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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Monetize Your Mission!

STARTING MOMENTARILY! -- Monetize Your Mission! --- Sat, September 30, 2pm – 3pm pst -- --- Present your project, gain feedback from your peers.... What can you do to help this humanitarian with their personal launch, or project launch? .... We will go round and round, so everyone gets at least 3-5 minutes to present/ request assistance.... Let's create Regenerative Streams of Income for our self, project, and our Mothership, Earth Nation!

The Tsunami of Love is Strengthening and Intensifying

The energy of the Tsunami of Love is strengthening and intensifying daily, and many of you can feel it. Many others, who remain very much involved in the 3D issues of daily life as a human, are also aware of and feeling these energies, which they find disruptive and confusing because they are bringing to the surface of their sensory faculties emotional issues that have lain buried or denied for a long time. It is very unsettling for many. The thing is that to awaken you have to release all that is not in alignment with Love – hatred, bitterness, resentment, judgment, worthlessness, etc. Many are shocked to find how much is arising into their individual awareness

Master Kuthumi ~ Alignments of Truth

The Creator is emphasising at this time, through the deliverance of energy waves, enhanced alignments of truth. Every soul upon the Earth and the inner planes is aligned with the truth of the Creator. The truth, essence and all that is the Creator exists within you and can be accessed with your intention and conscious awareness. In doing so, you access and enter into the consciousness, awareness and energy of the Creator, experiencing expansion, bliss, clarity and oneness. As an awakening being on the Earth, you are constantly in the process of remembering the Creator. You are continually recognising your alignment, connection and integration with the truth of the Creator, how it resides within you and around you. In this time of ascension, encouragement is placed upon recognising the truth of the Creator that is most needed and beneficial within your being and reality, thus creating an alignment or greater awakening of specific fields of truth

Energy Update ~ A Significant Upward Shift Occurred

A Significant Upward Shift Occurred. Maintain the highest frequency, where You influence the overall frequency of the planet, and that is partly how the Ascension works. The higher You raise the planetary vibration toward the ultimate Love frequency, the quicker the pineal glands of the masses open, and boost the vibration even higher, into a full sustainable 5D Timeline. An Ascended Master status, of which more of You are obtaining while on Gaia, allows You to transcend Time/space, but, You are to remain within the 4D/5D Timelines until the mission is fully completed

Arcturian Energy Update ~ Moving into The Next Frequency of Reality

What has changed is that we, your Galactic Family, as well as your self, are going through some “rough waters” that are moving into the next frequency of reality. Now there are many people that have no interest in moving into the next frequency of reality. Therefore, they have chosen a path which is very different from those who have chosen to move into the next frequency of reality. There is a parting of the ways, so to speak. Those who have dedicated themselves to that mission will be the portal openers and beyond opening the portals. They will be the ones that will shift their consciousness. Now their consciousness won’t just be shifted, it will be expanded

Experience the New Earth Through the Heart

Where are you living right now? You may say the city, the state, the country in which you live but my question to you as you are here focus and grounded in this now moment; are you living in the future? When I accomplish, you can fill in the blanks, then I’ll start doing whatever it is that you want to do. Are you living in the past holding on to the pain and the suffering and the frustration of things that didn’t work for you and the sadness or that frustration that may come up from that? Are you living in your head analyzing everything, controlling everything, trying to make everything work in a particular way? Are you living in your heart? Are you doing so in such a way that you are heart is just wide open all the time as if you are bleeding out energy?

Heavenletters ~ Let There Be Light for All!

When I said, Let there be Light, there was Light. When I said, Let there be Stars, there were Stars, and the Stars are to this day, visible or not. When I said, Let there be you, there was you. You arose. You appeared before Me all arisen. It took no effort whatsoever for you to appear before Me and the Whole Family of God to appear before Me. There was no impasse. There was no time that elapsed before you appeared. I called to you to arise, and you arose. In effect, this is how Life appears before you.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Adama ~ The Time for Us Coming Together is Near

The time for us coming together is near. We on Telos have long been preparing to welcome you back to the light and that we one day would meet as sisters and brothers again. It has been hard for humanity to wake up, but now we can see that you are making great progress and nobody can be happier than us. We have opened up the portals to the Temple of Telos so that you will be able to heal yourself and move forward with the task you took upon yourself when you came down to Earth this time. The heavy energy has made it hard for you to wake up. Your bodies have also not received the nourishment it needs so that you had to work against the wind. Father/Mother God has now given you a helping hand by opening up for a stronger light that now shines on Earth.

Sananda ~ Grand Change is on The Way

It is important to stand steady on the ground and to be anchored in one’s heart otherwise it is easy to fall into delusion. The most important work is to be in your heart and to find one’s light and one’s path there. The heart and your guides help you to take the steps you need in order to go further now. You do not need to follow anything outside of you. It is your inner journey that is important and it always has been the best path during all the life times that you have lived on Earth. We are here with you in your heart och we will help you so gladly on your path. A meeting between our worlds is what we now look forward to and this is why you get these messages. A grand change is on the way

True Sidereal Astrology ~ Pluto Goes Direct, September 28th 2017, In The Face of Fear!

we have Pluto going direct. Our life path is shifting with Pluto in Sagittarius and the direction is forward. Pluto brings up what we are holding onto because of fear. So today is an excellent day to let go of any attachments and makes changes in the face of any fears. The Moon in Sagittarius helps us feel spirited and free to make the changes.

Blaming Your Creator ~ An Unconscious Spiral

We have all questioned ourselves and any and all outcomes. The question of “WHY” is often asked without a definitive answer. This question can and will tailspin humanity into a multitude of self proposed answers that will lead to the appease of our heart and soul to blame another for whatever wrong-doing that has been placed in our life. To place blame is clearly not the answer. However, we satisfy ourselves and accept “blame” as part of our culture or way of life. Once we place this blame, we can wash our hands of it to no longer feel accountable… but the energy never goes away. It is there for us to confront eventually. It’s a continuous lesson that will surface for us time and time again until we have reached the soul epiphany to recognize it, heal it, and “move on to carry on.” The desire for you to place blame is just the same as your soul screaming out that you are in pain, unhappy, desiring to heal, or have unresolved issues. Look within yourself to see and feel why

5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ Aligning with Your Divine Presence

Through the use of your will, connect with your SOUL through your Heart. To be AWAKE is to be present and attentive to now. Stay focused, Be present. OBSERVE Yourself, notice what you keep waiting for. What you want to change. Then GUIDE YOUR awareness to your Heart. To now, in gratitude. DIVINE POWER is in the present MOMENT. Is Now. There appears so much turmoil on Earth. Needing to change this or that. YET when you live in the present moment, YOUR Divine Presence becomes present with YOU.~ as YOU. IT is about BEING Present. Being your PRESENCE.

Lord Melchizedek ~ Stay Connected to Spirit and Listen to The Loving Guidance

Harness the new energies of ascension through intentional thought and meditation. Ask that all who are being manipulated against their will be freed from the grips of the dark forces and that their energies be cleared with love and light. Consciously send the love of the Creator from your heartspace into the collective consciousness and combine it with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Send the angels and Masters of Light to parts of the world where the darkness is greatest and ask them to clear the energies and protect the innocent. These are all positive actions every conscious human can take every day to reverse the negative and toxic energies embracing the Third Dimensional world. Stay connected to spirit and listen to the loving guidance that is available to all

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Archangel Michael ~ Soul Integration, 12 Strand DNA Activation

Dear Ones, the current energy shifts are opening vast opportunities to step into your “New Human” experience even further. What does “New Human” mean? The New Human has released all third dimensional limiting beliefs, has activated all 12 strands of DNA and has integrated ALL aspects of the Soul. By all aspects of the Soul we are referring to Angelic, Ascended Master, Galactic, Inner Earth, Animal, Elemental, Fairy, Unicorn, Plant Aspects, the I am presence and all parallel incarnations in different dimensions at this time.

Jupiter in Libra, Opposing Uranus & Eris ~ Fierce Love Born of Awe Full Grace

While Jupiter opposes these two celestial giants we must stand tall and strong for what matters whilst embracing all that seems ‘wrong’ about this world, recognising that anything else creates yet greater division. This is not a passive rolling over to allow our planet to be plundered and the corrupt to claim power, but instead a demonstration of great bravery which honours the Unified Heart and recognises each and every power struggle as a desperate demand for love. It is time to decide, once and for all, whether to be part of the problem or part of the solution, for only a fool still believes we can sit this one out. As 2017 gets into its stride there are important decisions to make about who we align ourselves with and why, how we honour others as well as ourselves, and how we express uniqueness

Energy Update ~ Find Steady Ground

I asked my guides, "What advice would you give for the OVERWHELM that hits us during these times?”. Here was the reply: Find STEADY GROUND where and when you can. Understand the need to do this regularly if you want to stay balanced and flow with these times. Steady ground may be found in nature, peaceful places or healthy relationships. It may be in taking 5 minutes of silence to yourself regularly if your situation is more limited where freedom of choice is concerned. This is a time where you will be compelled to FIND STEADY GROUND and to disengage from situations or relationships where chaos or imbalance reign. Emotions are running high on Earth which means that those of you with sensitive ears (emotional hearing) will find yourselves running out of energy/patience/grounding with greater regularity than before

The Council of Twelve ~ Trust The Process

Our message today is for lightworkers working tirelessly to raise the vibration on planet earth. We know your efforts, we appreciate your hard work, we recognise the highs and lows of healing. We envelop you all in love light energy to reenergise and realign you for the coming weeks and months. The people of earth are awakening at an exponential rate. We are invested in ensuring this transformation from dark to light is as painless as possible. We communicate today to thank you for your commitment to humanity and Gaia. The veils are thinning quicker than humanity can handle. Gaia has chosen this time to shake off her predators and to rise to a more peaceful state of being. She seeks recuperation not revenge. She is rising as a goddess of the stars to reclaim her right to abundance. This is her will, her right and her way.

The Arcturians ~ Ascending with Gaia Through Service to Others

Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Unconditional Love has the ability to transmute fear into Unconditional Love. The greatest enemy is always fear! People that appear to be innately bad are driven by fear. People that are innately good are driven by Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is the energy field that allows people to rise above their personal fear. Of course, there is also the transmutational power of the Violet Fire, which allows you to actually transmute your reality into a higher frequency. The only way you can only be effective is if you move into service to others, as in an active service to others.

Heavenletters ~ In the Heart, in the Heart

Unto you, I serve. I am for you. You are made for Me, and I am made for you. You are a fledgling. Our One Heart is at play. I, God, am One. Made of many Names in the world, I never stop Being. I am Eternal and Growing and made of many Names, and I also am known by your Name. As you come closer to the non-configuration of Me, am I the Flower and you the blossom? Am I the Burst of Color of the Rose, and you the Shade of Color of Rose that I Am? Certainly, within and not outside is where you and I exist, and We exist as One and flourish. In the Heart, Beloveds

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


We are onboarding all lightworkers, and humanitarian projects, products, services, events, land, resources, and assets,


ONBOARDING CALLS for all Humanitarian Project Movements/Leaders! NOW ON MONDAYS AT 6PM PST, & THURSDAYS AT 2PM PST -- Join us! Together, we will welcome all of our friends, family, tribe, and new Earth Nation family members in all sorts of fun ways.. Let's all bring a few people on each, and onboard our people together! NOTE: $40 of Keys referral bonus for every new voteholder you bring!

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Webinar ID: 574 342 281 ... And will go "live" on Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty page on FB.


Archangel Uriel ~ Serenity in The Midst of This Intense Chaos

When your intention is to be only the purest love there is, when your decision is to bring to fulfillment the promise you have made to yourselves and to the Mother, then everything else is being directed and arranged so that your actions and paths are being aligned with and following this path of light and truth. And all of you here and beyond this forum are deciding and reinforcing in every moment this choice to be the love that you are, to become the change that you are seeking, to be the peace and the serenity in the midst of this intense chaos and turmoil. It takes only your decision to remain balanced in your hearts, to detach from the energies of fear lurking around you day and night, to endeavor to connect with your light

The Divine Mother ~ After the Reval, Go Where Your Heart Guides

Now, in the new world, many species that have been extinct will return. Your cities will become places of fresh air and play and gardens. And so some of you will wish to take care of that and be part of that creation. So go where your heart pulls you. Many of you have come to work with your star brothers and sisters, because, do not forget, we know the attention in the moment is on the Ascension and the completion of this wondrous, wondrous anchoring of love. But the next phase, dear heart, is the ripple effect out into my universes. So many of you will be focused on working with your star brothers and sisters and the next Ascension.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus Sept 2017 ~ Strong Urge to Change for a Better Future

Transiting Jupiter opposite Uranus greatly increases your need for personal freedom and excitement. You will feel a strong urge to react, or rebel against anything that is stopping you from having fun and doing what you want. You have a strong urge to change things to make a better future. The expansive nature of Jupiter, the shocking nature of Uranus, and the antagonistic nature of the opposition mean that there is likely to be particular sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances. The more restricted you have felt, then the more upsetting the change is likely to be.

Jupiter & Uranus Opposition, Sept 2017 ~ Liberation, Disentanglement, Abundance

It is extremely unusual to see Jupiter opposite Uranus. The planet of opportunity is opposite the planet of freedom on Thursday 28th September, with Jupiter standing at 27 Libra, and Uranus at 27 Aries. It’s time to make a deal. There is abundance here. Jupiter is about ‘more’ and there is more to be gained, if you are prepared to strike terms. There is so much on offer here for you and others. Liberation. Disentanglement. Freedom. Money. Property. The good life. Whenever we have an opposition we always have ‘them’ and ‘us’ to deal with. You and him, or you and her. Two sides who must figure something out between them. Uranus in Aries is tough. Hard line. Jupiter in Libra is all about balancing two sides, though, and making it work both ways. What is required as September ends is a good heart

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Co-Creating with The Unknown

There is an advantage to not knowing what you are creating. The advantage lies in the fact that you are actually co-creating with beings who have the ability to see what you cannot. Everything is a co-creation, because you do not exist within a vacuum. Everything that you create affects every other individual in the universe, throughout all time and space. And so when you co-create with higher frequency beings, which you are always doing by the way, you have the advantage of their vision, their ability to create that which you could not possibly imagine. And when you co-create with the greatest and highest good of all beings as a part of your intention, you are supported by more of these high frequency beings of light and love.

Disclosure and Your Mission to Help Mother Earth

Dear brothers and sisters, simply by being you radiate light, and we urge you to think of this reaching everyone who has fallen into darkness—they are the ones who most of all need light. It is the absence of this most powerful force in the universe that motivates them to fill their void by causing fear in others—they need that energy’s low vibrations to sustain themselves and suppress their own fears. They perceive themselves as the world’s rightful rulers and they are afraid of losing that control if light’s high vibrations reach it. That is exactly what light is doing, but what they see astheir undoing would be their salvation! The tsunami of light, the same energy as love, that you are sending forth will help those individuals surmount the darkness that has held them captive.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mother Mary ~ Energetic Shift into The Heart of the One

What you do Now is opening your hearts and allowing the love flow, thus reaching out into the heart of your soul brothers and sisters with genuine desire and intention to comfort and uplift them, and to assist in a detached manner and for the highest good of all involved. This is what brings you and the recipient of your loving thoughts into the heart of the One. This is how you become aligned with the Divine Will immediately. And since your heart is wide open, you receive the strength, the wisdom and the knowing to face the obstacles and the growing pains of your expansion; and without having to focus directly on fighting or resisting them. This is how you bypass your ego. This is how you assist others who will be feeling a tremendous impact and energetic shift from being uplifted into the heart of the One

Archangel Michael ~ Miraculous Shifts and Changes Are Happening All Over Mother Earth

Dear Ones, you are beginning to re-member so much of what was, and are now calling it back into your awareness and your moving around space. Miraculous shifts and changes are happening all over Planet Earth, as you and the Mother make this magnificent transition into the New Mode of Be-ing. Humanity is waking up and taking personal responsibility for what is happening and no longer relying on main-stream anything to tell them how their life need be. With this personal responsibility comes great gifts - freedom, wisdom, choice, amongst others. Taking back your sovereignty - re-membering who you are and why you came allows greater opportunity to embrace the life of your dreams. As Co-Creators you are once again trusting your ability to “Ask” or set your Intention and it shall be received

Light Explosion ~ The Shades of Earth Are Evolving

Those of you at the forefront have done so throughout the globe creating personal earth explosions and therefore, of the Universes. At the same time, we of the Universes ensured that your flames did not die and moved further and faster than you imagined. Those flames are now large enough for explosions to begin within weeks in ways you have not anticipated. You completed more than you expected. An effort that will shine forth to verify you are not alone and that you completed your initial transition roles with flying colors. For colors are an important part of this transition. The shades of earth are evolving

The Arcturian Group ~ The Difference Between Loving and Enabling

It is important to understand the difference between loving and enabling. Many still believe that loving means doing whatever it takes to make someone else happy, often at the expense of their own personal power and growth. Other individual’s situations may very well be a part of their chosen pre-birth contract for learning, clearing, and moving beyond the active energies of some old cellular memory. Love is having one’s hand ready to grasp the hand of another who is reaching out for additional help to their own efforts, but love is not a reaching down into the gutter in order to lift up someone out who is making no personal effort or even seeing any need to be elsewhere. Individuals must themselves choose (consciously or unconsciously) to leave a“gutter consciousness” they themselves have created. If, in self righteous zeal a person tries to force another into a state of consciousness they may not yet be ready for, they remove the lesson and become an enable

Mary Magdalene ~ Sharing Your Gifts with Others

Find the source of that quality of heart connection that you have gotten disconnected from within yourself. It ultimately lives in you, as part of your relationship to God. Reconnect with that. You are never limited in your ability to reconnect with God. Once you reconnect, be guided from that place as to what you want to do. There are infinite possibilities. Perhaps you choose not to share in that way in the future. Perhaps you see a way that you are interfering with the process and you change your approach to sharing. There are endless possibilities. What you suffer is your own disconnection from your divinity. And this is what you always are able to shift. It does not rest with others. It rests with yourself.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus ~ Future Visions

SEP 28. Jupiter square or opposite Uranus can be quite fanatical in the pursuit of personal freedom. This is due to the dynamism of the hard aspects creating sparks from Uranus and amplified by fellow sky god Jupiter. This is an incredibly rebellious and forceful aspect and can bring great success for the individual who has this, especially if they are involved with spiritual or social reformation. They create exciting new utopias and visions for the future that can inspire others to follow them on their path to illumination. Uranus is the great enlightener, so it can be a Kundalini awakening also since with Jupiter spirituality and sex merge. Jupiter and Uranus also both share thunderbolts in common!

The Creator Writings ~ Do Not Delay

It may seem that everything you work on opens up yet another ‘can of worms’ to heal. This is not done to ‘torture’ or ‘punish’ you. What this means is that The Universe truly believes that you are strong enough in yourself to handle the next level of what you need to do. If you do not feel ready for that step, simply ask for a break, a rest, a breathing space/time. However, do not delay the inevitable

Monday, September 25, 2017

Calling in the Global, Open-Source Ride Share Network!

Message by Doron Kutash, The Source/ Source Network:

" Hello ALL! Here is a little background info of mine, and my recent business...

 For 8 years, from 2007-2015, we scaled to $300k/yr revenues, 7 vehicles max, cars, minivans, 12 and 15pass vans, 21 employees, served Kent State (Ohio), Kent, and surrounding communities.. 

Everything within an hour+ in all directions, including trips to Florida, Canada, and far trips.. 

Safe ride/ Share ride/ diversified transport service.. 

Bars, parties, work, class, bus, train, airport trips, weddings, concerts, sporting events, food/grocery delivery, courier, and so much more.. 

We were like a community/ies service organization/ ambassadors for the area.. 

Pre-Uber/ Lyft, I was downloading the Peer2peer models for transport, and all industries to be the new way, as Stock Market/ Real Estate Bubble burst, and everything shifted, Occupy, Crypto launch, etc, Shift!! 

I was building the app (bringing in the blueprints for Uber/Lyft) before they arrived on the scene/ and partnering with Source Creator in grounding all the Shifts!! 


It is time that we create a National and Global Transport Network, populate all RideShare Networks, and connect our Global Grid of Eco-Villages, Community Centers, Festivals/Events, to complete the New Earth for all humanity to Board!

Oh yeah, I worked up to 24/7, wore so many hats; founder, creator, ceo, human resources, social media, seo, lead dispatcher, lead driver, marketing, finance, accounting, everything!

Thanks all, I love you! "

- Doron Kutash

Time to Open The Heart Now, Dear Children on Earth

You who are very sensitive can feel that you already are on the new Earth as both of them now exist simultaneously and it is only an hour away before all is changed. Do not take this as a specific hour of the clock, but understand that I measure it with the infinite time that exists in the Universe. You just need to understand that it is near and it is high time to look after your house and take in love into your hearts. It is time to open the heart now dear children on Earth. The light shines strongly now and there is no place to hide any longer. It is best to take the bull by the horn and meet yourself in your whole nakedness. Understand that all you have done or not done is forgiven and that our Mother/Father God stands with open arms to receive you.

Mother Earth Has Started to Dress in Her New Gown

The time has come now for many of you to return home and my longing is greater yet dear children There are no words for me to describe the feelings that this event means for me and other ascended beings that are waiting for your arrival. It is as if you would bring forward your most beautiful memories and then double it many million times over. There are no words for it. Mother Earth has started to dress in her new gown and she is incredibly beautiful. This earth journey is now approaching its end and a new and more loving journey will start

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Your Ascension

It has taken quite a bit of your time to get you to where you are today as a human collective. You have traveled on Earth as a species for millions of years, and you are in a place now where you can feel the change in the air. You can feel yourself shifting and evolving. But in past lives, you could not detect the movement forward because you were moving at a snail’s pace. Now that things are heating up and speeding up, you are aware of your ascension. You are aware of the feeling of it. It is not just a story that you have been telling yourselves. You can almost taste it. The ride now is about continuing to gain momentum from the little victories that you experience in your life. Many of you who are receiving this transmission have come a long way in this one lifetime as well. You have endured quite a bit, and you have catapulted yourselves into this moment of your awakening.

Angel Messages ~ How to Live The Daily Life in the Heart

In the daily life you have the possibility to remember Past Life, to rediscover many things in you; in the daily life there are continuous opportunities to learn, to practice, to check the learned, to express your Essence, to give, to love, to help. Ask to help you with this, and then watch your daily life carefully, only with the heart, not with the mind. Live your everyday life feeling it a collection of great opportunities, just so you can always live serenely. Ask to help you in everything, to live all as an opportunity, and then abandon in the wave of life, in My arms, knowing that everything you live is useful for you, for your Soul, remembering that all your daily life was chosen by your Soul.

Ashtar ~ More Who Come to The Light, More High Energy That Creates

The more who come to the Light, the more High energy that creates, and the faster the Planet moves up!!! So if you needed a reason to join in Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude for these ones, there you have it, because we’re all here to participate in the moving up of Planet Earth. That’s why you’re here! That’s why I, and our trillions of ships are here. So let’s just get right on with it, shall we? And, oh my goodness, have we got some wonderful, wonderful adventures in store – experiences, adventures, whatever! A lot of you have memories. They may be buried in your subconscious, but a lot of you have memories of being Ashtar commanders. And why not, because you are!

Sananda ~ Your Real Awakening Will Fill You with Joy So Deep and Intense

As humans, to awaken is your purpose and, as all are One, that includes assisting everyone else to awaken. When you go within, to your holy inner sanctuary where the Light Of God’s Love is always present. Your Real awakening will fill you with joy so deep, so intense, that all memories of the dream will fade away instantly as you embrace Reality, Love, Oneness with your divine Source, the state in which you were so lovingly created to experience infinite and eternal joy. You are, each and every human who has ever lived on Earth, awake, alive, joyfully, eternally, and fully consciously aware in every moment of your Presence in the Presence of God, your divine and infinitely loving Creator – Source, Father/Mother/God

Federation of Light Update ~ Energy Grid That Surrounds Your Mother Earth

This Energy Grid that surrounds your Planet is made up of many components. Its purpose has also, many aspects. It is rather complex and once again, we found ‘what it is’ rather difficult to ‘simply’ put into words. In essence it is what it says it is … A grid of Energy. It serves to assist your Planet and directs/redirects/transforms/internalises/dematerialises Energy to suit the needs and requirements of … not only what goes on above your Planet … yet, also what goes on within it. When you consider that everything IS Energy … the grid keeps the ENERGY that is required upon your Planet in suitable surroundings, in order for precise functionality. It keeps Earth Energy contained, which is essential, and has the outstanding capability of recycling old/stale Energy

Divine Council of Overseers ~ Shifting Your Perceptions Through The Forces of Consciousness

Sudden opportunities ~ OPENING up for you as THE Forces of Consciousness play out the activation of the August 21st Solar Eclipse. THROUGH all consciousness. Through Your consciousness. Through your DNA. You are the Screen of Your Perceptions. As the Living Light ~ adjusts itself ~ appearing to you as Living Matter. This playing field of Light Frequency ~ is the avenue through which you maneuver yourself ~ THROUGH ~ as the awareness of your Original Light. This screen of your perceptions is WHAT is changing in Frequency.

Releasing Limited Beliefs

As we raise our vibrations and congeal with a higher dimension, our brains will need reprogramming. Our vibrations need to resonate with the dimension we are flowing in. Limiting beliefs lodged in our cellular memory need to be uprooted. Literally, we need to roto rooter our cells. Our life experiences have given us so much negative material. Now, there has been some positive influence, we will let that be. The negative influences have the ability to halt your ascension process and overall success. As we go higher, we have to think differently than we did before. Be aware that in this process many old things will come up, they have to. This part of the ascension process cannot be avoided. We need these things to come up so that we can release them in love.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ Love Has The Reigns & Love is IN CHARGE!

Greetings Dear Ones, I come to assist the human collective consciousness in bringing forth information of the current energy at play for Our Beloved Mother Earth. Many of you are experiencing an assortment of energies since the equinox, gateway portals, eclipses and new moon. The energies are very intense. They have and continue to affect the collective a great deal, with those whom embraced the Heart experiencing Great Bliss, Joy, Love… and those hanging on to the mind, having severe De-Ascension Symptoms. Let us discuss further on these energies and share some tool and techniques to assist in processing and integrating Heaven on Earth Energies. As always Dear Ones, Awareness Transforms into Consciousness

The energy of the Equinox started arriving 2 days ago. Remember the Equinox energy can run 10 days before to 10 days after the actual date of the Equinox of September 22. The symptoms of the portal opening have been intense hunger and intense dreams. We have also experienced very blissful feelings coming in. These can all signal portal openings. There are many signals and these are just a few of them. I and many in my family have felt intense hunger like we could not get enough to eat the past few days. It has been crazy! Also many are having very intense dreams and astral travels, this also signifies changes in timelines and intense energy coming in. The dreams are so deep, there is no way not to notice them. The time lines are doing more splitting and looping as we move further into 2017. The recent rash of hurricanes and earthquakes are a sign of this as well as the recent geomagnetic storms and flares. These can all work in combination with each other to produce new timelines for us. LOVE US

The energy of the Equinox started arriving 2 days ago. Remember the Equinox energy can run 10 days before to 10 days after the actual date of the Equinox of September 22. The symptoms of the portal opening have been intense hunger and intense dreams. We have also experienced very blissful feelings coming in. These can all signal portal openings. There are many signals and these are just a few of them. I and many in my family have felt intense hunger like we could not get enough to eat the past few days. It has been crazy! Also many are having very intense dreams and astral travels, this also signifies changes in timelines and intense energy coming in. The dreams are so deep, there is no way not to notice them. The time lines are doing more splitting and looping as we move further into 2017. The recent rash of hurricanes and earthquakes are a sign of this as well as the recent geomagnetic storms and flares. These can all work in combination with each other to produce new timelines for us.