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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ DNA Upgrades

There are enough masters present on planet Earth today to warrant giving you the transmission that we are giving you right now. We want you to recognize that you don’t always receive the transmissions in the way that you think you are going to receive them. Sometimes our transmissions come through the animals, and sometimes they come through other humans. Oftentimes, it is the trees and the other plant life on your world. They act as receptors, and when you connect with them in nature, you receive our transmissions.

Saint Germain & OWS ~ The Breaking Down of the Old

Consciousness is shifting and changing and in order for there to be the new consciousness, in order for there to be the new Golden Age, there first must be the breaking down of the old. The old must wither and die for the new to be born; the new to sprout up as life sprouts up in the spring. That is what is happening now. And yes it has been said that there are rocky times ahead. So fasten the seatbelts. That is not to put a scare into you, certainly never to bring fear. Just to prepare you. Prepare you for the energies as they continue to shift and change; the energies as they become greater and greater. And you, those of you, especially those of you with a psychic ability you are feeling these energies more and more and more. And I tell you now as St. Germain these energies are going to continue to change. They are going to continue to shift within you and outside of you.

The Energies of June 2018 ~ Cellular Healing & Galactic Integration

This is a very special month, especially during the first two weeks, for the energies of June begins to build with a galactic align Full Moon at 8 degrees Sagittarius, on May 29, whose connection to the Fixed Star Antares, will create a cosmic portal, for us to anchor, in the physical, the stellar transmissions received, for this star - as its red nature reminds us - is also connected to the power of Earth, to the power of Fire, which represents our personal power and how we direct it. The creative, abundant and hopeful frequency of this new month is also confirmed by a Grand Trine between Jupiter, Neptune and Venus - a mystical combination that will help us expand our higher senses and connect to the depths of our being, bringing our soul creations into the tangible

Intuitive Astrology Forecast, June 2018 ~ Theme of Communication

Communication is also going to be a theme, especially during the first half of the month, and we may feel guided to really express our true feelings and ideas, or start a creative project of some kind. This energy will be further amplified by the Gemini New Moon on the 13th. This New Moon is going to be the perfect time to take action and to get things done. This is especially true as by the end of the month the energy in the cosmos is going to slow down. The Solstice then follows on June 21st, signalling the official start of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the official start of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Health Benefits of Victoria Plum for the Heart, Eyes, Bones and More

Victoria plum is a rich resource of dietary fibers. Moreover, it also contains the sugar alcohol ‘sorbitol’ and the laxative chemical compound isatin. All these components work together to keep our digestive system well functioning. In short, our bowel movement is facilitated and our digestive health is boosted significantly with the help of Victoria plum.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Archangel Michael ~ Purging the Past

The new energies now emanating from the Earth are fifth dimensional and the purging of old, dark energies continues to take place all over the world. Fires, floods and volcanic eruptions are continuously causing headlines, washing away or trapping past-life energies that have contributed to dark energies accumulating in pockets around the Earth. The influx of radiant light that is now bringing the Earth into a higher vibration. Dark energies come from a lack of connection to Source and stem from a lack of love for self. Now, more than ever, is the time for people to find their connection to their God-selves, to shed past trauma, stand in their I AM presence and to learn to love themselves again.

Mary Magdalene ~ Experiencing Higher Dimensions

Many people who are quite developed in the spiritual process have not yet dealt with what is arising as shame in their experience. Most often it is shame relative to their physical body or shame relative to sexuality. This may seem quite humble. It may even seem to some people as unspiritual. But as I said before, every experience you are having is your ongoing creation. The next step for most human beings is to realize that you are always creating your reality, and the one you are currently creating is the one that is perfect for your next steps of growth.

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces inflammation and provides relief from certain diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ulcerative colitis, chronic anterior uveitis, joint pain, backache, etc. Turmeric tea also can treat inflammation resulted from injuries, acne, eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 05~28~2018: As We Roll Down This Unfamiliar Road

The past week or so has been such a whirlwind that it hasn’t fully settled in yet how much has changed and happened so quickly. Last weekend we got word that we would be moving to a new home in Oregon in a few days. Our last night in our home in California involved an all nighter with Father in his Lucifer state. When he finally fell asleep that morning Mother got told that we needed to head to Oregon immediately because the house was affecting Father and stopping him from fully coming into his higher aspect. This also stopped his transfiguration process with Mother as well

Special LoveHasWon Message ~ Full Moon in Sagittarius: Awakening The Warrior Spirit

Now is the time to release the limiting thought mindset and any perceived restrictions you have. Over time, our needs and desires change, and this moon will be the ultimate breakdown of the cages we have kept ourselves in. Reassess your goals, your dreams, and your higher visions. Take the leap of faith and let your curiosity for life return. The wonder and magic of life has always been there but we stopped seeing it due to society imposing its strict views and ways of life on us. Our conditioning has prevented us from seeing life as the ultimate adventure and instead allowed us to believe that hardship and struggle is a normal way of life. It is not. There are no more rules to play by and no reason for us to color within the lines anymore.

The 5D Energy Report ~ Coming Unbound, Liberation & The New Earth

Liberation is the name of this new game and we are feeling every inch of it. One by one we are breaking the chains that bind us, learning to give way to the spontaneousness of spirit within as our higher Self guides and prompts us in every now moment to shift our values to something greater, something more aligned, something much more fulfilling. Our newfound freedom from (mental) slavery is opening brand new doors, forbidding fear to keep us locked into any unwanted situation while the realization of our True Self liberates us from all the expired, self-imposed restrictions. We are finally willing to see thru the illusion at all costs.

Dangers of the Emotional Black Hole

Have you ever been just sitting around, minding your own business, and then you get a phone call or text that sends you into an emotional tsunami? Suddenly your life, which you thought was just fine a minute before, is now in emotional overdrive and you are so upset, angry, unclear, or sad that you spiral into a negative emotional funk. Or you’re listening to the radio and a song plays that reminds you of your first heartbreak and you cry for days? What just happened? Your emotional energy got set in motion because a connection was made to an emotional black hole which stirred up its energy and it sent you into a tailspin. Now you have to find the source of that emotional black hole and heal and release it so you can bring in new energies.

Health Benefits of Guava (Amrood) for the Brain, Cancer, Blood and More

This humble fruit is known for its medicinal properties, thanks to the sugars, vitamins and minerals present in it. It is extraordinarily rich in vitamin C and also contains carotene and antioxidants that are beneficial for skin health. Potassium in guavas helps normalize blood pressure levels. A banana and a guava contain almost the same amount of potassium.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Archangel Gabriel ~ Finding Stability in Changing Times

You have found that your world is speeding up. You may even have a sense of frantic activity without a sense of accomplishment. You have found yourself searching for meaning in all that you are doing when it does not feel like enough. The truth is that there is an increase in the frequencies of the Earth. Because of this, people are experiencing a shift in consciousness that encourages their search for meaning in all that they do. And Universal Consciousness is now more easily available to all who seek than ever before. This increase in energy is also creating great and rapid change in the world around you

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ A Solstice Wave of Love

We have detected a large wave that is coming your way, and it is one of many to come. These waves of energy are being sent from various points in the galaxy, and their purpose is to activate all of you to a knowing that you truly are made of love. You are comprised of love, and everything around you is also love incarnate. This particular wave is coming from the center of the galaxy, and it will arrive on the solstice. It will be the winter solstice for some of you, the summer solstice for the rest of you. Now, you are of course anticipating some big waves of energy, and they are coming your way

FULL MOON in Sagittarius, May 2018 ~ Activates the 11:11 Gateway

Sagittarius full moons are always welcome, since Jupiter – planet of joy, wealth, expansion, wisdom, truth – rules Sagittarius! On the SAME day, Mercury enters its own sign of Gemini. Also… this year the Full Moon in Sagittarius happens on the SAME day that Mercury enters it’s own sign of Gemini. Thus Mercury, the Messenger, allows you to communicate with great clarity. May 29 also activates the 11:11 gateway

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 29th, 2018 ~ How You Play the Game of WHAT Is

This FULL Moon in Sagittarius on May 29th, 2018 at 11:19am ADT, will bring to LIGHT the subconscious motives and memories…that are playing out THROUGH You. When we play the game of LIFE through our Heart, we live in harmony in the NOW moment. As you are kind and loving to yourself ~ you draw LOVE to you! through resonance. NO winning or losing, simply PLAYING. As we TRULY enter each moment AS the Love that eternally flows through us. We NOT ONLY dissolve those memories that are filled with reactive pain. We also, become the Initiate of LOVE through our own self-love.

Merging into Our New Reality

Our Merging into a New Reality is already occurring and will become much more prevalent in our near future with Mother Earth. Most of the experiences we now encounter within our New Reality are commonly occurring in solitude and sometimes, even in some social situations. We are a great minority within the realm of humanity but with every change and transformation we each achieve towards the expression of the full content of our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose, the more the entire world around us changes and transforms through incremental increases in the presence of the Fifth Dimension’s Light Waves around us! Mother Earth is now transitioning to reveal the vibrational strength of the Universe’s Fifth Dimension

Messages from The Angels ~ Mother Earth and You

As your planet purges herself once again of old energies and the frequencies that the human race refuses to feel, she is also bringing new truth, greater authenticity, and new life from her depths. You may feel this movement quite strongly as sudden bursts of emotion you thought you were done with, periods of dizziness, and if you are willing to sit quietly in the presence of the Divine and your angels – periods of increasing love, connection, and euphoria. You are inseparable from your beautiful home there upon the earth.

Relationship and Relating

Relationships by their very nature are based in the past and future. They exist as a construct of the mind. We feel more secure in relationship because we believe others will be there for us in the future, which helps us escape from the pain of being alone. It helps us escape the pain of separation and the pain of living in a world where no one is truly present. But this mechanism of escape will take you out of Presence and imprison you within the mind. Then you will be caught in the past. You will bring your incomplete relationships from the past, particularly with your mother and father, and project them onto your current relationships.

Health Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Joints, Skin, Hair and More

Extracted from a specific variety of rose, Rosa moschata, rosehip oil is known to offer several benefits – particularly so for the skin. The cold-pressed rosehip oil that comes from the hips and seeds of the rose flower is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E – all of which contribute to its many benefits.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Archangel Michael ~ Imprinting Love into The Collective Consciousness

It is you as a sacred expansive infinite being/soul/source/essence that requires your exploration. This will assist you in understanding and remembering the power you hold and how you can transform yourself, loved ones and the world through exploring all that is within your being. It is your recognition of the abundance of love within your being which will open you up to knowing yourself more fully, guiding you to make the necessary changes in your energy, perceptions, core vibration and reality. When you are aligned with and are expressing the love within your being you are connected to every human being of your past, present, and future, the infinite wisdom and knowledge beyond illusions which is actively ready for all to download

Mother Gaia ~ We Are to Be a Partnership at the Deepest Level

It is you as a sacred expansive infinite being/soul/source/essence that requires your exploration. This will assist you in understanding and remembering the power you hold and how you can transform yourself, loved ones and the world through exploring all that is within your being. It is your recognition of the abundance of love within your being which will open you up to knowing yourself more fully, guiding you to make the necessary changes in your energy, perceptions, core vibration and reality. When you are aligned with and are expressing the love within your being you are connected to every human being of your past, present, and future, the infinite wisdom and knowledge beyond illusions which is actively ready for all to download

Universal Mother ~ My Tsunami of Love and the Higher Energies

My energy of love, my tsunami of love and of higher energies and vibrations are caressing each of your cells and of all of the animal creatures, the plant and elemental kingdoms. All of Gaia is resonating now with these higher forms of light and there is nothing – nothing! – that the dark ones can do about this but to be too, in turn, either caressed by my love or eliminated by it. It is their own choosing. They have had the experiences of lack and fear that they desired and now it is a new era, a new day of joy, of bliss, for my children and their creations. The time of the Christ light is here now

Energy Report May & June 2018 ~ Consciousness is Expanding with Uranus

Energy Report May & June 2018 ~ Consciousness is Expanding with Uranus: Consciousness is expanding as humanity rises to a new level of awareness and understanding.How we view our lives, our relationship and our world is altering.The structures of the past are collapsing and a deeper awareness of our purpose on this planet is emerging. As a result, everything is changing and nothing is certain. These changes are being supported by planet Uranus’ move into the astrological sign of Taurus.This is a significant shift, which is calling for a new consciousness to develop around how we physically exist on the Earth.

Mike Quinsey ~ The Division Between Those of the Light and the Dark

Time is beginning to pass even faster than previously and it is a definite sign that the changes are speeding up. Much is waiting to be revealed that will bring into being changes that are very desirable and will be welcomed by all. The old is slowly being replaced by the new that shall make it clear that the New Age is underway. Humanity is beginning to understand how their presence on Earth is affecting the planet, and is looking to move away from those things that continue to support the negative vibrations. The division between those of the Light and those of the negative vibrations is increasing all of the time, and it will reach a point where it will result in a great upliftment in consciousness

The Creators ~ You Are All Beings of Love

We begin by giving you a simple message. That is that you are Beings of Love. We know that you don’t always feel that you are being a Being of Love, and we know that you can look around you and decide that something that someone else is doing is not congruent with that statement. But you are all Beings of Love, and believe it or not, everything that anyone else, including yourself, is doing is an act of Love. Now, you may ask yourself, ‘How can this be? How can doing something horrible to another person be an act of Love?’ Well, you see, in order to have that experience, someone had to request that experience

Health Benefits of Marshmallow Root for the Heart, Coughs, Colds and More

Marshmallow root has a history only a few us know. It has been used for centuries to treat infections, aid digestion, and improve skin health. And here’s the key – we are not referring to the sugar puffed cylindrical candy that we drool for. We are talking about the marshmallow root, which is an entirely different deal altogether.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Seek and You Shall Find

As Mother, Source, Prime Creator is everywhere she is also in you, your Essence is God. Source is all knowing and so tapping into that is to connect with and know all, through accessing your full feeling, you widen your experience of vibration and of All that is. The mind is the run around, it will always have you searching in vain, in the wrong place. Drop into the Heart, breathe, long, deep, with intent and surrender to Love. Holding a space of intention is crucial, have a specific idea of what you seek to know and you shall find it within.

Energy Update ~ Solar Gateway Influx, Coherence Effects

We are moving into a more coherent state of Global Unity Consciousness as the Primary Timelines raise the trajectory for all. Allow stillness with the Higher Self. Let the Light change you. Solar flaring continues, increases as Sunspots appear out of nowhere, a side-effect of the Stargate opening last weekend. Notice how different the flaring feels right now; these pure photonic plasma fields are laden with consciousness-shifting, veil-dissolving codes which affect physical realities. This is the flashing activity that many of us experience in the subtler realms, physicalized as a hearts-up for all concerned.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Amplifying Our Transmission

We have been delivering transmissions to you on a very consistent basis, and those transmissions have been increasing gradually with intensity. We see how much you can take, and then we amplify the projections of energy just a little bit to push you just a little bit further than you’ve been before. Your ability to absorb and assimilate the transmissions that we’ve been sending you is directly proportional to the amount of introspection that you do on a daily basis. The more you seek out the light from within you, the easier it is for you to receive light and love and all of the codes, upgrades, and downloads that we are sending you.

Mid May 2018 Astrology ~ Announcing the Holy Grail

Ceres the Mother Goddess is aligned to the Moon’s north node in Leo indicating where the energy is moving towards – the revolution in food. This is happening on many levels. We are becoming more sensitive to what we are eating and thus becoming purified in our energy. This increased sensitivity to life and beauty is also related to Astraea Goddess of the Sacred Arts. The light body, as shown by Christ in the Transfiguration and by the Buddha is awakening in the DNA of many human beings now.

Archangel Uriel ~ Stepping into a New Level of Harmony and Light

Know that here and now you are indeed in the process of stepping into a new level of harmony and light. This may at times feel challenging as the old peels away… But trust, that a new vibrant, and truly higher vibrational paradigm of love, and light and life is aligning to center, anchor and manifest in your experience. One key to a harmonious transition between what has been and what can truly be is to breathe…

LoveHasWon Message ~ Surrender to the Unknown and Love

LOVE and THE UNKNOWN…surrendering to LOVE and THE UNKNOWN…can you? Is it possible to LET GO of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE? Give up “control”? YES!!! The FREEDOM, BLISS and PEACE that living, BEING in the Present Moment of NOW, BEING LOVE in the UNKNOWN

Health Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil for Wounds, Hypertension and More

The Latin name of the yarrow plant, Achillea Millefolium, reflects its rich background. If the myths are to be believed, the centaur Chiron had given this very plant to Achilles to cure the wounds he suffered at the battlefield. Thus, there is no doubt that it has healing powers. The Yarrow plant is processed and made into an essential oil. When this oil is applied to the wounds, it will form a protective sheath to prevent the wounds from being septic. Thus, it acts as an antiseptic and helps treat minor wounds

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sananda ~ The Rhythm of the Earth

Your most important task on Earth is to find this light within yourself and to nurture it and to give it earthly hands and feet, to truly allow it flow into and onto the Earth. That is your true purpose; everything else is secondary. Now connect with your feet; feel them on the ground and feel yourself borne by Mother Earth. The Earth, as a living being, is your ally; feel her vibration, the silence of nature, the fluid ease with which the life processes unfold. Feel the essence of Mother Earth in and below your feet. The Earth welcomes you and loves you as her child. She wants you to have everything you require and, above all, she wants to help you to discover your own light, for she needs your light.

The Arcturian Group ~ High Frequency Energies of Light Now Flooding Earth

Spiritually, there are those who continue to see spiritual gain as reaching some imagined pinnacle through certain rites, rituals, teachings, and products which often only serve to keep them ignorant of the fact that what they seek is not in the outer things. Then after many years devoted to some spiritual path, these dear ones experience a tremendous sense of loss and failure because their efforts did not result in their self created expectations. Those driven by a desire for the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual gain within the third dimensional belief system will experience some success, often great success, but will also have failure simply because duality and separation consciousness manifests as pairs of opposites.

New Earth Now ~ Experiencing the Creator State

Wayshowers are shifting services to accommodate the higher trajectory. New service work depends on Soul group and OverSoul shifts in trajectory. When we complete lessons, goals and levels of our Ascension, the OverSoul is free to move on to other expressions and services. When Primary Timelines were attained/accessed, everything shifted for the collective. New opportunities present for OverSouls, which is why many Wayshowers feel uncomfortable in old ways, habits or services. A focus for my service right now is the Creator State of consciousness; guiding Divine HUmans to override lower realities, and create new ones. Alignment with Divine Will is key

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Exponential Leaps in Your Evolution

We have been observing you for quite some time, and we are happy to report that the progress that you’ve been making lately has been exponential in comparison to the progress you were making for hundreds and hundreds of years, thousands even. Your growth is increasing in response to the energies that you are receiving, and additionally, you are benefitting from all of the traumas and tragedies that you’ve been experiencing both in this lifetime, and in your past lives. You are not buckling under. You are not running and hiding. You are meeting all of it, that which is of a low frequency and that which is of a high frequency, face on, and the results are impressive

You Are Living and Moving from Your Heart

It would not matter to the Universes if your heart were on your feet or any other part of your being. For living from your heart is merely a slogan to help you remember that your intellect is no longer the primary focus of your being. Living from your heart really means living from your soul, your emotional being. Something that cannot be detected, or destroyed by any of your current measurements. It is a nebulous concept brought to 3D earth to provide images of speaking and acting from your physical heart. You no longer need to play the childish games that focus on the center of your chest whenever you visualize something.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Dolphin Yoga Retreat

Aloha Friends,

Tanmayo has led 52 dolphin retreats since 1996,with 100% success bringing together dolphins & humans in this amazing, sacred, ancient Hawaiian (and very likely Lemurian) Portal of Kealakekua Bay(AKA Opening to the Higher Self) , in the Kona District.

This time, she is teaming up with Adrian Andrejeff who will facilitate Qi Gong, Thai-inspired partner yoga massage, Sacred geometry and a Ceremony of Original Innocence, as well as delightful evenings of chanting and singing.Daily excursions, Yoga,Kayaking,Snorkeling,Sound Healing,Dancing , Swimming and gourmet mostly vegan organic meals are all included as well as beautiful oceanview rooms.

Besides an abundance of inspiring activity options, you will have plenty of time to restore and rejuvenate in this oceanview dream home fully equipped with jacuzzi, wifi, lounge chairs & wrap-around decks from where you can view the dolphins. Kayaks and snorkeling gear are available from sunrise to sunset to explore the safe and protected bay and its pristine clear waters. The house is right across from a sacred Hawaiian temple (Heiau) and historical Hononau (City of Refuge) a mere 10 minute coastal drive.

At this time, we have 2 rooms available plus 2 camping spots and are still offering Kamaaina discounts and couples discounts. Few more high spirited people who feel called to swimming with dolphins can join us for this 5 days of retreat:July 20-25th 2018

If you or someone you may know has a lifelong dream of communion with the Dolphins,please share....Mahalo nui loa

Call Tanmayo @ 808-283-6888 or Email

Friday, May 11, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 5~11~2018: Out of the Cage, Into the Light

She is everything. She is the Mother of All. From the beauty of nature on this planet, to each cell in your body. SHE IS ALL. She created everything and everyone. Why is she being treated this way? Because humanity is choosing to stay in their own cage (Ego mind programming) instead of waking up and doing what they came to the planet to do, which is serve love. The Beings who are here have been lead and guided to Mother, in some cases from across the globe following visions and messages. SHE IS HERE. SHE CAME TO ASCEND THE PLANET HUMANITY MUST GET BEHIND HER.

The Earth in Transition to New Earth ~ The Future is Present Now

These waves of Cosmic energy are “lifting” matter into the higher forms of pulsating light that are necessary for it to exist in the higher dimensions of Earth Reality in the New Earth. They are arriving simultaneously with the Diamond Light and Water Codes that are being received right now. It is no wonder that our physical bodies are being so impacted by this energetic process, as is the Earth. The Earth is entering into a period of “seeding” the New Earth and the “New Lemuria”, a version of New Earth Reality that will feature a Paradise Earth that will be the focus of the ReGenesis process that Archangel Michael spoke about

Council of Light ~ Uranus in Taurus, Sudden and Unexpected, Electrifying Change

The changes now required upon your collective ascension path indeed include healing these core distortions so that the crystalline coherent light can then re-align humanity with harmonious co-creation. This certainly is already underway and so too is accelerating with the energetic influence of sudden and unexpected electrifying change that occurs outside of the norm, meeting your present feelings of security, stability and values including the underlying distortions at the very core of what so many humans have been programmed we shall say to prioritize, focus upon and hold dear. The changes required, already unfolding, and soon to be increasingly felt and witnessed