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Monday, February 19, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 02~19~18: The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

The two days prior extremely Light energies had begun to align and enter in, and we knew the effects of this New Moon Solar Eclipse would be a VAST jump in the Global Vibrational Consciousness. As Our remaining density was triggered, by the New Light Energies entering, we had to work purposefully and with intention to transmute and transform All that was triggered. As of today, Sunday 18th February, the Global average vibration is 344, based on the David Hawkins Scale of Vibration. In the Unified Field, we each enjoy a vibration within the range of Enlightenment. This is what Mother has come here to achieve, THIS IS WHAT ASCENSION IS.

Archangel Gabriel ~ Identify Where You Have Limiting Belief Systems

It is perfectly normal to feel some discomfort and anxiety when being presented with new, fast moving energies. It is much like being on skates and being propelled forward before you have established your balance. So many of you are concerned with where you are experiencing blockages in your lives. We understand that if you have belief systems that are not in line with what you would like to create, it can be difficult to identify them as they often come from conditioning you have had your entire lives. They feel normal to you because they have been there for so long. We would like to suggest a technique for you today that may help you identify where you have limiting belief systems.

The Event, Part One ~ Great Change is About to Start Now

The Event only serves and feeds the process of Evolution if we want to experience ourselves in all our depth and breadth of our being. The system now has decided about the following and hereby is expressed and prepared that it – the System – is willing to alter up in some new form to undergo a new development. In order to enable something new being constructed the old on its place must break down totally – as new constructive forms may only made grow from the ruins and rattle. Like Phoenix rising out of ashes Evolution will dress itself anew and we, too, will clad into some new robe. For this robe is nothing else but „The Divine matter“ having slumbered in us for such long. It now wants to wake up and show

Sananda ~ Clearing the Air of Regrets and Shame

Today I will talk about a feeling that sometimes gives you regrets and a feeling of shame?! No matter how much we all need to be at our best, kind and friendly we sometimes are compelled to deal with narrow spaces, where we have no option to move away, or turn the other side to whatever we are meeting. We just have to face whatever it is, and we might be challenged right there and then, having to deal with difficult matters without any preparation.

The Creator Writings ~ You Can Be The Cure

Another opportunity for the collective ‘here we go again’ is approaching. Are you ready for it? The Universe could repeat the stay-grounded/stay-peaceful/stay-calm litany, but you already know all of this. Instead… Manifest! There are things you have been putting off because they felt too big. Time as you know it is folding in on itself and the opportunities for instantaneous gifts are greater than ever. Take time to step back and look at the thoughts you are generating. Like a pebble in a pond, each and every thought creates a ripple that goes out into The Universe and returns to you. You choose what you create/co-create.

Health Benefits of Cherimoya For the Brain, Bones and More

The cherimoya fruit, also known as chirimoya or sugar apple is a fruit belonging to the species Annona cherimola which is native to South and Central America. This fruit is also known as ‘the tree of ice cream’ due to its creamy consistency and a blend of banana, mango, strawberry, coconut, papaya and pineapple flavors. Cherimoya is an excellent source of vitamin C providing around 1/5th of the daily recommended value. In addition to these, it is a very good source of carbohydrates, potassium, fiber, several essential vitamins and minerals besides being free of cholesterol and saturated fat and low in sodium. Thus, it offers several health benefits.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Saint Germain ~ It is Time to Say “No… No More!”

There are energies that would love to simply extend the old belief systems, the old grids, to resurrect them. But that is not going to happen. Now, that is not permissible in the time of our Mother’s new beginnings. And to this, I say, hallelujah. But I do not wish to suggest that we simply say, “Well, there is a new grid and therefore no one is suffering, no one is in desolation, grief and such, the depth of loss that is incomprehensible.” This is the time when each of you, and us as healers and teachers and friends and allies, the beings who have perhaps a higher, broader vision, come to the forefront. But let me also suggest that these types of atrocities, these grave attacks of humans on humans have continued because humans have not said, “No – no more. This is completely unacceptable.

Mother Mary ~ Identifying New Horizons and New Potentials

As you leave this transition age, the age of portal openings, of 11:11, 12:12 and Harmonic Convergence, behind – not that you forget them – that those lessons are anchored and integrated, but that the focus and the focused action of bringing forth new creation is forward thrust. And so you do this for your beloved self – for your inner circle, shall we say – but you also do this on behalf of humanity, sweet angel, and you also do it on my behalf, and you have gained great clarity in that regard. So you have reached a deeper, broader, newer understanding of our union – and a happier, more joyous, but more bubbly acceptance of what our co-creation looks like. Yes, there is still some clearing of the debris, some bringing forth of what has need to be looked at, examined, and surrendered before it is completely and entirely discarded. But that is well underway.

The Arcturian Collective ~ Bridges Between Realities and Awakenings

It is true that many of you meet with us up in the ships in your dream states and are working hard around the clock, as are we, on the planetary ascension of dear Gaia. It will be greatly exciting when you remember our meetings and the bridges between realities and awakenings are made. Time is fluid, just as are dimensions. Just like in your studies the more you learn about a subject or idea, the more complex that something becomes, because as you delve in and study, your perceptions of that topic expand and as a result you have more questions, right? We are sure you have all experienced this. We assure you that you are expanding quite rapidly on and off the ships and are carrying these transmission codes with your cellular memory which will also assist with your physical transformation and ascension.

Federation of Light Update ~ You Are ALL ONE ENERGY, The Energy of Love

You are ALL ONE ENERGY … EVERYTHING IS THE ONE ENERGY OF LOVE … This you know. That which has and is taking place upon your Planet exposes different Energies depending on the subject matter. If you KNEW the beauty … in which/from which … this Planet began, you would not recognise it from that which you ‘see’ today. So much harm has been done, not just physically, yet, energetically also. Mother Earth is a LIVING BEING … as are you. All that is life benefits from all that is life! The core of your Planet … would we say ‘The Soul’ of your Planet, lies deep within it. It has a heartbeat … it pulsates and radiates life.

The Creators ~ Open Yourselves to an Infinite Array of Possibilities

When there are certain parameters that you have placed upon a situation, there are self-imposed limitations. When you decree beforehand how it is you want something to go, or what the end result that you would like will be, you are only seeing a possibility within an infinite array. And then you place yourself in a tricky situation, because there are certain beliefs that you have about your focused outcome playing itself out in exactly the way you would like. So, this is the difficulty that many of you are having in the creations that you seek

The Creator Writings ~ Use Your Voice

The Creator Writings ~ Use Your Voice: Use your voice! It is time to give strength and power to your thoughts. In the face of tragedy and pain, your unique voice may be the one thing that saves your fellow human. Do not be afraid of being judged or ignored. Speak! Tell your world of your wishes and dreams, fears and trepidations, your goals and aspirations!

Soursop Alchemy ~ Amazing Benefits of for Kidney, Liver, Infections and More

The phytonutrients in soursop (in addition to other power nutrients) make this fruit irresistible. It is known to help treat a range of ailments. Soursop contains numerous phytonutrients that can fight disease-causing cells and even certain kinds of tumors. These phytonutrients contain antioxidant properties that enhance the overall health. They help fight cancer, enhance eye health, and treat a range of infections

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 02~17~18: The Brain, the Heart and Divine Intelligence

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is POWERFUL stuff. Mother has been anchoring in the energies and transmuting them out! She transmutes Planetary Energies daily and now that She has reached 100% in Her organ healing and is in decompression! The Light energies of these past 2 days have been Spring Fresh! The New Moon is a time for intention setting and Seed planting. Hold a ceremony calling in your Angels and set up Sacred Intentions. Instant Manifestation is at play for those in Alignment with Universal Law!

Mother Mary ~ The Voice of Your Heart

The soul can feel the winds of love and are impatient to take command in your body. Give your soul the chance to be the leading party in your heart. Your life will all of a sudden change when you invite your soul to be fully present in your life. Memories, tears of worries and problems are swept away and light and pure energies replace the old ones. Yes, it is a process dear children, but you will make it now and the gains are enormous. The joy and love that enters into your life gives you all you need and then some. You will never regret this step. You will thank your lucky star for having listened to the voice of your heart

Sananda ~ Awakening the Love that is Already in Your Heart

Our drive and your drive, seen and unseen, is to simply be the love. How you do this, and how we do this, is not just in what you think of as service – because does that not sometimes or at times have a feeling, yes, of course of responsibility, but what I am inferring is a little bit of drudgery, of obligation? And that is not what service is about at all. But how we experience love is truly in the joining, in the embracing of yourself, of everything, of all, of each other. Love is hard to pin down, isn’t it. And yet, when you feel love, when you experience love, when you know love, there is nothing mysterious about it. And it is not just a momentary feeling of zing, of upliftment, of bliss. It is the substance of All.

Red Magnetic Dragon Medicine ~ Transmute Negative Energy

We began a new 13 day wavespell and a 260-day spin of Red Magnetic Dragon. Dragon Medicine has been coming to me strongly in many forms in the past year so I’m very excited. This is going to be a time where Dragon energy can help us transmute negative energy. Dragons exist in many cultures and have multiple benefits such as; increasing vitality, cleaning blood through movement, attuning to natural cycles through our endocrine system, connecting with our purpose and voice
helping us transmute our own and the collective shadow.

The Arcturians ~ Align to the Reality of Power Within

Within this Now, we perceive that humanity is in a shift. There are changes, especially in the United States, that are and will be occurring, and also in some of the other countries. The Pleiadians have doubled their troops, and they are in the process of a major landing, however, people will not know of this landing unless they are able to activate their Higher Fourth/Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. From their Higher Fourth/Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, they will have a sense that something is changing. And the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Antareans, and the Venusians are particularly keeping an eye on Gaia. They’re keeping an eye on Gaia because they want to make sure that things remain peaceful

Changes Cannot Occur in Negativity

“Good” changes cannot occur in negativity. For this reason, you must learn to step away from negative thinking and activities and bring in positive, loving energy. Your essence and the rest of the nonphysical universe is composed of unconditional love. Every time you start getting depressed, upset, or condemning of your condition, stop and relax into unconditional love because it is available all around you.

Messages from The Angels ~ The Love of the Creator Lives and Breathes Within You

You are powerful beyond your capacity to comprehend. The Love of the Creator lives and breathes within you. With your free will, using, faith, focus and your feeling, you aim the creative powers of the universe! Your faith, focus, and feeling are your internal “remote control.” All possibilities for your future exist right here and right now. Through your faith, focus, and feeling you suddenly tune into one! To the degree you have faith, focus, and feeling, you are strongly tuned in. By virtue of the laws of the universe, your picture is going to appear in perfect grace and timing.

The Creator Writings ~ Great Things…

The Creator Writings ~ Great Things… Many unsettling and painful things are coming up during this shift. On all levels (personal, societal, global) every person is experiencing their own unique awakening. Some are handling it well, others are not. It is important to remember that this is not a time to judge.

Friday, February 16, 2018

LoveHasWon Essential Oils ~ Hemp Oil

The LoveHasWon family looks into a number co~creative endeavors to assist the planet and Humanity. We have partnered with a service product for Humanity’s Healing process. Introducing LoveHasWon Essential Oils The first of our oil product line is Hemp Oil. The first of our oil product line is Hemp Oil. Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil supports the brain and body connection resulting in an overall more calm and whole state of being. FIND OUT MORE…

The Arcturian Council ~ Gaia is Creation, and Symbolic to the Multiverses

Gaia is creation. She is symbolic of all worlds, all solar systems, galaxies, multi verses in time space. She evolved from first to third dimension and now she moves beyond. Her path is no different from the smallest amoeba living on her. We all have come from creation and are part of creation. This is why we are all creators. To understand this is to leap beyond the third dimension. We watch and we see humanity pull the veils down exposing their enemies hidden in plain sight. We view you from above and we watch and wait to see how far below you will go. We are here to guide humanity, one of many interstellar groups invested in the Great Shift. Gaia has reached an impasse. She is catching her breath. Her system is recalibrating and yet she must continue to sustain multiple injuries day after day. She strives to stay in love yet her hurts bring her down, mired in open sores pain and poison. We the Council offer eternal love to Gaia in her endeavours.

Archangel Gabriel ~ The Old Times of Low Frequencies are Over

Enjoy Your existence on earth, because now the old times of low frequency are over. Each time you make a statement or give a piece of good advice to someone else, make sure You think that this will be a creation of Your book that not only affects Your book, but also the book of the recipient. It is important for You to be loving towards one another, lifting one another up and viewing one another lovingly.

The Angels ~ You Are Part of the Radiating Peace

Your body is receiving highest frequency light, which translates into pulses that instigate a higher integration of function. There are new ways your body sends messages to its parts. And new energy centers are being brought into finer function, coordinated with your not-so-ordinary body. This has never been done before. In this transformation, each body responds differently. You are accommodating this energy and will continue, aided by your Angels and body guardians. You may experience shifts in your equilibrium, your sleep, and in your senses—how you perceive, what you notice, where you step. The dynamics of your life are in flux. What you care about is changing

Sananda ~ The Abundance of Your Inner Clarity

Many people believe that once they access enlightenment, then they will experience clarity, therefore understanding the guidance, wisdom and love of the Creator and delivering it forth. In truth enlightenment dawns when you access and embody your inner clarity. A pure and simple intention of awakening and embodying your inner clarity would allow you to feel enlightened. ‘I now connect with the core of my inner clarity, drawing the clarity of the Creator into the depths of my entire being. I choose to experience a continuous link with my inner clarity, enjoying these sacred frequencies pulsating throughout my being. May my inner clarity influence my entire being in magical, beautiful and healing ways. As I access and become familiar with my inner clarity, so I am the truth of the Creator in action, being divinely inspired and guided

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, Feb 2018 ~ Stellium in Pisces

February is marked by a very powerful New Moon in Aquarius which is also a Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse will be the trademark of February and events will tend to happen around this time. If you are born around 15th of February, the coming year is going to be a very important year of your life. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius coincides with the start of the Chinese year of the Earth Dog. In Chinese tradition, Earth dogs are faithful, considerate and well-disciplined. Also around Mid February, depending where you are on Earth, Venus makes her appearance as an evening star (this phenomenon is called Venus’ heliacal rising). Venus has been away for a long time and because of that many people have experienced a difficult time in love and relationships.

Mike Quinsey ~ There is NO Going Back

There is no going back to how things were before 2012, as you are already making progress in the new vibrations that are lifting Humanity up. The future is Golden and it matters not which side of the veil you are on. The whole Galaxy is on the move into an area in space that will be new to you. It will be most welcome and enable you to live a very satisfying life far beyond anything you might have imagined. Although you may not grasp the magnitude of what is happening, as the future unfolds you will be both amazed and delighted at the path that is laid out before you. In relatively short time life will be unrecognisable when compared to now, and you will be more than satisfied with the degree of upliftment that you will experience

The Aquarius Eclipse was Another Milestone ~ Your Inner Shaman

The Aquarius Eclipse on February 15 was another milestone… We are experiencing a new energy. And you may not understand it. Things may happen, and you don’t know why. This new energy is an invitation to go where you’ve never gone before: a total acceptance and activation of your Inner Shaman. Inside of you is knowledge of where to turn, what to do, and where to go. This “inner knowing” is immense. It is infinite… eternal… and always there. You are now learning how to access your divine downloads for any and all occasions – and be your own shaman.

Aloe Vera Alchemy ~ 26 Wonderful Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

You must be familiar with Aloe Vera – the cactus-like plant with tiny thorns commonly found in our kitchen gardens. Many of us must have also used facial creams and shampoos enriched with Aloe juice. With so many benefits to offer, no wonder why Aloe Vera was considered the plant of “immortality” by the Egyptians. But do you know why this short and cacti plant is known as the ‘miracle plant’? In this post, we will be discussing the various benefits of Aloe Vera juice, also known as ‘Ghritkumari Saar’ in Hindi.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Energy Update ~ Higher Trajectories in this Now… Influxes of 2018

We are looking at a trajectory to bring forth unity consciousness as a palpable experience for all concerned, this year. Some of those key trigger points are happening as we speak. The moment the call was announced, the Solar gate opening presented and the ancient codes began activating. Such is unity consciousness in the Now, set the intention to follow the higher flow and it manifests. Eclipses are typically strong, however with the frequencies that Solaris delivered just in the last week, it is demonstrating that the guidance for our unification is accurate. Hearts up and open for the eclipse and incoming CME in the next 24 hours. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, this is our unified focus for higher trajectories. We have two phases of Ascension amplification in the first half of 2018. There will be a period from just after this Solar eclipse (Thursday, February 15 at 1:06pmPT) through the March equinox when the energies will be focused specifically on physicalizing Unity/Christ/Crystalline consciousness.

In Honor of Mother Father GOD ~ Heart Day February 15th 2018

She must function on all kinds of situations, She must be able to embrace several kids at the same time,
Have a hug that can heal anything from a bruised knee to a broken heart,
She must do all this with only two hands, She cures herself when sick and can work 18 hours a day”
The Angel was impressed “Just two hands… impossible!
And this is the standard model?”
The Angel came closer and touched the woman”
“But you have made her so soft, Lord.”
“She is soft,” said the lord, “But I have made her strong. You can’t imagine what she can endure and overcome”

Ascension Energy Update ~ Upgrades Taking Place Now

Last night we had a HUGE wave of Energy that came in! I wanted to write this article reporting to everyone about the Increased energy of the last 2 weeks leading up to the solar Eclipse but I could not due to the Huge upgrades I was feeling. I felt as though I was walking in two worlds and not firmly planted in this one! I would not have been surprised to experience our complete Ascension last night. This is how strong the energies were!

Solar Eclipse, Feb 2018 ~ Direct Access to the Mystery Which Made You

The solar eclipse is re-setting your relationship with that Mystery that made you. Already, Mercury is setting the stage. Our Cosmic Messenger is at the very center of today’s re-set. Here’s the news he’s bringing: you’re a being made of magic, woven into an infinite and dazzling field of pure alchemy. You’re an irreplaceable thread in the living Mystery. Making the most creative of connections with Uranus – the wild, awakened ruler of Aquarius, the part of this zodiak that’s hosting today’s eclipse – the Messenger is creating pathways for perceptual breakthrough. Those pathways are all around you – and they’re also deep within you. The electric pulse of the quantum universe is flowing through the synapses in your nervous system. It’s giving you direct access to the Mystery, inviting you to free your heart

Energy Update ~ February’s Solar Eclipse, Important Cosmic Passage

This cosmic passage in which we have been immersed for a while, is one of the most important ones of the year, for it is an opportunity to bring deep change, and freedom, in ourselves, in our relationships, and in our physical reality, by assisting, as One, with our own soul gifts. There are many souls currently working with the dissolution of old 3D beliefs and past habits/patterns, beginning to restore those old beliefs with new ones that are now coming from a space of lack of judgement and compassion, something that in the 3D matrix did not exist, for the system only focused on narcissism, where Love for All, was not contemplated. The main task of the many ascending souls incarnated on this Planet, is not just being and assisting by our mere essence but also by consciously being the wayshowers

The Creators ~ Allow Yourself to Feel the Discomfort

There have been times in your life when you have felt aware of some discomfort in your being-ness. You have taken steps to alleviate this discomfort that is and has been within you. That is your usual m.o. You want to eliminate the source of the discomfort. You do not want to feel it. You do not want it to control you. You want to eliminate it, and you will do whatever it takes to eliminate discomfort in your being-ness.

Energy Update ~ Take Advantage of This Moment

There are several celestial and planetary events coinciding during this time frame that are greatly empowering Earth’s Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. In turn, this Grid of Love is greatly empowering the Lightwork you and I and myriad people around the world are participating in. When we know about these opportunities on a conscious level, it is much easier for our I AM Presence to project this Light through our Heart Flame. This allows us to assimilate the benefits of the Light bathing the Earth through these events in ways we cannot if we are oblivious to them.

12 Natural Ways to Treat Digestive Problems

Some of the more common symptoms of digestive issues include heartburn, IBS, lactose intolerance, peptic ulcers, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, indigestion, food intolerances, IBD, and celiac disease. The root cause of many digestive problems are a poor diet; but there are other factors, including improper hygiene, lack of sleep, dehydration, stress, feelings of anxiety, lack of exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and dehydration. There are multiple digestive problems, so you should first see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. But before you take any prescription drugs that might make the problem worse, try some of the following natural methods!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 02~14~18: Of Course! She’s a Badass!

Final Event Energies Update 02~14~18: Of Course! She’s a Badass! ~ The following morning we gathered, ready to discuss our ideas on how to begin healing. Robin cut in to inform us that Mother had fully healed three of Her organs. Her Kidneys, Heart and Pancreas are now at Full capacity and all other organs are in the final few percent. Of course, SHE’S A BADASS! Like Mother we All have complete Healing capacity, complete manifesting potential that can only be accessed Fully from our Divine State. Cancer, all pain, suffering and disease are a symptom of the underlying energetic imbalance

Archangel Michael ~ Forgiveness is Never Permission

You are reassuring yourself of your divinity. Now, where does this forgiveness begin? It begins with your sweet, beloved, sacred self. “I forgive myself for being recalcitrant. I forgive myself for having this stumbling block.” So, think back to what I have just said to you: above and below, and then within and without. So, you must have and truly feel the depth of forgiveness within your being, within your selves, before you can forgive externally. So, let me explain further. What you are doing is you are taking the Mothers and the Fathers essence of forgiveness. One of their divine expressions, and bringing it down. And anchoring that forgiveness, that sense of deep compassion and awareness of gentleness, kindness. Forgiveness is never permission

Starlight The Unicorn ~ Source Light is Advancing Rapidly

You Humanity are up, vibrating ever so much higher bit by bit, and it pleases us to no end. You are creating the causeway for these shifts to come about by your meditations and focused intention. It is a very real thing, I assure you. For when Creator gods come together with quality of intention shift happens. Therefore be at peace. Source light is advancing rapidly. Become accustomed to change, radical change for all is changed by the breath of the Mother, which is the event you all are discussing and blogging about. It is very real.

New Moon Solar Eclipse, Feb 2018 ~ New Light Cycle

This is the beginning of an Age of Human Liberation, and therefore, the end of a dark cycle, for in truth there are not beginnings or endings, as we no longer live within a lineal reality, understanding that everything is simply in a constant state of transformation, forever changing from one state of being to another. During this new Light Cycle, we are going to experience the end of a human era, as we knew it, for not only are we beginning to shift from a mental perspective, but from a physical one, dissolving more lower lawyers of our old self, and bringing back our crystalline essence, as it once was and as it is meant to be. the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees of Aquarius, will bring freedom for us to work on self-liberation and retrieval of self-love, something that has been lost for most people, by self-programming or by the manipulative tactics of the dark forces. Whichever the reason, the recuperation of the love for the self is pivotal