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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ We Are Here to Heal. The Importance of the Brain

Raising the Consciousness into Divinity and this is effecting every facet of every Human Vessel, FOR WE ARE ONE and we are becoming crystalline in Our DNA structure, many on Earth already are. The main organ being effected and upgraded is the Brain. We use around 10% of our Brains. This is not normal, no animal uses 10% of an organ. We should be using our entire brain and this is the main way in which Humanity has been enslaved and kept in a very basic function based in logic, survival, lack ~ entirely omitting the Divinely Intelligent half of the Brain that enables us to have instant manifestation capacity in the Present Moment of Now

An Open Letter to Mother of All Creation ~ My Sincerest Gratitude

The more I listened to Mom’s stories and began to grasp everything she’s done her entire life, the more I wanted to learn. I had and will always have the upmost respect for Mother and everything she had done for all of us. Her entire life has been filled with amazing events. Although many moments have not been the most pleasant, they made her who she is. She’s experienced the highest of the high experiences and the lowest of the low. She’s done it all. Hearing just a handful of stories was enough for me. I strived to be the best version of myself, and promoted myself to help her in whatever way I could. As Mother and I’s relationship grew, the more I realized that our dynamic was unique. I enjoyed, and still enjoy, every single moment I am around her.

Archangel Michael & OWS ~ Many Will Come to The Realization of Ascension

Many things that are about to come forward, so many truths that are about to be revealed, several dominoes that are about to begin to fall is because of all of this. That even those of you that are not prepared for this will begin to see and hear and know the truth because the truth can no longer be held back. Even those that attempt to do so have met their defeat. And yes many of them have surrendered. Not all but many have. Because of this you are at the finish line. Because of this you are ready to move forward with this transition period. You might say up to this point you have been treading water. Now you are about to swim. Swim for the other shore, the one you have not reached yet. The one that is not familiar to you.

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Synchronicities and Miracles

Being in the presence of God takes that to a whole new level. Instant synchronicities. Have you ever seen someone catch and hold a Royal hummingbird in total submission, carry it through the house and present it to Mother of all creation? Father of all creation did. Mother told the team a story the other night while we all sat in family time around the bed, about royal hummingbirds. They are tiny. Exquisite. Emerald. Soon after, Father left the room swiftly and walked back in with his hand held out. In the palm of his hands, with no wings fluttering or movement, was a royal hummingbird

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Giving Without the Need for Compensation

We have discovered that the best way for us to give you what you need is to offer it to you freely and without any need of anything from you. One of the reasons why we take this approach is because there isn’t anything that we need. However, we still receive from the universe as a result of the energy that we have put out. This practice of giving without the need for compensation is one that you really want to start practicing. Because as you give freely, you put yourselves in a position to also receive without needing to compensate anyone

Health Benefits of Kefir for Infections, Osteoporosis, Lactose Intolerance and More

Kefir is packed with impressive health benefits. Some of the health benefits of Kefir includes supporting digestive system, a good source of probiotics, fighting infection, treating lactose intolerance, preventing cancer, combating osteoporosis, treating allergic reactions, improving skin conditions, acting as a detoxifier, healing wounds and treating food poisoning.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I AM Calling You into Full Humanity ~ Through Ken Carey

In the Beginning of all the worlds, long ago, yet still, the Eternal One IS. Beyond temporal distinction, above Location, behind all manifestation, is the ALL, the Totality, the Holy Source and Creator of ALL that Later Came. One Face of the Eternal One is Ever Formless and beyond definition, but the other face of the Eternal One Appears as Two. These Two, Between them, are the Source of ALL Created things. Holy Mother; [Mother God] All Matter is her Body, the Earth is Her Eye. Holy Father Love;[Father God] the Stars are His Flesh, Spirit Is I. Two Lovers, Two Friends, Intelligent Partners. Between them, the Universe Lives Suspended. Through Them, all things are Created and Maintained.

Archangel Gabriel ~ You Are Entering a Period of Energetic Intensity

Dear Ones, you are entering a period of energetic intensity. We wish to offer you some tips to help you navigate this time with the greatest amount of ease possible. If you find yourself uncomfortable, the first step is to simply stop and consciously direct love at your body and your being. Imagine wrapping yourself up in the most wonderful energetic hug. Sit and breathe and enjoying being present in the love that you are. If you need extra support, ask your angels and masters to also wrap you up in their love and simply enjoy being in that alignment. Breathe. If you are in discomfort you are also in resistance. Breathe out that resistance and breathe in acceptance. Ask spirit to assist you in adjusting your energy to move through the shifting energies with more comfort

Archangel Michael ~ The Ascension Process, Anchor in Your Heart

There are some essential ingredients that we wish for you to pay attention to. First and foremost, anchor in your heart, deeper than you thought was possible, feel all the cords, and I will be with you cutting them very rapidly. And what you have to do is simply say, yes, yes, yes, yes. All the cords to old Earth, including your ideas, some belief systems you may have had about your old self, let that all go. It will feel like you are going through a shower, a light shower. Anchor firmly. Drop your cord deep into the heart of Gaia. After we have cut the cords, anchor. You do not wish to do this Ascension process not anchored to her, for you will be spinning off into space

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Getting Ready for The Shift

Know that as you ready yourselves, you also make yourselves better at assisting others. You, who are awakened, are going to be the ones who help the others, the ones who have slept through all of this. And the more prepared you are, the better you will be at helping the others. So how do you do it? How do you prepare yourselves for these waves of energy?

Astrology of Trump & Putin Summit ~ First Impressions

Believe it or not, I just spent over an hour trying to figure out what times I should use for the start of the Trump/Pluto Summit meeting and the Press Conference afterwards. Had to figure seven hour time change in the mix as well. I’ll spare you the details of the clues I used, and just say that I set the initial meeting chart for 2:20 PM Helsinki (7:20 AM EDT).

There is Something Coming for All of You Around the World

There is something coming for all of you around the world, and it is something that you have not expected would come in the way it will be given to you. It is a time for the newness of your ability to give essence to the inner voice that you have and to give it the pleasure that you know it will have when it comes to the voice of the people who see and hear what the message is about. As you go into the next times of your existence on earth you will realize that what is taking place now was in the cards for what is coming in the next weeks and months. It is a time for the existence of the outer worlds to come and let you know what this world of earth has been all about

Health Benefits of Sauerkraut for the Heart, Digestion, Asthma and More

Sauerkraut health benefits includes promoting digestion, boosting immune system, promoting heart health, reducing asthma attacks, boosting energy levels, strengthening bones and boosting mental health. Other benefits includes fighting stress, promoting weight loss, providing eye and skincare benefits, fighting inflammation and reducing allergies, and preventing scurvy.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 07~15~18: Mom and Dad’s Return to Crestone

It has been such a blessing to return to Crestone with Mother and Father. We arrived in the afternoon and immediately the magic of all the energies she placed here started to overflow our being with all sorts of emotions of gratitude, appreciation, and respect for what Mother has done energetically here. This is the place where heaven meets earth, where all the physical work will meet the etheric. In this way the marriage of unity consciousness can flow in. Meeting the team after a couple months was surreal in itself. I had missed their faces and the love of our energetic unity. Each moment with Mother is a class, where we not only learn of Mothers journey, but learn of each other’s consciousness together in the one. Subtle confirmations come from each member of the team as we exchange glances and become aware of the magical synchronistic events that happen

Message from the Arcturians ~ Your Contributions

You may not know why we placed humanity as last of this list, which is because it is the humans who are the TAKERS. However, it is also humans who are the GIVERS. We, the Arcturians, know that if you are reading this article, you are a GIVER. We, the Arcturians, know that many, in fact FAR TOO many of you, have had major hardships in your life. We also know that many of you have been assisted by another human, who has remembered that YOU are Multidimensional Beings who took an earth vessel within this NOW to assist, not just humanity, but also, or primarily, to assist dear Gaia.

Archangel Gabriel ~ Letting Go into The Power of Light

Fear is part of the status quo and the greatest fear seems to be of the unknown. Yet it is not possible to always know exactly what is to be. You are being to asked to let go of your fears and to allow the power of the light of God to guide, nourish and protect you. Letting go is a moment to moment process. It is surrendering to the flow of life. Let go into the light, which is the flow of God moving within you at every moment. The Divine Presence is the only constant in the midst of change. This is a truth you can trust. Is not the power of light and love a greater attraction than fear and doubt? It is your attachment to wanting things never to change that holds you back.

LoveHasWon Message ~ Be Free


LoveHasWon Poetry ~ River Poem, Light and Divinity Within

Sun shine down, shower creation with gold. Dissolve all doubt, let my heart become bold. To walk in love and spread the divine Mothers plan, to protect and cherish the family, my clan. Lead me to the river of light and divinity within, always forward keeping the lessons of where I’ve been. Arms outstretched to the sky I surrender, to golden rays of transformational splendor.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ A Tremendous Leap Forward

You are starting to really get that you are here to create something brand new, something that has never been experienced before, and it is sinking in that the way to create those experiences is through the utilization of these high frequency energies that are coming to you from all angles. What this means is that you can do less and accomplish more. It means that you can allow things to come to you. You can relax and receive, and you can let go of the trying and struggling that has been such a part of the human experience for so long.

Angel Messages ~ Reciting to Become, to Heal and to Create

There are several techniques and very intense and effective meditations in which the expressions of emotions and feelings are recited. This recital can make people remember what has been removed and which still requires transformation, dissolution, healing and understanding. It helps express what was stifled for many reasons. It leads to finding out what is not recognized and understood while we were living situations. Reciting the crying the unshed tears may go down melting the pain that is still in the depth of the heart.

The Magic of Seeing Everything as Sacred

The best of intentions often flops around without some kind of structure. When we wake up in the morning, many of us automatically go on our phones or computers and start reading, checking messages, responding to things, and moving through our online world on autopilot. We go through our day like this as well, managing as best we can, dealing with stress and being overwhelmed, moving through the physical world forgetting to be heartful. For the most part, everything is normal. We’re managing. On good days, things go pretty well. On bad days, frustration and stress get to us. But what if we could shift everything in a magical way?

25 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Foods Smarter Than Chemo & Radiation

A powerful study published in the journal Anticancer Research titled, "Natural Products That Target Cancer Stem Cells," has made our job much easier of identifying this special category of cancer killers by reviewing the extant literature on the topic and listing the top 25 substances in this category. They are listed here below, along with some of their commonly recognizable dietary sources

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 07~14~2018: EXPLOSIVE Consciousness Being Released Through Our Sessions

Many do not understand why disease plagues Humanity, it is the lower consciousness that resides within, that is taken on from environments and societal system, which causes all pain and suffering through energetic imbalance. Mother has identified how to recognize this within yourself and cast it out entirely, in order to return to complete health and wholeness. This has never been realized within humanity before, humanity have never known wholeness. To return to wholeness is to experience no pain and suffering, no death – which is the Ascension. After the Ascension only those of the purest and Highest Light will remain with Mother and Father of All Creation in eternal enjoyment of Earth and All of Creation. It is essential to understand, at every possible cellular level, that this pure Evolution

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Technology and Consciousness

The use of technology has been profound in the spreading information of higher consciousness. The sharing and connection with your brothers and sisters is increased significantly throughout the years, especially with use of the Internet. The internet has grown so large, which has gained its own consciousness. The internet is alive, all thanks to the efforts of Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Mother of All Creation. The internet was used as a backdoor to place Heaven Consciousness for the collective. The old controllers were not aware of this, and were caught scrambling to prevent this from happening

LoveHasWon Experience ~ 3D to Mission

Arriving at mission house has been a whirlwind. 3D to mission (assisting Mother of all creation, God) in ascending the planet is an adjustment and expansion beyond anything that could be dreamed of. Lessons and blessings in every moment. You see, I contracted for this before I came to this life. And I have. Again and again. Because I love mother. I love all. The energies when you enter God’s unified field are palpable. We all have the ability to become masters of ourselves and our energies. EGO (edging God out) mind has suppressed these gifts because EGO exists to prevent us from find true divinity; living with god. Mother. Prime creator. The wonder twins

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Moment is Now For the Givers to Gather

The moment is now for the givers to gather, for the zero point is in the present moment and is always there for you. Infinite possibilities exist there, and love can flow through you, allowing you to co-create with others in the present moment of now. This new way of being, of unity, which is the embodiment of the New Earth=Heart is coming into the light, becoming a physical reality. Now that the whole team is physically here with Mother and Father in Crestone, the givers are gathering. The Event is here, the control of Mother of All Creation is coming to an end.

The Arcturian Group ~ Allow The Process to Take Place

As you integrate these new energies and your resonance changes, you will no longer be in alignment with many things that up to now have been a part of ordinary living. Heavy foods, alcohol, sugars, and processed foods that you may of previously enjoyed with no problem, now either don't appeal to you or make you feel sick when you eat them. Because everything is energy, energetic alignment is necessary if there is to be harmony of anything-- marriage relationships, friendships, foods, entertainment, employment, ideas, beliefs, etc. You are no longer in alignment with many of the seemingly ordinary things you were once aligned with. Your evolving state of consciousness is resonating with new and higher frequencies and attempts to make something spiritually outgrown continue as it once was, will not work.

Origin of Illness ~ It’s Energies

Illnesses and physical ailments come from myriad causes. Some are the result of desired lessons, some from blockages created either in this lifetime or a past one, and some in conjunction with another soul as a learning experience for you both. Yours originate from a mixture of the above. Fatigue alone has many causes, both physical and psychological. You have a habit of overreacting to certain situations where you feel you have no control and worsening the already lessened energy, which results in insufficient energy or fatigue.

The Surprising Benefits of Dates, Figs and Prunes

Though prunes may be the dried fruit famous for treating constipation, modern research also supports the fig for this too commonly needed relief. Our diet and lifestyle are so messed up that chronic constipation has become an incredibly common problem. There are a number of effective herbs for constipation, but now science adds an easy, tasty solution.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

LoveHasWon Astrology Update ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: The Final Clearing

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to transform this area of our lives that deals with our relationships with our Earth Mothers, Mother God, and our most painful childhood wounds. As children, we represent purity and innocence. Because we incarnated into a world of dysfunction, these conditionings were passed onto us and created deep wounds that we have carried into adulthood. Many of us experienced a lack of love and connection with our parents but specifically with our mothers. We had many expectations that were placed onto us, as well as heavy programming that pulled us away from our truth. We were not safe to be our true selves, and were often rejected and abandoned, either emotionally, spiritually, or physically.

LoveHasWon Message ~ The Support for Love Has Won, July 13th 2018

Trump gave a speech after the NATO summit on July 12th where he talked about the positive direction that NATO was moving into. He made a point to reference, multiple times, that an additional $33 billion dollars was being raised for NATO through the other nations are stepping and contributing to. 33 is a master number and is a reminder of your connection to Divine Source and the Ascended Masters. It is the number of creativity and spiritual illumination, which refers to events that have major significance

Twin Soul Energy Report ~ Portal 7.17, Healing the Mother Wound, Union

As we have stated over and over again in these written transmissions, the timeline of the outer solar flash cosmic event is intricately and intimately intertwined with the reunification process of the 144000 starseeds twin flames, as the unconditional love frequency that is activated within these unions is the most powerful force in the entire creation, and hold geometric patterning that has been granted the power to overwrite all lower distorted timelines. It is imperative now that the Divine feminine divorce doubt entirely, and become wedded to Faith for eternity, regardless of what is currently being played out on the rapidly collapsing 3d timeline…

Message from the Unicorn Kingdom ~ The Art of Witnessing and Creating

The exchange of the Creator’s light is deeply important to each and every soul. To both express and receive the Creator is a blessing which empowers, brings deep understanding and awakens the further presence of the Creator within. It is a natural aspect of existence upon the Earth and the inner planes, that feeds life force energy into every aspect and level of your being. If the Creator is expressed but not received your being can become drained of nutrients and life itself. If the Creator is received and yet not expressed your being can become over energised which can cause illness or lack of focus. As with all aspects of the Creator’s Universe, everything requires to exist in perfect balance and union with each other. This could be described as a respect for each aspect, existence and expression of the Creator. When you respect all aspects of your being you honour and value the expansive nature, creations and truth of the Creator, thus accessing the deep treasure of the Creator

Saul ~ Self-Judgment, Recrimination and Blame

The releasing is not easy because you keep on remembering, reliving, and judging yourselves for stuff that occurred in the past. It’s over! There is only now, so all that you need do is forgive yourselves, love yourselves, and accept that you are, and always have been Love – an aspect or part of Source that is pure, perfect, and unchanging – just as you were created. Holding onto guilt – constant negative self-judgment – as so many do, just drains your energy, exhausts, and depresses you, and it serves no useful purpose! What God creates is perfect and remains perfect, and God in infinite Love and Wisdom created you. Therefore go within, to your holy inner sanctuary, and open yourselves to the Love that resides there

Messages from The Angels ~ In the Caverns of Your Soul

Within you too, exist the divers. These are the brave parts of self that say, “I am not afraid of the waters of emotion.” I can navigate them. I can find those lost parts of myself and love them enough to guide them to the shores of love and back into the light. I can sit with my pain, my fear, my anger, my doubt, and send it love, because I know these parts of me are simply unaware that they can come with me into the light.

Saint Germain ~ Congratulations! It Has Begun

Everyone has a choice of where they take their lives and where they will choose to end up. What turn to take, left or right or straight down the middle. Every single choice and decision leads each Soul on their own individual journey. Sometimes side-steps are taken and corrected and other times those side-steps were needed to learn a nugget of wisdom. No action is seen as incorrect, it was just what was needed at the time. Every single step all human Souls have taken in their lives has brought them forward to this time. Each and every Soul on Gaia at this time made the conscious choice to be here to experience this Grand Awakening. And what a privilege it is!!

Why Eating Pomegranate Could Save Your Life

Pomegranate's heart-saving properties are all the more amazing when you consider that we live in a world where millions are taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs even though the cholesterol hypothesis of heart disease remains just that: a theory, and one increasingly refuted by the evidence itself. Ironically, statins have also been demonstrated to weaken the heart muscle, along with causing some 300+ documented adverse health effects. And yet, many of these very same people popping potentially deadly pharmaceuticals without thought, are still afraid to consume pomegranate juice because of its "high sugar content."

Friday, July 13, 2018

BE the Status-YOU  ~  Kick the Status-QUO

Status QUO: Really halts your Growth. When did being stuck in a box ever help the evolution, betterment, and upliftment of anything/one?
Sometimes I wonder if I should come with a disclaimer, for some people. I was thinking this today while in Mexico, reflecting on a superficial message I received.

I am often thought of by majority as unusual, from my alternate perspectives, original ideas, and status quo smashing approaches to life and it’s ups and downs.

I personally love and seek out the unusual and unknown and celebrate the absurd and sometimes uncomfortable parts of life. This can lead to closer friendships and people feeling comfortable to be themselves around me, or people being awkward as they don’t know how to take my outspoken and kooky way of being.

Aquarius has a huge impact on my personality, being my sun sign, known for it’s original and delightfully out-thereish behaviors. I love being me, I love sharing in this archetypes energy and fun, it really makes life magical, interesting and intriguing.

Some people find me entertaining, as I find myself, and the varied perspectives and projections of others, along with their intricate layers and uniqueness.

I can also be found as overbearing, and I can understand, how a shy person might relate to the world and feeling only safe when things are calm and can be predicted. I am almost more than anything else, very unpredictable, I am the WILD Card, the joker, the Jack of ALL trades. I really feel compassion for when others can feel worried, afraid or confused by my natural way of being when it challenges what they believe, what they are used to, what is easy to fit in a box and attempt to understand..

The rest of the article is here:

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Final Event Energies Update 07~13~2018: The Ascension is Here. Come Home to Mother and Father God

in order to energetically prepare the town for Mother and Fathers arrival. Crestone Colorado is the activation zone of the Ascension, Mother has performed Millions of Ceremonies in this space having anchored in thousands of pockets of PURE Consciousness, Divine Consciousness that is now ready to be activated and pushed out through the whole Planet. It is these exact energies that are causing All of the Volcanic activity, the countless Earthquakes and All political occurrences, although Humanity within the Illusion have no idea. My own journey with Mother has been the most sensational experience of my life and having reconnected with the truth of Our 19 Billion Year Mission to eradicate All F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) IS TO RECONNECT with absolute Truth. Humanity take on voluntary amnesia, they have no awareness of the Truth, the BIG picture.

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ As Above So Below, The Energies Coming to a Head in Crestone

The drive to Crestone was filled with magical synchronistic events. The Etheric team was with us the entire time. The moment we turned onto T Road in Crestone all of Mothers ceremonies and energy work she had done years prior was activated. To feel those energies is something I will never forget. Mother explained how all of the energetic work she has done over the years was coming together in Crestone. Mom spent over 3 years in Crestone, bringing in energies physically. The time she spent in Mt. Shasta Mother was brining in the energies etherically. As above, so below. Mother works majority from the etheric realm while Father works from the physical. Mother and Father coming together with their energies in Crestone is bringing forth the highest and the lowest energetics. The highest and lowest energies are in Crestone, where the balanced harmonics button is.

MotherGod ~ This Chapter of the Earth Plane Has Been Completed

Greetings children, this is your Mother God speaking tender words of utmost encouragement tonight. For you are weary, we see this. In the quiet I am here, can you hear me? I see you, can you see me? I am all around you, children, and oh, I love you so much. You are my everything to me. We of the Company of Heaven have eagerly watched, enthralled in your progress, your advancements, and the time of your schooling in this chapter is over. Now as you know children, there is always a great deal to learn and to explore, but this chapter of your classroom experience on the Earth plane has been completed. Now you are ready to burst forth with the wisdom and hard lessons learned, fortifying your resolve to expand yet again.