and nowhere to turn I found myself isolated and misunderstood. I am writing this to remind you all that you are love.You truly are love. Mother, Robin, and Michael have reminded me that the essence of our existence is us trying to understand our human experiences in a alternative way. I had gone for a Rieki session when I had felt ungrounded due to my awakening. The result was that I had spent a lot of money on Rieki. I had a snake infiltrated in me during this session. My head was moving in snake motions and my thoughts were unclear. My angels guided me towards Lovehaswon where Mother removed this infiltration. I literally felt this snake come out of my body. I know what you are thinking and yes even I was very skeptic and confused. But she is real and she has a great heart and is fulfilling her purpose by being the love that we are all searching to find. Thank you Mother, Robin, and Michael.

Message from The Pleiadians ~ Sun Rays Carry Pure Frequencies of the God Element

Beloved ones we greet you, The birthing of a new consciousness within humanity is gathering momentum. You are being moved towards a new potential of awakening as another phase of the ‘New Dawning’ energy will be entering your planet at the time of New Year. At this very juncture the Sun will be physically repositioned, being realigned to form an expanding relationship to Earth. This readjustment will create a multidimensional opening of the Sun’s rays. Activating a higher frequency of light, which will carry emanations of God. These light vibrations will be transmitted within the Sun’s rays onto the planet. The Sun’s rays have always carried pure frequencies of the God element, however, now you are to receive a higher emanation element of God. This repositioning of the Sun strongly impacts your planet