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Monday, April 30, 2018

The Energies of May 2018 ~ Conscious Creation

Due to the new opening portals and the frequency we are integrating from them, for our Planet’s grids have been manipulated not to receive the frequency coming from the 6 and 7D, for the matrix was created to keep us in a limited manipulative reality. It is now, after this bifurcation, that our Planet is able to receive these frequencies from the Illuminated Realms. May is a decisive point for the ones working with the clearing and purification of their sacral-feminine chakras as well as masculine essence, both deeply distorted, eons ago, for we are now experiencing the embrace of the masculine essence, as well as an earthly one, in this second phase of the year, and it is now when many will realize if they possess imbalances in their first and second chakras and masculine essence, or if they finally synthesized, and hence, balanced both essences.

There is a Great Song of Revival that is Being Sung on Earth

Our Earth is facing a large change – the largest one that has happened for many millions of years. Your Earth needs you dear humans. Your Earth needs all of you to bring your straw to the stack, regardless if it is large or small. You ascend together as a unit and then each one must do its part and contribute with bringing the straw that you took with you down to Earth. There is a great song of revival that is being sung on Earth. Listen and feel how it vibrates in your hearts. You are the love children that will give back your love to Earth and yourselves.

Energy Update ~ Turning Point, Shifting Fear to Joy

Perhaps you wonder why this day is different from any other, why this is the crossing point. Such is so both because of your en masse requests to live within the joy of the New Earth and the Universal understanding that energies need to be stronger than anticipated during this transition period. We informed you that you would live in joy. But that information seemed to fall flat as you moved through one obstacle after another only to face fearful consequences – in your mind at least. So it is you requested more assistance to feel your joys instead of focusing on your fears as you have done for earth eons.

Angel Messages ~ Your Next Role, Your Time is Now

Now is the time for the Earth Angel reserves to step forward. Yes you! We are talking to you! Those of you who have been holding back and standing down, hiding in the shadows are now called to come on-line. You have nothing to fear as you rotate into position and step into your calling. You cannot avoid your destiny without paying the price. The world awaits your response. Stand by no longer. The Earth Angels we are speaking of, are you who know you have gifts, but have been afraid to show them, and stood in fear of sharing them. Yes, you who are hiding in the background, come forward now. You are ready. Your purpose calls.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Humanity’s Timeline

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Humanity’s Timeline: It is enough to be present and to feel for the vibration of the timeline that you’re on. You can determine for yourself whether that timeline suits you or not. What becomes more challenging for you is when you attempt to take the temperature of humanity and determine the vibration that the rest of the collective is offering. It can be very challenging for some of you to believe that humanity is headed in a positive direction at all, but that is usually due to the fact that you are tuning in to what the media is emphasizing. If you want to truly take the temperature of humanity, and access the truth of the collective’s vibration, you need to connect to Mother Earth and feel for the vibration that she is giving off.

Saint Germain ~ Declaring Your Ascended Self

This entire last several years has been about your ascended self. Note, I do not say ascending – yes, there has been much fru-for-all about ascension and rightfully so…but this is you, beloveds, declaring your ascended self. Not in ways as boastful or egoic, not above or below any other being, but in the quiet certitude of your soul declaring your I AM Presence. Because what is your I AM Presence? What is it? Is it that spark of the Mother/Father/One that you carry within you? Yes. Is it that spark of divinity that lives within you? Yes. Is it the love? Yes.

Submerged in Love ~ Calmness and Purification

I’ve been doing of breathing up love and sending it out through the Third Eye. I think doing that exercise may have released this energy. Calmness predominates. It’s what allows the experience of all the other qualities. But calmness without love or joy would be like a dark night to the soul. We of this generation are spared that fate. We’ve been given the complete cleansing and purification treatment during the Mother’s baptisms and tsunamis.

Healthy Recipes to Infuse Water at Home

You probably know about the importance of drinking considerable amounts of water on a daily basis and what can happen to your health as a result of dehydration. However, even after you make a decision to drink more water during the day, you can find out that it’s not as easy as it seems. Struggling to drink enough water is a real problem for some people. And here is where the infused drinks can help! Plain water can get boring, but there is an endless variety of recipes that can change it. Learn about some healthy recipes to try!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Pleiadian Collective, Ashtar & Sananda ~ New Expansion of the Human Consciousness

Our message is one of light, of peace, of unity consciousness and of renewal. Many of you are of us, are from the Pleiades, are here today to seed this Pleiadian higher consciousness deep into the crystal core of Nova Gaia and to help things along, so that this project reaches its conclusion and new beginnings can begin. A new expansion of the human consciousness is exciting to behold and we feel like proud parents on graduation day, yet many of you don’t know that you are indeed graduating, for you are so caught up in the matrix, the process, and have been kept so separated from your heart space.

Full Moon in Scorpio, April 2018 ~ Oracle Revelations

Within and around you, Luna is ripening in the most transformative frequencies of the zodiac — Scorpio. This is where you shed your life’s dead skin. This is where the great mystery of metamorphosis unfolds. This is where the reality of three short words can change your life: “let it go.” Not your normal Buddha Moon. A Scorpio Full Moon carries so much power that the Buddha himself was said not only to have been born under one, but to have reached enlightenment under one as well. When he left his body, Luna was in Scorpio. Those three events were so reality-changing that 2400 years later, more than 500 million Buddhists still celebrate them every year, in the full moon festival known as Wesak.

Mother Mary ~ Calling for Ascension Leaders to Come Forward

Divine has decreed that all light workers who have been working for Gaia and humanity, have done a remarkable job. Gaia had been deep in a rut, and now she is in a better position. She is loving the place she is in now and she wants to continue the upward movement. In the next few days, Divine is going to continue the push for final disclosure. We have the rules that the final disclosure have to happen in a certain way, By certain individuals, and together, we usher in the new Golden Age. In order to do that, we do need some souls to do the disclosures first, and the final disclosure follows. So, I am calling these souls

Archangel Uriel ~ Divine Light is Breaking Through on All Levels

It’s time to experience profound changes. It is time for the inner and outer transformation of mankind and the world. What I’ve come to reveal to you is: The divine light is breaking through on all levels! Nothing can hide from it any longer. Everything comes to light and to the surface. Now the predicted time has come when the half-hearted are spewed. Now the days are here when you can take huge steps towards enlightenment! Now the Kingdom of Heaven spreads in your hearts and on earth. These times demand only one thing of you: the courage to give up habits and to open your heart for the new

April’s Full Moon in Scorpio & Jupiter Retrograde ~ Introspection and Truth

April’s Full Moon in Scorpio & Jupiter Retrograde ~ Introspection and Truth: On Sunday, April 29, 2018, a dramatic full moon in Scorpio arrives — while Jupiter is in retrograde. So what does this mean for you? While each sign is affected differently, there are things we should all know about both occurrences, which was first noted and reported on by Bustle. Let’s start with the Scorpio full moon. Scorpio, an intense, investigative, water sign, is all about rebirth. Scorpios are wonderful at makeovers and recreating themselves. While they may act emotionally when life knocks them down, a Scorpio always gets back up, rising from the flames.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Breaking Free from Programming

You are breaking free from the chains that you placed upon yourselves before incarnating in this lifetime. You had to have these chains in place until you were ready to bring yourselves to the fifth dimensional frequency range. You knew that there were certain experiences that you had to have this lifetime to set yourselves up for the full integration of all aspects of who you are and who you have been, and now that you have lived those experiences you have much more freedom than you have ever had in any Earthly lifetime. The chains are no longer there, but the programming still is

Message from The Angels ~ When You Are Manifesting Your Dreams

If you were to grow a garden, you would carefully till the soil, plant and water the seeds, and watch your beautiful plants come to the surface. You would see them blossom and bear fruit. You would also see the weeds. When you are manifesting your dreams, you till the soil of your soul, and plant seeds of intention. You water them with positive thoughts and begin to see signs and receive guidance in your outer life. Your dreams begin to grow! It is in this process that you will also see the evidence of the weeds the world has sown in your soul.

The Spiritual Influence of April 2018 Full Moon in Scorpio Will Bring

We are collectively experiencing the influence of this years Full Moon in Scorpio, at nine degree and 38 minutes of this intense water zodiac sign. For our united awakening process into the Golden Age of Aquarius this Moon time shows us where we truly need to raise awareness, in order to collectively create a desired oneness feeling for us all. As for the positioning of the Planets during this extraordinary powerful Scorpio Full Moon, many of us might find themselves in a stretch between gathering beautiful material things, and letting go of limiting or heavy mindsets and believes. What ever it is we have been holding on too for much to long already, it is not the time to allow the shift to come and our world to change with it. Be open to meeting new people who might be able to bring brand new solutions to your door

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Wasabi for the Heart, Digestion, Arthritis and More

Are you looking for a vegetable that helps keep your heart healthy? Wondering if there is any ingredient that can flush out toxins from your system as well? Then wasabi is what you should include in your diet. Wasabi comes with a host of benefits.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Special LoveHasWon Message ~ My Search for Source

That state of pure Unconditional Love is the strongest bond between Source and yourself. I knew I didn’t have it. I did not know it but I was in the illusion, I still searched. Source was always calling me “please…. join me.” Source never ever gives up looking for the beloved. You see in the illusion we are all looking for that connection, longing for that truth and, in our desperation, we fill it with all sorts of things, the bigger car, the perfect husband, the perfect house and we fill it with stuff. When we get that stuff we have to maintain our stuff because it always breaks. A paraphrase from the movie “Eat, Love, Pray” Decorate the inside of your soul with what is real. This is our sole purpose in this incarnation to have the experiences that will eventually reHeart you of the PURE LOVE THAT YOU ARE!

Special LoveHasWon Message ~ Supporting your Children During the Ascension

As the energies entering the Unified Field, and the Planet at Large, intensified Lessons were overflowing in Mission HQ. The Rainbow babies of the House, being pure crystals, take on and reflect our density back to us, particularly the density of their parents whom they have picked up most, if not ALL of their conditioning from. Screaming and crying for attention should ALWAYS BE IGNORED, otherwise the child will learn that their bad behavior results in them getting attention. Likewise, good behavior should result in praise being poured into the children. All Beings are born Divine and dysfunctional behavior is learned, when these dysfunctional behaviors are exhibited children must be given clear and firm boundaries, in order to protect their wholeness of Being.

Full Moon in Scorpio, April 2018 ~ Truth to Transform Us

Some of you may witness how conflict over resources & money can tear families apart. (My grandmother’s will is up for probate this week after a year of witnessing my paternal line’s money & power issues!) The lesson is ultimately to resolve our emotional wounds or we risk destroying all we seek to create. Scorpio stings us with the bitter truth like the kiss of the spider woman who names that which we don’t see in ourselves which has the power to destroy us. This catalyst sends our ego to the Underworld, the original ‘man cave’ that is the subterranean cosmic womb of the Great Mother deep within our psyche. The more transformed our shadow side (that being our disowned traits) the more mature we become & the less drama we unwittingly create.

Message From Zarton ~ Service to SELF rather than Service to OTHERS

Too many humans are still focused on Service to SELF rather than Service to OTHERS, and too many humans treasure money and power OVER others, rather than power WITHIN and Unconditional Love. It is for this reason, that I, Zarton, as well as many other Galactic Beings, are coming into your consciousness to assist you to remember your true, Galactic SELF, as well as to remember that YOU chose to take a third dimensional earth vessel to assist dear planet Gaia during Her time of need. We, the members of our Galactic Family, wish you to remember your true Multidimensional SELF as well as the reason why you took this incarnation on Gaia

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Conscious Evolution

You are definitely going to have the experience of shifting, but how you do it will be determined by you. It will be determined by where you put your focus and what you choose to do with your intentions, how you choose to spend your days. You are not making the shift happen, but you are making it happen in a more pleasant and joyous way. We just want you all to recognize yourselves as being the creators of the experience that you are having

What Dimension Are We In, 3D, 4D or 5D?

The reason that there are such discrepancies in the realities is because you are all experiencing life differently. Every person has their own lessons to process. This is why some experience a lower frequency because they have yet to process and integrate their inner work or lack thereof. The level of frequency one experiences is relative. Relative to the observer based on the individual soul plan. As a collective, one can say that we are in between the 3rd and 4th dimension. The 5th dimension is within grasp but only if we choose that reality.

Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil) Found to Remove Fluoride from Water & Support Pineal Gland Health

A plant called Tulsi, or Holy Basil, which grows all over India might just be another answer to defluoridating water in poor countries all over the world. Research scientists at Rajasthan University have discovered that Tulsi can replace some of the more expensive alternatives to fluoride removal. The process is so simple, its downright exciting.

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Risen Christess ~ Rite of the Sepulcher

During the first half of this month the overarching focus was on integrating thru continued rest within our inner-sanctuary…the second half of April we began an intensive restructuring period, remodeling the container of our self, space & lives to accommodate the risen Christess within, in preparation for the “coming of the Holy Child”. And now, as we move into May, we will begin to incorporate these structural changes into the systems of our daily life, bodies and world…simultaneously establishing our new level Plan for our new level Service to the whole. We are moving deeper into the True meaning of our soul’s path

Full Moon in Scorpio, April 2018 ~ Dark Needs

This Full Moon could be viewed as the pool of shadow along the path. There’s something dark/taboo/intense that you have to deal with, before you can step into the light. Maybe you need to get a handle on feelings of powerlessness. Maybe dealing with an Aquarian issue is much heavier than you anticipated. Scorpio is the gift that keeps on giving - just when you think you’e gone as deep as you can go, you discover a sinkhole. The trick is to confront the dark stuff without getting sucked in. Scorpio is magnetic, even when the issue is something you’d rather avoid.

Mahatma ~ Cosmic Alignment with Your Higher Heart Chakra

To recognise the Cosmic Level from a human existence is to recognise the pure divinity of the Creator within your being and all, with this experience so you are tapping into the presence and purpose of the Cosmic Level. The Cosmic Level can be accessed through the centre of your Higher Heart Chakra, you may ask to visit during your meditation the Cosmic Level Chamber within your Higher Heart Chakra, this is a direct access to the Cosmic Level through your soul and soul group. Entering into your Cosmic Level Chamber within your Higher Heart Chakra with the intention of receiving the Cosmic Level Alignment Activation will allow you to experience a deeper connection with the Cosmic Level while allowing your senses and awareness to be enhanced.

The Pegasus Collective ~ You Are Stretching Your Wings, Ready to Fly

You are growing, stretching your wings, you are getting ready to fly and, Ah! You are off! It feels glorious does it not, to have the strong wings stretched out beside you? To have the wind in your mane? To whinny with utmost glee? Ah yes, but you have felt this euphoria before. Connect with the comets in your solar system. Fly with them. Sense our freedom of flight, of power, of the delightful thrill of pure, raw speed. It is exhilarating! We are the Pegasus Collective here in harmonious support in the combined effort of humanity’s ascension. We encourage you to try on your wings

The Arcturian Collective ~ The New Foundation for Nova Gaia is Being Laid

You have so much of the god spark packed within your DNA that you do sparkle and shine like the diamonds of Source light that you are, but have forgotten, until recently. For you are in the process of beginning to remember and this delights us very much. Be not afraid, be encouraged and supported. We are the Arcturian Collective and we assure you that the fabric, the new foundation for Nova Gaia is being laid as these words are typed and read, for as your imagine you create. As you band together and dream and become motivated into action great things happen. You are bursting out of your cocoons

The Seven Keys to Awakening

The most important key to awakening is to learn the art of being present. Being present is remarkably simple. Gently remember to bring yourself present with something that is actually here. If you can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it or smell it, you can be present with it It is only from Presence that you can be unconditionally loving and accepting of yourself. This includes all those things you would like to change about yourself such as jealousy, possessiveness, control, judgment, helplessness, inadequacy, blame, guilt, uncertainty, unworthiness, arrogance, expectation, resentment, anger, sadness, frustration, just to name a few…

10 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

Did you know that lemon verbena essential oil can help you control indigestion? Are you aware that it provides tonic properties as well? Well, if you are wondering what lemon verbena essential oil is or how it benefits your body, look no further. Read this post and find out about lemon verbena essential oil and its many health benefits!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Request an Astonishing Personal Ascension Assessment Report

We are preparing everyone in the Ascension Process, and are happy to announce our new service for all those on the path back home into the Heart… The LoveHasWon Personal Ascension Assessment Report. These specialty reports are designed to assist and support those on the Ascension Path. There are two elements to the Ascension Assessment, one consists of an E.G.O Review to identify the exact amounts of each limiting E.G.O trait that is embodied. The second is Chakra Assessment.

Message from Mother Gaia ~ Crystals Coming Online

We have journeyed together for so long and for so far, together, you and I. And the time of redemption, of hope, of renewal is here now. Embrace it. I am your Mother Gaia. I am here for you, children. I have offered my body for yours for so long; cannot you’re feel my loving embrace? For it is truly all around you, surrounding you in strength and my protection. The crystals are singing now – can you hear / feel them? They are coming on line and doing their work. For those of you who work with my Crystal Kingdom you will feel they are much more responsive and active now for they have been divinely activated and are eager to share and to assist you, awakened humanity, with your own journeys of ascension and expansion

Full Moon in Scorpio, April 2018 ~ Death, Rebirth and Unconditional love

Scorpio represents death, rebirth, and unconditional love. It also represents the stages of consciousness, or the peeling back of layers. At the core layer, Scorpio energy brings us the power of unconditional love, but on the surface layers, Scorpio can bring us ego and greed. Feeling this Love is about feeling your essence and your true power. It is about feeling the forever you, the forever conscious part of you that shifts and transforms and goes through all sorts of deaths, but also keeps on living. Under the light and energy of the Scorpio Full Moon, you are going to be given the opportunity to peel back some of the layers that have been holding you away from feeling this true essence. You are going to be given the opportunity to feel who you really are, and what you have come on this Earth to achieve.

Overcome The Lessons by Re-Purposing Energy

How do we overcome the challenges of our life lessons? When do we get to the point where they are no longer obstacles to our growth, transformation, and joy? What can we do to make that process happen so we can get on with this ascension journey and have the joyful, abundant, peaceful lives that we crave? The answer is simple – we repurpose the energy of the lessons so rather than repeating the past, we create a new and different outcome in the present. Lessons do not go away; they just transcend the karma to create a new level of divinity.

The Creator Writings ~ Seeing Truth

As you begin to understand more of your world and what is happening to it, there comes yet another awareness; people you know may present themselves as something they are not. Earlier, it was mentioned that transparency will be one of the keys to your growth and learning. While you are making a concentrated and conscious effort to be transparent, others will not. This does not mean that you must automatically distrust all you encounter.

Health Benefits of Cardamom For Asthma, Diabetes, Oral Health and More

Popularly known as “Elaichi” in Hindi, “Aelakka” in Malayalam, “Elakkai” in Tamil, “Yelakulu” in Telugu, “Yalakki” in Kannada, “Ilaychi” in Gujarati, “Hr̥daya rōga” in Nepali and “Huba alhal” in Arabic – cardamom is a spice made from the seeds of several plants belonging to the family Zingiberaceae. The spice is native to India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Indonesia. Cardamom pods are small (that’s how they are recognized), triangular in cross-section, and shaped as spindles. You would have seen this spice in almost every major dish prepared at your home. And it is so for a reason – the benefits of cardamom are immense. This post covers the numerous ways cardamom can make your life better. Keep reading!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mother Mary ~ Urgent Call For Action

Dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that all the light workers who are currently on the planet need to pitch in. We are having a last minute push right now, and your attention and effort is needed. You may ask what it is so urgent, I would say yes, dear heart, we are at a place where we need to push harder so that we can overcome the inertia, get things going. In order for the Divine plan to be fulfilled, we do need, right now, at this moment, our light workers to work together so that we can move out of the current situation

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Best Tool for Ascension You’ll Ever Need

Recently, Archeia Faith did a ascension assessment percentage check, providing all my ego mind embodiments. She was checking to see how much density is left in my vibration. She was asking her guides and angels for a number. She gave me a reading on how much unworthiness, lack of self love, white cultural programming and many other programmings, conditionings and traits you may have been implanted with throughout your journey. Faith will give an explanation of what that specific programming is. Doing readings like this can give you a break down of where the density is in your vibration

Twin Soul Energy Report ~ 5.5 Portal, The Most Intense Energetic Portal

Dear ones we are entering a timeline now of profound alignment with the 5th dimensional Christ consciousness diamond light grid, that is currently interfacing within this current dimensional reality. Please know that the more and more individuals who individually experience that which is known as the “inner event” the faster the collective consciousness aligns with the huge Collective tsunami of cosmic light particles, or that which is known as the “outward event” Beloveds please know that “The Event” is an inner and outer phenomena and it is this which marks it stupendous. Mother Earth stands now with the attention of the entire Galaxy and universe and beyond

Energy Update ~ Incoming Energy Wave Happening Now

We have a HUGE INCOMING WAVE of energy coming in right now! I felt it start to come on and felt some of the familiar feelings of all of the past waves. Since I feel every wave that comes into Mother Earth, I know when one has arrived. With this one the feeling is: Foggy Brain, Intense Ear Ringing, Nausea, Feeling Like Walking IN Two Worlds At Once

The Divine Plan ~ Mother’s Massive Heart Opening

You all love your signs and you pray and you beg and you plead for signs. And you are most certainly being given tangible signs. Now let me suggest to you, as your Mother, that the solar eclipse, all of these gateways – which I am very fond of, by the way – are reflections. A solar eclipse does not create a heart opening. It is a symbol of the heart opening. So the heart opening is already underway

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Your Memories

You do not need to be a product of your past or your memories. You are not doomed to repeat them. You do not need to be haunted by them. You do not need to give them any power over you, unless it somehow serves you to do so. We invite you to have a new and different relationship with your past, with your memories. We ultimately want for you to experience the now moment that you are living fully and completely

Health Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea For the Heart, Cysts, Liver, and More

A lot of people drink lemon ginger tea every morning to refresh themselves. But did you know that this tea does more than just rejuvenate you? Not only is it super easy to prepare, but it also gives you an array of health benefits – like curing nausea, headache, and the common cold. In this article, we have listed some amazing ways drinking lemon ginger tea can benefit you.