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Paradise On Earth Now!

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Sunday, July 5, 2020




“As We Know It”

We know that rent (& debt/ enslavement) is of the old paradigm, a world that no longer serves.

We believe in stakeholdership;
investing together, with shared mission, vision, & goals.

A small-to-large group of like-hearted individuals gather together, on the land/ in building(s), with intention to build shared value;
For each other, & the greater community.

In every town on Earth, we bring forth stakeholder / co-housing / live-work-play co-operatives...
As well as a large array of co-operative projects, to help bring forth better communities & world.

We no longer allow “black holes” to draw out wealth from our communities;
Each member of our community brings equity into the local/ community economy.

We no longer allow “Rent Vampires” to play the role of Landlord/ Nor Tenant;
As this is yet another way that we are pit against each other...
It too often becomes a battle in which one seeks to win over the other,
& “we choose win-win always”.

We invest together;
Bringing our individual value offerings into cooperative housing / communities,
As well as cooperative / project communities.

We bring forth packages of;
Knowledge, skills, abilities, resources, & networks...
& each investor that is brought forth brings more knowledge, skills, abilities, resources, & networks..
It is an Infinite Growth Model.

We place equity in our communities, and in projects;
Monies (& Resources/ Offerings) go a long way,
& individuals/ groups can earn a very good return (long-term/ staking incentives),
As well as earn greater “buying (/ sharing) power”, by staking in communities & projects that issue greater buying power to key investors that help make it all possible.

Our world is transformed;
As all humanity focuses in on the life each wishes to live, & world each wishes to be a part of.

All humanity builds equity in self, communities, projects (the natural eco-system is replacing “economy as usual”), bringing forth the “future world that serves all life, planet, eco-systems”).

Equity attracts equity, as local economies are built around every household, neighborhood, solutionary project, city, state... nation of any size;
In which the “best cooperators win all”!

Cooperatives like Mondragon (Spain);
Grow from small seeds..

Individuals & small groups come together, with shared values, ethics, & interests..
& we bring forth solutions and better ways for all the ways we operate within households, villages, projects, from small to city/ state/ nation-wide, & global.

So get started today;
Bring forth proposals within our households, communities, and with those we share interests with;
From small/ local groups, to global online networks.

Let’s change the world!

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