Legion Of Light



1) To upgrade the Consciousness of Planet Earth to the True Divine-Story, Heal Ourselves, our Planet, and for Manifestation of Paradise on Earth;


2) As we all come into Abundance, To channel/distribute funds to all those in service to the Greatest Good of All Life, All Creation.

You have been chosen to be part of this Legion due to your heart, passion, dedication, and skillfulness; chosen to assist in the distribution of Truth to All Humanity.

Here is the private group:

Legion of Light: Source Transmissions.

You have been extended this offer, as a request for your service to the unfoldment of Paradise on Earth.

We are a Legion of Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Promoters/Internet Marketers, we are able to reach every single human being that is connected to technology, to the internet.

We are a divinely guided, esteemed force, and we will be abundantly provided for.

We are being called to be in service, to distribute truth to All Humanity.

Thank you, simply join by following the instructions.

Blessings to you and yours,

- Source



1) Checking in daily, to see what the "Transmissions of the Day" are;

2) Suggest the 'Most Important' "Transmissions of the Day"- by suggesting all the content that you innately feel will benefit All Life, All Creation; (By "Contact Us", and/or Become A Contributor")

3) Voting with "likes"/+1's/Commenting to help determine what is selected as "Transmissions of the Day" for our Calendar;

4) Distributing the "Transmissions of the Day", every day, with the exception being inability due to circumstances; Distribute to your list of Destinations (Groups, Pages, Websites, Email Addresses, and so forth);

5) Helping to update/add to our Destinations List/ Database/ Directory Of The Light.

6) Proudly sporting the "Legion of Light" name on your profile(s)/Websites- i.e Facebook, bio, etc;

7) Be selfless in service, and open to the abundances of the universe that you are destined to receive, that are coming your way, as appreciation for your service to the Greatest Good of All Life, All Creation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

- Source