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Monday, June 17, 2019

The Arcturian Group ~ All Is Proceeding According to Plan

In order to integrate the Light frequencies of higher consciousness, dense energies still active in cellular memory or in the present must be cleared. This is why many of you have had many intense experiences in this lifetime and wondered why. You are doing a lot of inner work at night as well as throughout daily living and are doing it more quickly than ever before.

Twin Soul Ascension Report ~ Solstice is The Game Changer: Huge Transformations for 144000 Divine Pairs

Extremely powerful energies are building up now for the solstice gateway, and please know that this solstice will bear witness to yet another vibrational upgrade for all of you personally and also for the Collective. Indeed the Solstice portal point is acting as a culmination point enabling many many low vibrational timelines and cycles to complete around this time.

Archangel Gabriel's DAILY MESSAGE ~ MONDAY JUNE 17, 2019

As you continue to evolve and want to expand your life to reflect your highest expression of self, your manifestation techniques must also evolve. This requires shifting from 3D manifestation (imagining what you want to create and holding that vision/feeling very specifically until you draw it to you through the law of attraction) to co-creation (allowing the universe to bring into your awareness new possibilities you couldn’t imagine).
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Pre-Solstice Check-In ~ Final Push

There is an important, changing week ahead with a powerful (Sagittarius) full moon (6/17) followed by the solstice this Friday (6/21)...both of which are leading us into the total solar eclipse on July 2nd, which is showing as a time of completion & much needed healing for the Divine Masculine within us all. This is a "final push" window and so the focus for many is on finishing up some ancient affairs

True Sidereal Astrology ~ Full Moon Conjunct Galactic Center, Monday June 17th 2019

The Full Moon astrology horoscope for this June 17th, 2019 is in Ophiuchus conjunct the Galactic Center. There is releasing and transformation taking place at this peak time of the lunar month. We are shifting directions and integrating our deeper shadow side through letting things go. A conjunction to Jupiter as well makes this a great time for gaining greater insight and a broadened perspective.


Samadhi- “ the illusion of the self “

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

WE ARE ALL INVESTORS: Investment 101 - Part 2

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St. Germain and Mother God ~ CRUNCH TIME

Dear Children, The Energies Upon The Planet Are Increasing Exponentially In These MOMents. As Mother Of All Creation REMOVES ALL lower energetics from the Planet In Preparation For The Upcoming Solstice It Is IMPERATIVE That You Stay HEART CENTERED AND GROUNDED. These Energies Will Allow NO (NONE!!) Space For Lower Energetics. IT IS CRUNCH TIME!!! 


Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17th, 2019 ~ A Gift of Cosmic Love

This Monday’s Full moon arrives at 25° Sagittarius, propelling us into the Solstice Gateway corridor that aligns with the supermassive vortex at the galactic center. The Solstice Gateway on Friday, June 21st, occurs in zero point energy – the hinge point between matter and virtual matter. It is the universal fertile space for transformative alchemy. In this sacred space we are birthing alive a new world paradigm. 


Archangel Gabriel's DAILY MESSAGE ~ SUNDAY JUNE 16, 2019

As you continue to move forward on your enlightenment journey, not only will your own freedom be paramount to you, so will the freedom of all other living beings. This shift reflects moving into your role of guide on earth, which naturally comes with the deep respect and honour of the free will of all. Freedom supports the expansion of your soul and the souls of others. 


Horoscopes for June 16th - 23rd, 2019 ~ Tension Between Dreams and Ideals

June 17th brings a Sagittarius Full Moon, and it will be connected to June 16th’s Jupiter/Neptune square (Jupiter rules Sag). The tension between dreams (Neptune) and ideals (Jupiter) can reveal lies and exaggerations. Jupiter’s Rx status means you’ll be questioning an area of expansion, and this will all be connected to the Full Moon’s results. June 18th offers some subtle grounding as the second Saturn/Neptune sextile gently pins Neptune’s dreams down. There can be solidity, but also some sacrifice. 


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7 Tips for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 2019

If one thing can be said about Jupiter, it’s that Jupiter inspires enthusiasm. On Sunday, one day prior to the amazing Full Moon in Sagittarius (facing Galactic Center), Jupiter – ruler of Sagittarius – creates a stimulating square to Neptune. Neptune is also in its own home sign of Pisces! Enthusiasm about your fulfilling your DREAMS is on a high. 


Saturday, June 15, 2019

FULL MOON in Sagittarius, June 2019 ~ Galactic Center Activation!

What an incredibly wonderful full moon forecast we are blessed with in June, as the brilliant Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17 takes place on a powerful point in the heavens – pointing directly at Galactic Center! Galactic Center resides at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy so this full moon is unleashing some powerful magic…


The Pleiadians ~ Returning to Self

Change is coming and there’s no stopping this change. This change is so much bigger than most can comprehend but it’s coming. We have been told of this change for thousands of years through ancient texts and writing and we are now currently being prepared for it. Those that can see and feel this change coming are those not resisting.


Archangel Gabriel's DAILY MESSAGE ~ SATURDAY JUNE 15, 2019

Dear Ones, in changing energies where you aligned one day may not be where you align the next. This is nothing to be concerned about! Just as the sun may be behind a cloud or in a different position every time you look up at the sky but can always be found again, you can rest assured your state of alignment is still shining for you wherever its latest location may be.


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Friday, June 14, 2019

Quan Yin on Gaia’s Ocean Rebuilding and Next Release

Currently, Gaia has been releasing her pent up energies relentlessly. Gaia knows that in order for her ascension journey to go smoothly, she needs to let go of the old buried energies. In the process of releasing the old energies, Mother Earth can help the release so that Gaia can be liberated and feel free again. Gaia has so much of the old energies, and it will not be long for Mother Earth to complete the releasing process. Right now, Gaia’s releasing has just begun. Gaia has just started realizing the benefits of letting go of the old. That being said, the planet has been feeling the effects of Gaia’s releasing for some time now


Initiation of the 2020 Gateway: Freedom and the New

Friday, June 14, initiates the opening of the Solstice- Eclipse Gateways, and more importantly, the 2020 Timeline energies. In the last few months, we have had major collective shift points. Now we move into the higher collective timelines which have a major impact on our service, lifestreams and Ascension process. The Higher Realms emphasize how strong of a transformation this is; many will not realize what just occurred until later this year. Embodiment, the ability to merge with the Higher Self through the body and take on the Christed state of consciousness, was activated in the High-Vibe Tribe


Five Ways Blockchain Could Change The World | Forbes

Link to Article:

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sunday, June 2, 2019