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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Final Event Energy Update 11~29~17: Gateway Energies, Portal Opened for Full Force Love Energies

Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Magical Moments of Synchronostic Events, True Equality, Joy, Happiness, and Heaven on Earth. There are Definitely Many, Many Grand Events Happening as WE Manifest Heaven on Earth, and those that are choosing to be A Part of these Magnificent Moments have Awakened and are Participating in some of the Most Magical Moments of Life=Living Life Real. This opportunity has not been here for a very long time, because Humanity has been in an illusionary, or dream state for 27 Millenia. These Events Occur only in The Present Moment of Now, where The Atoms of Energy are Free for Love and Creation to Create In Grander Ways.

Mercury Retrograde, December 3rd ~ 22nd, 2017 ~ COMPLETION

Mercury Retrograde on December 3rd till December 22nd, 2017 ~ is a powerful OPPORTUNITY for completion! There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding around Mercury Retrograde. IT doesn’t MEAN put your life on HOLD. The energy FLOW is COMPLETION! Complete ~ Finish…anything started ~ years ago. Recently. You met someone or connected years ago…you want to meet. YOU don’t have to wait till after Mercury Retrograde ~ because it already STARTED. Everything is UP for COMPLETION During Mercury Retrograde. That is what it is for….for you to go deeply within your own awareness. What is your awareness? Are you observing your own awareness? Where it is at?

Archangel Michael ~ Revolutions, Revelations and Evolutions

Are you noticing the lighter energies? As this year of 2017 draws to conclusion, your “work” has been apparent. So much has be accomplished on Planet Earth - so many revolutions, revelations and evolutions having taken place. All Light Beings in the Galaxy are cheering you on as never before. What is happening on your Planet is impacting all of the Galaxy and you are watched with great anticipation. Oneness is returning to your consciousness and you are experiencing what it is to be “connected” once again to the ALL THAT IS. Your hearts have been enlarged, and you no longer feel the presence of separation from your fellow beings. This is being reflected all over your Blue/Green Globe. Feel this resonance in every cell of your newly igniting Christalline Structure. Be who you CAME TO BE Dear Hearts. You now feel the TRUTH of YOU and you are able to move forward at last as the current energies are assisting to propel you.

Energy Report Update ~ Diamond Frequencies Initiate Upgrades to Our DNA

Diamond encoded frequencies are flowing in on cosmic energy waves now. Diamond frequencies cut through old programs, and bring about new perspectives. Diamond frequencies also initiate upgrades to your DNA/RNA by activating the magnetite in the brain. These are tiny, highly magnetic crystals that interface with cosmic energy, and Earth’s electromagnetic field. There are specific diamond code frequencies that you have chosen that only resonate with your specific interfacing as these are being downloaded to you. There are certain codes that come in at different times that activate specific things within the upgraded DNA. Sometimes these can be number codes, geometric shapes, or sound frequency. As this Energy moves through, it interrupts sleep patterns, and turns on active dream state, either during REM, or during meditation

Elthor the Dragon ~ Breathe in The Fire of Change, of Love

Cleansing fire is purging the dross of this realm with great ferocity and intensity. This fire is the fire of love, of change, of new beginnings! It is here! It is upon us, upon you, upon all who embody this realm and who are observing its transition from the dark into the light of newness. Breathe in the fire of change, of love. Breathe in the embers of passion for change of your communities. Bask in the fiery heat of newness. For with cleansing fire much is reborn. Much is created. This is how galaxies and nebulas are formed – through the fiery heat of love and of intention. Let your intention be that of unified healing, of new purpose, of a new day, a new blank page for Humanity to write a new story. A story of realms merging, of people and animal beings healing and living alongside each other in peace and perfect harmony

Message from Source ~ The Shift into the Heart

The core of this change – this Shift to the Heart – is a shift in all humanity in our instrument of perception. Instead of “seeing” the world from the analytical mind, we are shifting, consciously and unconsciously, to perceiving through the heart. The feelings of the heart become our guides. When you choose to live through the heart, you become immersed in the highest truth – that only Love is Real! The shift to the heart lifts us up to such a high vibration that we magnetically entrain all other hearts to Love, just by their being in our proximity! Every aspect of life on Earth is transformed by our Love and brought into resonance with joy, beauty, perfection.

Jesus ~ As Co~Creators, Your Abilities are Limitless

As humanity’s awakening process continues to accelerate, know that it is unstoppable. The collective has made the choice and the decision to awaken, and that intent goes on intensifying. There are signs of your awakening everywhere, however, at the same time, much is arising that is not in complete alignment with Love, and it is arising only to be seen, recognized, and released. Your own daily individual visits to your holy inner sanctuary to open your hearts ever more fully to the Love residing there greatly assist in that intensification, and are an essential aspect of it. When you go within to commune with Love, by opening your hearts to It, you are most effectively assisting in the awakening process, which is why you are incarnate as a human at this point in the evolutionary cycle. To awaken is to release yourselves from the illusion by letting go of your hold on all that is not in perfect alignment with Love

Saint Germain ~ The End of the Destruction of Earth is Near

If there ever was a time for you all to be happy and in the knowledge that it all will work out, now is the time. It is showing itself in so many ways how your energy of desire and hope is working in so many fields of the results that come from Love. As I see what is coming from all of the movements around the globe I see that there is so much less of the irrepressible actions of the negativity, and so much more of the positivity that is being not only displayed but being put into action in so many ways. As this continues to take place and bring power to the multitudes of people who know that the end of the destruction of earth is near, then it will come out in so many ways that there will be no mistaking that the powers of Love will be in place all around the globe.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Highest Frequency Version of Yourself

You are all here, now, to break new ground and to take consciousness in the fourth dimension beyond where it has ever been before. This is what creates the new version of the fifth dimension that you are all seeking to experience. It is in the letting go of comparisons to what has been that will take you beyond that which has ever been created. It is time for you all to recognize yourselves as the pioneers that you are, taking life on planet Earth to new heights, taking yourselves beyond where you have ever been before. This is no small task, and the beings that you are collaborating with to make all of this happen are creating the synergy with you that makes it all possible. You are working with high frequency energy. You are working with high frequency beings, and you are bringing forth the highest frequency version of yourself that you have ever experienced.

Pink Gamma Ray of Transformation ~ DNA & Frequency Key Codes

When we come into alignment to the center of this Ray/Dimension/Frequency/Harmonic, the Earths “key-codes” along with our DNA and frequency key-codes will ‘PLUG” into this frequency , this IS what This GRAND Shift is all about! It’s all frequency specific so we have until around 2020 – 2022 to heal and release all unseen negative influences and heal all our past traumas. The unawakened have a lot of catch-up to accomplish and with our help and this Pink gamma Ray giving us the support we need, along with the new guardianship of the Pleiadians

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Message from The Divine Mother ~ Moving Forward with The Divine Plan

Dear Heart, I am your Divine Mother. Yes, the energy is getting stronger as we approach the new year. That is the design dear heart. I designed it this way so that by the new years time, we will have a great deal of the Divine energy permeating the planet and a great deal of excitement built up. The reason we do that, dear heart is because this upcoming new year is going to be a splendid one, like one you never experienced before, and a new year that marks human history in a way that ends, yes, ends the old ways dear ones, Starting anew-that is the theme of this upcoming new year. We are going to have a brand new phase in human history, a brand new civilization on the planet, and a brand new golden age

The Andromedans ~ Source’s Gift that You, Integrate These New Light Codes

Much is occurring on your surface world that indeed not only interests us, but all of your Galactic brothers and sisters as well! That is why both your individual and collective light are so important. For we are all a part of oneness. Every thought, every deed of kindness and service create ripples that eventually build up and create enormous waves of change on a galactic scale, which is exactly what is occurring in this Now, both yours and ours! We encourage you dear family to integrate these new light codes with firm intention, for they are Source’s gift that you. Accept them deeply into the quiet heart space of you and claim your new life. Claim your new reality. Build it with your brothers and sisters. Hold hands and hearts and realize the great strength of unification and of oneness. We Andromedans are delighted to be a part of serving you all in this time of unprecedented change

Archangel Gabriel ~ Accepting What Is and Allow Change to Occur

When we suggest for you to accept what is, we mean to be lovingly aware of all situations occurring in and around you — both personally and globally. This means to accept the appearance of what is occurring, without judgment. There is a greater truth underlying all things, no matter how it appears. When you accept a situation as it is, it allows you to release any attachment to having it be different. It is this attachment that can cause you pain. When you release a person or a situation to Spirit, you allow them to be in the Divine Flow taking them to their highest good. Know that even though you have prayed for the greater good, you do not know precisely what this will look like. This is where Trust comes in. No matter how something appears, if you have prayed, that prayer is being answered. It does not assist things for you to be attached to the outcome. Know that Infinite Intelligence is working, creating change in the direction of balance and harmony.

Message to Lightworkers ~ November 27th, 2017

We would draw your attention to how, even when the days are not marked on the calendar as being “important” or fortuitous or worthy of celebration, many days are now unfolding that hold the energies of breakthrough moments for you and all humankind. This cannot help but affect your inner and outer lives, as moments occur to you now that hold a special realization, new wisdom, or new level of insight. And so you will as we have noted many times, have days or whole weeks when you are feeling the need to shift and change, to restructure what has been held in place for months or years, or even decades. Some of this will have to do with public life in increasingly noticeable ways. Much of it will have to do with your own realizations of what is best for you now, and who you are in your truest, most authentic self, as you journey forward with an ever-increasing vibration.

The Divine Council of Overseers ~ Your Ascension, The State of Bliss & Love

All Beings exist in a state of Eternal Light in Union with their Original Soul Star Matrix. This is the state of Freedom at the Highest Purest Level. Free from the programming of energetic impulses held in the DNA as memory. Fight or Flight. Through past lives fear. Through doubt which is another form of fear. The Pure State is child like. Completely in the moment. Is a state of bliss and love. Total surrender, even though when in it. One does not even notice it is a state of surrender. AS it is what is natural. The pure frequency just unfolding as it is. As it originally and eternally always will be. This pureness is the mastery in form, throughout all dimensions. Linking and uniting once again, all aspects of being to the Original State of Being.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Open First Contact with E.T.s

It is an awakening that the rest of the galaxy has been waiting for. You are the awakened ones who are bringing more light and more love to planet Earth, making it possible for more contact with your extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters. You are the ones who are responsible for the elevation of the status of humanity, bringing all of you to a point where you are closer than ever to having open first contact with extra-terrestrial beings. They will not be seeking worship, and they will not be seeking to enslave. They want you to be a part of the galactic community. They want it as much as you do. Your leaders of nations are aware of these beings. They are aware, and they are more open than ever to becoming part of the galactic family that you all want to be a part of. We want you to know that the openness in your hearts has tipped the scales.

Ascension ~ Duality and The Importance of Acceptance

To ascend from a world of duality to unity requires full acceptance of WHAT IS. No judgment or labeling as “good” and “bad” – and instead recognising that the spectrum of duality for each archetype is but one energy being expressed and perceived in infinitely different ways. We start to stay in a place of divine neutrality – where there is no judgment, but just a deep acceptance of WHAT IS. Because everything is LOVE. As we accept the that each archetype is an expression of love, one by one the archetypes of duality collapse and we work our way up the triangle – each collapse moving us towards love, and a step closer to the next great urge of organisation and merging of matter.

The Creator Writings ~ Making Space…

A gentle reHearter; during this time of shifting, it is so very important to remember self-care! As you begin this great time of change and re-balancing, pay attention to what is going on in your physical and emotional bodies. A great many things will be coming to the surface to be cleared so you can take on as much learning as possible.

Synchronicity Exists ~ Here Are The Signs You Should NEVER Ignore

Synchronicity exists everywhere but we seldom recognize it for what it is. Here are some of the most common synchronicities to help you understand “what is meant to be”. Ever been to a busy place where finding an empty parking space is believed to be next to impossible, only to find someone pulling out of the best spot as though making space just for you? Ever had that pretty coincidence when you picked up your phone to call someone and received a call from them right at that moment? Have you ever felt a celestial connection with someone or something?

Russian Scientist Say, The Solar System is Moving into a New Energy Zone

Dr. Dmitriev’s work shows that the planets themselves are changing. They are undergoing changes in their atmospheres. Magnetic fields and brightness of the planets are changing. The planets are experiencing sizable changes in their overall brightness. Venus, for example, is showing us marked increases in its overall brightness. Jupiter has gotten to have such a high energetic charge that there is actually a visible tube of ionising radiation that’s formed between its moon, Io. You can actually see the luminous energy tube in photographs that have been taken more. And the planets are having a change in their fields. The magnetic fields are becoming stronger.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Zalishia of the Pleiades ~ Change is Underway as Per Mother's Plan

Much is underway, and yes, you are perceiving this and feeling it, not only through the information sources that you garner but through the very pores, through the very air that you breathe. You know that change – and we mean the change – is underway and this is exactly not only as you desire, but as the Mother plans, as the Mother dreams. And as the Mother unfurls her cloak, the blessings drop out and they are not only beautiful, sweet one, they are significant. And they are significant, not only in materiality, but in a vibratory nature that changes who human beings are

LoveHasWon Spiritual Intuitive Healing Sessions ~ Keys to Transformation

Feel Blocked, Drained, Fatigued, Restless, Nausea, Achy, Ready to Give Up? We Can Help! We are preparing everyone for a Full Planetary Ascension, and provide you with the tools and techniques to assist you Home Into The Light. The First Contact Ground Crew Team, Will Help to Get You Ready For Ascension which is Underway. New Spiritual Sessions have now been created for an Entire Family, including the Crystal Children; Group Family Healing & Therapy. We have just began these and they are incredible. Highly recommend for any families struggling together in these times of intense changes. Email: for more information or to schedule an emergency spiritual session. We can Assist You into Awakening into 5d Reality, where your experience is one of Constant Joy, Wholeness of Being, Whole Health, Balanced, Happy and Abundant. Lets DO THIS! Schedule Your Session Below. Allow us to be of service to You.

Quan Yin ~ We are Now Entering into a New Golden Age of Light & Love

Many changes embrace you all at this time. You are being faced with a tide of great change upon your Earth. We are working with you all at this time as there will be great change facing your Nations. We embrace the essence this day of what your earth planet needs for it’s next stage in her evolution for you have come forth to the Earth in this now to anchor and to embrace the rays of Compassion, of Mercy, and of Healing, like you have never done so before. We are now entering into a new Golden Age of Light and Love upon your Earth. The Earth is now ascending but there are many Souls that have much work to do to embrace these Divine Energies within. Dear children, there is right now a great magnetic pull as you are releasing all that is past. All is as intended.

Mary Magdalene ~ Embrace Your Eternal Nature

Feel the Light as it is welcomed by your cells, by your body. You are living in a new LightWorld. Step into it in every moment of your Presence. My Beloveds, you are exquisite in your vibrant Lightbodies. The Crystalline nature of you is ever-increasing. Feel the changes, welcome the changes, BE the changes. Allow yourself to breathe in and out, feel the ebb and flow of this new energy you have stepped into, with your acceptance and your choice. It is exquisite. Embrace your Eternal Nature. You are tapping into it with a deeper understanding of its inevitability. The expansiveness you are beginning to feel is testament to this. Embrace your Expansiveness, embrace your Higher Consciousness

The Cetaceans ~ The Great Wave of Energetic Influx is Upon US

You are becoming more in tune with what harmony is; harmony of Gaia, of her kingdoms, and of each other. You are beginning to seek out more of your similarities than your differences and this will become your strength in many ways. For the strength of the collective human heart is unstoppable. You are in process of balancing out and harmonizing with that of the male and the female energies. This is why your waters of experience seem choppy in this Now. For all is coming to pass. The great wave of energetic influx is almost upon us. Harmonize and integrate these into Gaia’s crystal core and into her central sun and that of your own central sun. Become one with these light frequencies, these encodements, and catapult yourselves ever higher into the sea of rememberings

Forerunners Extraordinaire ~ Broadening The Sphere of Possibilities

You are creators broadening the sphere of possibilities. Those following will help formulate those possibilities and those following them will further enhance and accept the best models within the possibilities. For those of you who have been plying your clearing, creative skills for decades, such a statement appears as if you will not be of the earth in this lifetime to experience that flexible and loving environment. We beg to differ. Unlike other earth creations, these phases will happen more rapidly than you now envision. For you have created the path to personal freedom – the most difficult part. You courageous forerunners started this wave of creation despite all odds and negativity from those who did not believe it possible

Mother Theresa ~ Translating The Mother’s Love into Everything You Do

You are infiltrating the entire human collective, and while you are living your lives and doing your daily doings you spread love and hope, you bring healing to many out there. You have learned the language of light and you are translating the Mother’s love into everything you do, so anyone who interacts with you gets an enormous charge from it and is uplifted. Dearest and sweet angels of love, you have chosen the most humble approach to this lifetime, for regardless of what kind of work you do, you bring light and hope with your brilliant presence and example.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Energies of December & The Revealing

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information of the coming energies of December 2017. These energies are the totality of what is to come forth for the year 2018. All of your spiritual work and endeavors is the culmination for the upcoming moments. These energies are massive, powerful, life changing, shocking, and filled with Activations, DNA Upgrades, Transformations, Revelations and Surprises. In Truth, all are meant to be prepared for these energies by the end of November 2017, as only Authenticity can enter and embrace these energies. Let us delve deeper into these energies, and unravel of what is to come in this 2017 end year cycle. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

Energy Update ~ Entering New Timelines of Higher Light & Body Activations

The old timeline has collapsed and we can no longer return to this timeline. You many now find that people you knew in the past are still on this timeline. These are the souls still stuck in the 3D matrix and unable to make any progress and move out of the old timeline. All healing of past issues must be healed before the light body formation can continue. This is why we are experiencing starts and stops in our transformation. There is far too much healing to be done at one time so this must be spread out over weeks, months and years. Along with this healing comes the body pain that will come along with these transformations. Some of the recent body symptoms have been: Cold rushes coming up and down the body. Deep sadness and spontaneous crying. We might hear of someone from our past and cry to release the unhealed pain from the relationship that existed. Anxiety is also high on the light body symptoms

Ascension Energies ~ The Light is so Large and Flows Forward Across Earth

The light is so large and flows forward across Earth. It is now time for the higher self to come forward and to take a bigger place in your life. It is time to become one with everything and leave the life of separation and fear. Now is the time dear Earthlings. We are waiting for you. We are waiting for you to take this important, but not really such a big step. Surrender to God’s will and your path will be light and clear. You do not have the big perspective and you can see only a small part of your life, but your higher self can see and understand what the next step must be. You are a part of the whole, everybody is a part of the whole, you cooperate with the whole, you ascend with the whole

Mother Mary ~ Unraveling and Unwrapping Yourselves

Appreciation for your efforts to go deeper within, to travel that painful path of self-discovery until you find that sweet and pure core of who you are. And getting closer and closer to that core of who you are is work, and it is hard work going against that deeply ingrained resistance of the human mind, as much as you are trying to dismiss and undermine this fact. You have done all this work of wrapping and entangling your wonderful selves in all of those illusions and false dense constructs, lifetime after lifetime, only in order to have myriad individual ways of unraveling and unwrapping yourselves at this time for the benefit of the entire human collective.

Sananda ~ Moving Beyond Resentment

I come to bring you sacred teachings of life. First, you must make room for the beloved to live with you. In order for me to teach you, you must soften your response to me. I am soft and subtle. You must make room for me. Next, you must not harbor resentments towards others. They are suffering and doing their best. You understand and remember what that was like, yes? Third, you must forgive and forget.

Saint Germain ~ The Age of Enlightenment Has Begun

True discernment must be made, in our hearts, in our souls and permeated throughout the galaxy. We have all but surrendered to the ills of mankind. We are now bringing forth a new set of rules and quantifiable objectives, ones based in the truth and merit of all the beholders of the Light. A new quantum generation of light beings who will see through the events of the dark tidings superseded by Love and Unity, connecting all in a great harmony and melody which will strike a chord with us All. Because the age of enlightenment has begun and those behaviours in others which do not meet our daily requirements of peace, sanctity, unity and surrender will burst through our thresholds of tolerance, leaving our shells perforated and dulled, like a husk that has been worn out from a grinding stone.

The Calling ~ Mother Earth’s Evolving Fifth Dimensional World

Our entire world is now within a great period of Change and Transformation. Where a few years ago we could easily find reliable advice and guidance from “experts,” we cannot today, as their advice is hardly valid or even meaningful in Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimensional world. We must now transition towards trusting and learning to access our Soul’s Higher Self, our own intuitive guidance system leading to the promotion of our Soul’s Progress towards our Spiritual Purpose – the experience of connecting our Soul into the entirety of the Universe! Without a defined Spiritual Purpose in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension we will not only remain susceptible to seeking and pursuing endeavors completely against our Soul’s Progress, but also, ignoring the sagely wisdom and advice of our own Soul’s Higher Self! These days will not be easy, for our world’s Change and Transformation is entirely due to Mother Earth exuding her transformational power into her evolving Fifth Dimensional world!

Are You Struggling to Feel Balanced During The Consciousness Shift?

Are you struggling to feel balanced during the Consciousness Shift? During this time of energetic shifting, a lot of us experienced amplified symptoms that have echoed our past struggles. After November 11th passed, most of us still experienced those dreading symptoms. A pool of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual symptoms and downloads. What about those crazy dreams we’ve all been having? Super confusing right!?! However, the purpose is one that has elevated our consciousness to new levels, and for some of us is still unclear on what that is. For those of you who are still in the dark about what exactly was downloaded for you and what your symptoms meant or mean, I have a tip to help you connect to the wisdom you seek.

The Creator Writings ~ Upcoming Shift is Massive

It has been said before, but it deserves repeating; the upcoming shift is massive. It is so large that those who have the gift of sight on yourEarth plane cannot see what they call an end to it. As you navigate this monstrous change, please remember…the inhabitants of your Earth have been asking for this shift for decades. They may not have known that it was going to come this way (smiling) but, it is coming

Major SHIFTS ~ What was Once Hidden, Comes Out to Be Seen

What was once hidden. comes out. TO be seen. Felt. Acknowledged. As the States of Being that all function through as frequency, reveals itself. The Subconscious of Mass Consciousness as a whole, dissolving. Falling apart. Shattering. What was once the engine that drove mass consciousness as a whole, has no more power to draw upon. It is now only the new way. Many are scrambling to find those previously held reference points of living. Now there is nothing to hold on to. It is a process of managing the adjustment to the New Earth. The paradigm of Being ~ that only exists, each Being as itself. In the highest and purest sense. All else is consciousness vehemently attempting to attach itself to the old way. This is the subconscious coming to the surface for all to see. Which that is no longer hidden which now rears its head.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Energy Update ~ The New Rays Amplifying Order and Bliss

These Gateways continue to open us up to more, more, more. Cosmic Triggers are synchronized events, when Galactic, Solar, and Planetary factors align and create an opportunity to accelerate the Ascension. Thursday’s Cosmic Trigger was strong; I felt I would disappear into the bliss-realm. Fortunately the activity of snowshoeing up to a Gate spot grounded me a bit (cardio can be effective breathwork.) Solaris opened up with a major solar eruption early Saturday; our usual cosmic activity during these Gateways continues. This initiation into our seven-week transitional phase has intensified the Higher Light again. Gaia (and our ears) are ringing in the cosmic alignment. Note the changing, higher quality of Light stepping forth as the classic 12-Ray systems shift to accommodate the New Earth. These light frequencies are bridging levels of consciousness, assisting us with embodiment and merging our awareness with our multidimensional Self.

Lady Quan Yin ~ Large Cleansings on Earth and in your Bodies

Your soul has chosen which path he/she wants to go and which experiences and lessons he/she has wanted to experience. This has changed from lifetime to lifetime. The latest lifetimes have been tough, as a process of awakening has begun. Earth and its inhabitants have decided to return to the light and they then needed to get rid of as much karma as possible. This has accelerated during the last century and it has come with large cleansings on Earth and in your bodies. You are now on your way back to the light and the light now encompasses Earth and let it shine a little extra in your hearts. The wind has changed dear children on Earth

Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Huge Shifts Aligning for Genuine Twin Flames

Take heed dearest ones. Pass these tests your higher self is currently sending you. Know that as usual, everything is meticulously aligned on your spiritual pathway, and indeed lessons and tests will continue to present themselves until the test is passed. So beloveds please know and remember who you are. You are Mother Father God‘s most precious and beloved child. The whole universe was created to delight you, you are loved so much, that our creator deemed it necessary to create tens of millions of different species of flowers purely to delight you. There is no-thing that you cannot achieve that you can conceive. You are Almighty you are all powerful. Our Messages have been coming in consistently for some time now, and we are often times overwhelmed to bear witness to the level of transformation these sacred offerings are activating. Dear ones now is the time. We are again on the verge of an almighty influx of gamma rays but this time the level of bombardment is truly unprecedented.

Mary Magdalene ~ Healing Body and Sexual Shame

Most of you are heavily indoctrinated into cutting off from your feelings and living in your mind, to the point that you do not realize how severe this indoctrination has been. For most of you, this process of transcending the third dimension has to do with regaining your access to the Feminine. This is first and foremost about regaining access to feeling, as well as access to your body and your sexuality. More than anything, your work with your body has to do with feeling shame that you carry relative to your body, and then loving your body as a temple. For most of you, shame is the great block in the arena of your body. It is similar with sexuality. Most of you carry shame relative to your sexuality. Because of this shame, You have not allowed yourself to open to the pathway of sexuality as a spiritual process for carrying you into the higher dimensions and supporting you. You have limited your relationship to sexuality to be exclusively physical, which is a great limitation upon it.

Archangel Michael ~ Ascension Symptoms, Letting Go and Letting In

In the opening of your energy fields to that higher frequency energy that is present on your world, you are not only letting in more of that which you desire, but you are also releasing. And in your releasing, you may experience certain symptoms. You may have heard of ascension symptoms. These are symptoms that appear to be physical in nature and also in origin. But these symptoms are energetic, even though they may have a physical component. So what do you do when you are faced with these types of symptoms?