Re-Source(d): Transformational Tours, & the Completion of Paradise on Earth 2017-19

Dates/ Locations:

April-October 2017 - 1 West Coast Tour (San Diego to Seattle)

April-October 2018 - 3 USA Tours (West to East Coast; 1 North, 1 Mid, 1 South)

April-October 2019 - 7 Continental Tours

Open-Sourced, Co-Creative Tours.. the intention is for these tours to Self-Organize

A conscious caravan of RV's, Buses, Vans, Semis, and Cars… conscious musicians, speakers, workshops, ceremonies, vendors, and sponsors..

1 simple website (going live very soon)

1) Schedule (Contact Us to add to this!), 2) Map, 3) Blueprints/ Resources, 4) How to Get Sponsorships.. and 5) Have All Existing Festivals/ Events Pre-Mapped

Our intention for these tours is for all our basic needs to be met, and a salary for each of us..

And to together, help communities bring back the village, and help the inhabitants to become villagers again, to return to a cooperative humanity. To bring healing to all life, and our Mother Earth....

2017... Spending up to 1 month in each region; i.e. San Diego/ Joshua Tree/ Los Angeles, Ojai/ Santa Barbara/ San Luis Obispo, San Jose/ San Francisco/ Sacramento, Mount Shasta/ Ashland, Eugene/ Portland, Seattle - Finishing with our Annual End Of Year Celebrations at One Love Experience in Ojai, and Portal To The New Earth near Joshua Tree..

The intention is for the whole tour to be broadcast to the planet; reality shows, documentaries, films, theatre, albums, traveling shows, all the highest solutions and vibrations, you name it!

So start lining up your transportation, sponsors, &