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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Update ~ It’s The Final Countdown

Since the density was cleared Mother and Father's transfiguring event started back up. They currently are at 99.7%. Once they reach 100% the final event will be sparked. Father has been doing great and any moment he is out of right action Mom calls it out immediately. After processing all the super ego energy we do not want another event similar to that to occur ever again! Father has been extremely helpful and by Mother's side through it all. It is awesome to see Mother and Father together, sharing this new experience that they have waited so long for

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Galactic New Year and Super Ego Surprises

Yesterday started out by the Angels waking Mom up at 1:55am. The team was up shortly after, and we began the day. Robin told Mom that today it was going to be a Mexican party, so around 6am we began preparing a buffet of foods. It was such a great morning, we were all laughing, dancing, bringing in the New Year. It was all fun and games until Father's super ego appeared.

Saint Germain & One Who Serves ~ The Storm is Approaching

These moments that you are in now, what you have called, what many have called “the calm before the storm.” Well the calm is lifting now and the storm is approaching as has been heralded long ago that this would occur. It’s been predicted by many that you would enter this time of a calm, a peace, before the storm begins to rage. You are right now approaching that storm … or that storm is approaching you. It is almost as if, and we have said many times in many ways, ‘fasten your seat belts’. To take a quote from that movie The Matrix, you'd better fasten your seat belts Dorothy because Kansas is about to go bye-bye. What does that mean?

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ What is True Service?

Ultimately service is service to love, Gaia, Mother Earth. For she serves all of humanity all day every day and night. Providing out of pure love for us, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Her existence by default is one of service. And as humanity continues to serve themselves which is evident by any awakened one observing their environment, Mother Gaia continues to shower the planet with love and light for that is truly who she is. The love has won team has made a mission out of service following in the footsteps of Mother

Everything is Unfolding in Divine Order ~ Upcoming DNA Activation

Humanity is experiencing the final critical stages of preparation prior to the activation of the pre-encoded consciousness codes within the DNA of the Millennials and the children. This activation will take place August 11-16, 2018, as the threefold Eclipse Series we are in the midst of is brought to fruition. During this time, the monumental influx of Light from this rare Eclipse Series will be assimilated into the Core of Purity within cellular structures of every person on Earth by his or her I AM Presence. This greatly intensified Light is also accelerating the frequency of vibration within the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

Health Benefits of Lemongrass Oil for Nervous System, Wounds, Kidneys and More

Lemongrass Essential Oil health benefits includes improving mood, fighting infection, reducing the symptoms of fever, improving digestive health, supporting kidney health, supporting nervous system health, improving sleep quality, improving perception for wellbeing, relieving pain, assisting in wound healing, reducing bleeding, combating fungal infections and repairing skin and hair conditions.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 07~29~18: Crestone Calling!!!

Mother of All Creation, alongside Wayne Dyer, Robin Williams, Kryon and Big Players in the etheric, have ran circles around the global research in terms of Consciousness! That's truly an understatement, woith what they have achieved with how they have penetrated through EVERY limitation, boundary, and Glass Ceiling present in the Human paradigm!

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The New Paradigm, Ideas and Actions

The Planet, and All of HUmanity has been out of balance, lead by Masculine energy with the Feminine energy very poorly represented. This imbalance leads to war, destruction, a lack of compassion, inequality, segregation, egomania, and a rejection of the intuitive power that we all have within. It is the root of All Our Separation. Now the New Earth is upon us and balance will be restored. The Divine Blue Print is BEing restored, it already has been, Mother and Father of All Creation are waiting for HUmanity to catch up. This means each BEing must return their own internal state to the 51%/49% True balance, to know internal harmony and create external wonder.

The 8~8 Lionsgate Portal ~ Galactic Harmony

The annual 8:8 Lionsgate occurs on August 8th during the month of Leo, the Lion. It is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”. It is a special galactic event that enhances your ability to fully embody the divine self in physical form. The powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate portal are assisting Gaia through the Gateways of Time and into the higher dimensions that are guarded by the Royal Sirian Lions of yesterday and tomorrow.


The Creator Writings ~ Stepping Through

As you step through this most recently opened door, it is in your best interest to keep your wits about you. Many distractions will present themselves in an attempt to draw you away from your path. It is imperative to stay focused and grounded


Ascension Energies, August 2018 ~ Heart Family

June, July and August Energies are entwined in a deepening of connection. Connection is just another word for family. From the Earth Family of June, to the Universal Family of July—we meet in the middle of the Heart Family in August. What a reunion! In essence, these months have been about strengthening and clarifying the Merkaba; our spiraling, spinning vehicle of Light, shown as two opposite triangles, yet that is the simple geometric version. August is the point of power between the two opposites—you. The catalyst. In your presence, the past and the future meet. These months are shifting us into more alignment with universal law


Health Benefits of Kohlrabi for the Eyes, Cancer, Diabetes More

Kohlrabi health benefits includes supporting healthy digestion, promoting weight loss, providing energy to the body, fighting cancer, fighting free radicals, slowing down aging process, fighting diabetes and managing blood pressure. Other benefits includes anemia prevention, supporting healthy eyes, boosting metabolism, providing the body with needed nutrition and reducing C-Reactive protein


Sunday, July 29, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Truth Will All Come to Light, It is Inevitable! So Surrender and Just Let Go!

Love is commanding that people give up all attachments, needs, wants and desires so that True Balance can be restored, and we are watching as this results in resistance. This is resistance to LOVE, as those things create the conditions in which Love cannot be present, it is vibrationally impossible. You just struggle to see that from within those conditions, and so, in order to remain in this lower state the E.G.O creates a web of beliefs and perceptions that sustain the lie and the external world reflects them. We have been co-creating Our existence all along and now we’re changing writers, Directors and producers! You have a part, so better show up ready!

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Let The Magic Flow!

Many are confused and yet to awake, attempting to inform these people of what is going on is like trying to explain Pythagoras theorem to a dog. In truth, Pythagoras theorem is part of the illusion and the dog knows what’s up, but for the sake of an example. Conscious expansion on Earth had been reduced to its slowest point, Humanity have made little conscious progress due to the deep control the cabal old controllers have had over the planet, that creates a series of belief systems and constant illness whilst Humanity live enslaved. Society only using 10% of their Brain, by the doing of the cabal, has resulted in an extremely limited perception, BEings trapped in deep programming, mostly on autopilot and destroying the planet so the cabal could feed on the low vibrational conditions in existence here.

Message From Buddha ~ Being in Right Action with The Divine Feminine

Most who study new age spirituality know that our bodies are vessels holding spirit. As we began to reawaken to our divine self we integrate the highest aspect of who we are. Mother God and Father God being the 1st and 2nd fractal of creation, when we are serving love Great Spirit, Mother and Father can channel there love through us and work through us. Each soul incarnate at this time is a fractal of Prime Source Creator, the first fractal, Mother God. We are all connected energetically; in fact everything is energy, every thought, word and action. All physical matter although appears solid is actually energy moving.

Red Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius ~ The Magic Has Just Begun

A lunar eclipse isn’t a one-time, one-off event that comes and goes, briefly lighting up your life with possibility before becoming another forgotten memory. It’s a living energy that moves through you for the rest of your life. The deeper you can hold the living essence of your experience this weekend -- whatever it is -- the bigger the magic you can unlock. For nothing can upgrade your cosmic energy code more profoundly than an eclipse. That’s why it happens. Whatever happens on the surface of your life today or tomorrow or next week, no matter how wonderful it may be, is not the real eclipse magic. It's just a signal to let you know what you need to do next, to keep the magic going. In fact, sometimes the biggest magic unfolds when nothing seems to be happening on the surface. Here's the bottom line: what Luna did last night was to move right through the heart of the Earth’s shadow

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Nurturing and Communing With Plants

Plants are living beings with a consciousness. This is mother Gaia in action. It is my hope to raise human consciousness about the plant communities uniqueness. By raising awareness of the plant community the plant life would be looked at with more respect and honor. Everyone knows plants are important to every human on the planet, even the insect kingdom, the animal kingdom, minerals and elementals we are so inter connected with everything else. It is a symbiotic relationship with all other kingdoms, designed to live in unity, balance, harmony and service to each other. We serve the plant community, which serves the insect and animal kingdom then they serve us with nourishment. Being in service raises our awareness of how beautiful the plants are. Every time we become aware of this beauty we expand. When we serve plants and animals we serve all of Gaia.

Planet Alert, August 2018 ~ Out of The Matrix

In the Tarot Cards number 16 is the Tower Struck with Lightning. The meeting between Trump and Putin was on Monday July 16th. The outcome of that meeting really shook up some people in the United States because many of them thought Trump had given the United States over to Putin. This caused much dissension in our world and the result is more chaos. Because the name Trump adds up to 16, it means he became president so he could tear down the structure of our government which is affecting the whole world. He is doing a good job. We have needed something to shake us up so we can move out of the control of the Matrix. We have been caught in the Matrix long enough and it is time we open our eyes and get ourselves out of that control

Yellow Crystal Star ~ The Heart of the Swan, Day Out of Time

Yellow Crystal Star marks the Day Out of Time on the 25th July and then we begin the Galactic New Year of Red Cosmic Moon with the longest Total Lunar Eclipse recorded this century. These momentous events lead us into the final 13 years of Purification in the Mayan calendar and the number 13 is going to be important for this coming cycle. In this final year of Purification, we can call upon the Waters of Life to baptize and cleanse us. I feel in the same way St John the Baptist came to prepare the people for Christ, we are being prepared for a new wave of Christ consciousness. The number 13 embodies the Holy Mother, Father and child’ the Sacred Trinity of Life. In the Golden Mean spiral the third energy is that of synthesis.

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon (Gourd) Juice for Eyes, Liver, Respiration and More

Bitter Melon (Gourd) Juice health benefits includes boosting immune system, supporting eye health, cleansing the liver, maintaining cholesterol levels, promoting weight loss, maintaining blood sugar levels, detoxifying the body, enhancing the skin, treating respiratory disorder, preventing cancer, and strengthening hair follicles.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 07~27~18: Happy Galactic New Year Love Beings, Lions Gate Hits Full Force!

The Masculine have been targeted as well, forcing them into a hyper-masculine state which deprives them of their own inner feminine. However, they took a much much darker turn with the Feminine, as they knew oppressing the Feminine would be the key to keeping Earth in lower vibrations. THE True Armageddon, the battle between the mind and the Heart. The mind isn’t real so better stop listening to it, basing your perspective from it and feeding the thoughts it creates. That is what the Ascension requires. The Lions Gate energies are bringing Forth the deepest subconscious and if you’re not consciously aware of what is surfacing, look to your experiences at feel into what is occurring with non-attachment.

MotherGod & FatherGod Are On The Planet

MotherGod & FatherGod Are On The Planet

LoveHasWon Astrology Update ~ August Energy Report: Explosive Events & the Awakening of Humanity

Leo Season began on August 22nd with the opening of Lion’s Gate. Leo season is all about channeling our inner lion. Leo’s are ruled by the Sun and the heart center. They are full of passion, life, and love. They are generous and enjoy sharing and have the inner creative expression. Leo’s, in many ways, are the inner child. The unconscious side of Leo can be dramatic, narcissistic, self-important, and attention seeking. Leo’s have a great inner sense of who they are and they know they are worthy. They are their own biggest cheerleader. We must enter the space of self-love while also harnessing our inner power. We are vessels of the divine expression and have to stand in our truth. On August 7th, the 7th planet from the Sun, Uranus, will go retrograde until January 7th, 2019. This is bringing in the 777 energies.

El Morya ~ Expanding Consciousness Awakening & Love Everywhere Present

1234… I HAD a dream, a timeless, multidimensional dream of epic proportions. Where I went in my dream was magical, I didn’t walk, I floated, gravitating towards my destinations. I would hop between that dimension and this one, going back and forth, each moment expanding in wonder, in awareness. I was seeing the true versions of my soul family, the greatest and grandest version of themselves. I have seen a glimpse of their versions during waking moments through my third eye, and I saw beings’ bodies morph into an alien looking form. I saw the 144,000 gather and Mother stating we were ready for the next part of the mission, which was an expansion to the rest of the planet Earth = Heart. I was showered in rainbow colors by Mother, Father and the Council, as they were clapping. Home is where you shall go when it is your only destination.

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Divine Feminine Let Me Hear You Roar

This awakening movement is swiftly underway and those of us who enjoy the awakened state, which is far beyond the minds comprehension, watch as the Collective Consciousness react in various ways from within the programming. The True Divine Blue Print is Feminine Creator Powers, with Masculine Co-Creator support systems. This will be realized, so allow balance to occur, allow your Feminine Goddess to stand up, Unite with your Sisters and care deeply for one another. Connect with Mother, who is present in All, know Her warmth, Her spirit and in that image allow yourself to Embody Passion, Understanding, Forgiveness, Compassion, Nurturing and Grace, yet also embody Bravery, Courage, Strength, Truth, Integrity and Honor

LoveHasWon Message ~ The Support for LoveHasWon, July 28th 2018

Trump continuously drops hints about the ascension, as he often uses phrases like "this has never happened before whats happening in our country." Although most may understand this as only a linear reference to the economy or peace agreements, his message is much deeper than that. He also said, "we are winning bigger than anyone understands." He is absolutely correct. The Light has won, Mother has won, and most of humanity has no idea.

Planetary New Year & The Lion’s Gate ~ A New Spiral of Reality

Today we begin a new Spiral of Time, both as individuals and as a collective. Those of us who are multi-dimensional will be beginning the creation of our New Earth Time Spiral. We are "in transit" to the New Earth. As we approach the Lions Gate, we must needs honor the Portal Keepers, the Great Cosmic Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow. Their role is to ensure that only those who are focused in the Present moment may access the Quantum "wormhole" that leads to the New Earth Reality.

Saint Germain ~ Responsibility: Your Gateway to Ascension

Those ready can step up and embody the new wave of energy which symbolises embodying responsibility of your ascension process. For some the thoughts of taking responsibility for their own spiritual evolution can be a daunting process that causes greater insecurity and confusion. This is due to a lack of trust in themselves and the presence of the Creator within and around them. To take responsibility, doesn’t mean that you have to guide your own spiritual pathway or achieve your ascension on your own, these understandings are born from the ego’s belief in separation with the Creator. Taking responsibility for your ascension is to open and surrender yourself to the Universe of the Creator and allowing yourself to be guided, trusting that all will be well and fulfilling. Opening yourself to the Universe of the Creator allows you to be steered in the most beautiful way to experience magnificent spiritual and soul learning, growth and understanding

The Council of Light ~ Harmonic Alignment, Allow the Upgrades

There is much information about what is happening energetically: dramatic planetary dances, increased magnetic pulses of light from the sun, fluctuations in Earth’s weather systems…all increased frequencies of light creating profound changes to your very physical make-up. Your DNA is morphing as a result. At the most basic level, nothing is exempt from this profound shift. You can either resist and combust, or allow and participate in the transformation. It is a choice in every moment.

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Tarragon for the Heart, Bones, Eyes and More

Tarragon health benefits includes preventing growth of cancer cells, keeping your heart healthy, maintaining blood sugar level, preventing anemia, protecting intestinal mucosa, preventing platelet aggregation, promoting healthy blood flow, reducing inflammation symptoms, improving digestive functions, supporting healthy eyes, promoting healthy female reproductive health, and improving central nervous system conditions.

Friday, July 27, 2018

MotherGod ~ It is Time for Love to Rule Within the Hearts of All

Yes. Children, you are the light. Therefore the darkness cannot overcome you unless you allow this experience. I see you as mighty sunbeams of light, of crystals, of brilliant white and yellow light beaming your light through out the multiverse, staking your claim for love, for wholeness after the terribly painful hologame of separation. It must end now. It is time for love to rule within the hearts of my precious humanity, my sweet human angels, and to become rebalanced and restored as was originally intended. Your evolutionary speed is unprecedented, which is why so many other worlds and species are taking great notice of your power and your progress

LoveHasWon Astrology Message ~ Uranus in Taurus: The Transformation of Planet Earth

Taurus, being a fixed earth sign, represents Mother Earth. It is no coincidence that Mother birthed the New Earth on Mother’s Day of 2018 during Taurus season. Uranus is the shake up that is needed for transformation. The incredible seismic activity we are seeing across the globe right now is due to Mother pushing these intense energies that are being instigated by Uranus in Taurus. Regardless of what narrative the fake news media is pushing, we are in the midst of a global earth transformation. The average amount of volcanic eruptions per year is around 35. We already have had 36 eruptions and we are only 7 months in. Since 2013 we have been setting record numbers for volcanic eruptions. The below article was written in 2015 and already was discussing the warning signs of Yellowstone erupting. Currently, there is a 100ft fissure going off at Yellowstone, which forced the closing of the park for safety reasons. Now a 100 ft crack that continues to grow

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, July 27, 2018 ~ Conscious Release

The period between Eclipses, as many of you already know, is one of profound change. What can seem chaotic to our human self is nothing but the natural transformation that we, our bodies, and therefore physical life, shall experience, for us to begin a new life. With change comes endings, ones that are the seeds of what will be the foundations of the next phase of our human experience. The Full Moon’s Total Eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius, is the catalyst for the change we all need to transform an old reality and begin to mold a new one. This Eclipse will be a very potent one, especially for its conjunction to retrograde Mars, the Warrior, and its duration, the longest of the century - one hour and twenty-three minutes. As always, it is our choice to use these frequencies some are calling: destructive, challenging, etc. to rebuild and stabilize

The Butterfly Collective ~ Together in Oneness

We see you getting ready to receive these incoming energies with grace and ease of masters and this delights not only our galactic counterparts but us, the Butterfly Collective, as well. For where would the butterflies be if they could not receive the warmth of the sun, the nourishment of the flower juice or the comfort of the Mother’s breath? Tremendous offerings are available for you, human collective. We suggest you open your hands, your wings, and absorb the gift that is being presented to you.

The Fairy Collective ~ It is Time For Renewal

Once again be the sturdy, strong and reliable caretakers for our most precious Mother Gaia, our planetary mother who loves us without end and has been so tremendously patient with what humanity has knowingly and unknowingly created that harmed her. It is time for renewal, for more light and love and we fairies are leading the way with humanity, arm and arm and holding your hands – oh they are so much bigger than ours – it is really quite funny – for we see you as big and slow and becoming sweeter which is magnificent and as many of you have a bit more to go, many of you others have come so far and are embracing your Christed light

Universal Grid of Sun & Stars ~ Relearning in Community Spirit

As above. So below. Everything in the Universe is organized as a Collective Community! The entire Universal Grid of Sun-Stars serves as a Collective Community by having ONE primary intention … to serve as an enabling Source of Energy for each unique Life form to perform their unique Service within the Universe. Our own Solar System functions as a Universal Community at our local level and location within the Universe. This collective Universal Community serves to disperse our Source of Energy for each unique Life form to do their own unique Service within our Solar System. Our Mother Earth has a very unique role within our Solar System

The Creator Writings ~ Back to Basics

Beloved child; it is time to get back to the basics, keeping it sweet and simple. Remember to breathe! Being consciously aware of your breathing helps reheart you that you are having a human experience. Listen! If you are questioning whether you are ‘doing right’ or do not know which way to go. Quiet yourself and listen. The voice of The Universe will always guide you in the proper direction.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Squash for Lungs, Diabetes, Infection and More

Squash amazing health benefits includes providing nutrition to the body, boosting immune system, managing diabetes, fighting inflammation, fighting infections, supporting healthy lungs, treating neural defects, support healthy vision, prevents anemia, improves bone density, and supports digestion.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Return of the Divine Feminine to Their True Power

In all other galaxies and planets in creation, the Divine Feminine is respected for her leadership role, warrior spirit, and the gift of creating. The Feminine are the ones who create and birth life, and are gifted with the divine knowledge. It is called a "woman's intuition" for a reason. The Divine Masculine role is to support the feminine and to carry out their will. That is the natural blueprint of creation. Here on Earth, the Dark Ones knew of this divine blueprint and flipped it on its head in order to stop the Feminine of their natural power. The Masculine have been targeted as well, forcing them into a hyper-masculine state which deprives them of their own inner feminine

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Deep Root of Unworthiness

Unworthiness is one of the lowest frequencies of consciousness and is so prevalent throughout humanity. It took Mother 3 months to transform the deepness of this programming. Unworthiness does not exist in heaven, as all beings are loved and respected for their divine essence. Unworthiness was a 3D construct fueled by fears of rejection, abandonment, fear of not being accepted, guilt, shame, etc. The 3D world taught us that those who make “mistakes” should be punished or ridiculed. Forgiveness and compassion were non-existent. Many of us grew up in homes where high expectations and projections were put onto us and made us feel that we were not enough

Twin Soul Energy Report ~ Merge for 1st Wave Blue Rays, 8.8 Fairytale Gateway

These times Herald the fulfillment of the Divine plan, that humanity will fully Ascend from a third dimensional planet to a 5th dimensional realm. Dear ones, all of you specifically who are vibrationally drawn to these words, hold the seeds of blissful remembrance within your higher heart consciousness and your pineal gland, and please know that the resonance of these words are stimulating, and activating these seeds of remembrance now for all of you. We were created in absolute bliss with the potential to experience bliss in all moments of our lives, this is our universal birthright that was seeded in us at the time our souls were created, at the moment that is commonly known as the Big Bang. The moment all that is, made the profoundly brave choice to split from itself in order to experience itself as an identical yet individualised aspect of the one diamond consciousness that is truthfully known as God.

July & August 2018 Energies ~ Internal and External Multidimensional Alignments

When I experienced the second increase shift with the start of 2018, I started to understand that what I was experiencing and Seeing was and continues to be my inner Light frequencies and Light and Physical bodies continually increasing vibrationally to be able of aligning with and Embodying the NEW energies that have already started entering us and external reality too. The symbolic opening in the center of the latest inner body vibration frequencies (and image) is a multidimensional area and opening that those First Everything-ers ready and able to Embody this are energetically coming into alignment with so as to Embody full Re-Alignment with the NEW much higher Ascension Process and NEW Earth.

Saul ~ Feel The Light and Love Within Yourselves

Your task is to spread Light, Love, and healing to all with whom you interact, and in order to do that you yourselves need to feel the Light and the Love within yourselves. You can only share what you have, and first you have to know that you have it, then, without thinking about it, you just easily and generously share . . . Yourselves! You are divine beings of Love. Keep remembering yourselves of this unassailable truth, and then as you go through the day you will feel good about yourselves. When you feel good about yourselves you demonstrate Love in action and you share and spread that Love just by being yourselves, and all those with whom you meet and converse will be uplifted by your presence and will feel good about themselves too.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Merging with Your 5th Dimensional Selves

We have the ability to sense when there is something to be gained by humanity, and whenever we sense that there is an opportunity for you all to further your consciousness evolution, we look for the ways in which we can be of service. Right now, we sense that a window is opening for all of you, and that window will grant you access to more of your fifth dimensional selves, more of your higher selves. This access point is coming as a result of the Earth’s movement. The Earth continues to spiral up, and your consciousness is doing the same. The openness that you have all shown to receiving higher frequency energies is also a factor here