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Thursday, October 31, 2019

LoveHasWon Astrology Update ~ Mercury Retrograde: The Raw Hidden Truth

Mercury is how the Soul expands, through learning, sharing, listening, and evolving through conscious thought. He also rules travel, as in our physical movement from place to place. Most of our greatest learning experiences have come through traveling and experiencing new environments, and doing things that are fresh and exciting. Because Mercury is such a fast moving planet, he feels stuck in Scorpio, like he is trying to run through mud. When he goes retrograde, this is amplified to the point where many feel like they are trying to walk in quicksand.


LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Solar Plexus Fire Cleansing!

Connecting with Nature is an essential part of the spiritual journey, nature is already in Divine Vibration. Mother of All Creation has been talking with the trees, plants, rocks and rivers since she came here and was surprised to learn as a little girl that no one else could here them... well that's changing! Mother of All Creation has called All to join Her in experiencing Heaven on Earth and the trees are here to assist you with that!

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Giving is the Key to Abundance

Supporting this Mission of Ascension does not have to do with how much you feel to give, but the intention behind it. No matter what you feel to donate or give in support, it does not matter. When you give from your heart Mother God will give you back so much more. She has even worked hard with the team to create a wide range of healing and energy tools as an equal energy exchange in your service to Mission. To truly give from the heart is to know that what we give we receive back, as long as we are giving to Source, who always provides.


LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Firing Inferno Of The Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus Chakra has a connection to the digestive organs of the physical body and blockages within the chakra can result in dis~ease within the correlating organs, also associated is the kidney. The kidneys filter out toxins, they remove what is not good for us. If we are holding on to what is not good for us this energetic choice will result in the kidneys holding on. What is your fire? Your hunger?


Archangel Gabriel's DAILY MESSAGE ~ THURSDAY OCTOBER 31, 2019

It can be easy to fall into the belief that there is no forward movement in your life, but in reality there is always growth and expansion. As a human being, you experience the flow in two ways – the action phase, which contains tangible movement, and the lull phase, where the movement is occurring energetically behind the scenes as a precursor to taking form.


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Archangel Gabriel's DAILY MESSAGE ~ WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 30, 2019

What if thinking you’re blocked is the blockage? We understand you wish to be diligent, but believing you are blocked is demonstrating judgment and resistance toward the perfection of your now moment. It also denotes a lack of faith and trust, both in yourself, and in the universe.


Our Emerging New Reality ~ The Past No Longer Serves Us

Who we are today is a mirror reflection of our past conditioning originating from the influences of every thought, emotion, perception, and choice we have ever achieved. Today, our past will no longer serve us.  Expansion in that direction has hit the wall.  It’s over and done.  We are all within a process of releasing our past conditioning and influences.  We are proceeding into a new experience with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional world


You Are In a Void Developmental Stage With Love & The Unknown

You will soon acknowledge your 5D and beyond joys. But for now, you feel as if nothing seems right. As you empty your vessel of fear, you have yet to begin filling it with nonrelated 5D joy. Filling yourself with fear-related joy is SO yesterday. And tomorrow’s joys have not yet arrived. You are in a joy void attempting to fill that void with outdated joys that produce blah feelings. 


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Reclaim Your Power, Right NOW

Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Reclaim Your Power, Right NOW: Greetings Dear Ones, I have come once again to assist in the raising of consciousness for the human collective. The planet has been immersed with so much energies. You can FEEL the changes within you. As you go and transform from within, it is reflected to the outer. This is part of the Co Creation process. You are being Called to BE LOVE in Action and begin the Co Creation of New Earth in Unity Consciousness… through the Heart, together with The Unified Heart. The changes that are in process, are affecting your entire Being and activating Twin Flames, Role Changes, Geographical Changes and so much more. Thought processes have changed as you tap in the Heart and Feel, Know and act the Truth.

Monday, October 28, 2019

It’s The End of The Program Mind and The Beginning of The Golden Age

As old belief systems=the old energy, come tumbling down and are replaced with Love’s Law of Equality for ALL On The Planet, this Ushers in Peace, Love, and Harmony=Balance~As Each God is Being Born into The Truth of Their Being they Become Brilliance, the GREATEST GRANDEST VERSION~VISION OF THEMSELVES EVER POSSIBLE IN HUMAN PRESENCE~ Divine Human Angels, Are YOU READY?


LoveHasWon Tools & Techniques ~ Mirror Technique For Soul Transformation

The Mirror Technique is based upon the wonderful uncoverings of Dr Emoto that water has, holds and retains consciousness. As we are water, transitioning to 100% crystalline, we can change the cellular structure of Our very cells with Our intention. To do this The Mirror Technique is the most effective way to have a cell changing conversation with your soul.


LoveHasWon 5D Astrology

We are preparing everyone in the Ascension Process and are happy to announce our NEW SERVICE for those on their ascension path: LoveHasWon 5D Astrology. These specialty Sessions & Reports are designed to help those on the Ascension path obtain a deeper understanding of themselves, their triggers, wounds, their life purpose, strengths/weaknesses, and personal energetic signature


Clearing The Chakras And Moving Stale Energy Through Dance

Releasing blocked energy from our bodies is a vital part of cultivating good health and wellbeing. We might work with therapists or healers, or do whatever inner work we are drawn to do, to understand and process our feelings and experiences. But discharging the holding from our bodies is a vital step in the process that is very often overlooked. Chakradance is a way of doing this


Sunday, October 27, 2019

A heads up! The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Starting with Monday’s Scorpio New Moon, this is a week- and more-of forensic excavation of the Truth. No one will be able to avoid the clear eyed scrutiny of their integrity. This is a relentless combination of Mercury retrograde in Pluto ruled Scorpio -the private investigator of the zodiac-and the intensifying squeeze and contraction of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in power obsessed Capricorn.


The Golden Age Of The Divine Feminine Dawns

The sacred energies of the Divine Feminine are being felt more prominently, more often & for more people. The Ascension Process is well underway, affecting all of humanity, whether we know we’re being affected or not. Our old brain is being upgraded & created a’new, for a more balanced way of being. What does this really mean & how can we grasp this in a tangible way. Well, I won’t begin to assume I know to the far reaches of what this really means. However, I can attest to the experiential significance of this reality


Whatever issues, problems or difficulties that you are dealing with in your physical world or everyday life are a direct result of the vibrations that you are sending out or emitting into creation. The source of those vibrations are coming from within your chakras. Your Chakras are projecting frequencies out into your physical manifestation and those frequencies are drawing into your life situations that are meant to serve as signs of issues that you are having internally


Saturday, October 26, 2019

The New Moon In Scorpio ~ The Ultimate Shift From Dark To Light

The New Moon will occur in Scorpio on 27th-28th October. It is bringing waves of positive energy to us. The skies are all in turmoil and change is coming. The New Moon is looking to make us face some uncomfortable truths. They may come suddenly but this information might help you turn to a completely new direction. Remember this point – it is a new vantage point. Use it well and it might define your future.


LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Lose Your Self-Importance & Gain Your Higher Self

Every moment is a new decision to embody your higher self, to seek to go towards the greatest & grandest decision, choice in every moment. In order to do this one must surrender to LOVE, TRUST, Be Present, disciplined & in the flow. It cannot be controlled nor manipulated nor sabotaged, truly, it’s only your separate illusion confusion town you’re living in. Is there anyone else there? Population 1, a lonely place. Why? Life without God, your Creator, & the one you came from & loves you unconditionally makes you the loneliest of all.

A Message From Archeia Lady Faith ~ Labels Perpetuate Separation, BE Free Of BeLIEfs

Simply put, clinging to the labels perpetuates separation and duality consciousness. Are you here to LABEL (limit…!) yourself…or are you here to EXPERIENCE yourself?! Please believe me when I say – THE LABELS WILL GET YOU STUCK! I’ll be sharing more about this in the near future. But it’s 100% true. The labels will get you stuck running on your very own self-created hamster wheel of questioning, confusion, and/or inaction (waiting, running, chasing, etc.)


To Be In True Service, Do Your Inner Work

If you’re teaching theories to the world but you’re not practising them in your daily life, then I don’t want your help. You are not a vibrational match for me to heal. These are hard questions to ask yourself, but it will give you great insight into your healing journey: Are you the wounded child who is a healer, mentor, teacher, or leader trying to be of service to the world? Are you still in deep pain and suffering while forcing yourself to portray a lie to the world?

Message from the Angels ~ Dedication To Peace

You are that powerful! It is by allowing your love and kindness to flow that you ease the burdens of mother earth and allow her heart to be expressed as well. As she expresses her heart, God expresses love through all of you.


Friday, October 25, 2019

Gaia’s Whole Healing Essentials ~ Libra Season Extended Offer, Limited Time Only!

Gaia's Whole Healing LIBRA SEASON Kit's will only be available for A Short While Longer! HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OF PRODUCTS FOR $111.11! ~ TREAT YO SELF!


Archangel Gabriel's DAILY MESSAGE ~ FRIDAY OCTOBER 25, 2019

The pioneers of your planet worked from a deep state of trust, curiosity, exploration, and expansion. Even though they were often ridiculed or considered crazy, they didn’t spend time trying to get people to understand what they were doing, they simply followed their hearts and the calling of their souls.


Thursday, October 24, 2019

First Fractal Update ~ God Is Here, And She Has Done It

Lifetime after lifetime Mother has incarnated, along with her brave 144,000 souls who volunteered to take on this mission with her, All Light Souls on the Planet have volunteered and were selected to be here. Do you feel it? Are you awakening to your power? To your purpose? To Your Ancient TRUTH.


The Garden of Eden Now Activated!



Mother Mary on Old Energies Coming Up to Be Released

I come today to give you an update. I know that you are in a place where things look discouraging and chaotic. And it seems to only get worse by the day. And that is true in your reality dear heart. It is because the current energies which are being brought up to the surface for the release purpose. What you see is the reflection of what is being released. The old energies are being brought up and released.

Archangel Gabriel's DAILY MESSAGE ~ THURSDAY OCTOBER 24, 2019

Many of you have trouble staying in the energy of trust. If you do, you might consider practicing acceptance and allowing. Faith and trust open you to acceptance and allowing. Acceptance and allowing are a demonstration of your faith and trust