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Paradise On Earth Now!

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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Paradise On Earth Now!



Love's Whisperings

Pure Living Expo

New Earth Vision Portal Facebook Page

One Community
Points of Attention

Nova Terra Project

Healing Group Internet Tools

CLICK THE "Read More" link below:

Shaman/Rev. Wendi Morrison-Merritt CCT
Gaia Rising Now TV
Architects of a New Reality
Holistic Earth, Rainbow Lights
Healing Stones
Camp Indigo
Pixie's Place Animal Sanctuary 501.3c

Lemurian Fractal Project: In the Heart of Humanity lay Infinite Thoughts, Emotions, Wisdom, Power and Love

Living H.o.M.E. NOW!: Heaven on Mother Earth NOW by Mending the Sacred Hoop of Life & Wiping away the Plagues facing Humanity with 'Miraculous Technology! is currently our Radio Show that I host. Regards, LISA WOLF

Reiki Access

Power of the Heart

Northern Light

ERA - Eco-Response-Ability

One Living Consciousness

Freedom Dove

Angelic Reiki With Soul Services
Global Resolutions

One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace:

Rev. Merriam Joan Handy
For those Evolving Masters who seek a Master Teacher.
Available for private guidance, group counseling, Info-Webinars and Key Note Presentations.

Starseed Therapy:

Temple of The Stars, lightbody activations, inter-planetary communications, dna upgrades, readings and much more. and
Universal Development Center page:

Sisterhood of the Rose:

Heart of Gaea:


Lightworkers Guild:


( To add to this, simply Post in this Comments below, 1) Organization, 2) Description, 3) Link )


This is the beginning of the formation of a "One Global Conscious Network", called Source Network:

Below will be a listing of Groups/Organizations/Individuals who HAVE BEEN doing, and CONTINUE to do amazing work, shifting our world:

Please take a second to add the individuals as friends, join the groups, "like" the pages, visit the websites:

Please feel free to add more information below, in the comments, to be added to the Directory.

(And sincere apologies to anyone not listed, please let us know in comments below!)

Thank you!

- Source

(Thank you for all you are, and have done in 2015 & 2016!)

Doron Kutash
Samara Shaw
HouseMusic Defined (Cliff Burtley)
Robyn Davis
Nikki Wall
John Apt
Ritchie Ribera
Iamthat Iam
Nandhi Tapasyogi
Lisa Clapier
Kenneth Schwenker
Athena StarSeed Castaldi
Shamanatrix Missy Galore
Jonathan Talat Phillips
Anna Chio
Jose Federico Munoz
Amy Barsekian
Ilan Mandel
Kevin Schmidt
Bradlee Myers
Joan Farber
Boris Vagner
Richard Vagner
Arshaluys Akopyan
Rich Karou
Michele Garcia
'Michelle Anderson
Jackye Swidler Love
Babananda Christensen
Eduardo Hernandez
Bennie LeBeau
Audrey Addison Williams
Da Vid Raphael
Michael E. V. Knight
Michael Tellinger
Robert Potter
Diana Singer
Javan Maegla Joslin
Amor Luz
Chris Toussaint
Doug Lehrer
Sarah Larsen
Jake Hakob Torrosian
Kamini Natarajan
Julian Forest
Corey Keisler
Alokananda Luke
David Daniel
David Hamilton Nichols
Marsha Moreno
Darakshan Farber
Helmut Christof
Holly Irene Cardoza
Jackstar Davies
Saeed David Farman
David Williams
Gary Christmas
Dustin M Fox
Stephanie Shaw
Kendall Lyf
Ed Spina
Pamela Johnson
Auriel Morgana
Adam DeArmon
Trina Carlson-Jeffery
Alexander Niver Polinsky
Anna Cooper
Anna Love
April R Thompson
Ashley Neumeister
Christopher Hodson
David Chen
Dean Porter
David Gorospe
Eva Novak
Elenor Shamie
Frankie Avalawn
Ilan Navah
Joe Dolezal
Jakub Dolezal
Josie Tores
Judson Singer
Karin Stirn
Kate DiMartino
Lauren Beth Crouse
Michaelangelo Wolfe
Melinda Bradley Mitchell
Mitchell Jay Goldstein
Raul Rosiles
RevCarolyn Wilkins
Richard Cho
Robert Amico
Seth GaRoo Baxter
TNano Healing Tool
Stewart Hardy
Sarah Still
Venice Love Shack
Full Circle Venice
Philip Wolf
Annette Maxwell
Clare Ultimo
(and YOU! - Add your name, and information in the comments!)

Source Network Foundation:

One Love Experience: Private Media Network:

Trust & Allow / Iamthat Iam Rich:

Nikki & John / Vow of Service:

Unanimous / Beautiful Exchange / UnifyEvolution.Info:

Nandhi / Declaration of Consciousness / Ariven / World Yoga Day:

Leaders Causing Leaders:

Samara Shaw / Shift Productions:

House Music Defined:

Audrey Addison Williams for President 2016:

Rainbow Thunderheart / Earth Wisdom Foundation:

We The Ones:

Cielo Spiritual Retreat Center:

Prepare For Change:

Divine Council of the New Earth:

The Light Party:

Shamanatrix Missy Galore:

The Vision Project:

Imaginational - From Caterpillar to Butterfly:

Divine Blaze - David Hamilton Nichols

Ventura County Internet Radio:

I AM Love Light Bliss:


The Earth Project / Quiet Miracles / Triad Wave:

Sarah's World of Love:

Anna Love Intuitive Life Coaching:

Creative Evolution:



Thrive: What on Earth will it take?

Dr. Steven Greer - Nov. 21, 2015 - How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose


Naturally Better Television:

Soul Based Living:

Love Has Won


One Heart, One Love, Group,,FF
(184,508 Members)

(179,879 "Likes")

(118,710 Members)

Prayer List
(86,405 Members)

heart emoticon LIGHTWORKERS of THE WORLD heart emoticon
(87,351 Members)

(70,939 Members)

Lightworkers United . . . Global Peace, Love & Unity
(60,000 Members)

(51,904 Members)

Spirit Science And Metaphysics Community
(44,066 Members)

(39,054 Members)

Galactic Federation of Light
(37,060 Members)

The Free Energy Party
(36,444 Members)

Arcturians -][- Sirians for Ascension
(27,528 Members)

World peace treaty
(27,354 Members)

Galactic Free Press
(22,337 Members)

(21,265 Members)

(20,730 Members)

Rainbow Family of Living Light
(19,972 Members)

Expanded Consciousness
(18,433 Members)

Indigo, Crystal, Starseed, etc. The people who will change the world
(18,438 Members)

(17,571 Members)

Portal to Ascension
(16,497 Members)

Happiness Is Your Birthright!
(16,528 Members)

Earth. We are one.
(15,337 Members)

(14,128 Members)

Free Humanity!
(13,047 Members)

(13,440 Members)

(13,571 Members)

Game Over , New World Order!!!
(12,689 Members)

Cobra Etheric Liberation
(11,989 Members)

Unified Meditation for WORLD LIBERATION DAY
(11,932 Members)

(11,361 Members)

(8,832 Members)

We Make Love
(8,792 Members)

⭐ Love is the Power ⭐
(8,770 Members)

Galactic Global Government
(8,405 Members)

(8,308 Members)

Prayer, Intention, Meditation Requests
(7,187 Members)

Sisterhood Of The Rose
(7,626 "Likes")…/

Connoisseurs Of Truth
(6,977 Members)

pure Love, pure Light
(6,911 Members)

StarSeeds and Light Workers
(6,739 Members)

New earth .5th dimension .one being om consiousness
(6,751 Members)

(5,793 Members)

(5,762 Members)

The Arcturians
(5,717 Members)

(5,559 Members)

A Voice for Earth
(5,559 Members)

✫ Home of Happiness ✫
(4,171 Members)

The Children of Gaia
(3,989 Members)

Emergence Of A New Humanity
(3,859 Members)

(3,666 Members)

New Thought Media
(3,290 Members)

Loving Earth
(3,124 Members)

(3,166 Members)

Pleiadian and Star Family Healers, Shamans and Lightworkers
(3,176 Members)

Love is our religion
(3,044 Members)

ॐ Collectively Conscious ॐ
(2,909 Members)

Love is all there is
(2,840 Members)

Prepare For Change - All Locations
(2,846 Members)

Dream the Biggest DREAM
(2,761 Members)

Sisterhood of the Rose
(2,130 Members)

Order of the Star
(2,042 "Likes")

One Love Experience
(1,966 Members)

(1,948 Members)

(1,821 Members)

Sisterhood of the Rose
(1,868 Members)

Journey Over The Rainbow - Starseeds, Lightworkers, Protectors Of Life heart emoticon
(1,796 Members)

Lightworker's guild
(1,663 Members)

Warriors of the Rainbow
(1,476 Members)

(1,028 Members)

(1,159 Members)

♦ L heart emoticon V E & L I G H T & ALL THINGzzz WRITE ! ♦
(845 Members)

One Heart One Love
(656 "Likes")

Sisterhood of the Rose, Goddess Temples, & Mystery Schools in all the Lands
(501 Members)

One Love
(426 Members)

(407 Members)

(341 "Likes")

(246 Members)

(418 Members)

(439 Members)

The Warriors of the Spirit Fighting Fore Freedom!
(11,241 Members)

Sowing Only Seeds of Love (SOSOL)
(8,475 Members)

Underground ReLOVEution
(7,128 Members)

Inspiring Unconditional Love
(6,652 Members)

Love Vortex
(243 Members)

I AM Love Light Bliss:

Psilocybe Project:



All of you! :) <3 br="">

Weekly Liberation Meditation - Every Sunday 11 AM PST / 2PM EST


12/15/15 - Archangel Michael ~ The Galactic Alignment 12/12 and 12/19 December 2015 by Celia


All of You Are Part of A Consciousness

Tune yourself to the heartbeat of our planet

The seven main chakras


Ascended Master Saint Germain


Renewal of The Mind, Body and Spirit "Live" Webinar


Step right up, and contribute to the honoring of all your fellows!




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    - Bạn hiểu như thế nào về công việc đang ứng tuyển?
    - Tại sao bạn lại quyết định ứng tuyển vào ngân hàng X của chúng tôi?
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