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Monday, December 18, 2017

New Era of Consciousness ~ Embracing Our True Nature and Essence

As we crown ourselves, as galactic beings, embracing our true nature and Essence, many of us who are in deep contact with other civilizations, who co-create with us, will be welcomed by the many beings that are assisting us to do our earthly work. Contact is first made from within, for if there is no unification with our main Fountain of guidance - Unified Self - there could be no real contact. This takes dedication, for we must clearly feel/know from where our guidance or simply support are coming. In the early stages we may not truly differentiate, but the dark forces/beings who try to manipulate us, will always make clear mistakes that are not coming from Illuminated Realms. After a period of deep training and self-mastery, we are finally able to realize that true contact was never in physically seeing, but in feeling and above all, about being aligned with the right frequency. At this transitional phase, many ascending souls, are leaving behind an old self as well as live, it is now that we are beginning to see all the assistance we have behind our human existence

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