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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Archangel Michael ~ The Next Phase of the Evolution of Humanity

You came to return Gaia to her Original Divine Pristine nature. You are here to return GOD’S INFINITE PEACE to all inhabitants of this Earth. You are here to return GOD’S INFINITE ABUNDANCE to all Beings. Therefore Dear Ones, it is time for you to acknowledge your Infinite capabilities and honour all you came to BE. Your Divinity has always guided you and now as you embrace the Wisdom of your true-selves and accept the Knowledge of your true being-ness, the LOVE THAT YOU ARE will find the momentum to uplift you on this next phase of the Evolution of Humanity.

Super New Moon in Cancer June 2017 ~ Amazing Change, Transformation and New Beginnings

This Super New Moon is closely linked to the May 25th Super New Moon. Although June’s Super New Moon is not as strong, these two lunar cycles are working as part of a team. Having two Super New Moon’s back to back indicates amazing change, transformation and new beginnings. It is likely between May and June that your life may have taken on a different feel or tone energetically. Perhaps you are even feeling inspired to start something new or begin a new chapter of your life. This Cancerian Super New Moon will also be stirring emotions that occurred back in May and may even bring more clarity. Any unfinished business may also be resolved, or you may just be feeling a lot clearer on your path ahead.

Saturn & The 2017 Separation Escalation

Saturn has traveled from Sagittarius where it was when Harmonic Convergence began in August 1987, around the entire zodiac for the past thirty years and Returned to Sagittarius where it will make its last conjunction to the GC in November and December 2017 in this AP Saturn cycle. Immediately after that last Saturn/GC conjunction of this thirty-year Ascension Process cycle, Saturn enters Capricorn two days before the December 2017 Solstice. Can you see and feel how physical reality and physical structures (Saturn) is and will continue to evolve and change dramatically and quickly from here on out? Feel into this as it’s really big and important for multiple reasons.

New Moon in Cancer, June 23 2017 ~ Inverted Minds and Abundance

The Moon is extremely powerful and fortunate here. Those touched by this New Moon will do well in any role where they play parent or carer. Indeed the nurturing energy is so strong at this time that it could feed an army. The great thing about this position is that the Moon will never exceed what it is willing to give. At this time we learn very quickly that we are no good to anyone if we burn themselves out. This also means that there is none of the martyr syndrome resentment vibe that happens sometimes with overly lunar energy. We are drawn to healing mud that this June New Moon has in abundance. Moon in Cancer 1 inspires fantastic cooks and serves health therapists, especially those in the realms of nutrition or massage.

The Council ~ The Invitation

Have you considered inviting your SELF to the party? What do you suppose it would be like if he or she were living this lifetime as you? What if, instead of having you be here as a sort of memory challenged scout ship, your higher SELF was looking out through your eyes and creating all that you were seeing? What if you lost nothing in the process, and instead gained all of the things your soul truly has hungered for in every lifetime? Do you really understand that there is an immense portion of your being that is not here, that is not separated from you in reality, that is enriched by all of the experiences you encounter?

The Arcturians ~ Inter-dimensional Communication & The Violet Flame

When one spends their time focusing on the “problem,” they will feel more and more victimized by life. Then, they forget that this is THEIR boat and THEIR anchor. They also forget that all they need do is “pull up the anchor” into their mind so that they can Blaze it with the Violet Fire to transmute it into “an anchor of Light.” The conscious owning of this anchor as a component of “wearing a physical body,” as well as taking the responsibility to keep your anchor clean and fully functional, gives one the security that they can “stop” when they need to rest, without aborting the entire journey. We, your Galactic Family, realize that our grounded ones are becoming impatient for our arrival. However, look around your world. What do you think that most people would do if we suddenly landed one of our small Scout Ships, or filled the sky with one of our huge Star Ships?

One Who Knows Update ~ Cabal Ultimatum: Preemptive Strike AUTHORIZED, June 22, 2017

Friends and Family I come to you today with news from the Light Forces. I have been authorized to write and post this notice. Certain Actions have been AUTHORIZED BY THE LIGHT FORCES and I want you to know about them. In that regard, this Post Serves both As OFFICIAL NOTICE to the Remaining Cabal Flunkies, as well as a Status Report To The Residents of Earth.

Friday, June 23, 2017

New Moon in Cancer, June 2017 ~ Becoming Conduits of Divine Love

This is the beginning, as well as the ending, of a very intense passage that will help us ground ourselves in our transitional journey to a Higher Dimensional Octave. It is with this New Moon in Cancer that we also end an old micro cycle at the same time that we begin to navigate through a higher wave, experiencing a deep frequency shift that will begin with the coming of the Solstice and that will last throughout this summer, especially during the Eclipse that we will face in August. During all summer, our Planet will find itself receiving a cosmic infusion of frequencies, from the higher realms of illumination, that will assist us to make the necessary changes in our physical bodies required to dismiss what is not going to serve our New path.

Sananda ~ Prepare The Way for The New Age That is Approaching

I am Sananda and I come today to prepare the way for The New Age that is approaching – The New Age that is at your feet dear children on Earth. It is up to you to grab hold of your dreams and see to it that they are realized. If the dream is sufficiently strong and alive it will manifest in just a few moments. It is the blink of an eye that counts now, as the large masses are beginning to move and then I mean they are moving towards the light. The Light is a movement just as you are. Everything is moving in one direction or another. Right now the grand movement is in favor of the Light. There are many hearts that are beginning to soften up and open up for the light.

Message to Lightworkers ~ June 20th, 2017

You speak of sexual acts as you currently know them, and of desire as you currently know it. Yet both of these take on a higher vibrational aspect—a higher form of experience—in the fifth dimension .You can begin now to experience your life as a fifth dimensional one, and to experience your planet as being fifth dimensional. Ascension is a process. You will not walk through a doorway that suddenly takes you from one frequency to a much higher one. You would not be able to sustain your physicality in a much higher vibration for very long, without the cellular and DNA “upgrades” you are receiving now. You speak of moving into a purely energetic form of sexuality. Yet it is already energetic in essence.

The Powers of the June Cancer New Moon Energy Field

On June 23rd/24th, depending on where we are in the world, we will experience the peek of very water influenced Cancer New Moon at 2 degrees and 47 minutes. But not only is the Moon located in the water zodiac sign of Cancer, but also the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Topping up that picture is Neptune, which is positioned in the water sign Pisces during this New Moon phase. So be prepared for a lot of emotional transitions, lots of chances to choose love over fear and even more emotional new beginnings. This time we will be challenged to truthfully explore our feelings about family, love relationships and the inner circle of our friends. Who can we trust for life? Do we trust ourselves and our intuitive insides?

Elevating Your Spirit & The Earth ~ Transitioning into Spiritual Mastery

We have shared much of the information about the proverbial line in the sand, the 50-year mark that is remaining on the timeline of planet Earth. That does not mean that humanity will end; what it means is that humans will change form in some fashion—all of you. But you have been doing that anyway, have you not? You have been stepping toward light body, elevating your spirit and the Earth. The challenge here is that you have been trying to measure the Earth as a rising vibration. Even the Schumann resonance had a new high recently and everyone was very joyous that things were getting better. And then we sort of dropped a bomb by stating that, in fact, from the Earth’s perspective she is transitioning.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Past Lives & Integration

The reality that you experience is always giving you what you need, and it is giving you what you need based upon where it is that you want to go in your personal evolution. The end result of all of it is going to be a happier you, a more creative you, and a lighter you. So no matter what you are facing, no matter what you are in the midst of clearing right now, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to do more than just lighten your load in this lifetime. You are also here in service to all of those other aspects of you in all of those other lifetimes that could use a little help, that could use some compassion, and that could certainly use some unconditional love. This journey of yours is one elaborate plan, dreamt up by your oversoul, to give you the best possible opportunity to experience and to feel everything

Solstice Passageway Conclusion ~ Crystalline LightBody Templates, Next Phases of Integration

We are completing this Solstice Passageway and anchoring phase for all new higher dimensional timelines and further materialization and implementation of a “bigger picture” here. For me, I have a beyond huge project that began in January and continues even now… It’s to complete the writing out of processes necessary for each of us to bring forth more Heaven on Earth and further form our Galactic Civilizations here. It comes through in increments as it’s “loaded” (integrated) into our own Universal Body Templates

Are You in The 1% of the Population that is Genetically of Higher Frequency?

Do you notice or even feel frustrated because the supplements, medicines, diets, and modalities that seem to work for other people don’t work for you? Do you do what most would consider “all the right things” for your health and spirit and still feel that you are not functioning optimally? Do your energies, moods, and immune system feel like they need a boost even when you take extra time for “self-care?” If you answered “yes” to the previous questions, there is a very good chance that you are part of the 1% of the population that is genetically of higher frequency.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ascension Messages ~ DNA, Repeating Numbers, Ascension Codes and More

Vision: During healing meditations, I frequently connect with Father Sun. It’s common for me to see huge DNA-like strands of light flowing out of the Sun in every direction. On occasion, I’ve also heard the term ‘light codes’ as I looked at the strands. When I look around me using my third eye, the air is thick with glowing spirals. Everyone, and everything, is absorbing these luminous helixes. Meaning: Encoded in the Sun’s light are DNA upgrades. These originated from the Central Sun, and are responsible for upgrading life throughout the universe. The Sun is seeding new life through divine light.

Final Event Energies Update 6~21~17: The Downfall of illusion is in Full Force, HAPPY SOLSTICE!

Greetings Love Beings, Happy Solstice and New Moon Energies! Its Heating UP everywhere is many ways and aspects, as if the Big Green Go Button was pushed to the max. Something has shifted and turned. We are sure many of you are experiencing this acceleration in more ways then one. As we entered the Solstice gateway. It’s, as if all moments are speeding into hyperdrive! WOAH! Another build up of the red dragon energies is also occurring, this will be interesting as we enter the sign of Leo, The Lion Heart, in the latter part of July. Love means business and will be asking you in your face most likely, who do you serve? Love or the illusion? All Choices will be honored. Its going to get very interesting in the days and weeks ahead with all these energies

Are You Experiencing Advanced Energy Shift Symptoms? This is The BIG Reason Why

Are your ears ringing? Do high pitched tones overwhelm your senses whenever you sit in a quiet moment? You’ve likely been reading about the energies pouring across Earth at this time, and the symptoms they are causing to your physical and etheric bodies. Are you feeling the energies and the changes they bring? Perhaps, you’ve read other articles that guide you through the processing of these energies – these light frequencies, into your consciousness. Still, many of you may not be aware of the grand dynamic at play in our galaxy that ushers in these changes into our time and space.

Energy Update ~ Summer Solstice Energies, The Opening in the Battle Between Light & Dark

Solstices are planetary events in which incoming cosmic energies polarize the most. From an energy work perspective this means that they are the best times for working on our human collective influences. As the collective grid opens up during Solstice times it allows for deeper code work to happen. Twice a year we get this opportunity to directly work on our collective implants. Let’s have a look at the metaphysical meaning of the Summer Solstice and how we can benefit from this time window this week… One important thing to understand about collective code work is that it always goes both ways. So, while solstice energies allow us to clear collective programming more easily, we are also more exposed

The Opening of the Solstice Gate, June 2017

The Opening of the Solstice Gate, one of the great energetic hinges of the year swings open, shifting the relationship between the Earth and the great star at the heart of our solar system. The Cancer Solstice is one of every year’s major cosmic events. This one brings an initiation into the creative medicine of the Cosmic Feminine, the capacity to cherish what is most alive and growing within and around you: 1. This year’s Solstice is actually the opening act in a two-day Cosmic Feminine initiation. Hours before the Solstice, Luna enters the deep creative frequencies of her Balsamic Phase. When the Solstice Gates swing open, we’ll be held in the mystery of the Dark Universe. A mystical 18-hour lunar void opens immediately after the Solstice. Two days later, the Cancer New Moon seeds a new beginning in your relationship with the sign that Luna calls home

Archangel Metaton ~ The Full Shining of Your Inner Solstice

Your inner Solstice, your inner sun ascending, yet standing still in a brief moment. You are beaming out in many more moments of LOVE flow from your shining soul, your luminous heart, your illuminating mind, and your glowing body. Your inner Solstice offers you a picture and taste of your FULL SHINING where you are drawing more souls, more possibilities, more livelihood, more abundance on all levels, more intimacy, more LOVE. ALL of this then is coming without effort, drawn to the warmth that comes from inner tenderness, inner holding, inner care. ALL of this coming from the outside to reflect your sense of enlovened self INSIDE that connects with ALL aspects that are within you

Body Calibrations and Detoxifications Happening on All Levels

Our bodies, these vessels that hold our human experience, are going through a calibration process. Ongoingly…. it seems as they make the transition from carbon based to light body. Our bodies are calibrating to match the increasingly high frequencies of love and light waves coming into Gaia’s atmosphere and our atmospheres too! There seems to be a NEW level of intensity around this too, depending on where you are in your awakening and ascension process. You could also call this a ‘purging’ and ‘detoxification’ process as well, happening on the physical level and the emotional and spiritual as well. Every cell of our bodies has been the receiver and receptor of MUCH toxicity

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

One Ascension Level Up! What The Different Waves Experience

After we had just experienced some seemingly lasting peace and balance, we are now pushed into the next phase of awakening and ascension heading into the Solstice Gateway that has opened already. It can feel like being back to square one. Deep grief is triggered to the surface, which is especially related to people that are dear to us and we need to let go of for now as they are not able to hold our frequency yet. And this causes a sensation, as if none of the work done had had a lasting effect. Of course. that is not the case. We are simply moving through the next level into the next layers. We have entered another intense energetic gateway to not only receive a lot of new information and upgrades but also enter the next level of detachment and letting go. The individual processes differ – depending what Ascension Wave people are in

Everything is Open and Ready to Go Ahead for The Creation of New Earth

First of all – RV has started my friends. It is in full swing. Secondly – Peace has spread out in the world. People can draw a sigh of relief and start to rebuild their homes again. Thirdly – The Cabal has given up and is now abandoning ship with their tail between the legs. Now is a time for manifestation dear friends. It is a time for rebuilding this Earth with better technologies and gentler methods than what Mother Earth has endured up until now. Pure water, dear friends, our Earth and many who live on it thirst for pure water. Food for the hungry and all they need to do well in their bodies and souls. Let creativity flow and look up and search for all technology there is, as new ones can appear. There is nothing that can stop you any longer. Everything is open and ready to go ahead for the creation of your new world.

Summer Solstice, June 21st, 2017 ~ The Glory of Light

On June 21st, 2017, in the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate the Summer Solstice at 1:24am ADT. In The Southern Hemisphere the Winter Solstice is celebrated. With the New Moon arriving on June 23rd in Cancer, we have a new beginning of a cycle that lasts till the next New Moon, on July 23. The Summer Solstice leads us to this new beginning. When we celebrate the Longest Day of daylight, we celebrate our Inner Light. This Light is our Source of energy. It is everywhere and within us. Revitalized anew and begin a new journey after being submerged in darkness. The Sun represents our Spiritual Sun and our life-giving Source of energy, vitality, love and happiness. The Sun and spiritual Light ~ lives within us. In every cell.

The Team via Peggy Black ~ Quantum Consciousness

The times in which you are living serve to shift your understanding. Galactic inputs, solar flares and the increased resonance of frequency and vibration of your planet earth are stimulating this leap in consciousness. These increased frequencies are quickening and initiating expanded consciousness not only in humans but in all living creatures. There is a subtle yet significant shift in consciousness taking place throughout the animal kingdom. The shift in frequencies is affecting all and is driving the evolution of all sentient beings. Deep purifications are occurring which brings healing on all levels of consciousness. This restructuring and activating of consciousness is sweeping your entire planet.

Archangel Gabriel ~ Drinking in The Sweetness of God's Love

When you ask to be a receptacle for pure light, you are saying that you have space within you, and that you are willing to fill this space with love and all that which is God. You are saying that you want to be filled with Divine Light, and assist the process of bringing Heaven to Earth. This is important for everyone, and it does not interfere with other work or with family life. Recognize that your purpose on this planet is to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth, so that all beings may live in greater Harmony, Peace and Love. This mission requires assistance from all. Each person who turns toward Divine Light assists this purpose and raises the collective consciousness of the planet

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Unconditional Love & Soulmates

The experience of loving unconditionally is truly liberating. It is a magnificent experience. It is about freedom and joy, and it connects you so deeply to the person that you are offering it to that everything else that has ever existed between you melts away. That is when you know you are face to face with a soulmate. Your soulmate is usually the one who continues to give you the opportunity to love unconditionally, and you will do the same, just by being yourself, just by doing and saying the things that come quite naturally to you. You will trigger that soulmate, and you will give the other person the opportunity to love you unconditionally. Now what happens in that moment is also beautiful, because when someone else loves you unconditionally, you are able to see yourself differently

Embrace The Shift Through the Solstice Energies June 2017

As we are also moving through such an intense shift upon our planet at this time, it is incredibly important to reawaken our connection with Mother Earth. She is clearing much at this time, and it is moving through us. We are like walking, moving portals for her to clear out all old wounds and stuck energy that needs to be released. You may notice yourself feeling fearful or irrational for no known reason, and this is likely because you are simply clearing for Mother Earth. Those of us deeply connected to her will be more affected, as this is what we came here for. You may notice changes that need to be made within your diet and environment as well, because as we shift, the needs of our bodies shift as well

Why You Should Never Give Up On Love

The way I see it, there ain’t no bigger and more powerful force in the whole universe than LOVE itself. Love makes the world go round. It’s the glue that hold everything together. Love is what we are made of. We are made of love and made to love. Our true nature is loveand by trying to move away from love, by saying that we want to give up on love, we slowly but surely move away from who we truly are. We move away from our true nature, drifting away and feeling more and more disoriented, disconnected and confused. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to give up on love. How can you give up on something that’s in you? How can you give up on something that is YOU? By giving up on love, you give up on yourself and you give up on life. Without love there’s nothing left. Nothing worth having, nothing worth doing…

History of The Illuminati and It’s Current Disguise

This is the best video I’ve seen yet on who and what the Illuminati is, it’s history, where they hide, how they managed to take almost complete control of this planet without most being any the wiser, and their long-term plan to subjugate Humanity. If there is someone resistant to your pleas to wake up, this may be the last video they need to convince them. Several warnings over time were ignored, which is why we are in the situation we find ourselves in today. Anyone who can watch this and deny what has happened and IS happening, is never going to wake up until the truth is dumped on Humanity as a whole.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Special Urgent Solstice Prayer For Our Inevitable Divine Destinies

Thank You For Our Super Powers At Maximum Potential. Only Pure Of Heart May Enter These Energies. Let Go And Be Free. Thank You ‘angels For I Am Fulfilling My Divine Destiny, My Contract with Love The Very Reason For My Existence On This Planet At This Time I AM Extremely Grateful For It All, Thank You For The Abundance Over Flowing into All Aspects Of My Life From All Directions I am Open And Available And Ready To Receive Thank You For The Miracles Which Produce High States Of Joy, Thank You For The Magical Sync Events Which Also Produce High States Of Joy, Thank You For Our New Earth Human Body’s Of Balanced Harmonics And Wholeness Of Being; Thank You For the Ships DE-cloaking and Replicators. Thank You for the Return of the Planet to Mother Earth, to give to All the Givers on the Planet! This is the Destiny! Our Destinies!

Archangel Michael & The Angels of Light ~ Summer Solstice, Transmute All into The Light

This solstice is a time of great reflection and release to re-set re-balance the purpose of your paths and allow for more alignment to flow through as you set yourselves to a daily heart opening and grounding exercise. This is a time to go within to let go of the stories, the guilt, the blame, the judgments, the fears, the worries, the expectations. This is a time to truly allow yourself to embody the light of who you truly are, the embody the love of who your truly are and rise above the lower vibrations of non-supporting experiences. We are here sweet children, we are here for you now to help transmute all into the light, all into more of what you truly are and truly need a this time — so take the love that you need from the abundance all around you

Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian Council of Light ~ Thinning of The Veil

Currently, you are awakening from the belief that your life is “happening” to you, to the understanding that life is “responding” to you. The response time to your emotional state and beliefs is becoming shorter and shorter, so that you can experience the direct correlation between your inner world and your outer experience. This is part of the “thinning of the veil.” Before this thinning of the veil, there was a longer time lag, between your beliefs and the manifestations of them. It was all part of the illusion that you are “separated from God/Creator.” Now as you are stepping out of this illusion and into a new reality of realizing that you are ONE with God/Creator

Message from Babaji ~ Prophecy for Humanity, It Will All Happen Very Fast

The “evil forces” assemble right before you in a threatening way; they try to forcefully control mankind with one last strike and want to continue abusing this earth for their destructive actions. You have knowledge of these procedures. You are no longer the ones you once were. Understand: when the “day of days” is dawning, everything happens very fast. Understand: when the sky returns to the earth, it will only take a few moments. Understand: when God reveals himself to you and calls you by name, the age of darkness will come to an end.

The Council ~ Include Yourself

Practicing the living it implies is a bit harder for some, impossible for others. The reasons for that are myriad and longstanding. They are learned from others and passed down through generations. They are, without exception, based in fear and the belief in a limited supply of whatever has value to the one in fear. “If he has some of that, there will be less for me.” “I don’t know what tomorrow may be like, so I need as much as I can get.” And the lessons regarding that have been taught forever. Some have even learned them. But that is not the message we wish to convey today. So, we ask you to once again ponder “What If God Were All of Us?”

The 9D Arcturian Council ~ Receiving Specifically Calibrated Energy

We are the perfect resource for you as you move ahead, and we are not bragging as we say this. We are beyond having an ego of any kind. We simply want all of you to tune in to the help that is being offered through us, because it is assisting you in more ways than you know. We are calibrating the energy that comes through in these transmissions for very specific purposes. You are beautiful beings to behold in your process of ascension, and nothing brings us more joy than to see you lighting up because of what we have activated within you.

June 2017 New Moon in Cancer ~ Just Keep Going

When the Moon is in Cancer she’s powerful. It’s not an evasive kind of power – but rather an emotionally motivated one. While the terrain out there has been anything but easy, this June New Moon creates an opportunity that will help us ‘just keep going.’ Of all the planets, the Moon is the one that gives us the most insight. Like magic, she’s the one that can open up a portal of intuition and help us connect to what matters most. With the June New Moon falling in Cancer – the sign the Moon feels her best—we can expect a powerful time of intuition and initiation. When the Moon operates in her home base – she radiates while making her own special magic. If we play it right, we can connect with her and access the right tools needed to keep us going

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Cosmic Energy of the June Solstice 2017

Even though there are differences in the energy of the Solstice, the planetary or cosmic energy is the same no matter where you live. In the sky, the planets are gearing up for the Super New Moon which falls on the 23-24th of June. This Super New Moon is part of a longer cycle that started back in May and will help to crystallise things and bring about a fresh new beginning. This energy, along with the Solstice is going to be guiding all of us to start thinking about our life in a new way. We are going to be guided to assess and review our thoughts, words and actions, and to make adjustments that reflect the life that we wish to lead. The cosmic energy around the Solstice and leading up to the New Moon holds an intense energy, almost like the heavens are beaming down on us and lighting up areas of our lives that need our attention.

Sananda & One Who Serves ~ As You Raise in Vibrations, You Pierce Through The Illusionary Veil

And as you come more and more into these higher vibrations these higher understandings, you begin to understand more and more how the higher vibrations lead you into the higher dimensions. And as you move into the higher dimensions you move continually into higher and higher vibrations and this continues to move you up and up and up in terms of higher vibrations and higher dimensional states. So you are constantly in this hologram at this time but you are moving past this veil that has been created here to keep you in that hologram. As you pierce through the veil, as the veil is dropped, the hologram that they have created for you is gone so the illusion then is gone

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Synchronizing with Your Higher Selves

You have always been your higher selves, your oversouls, and you have always been Source Energy. But knowing that, experiencing it, and harmonizing with those energies is something that you have not yet done while in these physical bodies, not completely. You are still in the process of becoming that fifth dimensional version of who you are, the version of who you are who knows the deeper connection that you have with all beings. You have acquired quite a bit of baggage as you have operated from that egoic perspective for countless lifetimes. In the removal of the baggage, what is revealed to you is more of your true self, your higher self, that aspect of you that holds space for you and for the knowing of yourselves as Divine Beings and members of a greater collective.

Life as a Lightworker ~ How You Can Connect to Mission

As more and more people wake up, they are feeling called to live life as a lightworker. But what does that look like? What do lightworkers do, anyway? We are not able to fully step in to our I AM presence until we have begun working through and filtering out the energies we are living through that do not fall into alignment with this way of being. This means clearing out your energy bodies and moving through the pain bodies associated with your chakra system. In addition to this, take the time to connect to and clear your various soul aspects. As you bring yourself into alignment with these multiple pieces, you will be able to begin hearing and understanding the dynamics of you. You learn what your soul and heart sound like, and filter out the noise associated with uncleared aspects, shadow guides, and pain

Five Ways to Open and Sustain a Loving Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is also known as Anahata, and is the chakra that focuses on our emotions and sense of spiritual self. The seed and twelve petaled flower are the symbols of Anahata. This association to encourage the attitude of growth and beauty when examining this focal point. Of course you can attend to any of your chakras at any time but I strongly recommend that when you feel a disturbance in your chest you set time aside to focus on it. The heart is vital to being able to bring out the most awesome and productive versions of you. The practice below can help you get out of that rut you’ve been perceiving or help you get back on your feet after a bad experience.