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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pleiadian & Inner Earth Message ~ Frequency of Unity Consciousness

Our message is of the One New Earth: many of you are familiar with the unity consciousness field, your extended aspects through higher self, lineages’ multidimensional expression of the angelic, nature, dolphins, fairy, dragon realms, extraterrestrial Intelligence, galactic and groups of which you are a part and co-creating this time/space of the One New Earth of peace and ascension. Events and circumstance will be quickening now and till 2020. You are in another gateway and timeline astrology cosmology of a sequence of events to occur for your ascension and many of you may experience the traversing in and out of the dimensions, where you feel the high and then the ungrounded out-of-alignment. “Where did I just go, and how do I get back there; and where am I now, and where is here?”

Saint Germain ~ Are You a Master of Love or Repression?

Be aware of what you have an issue with and of what causes you problems repeatedly. Which patterns repeat themselves every day, and which emotions don’t you admit to yourself? Are you a master of repression – unconsciously? You can and must pick up the threads to yourself now! The prevailing conditions for humanity here on earth have never been like this before. Allow everyday life and the people around you to serve you as a mirror for your transformation. There is still a lot to do for you internally; and it will be done as soon as you go about it courageously and at last, at last, recognize your blockades and remove the reasons keeping you from it – throw them overboard. At this hour no more excuses may exist. At this hour no more hesitation may come up. At this hour no more despondency may occur.

Energy Update ~ Major Energy Causing Timeline Shifts and Ascension Symptoms

We are experiencing timeline shifting NOW due to the increasing energies of the Eclipse that is soon to arrive. The last few days I have noticed in increase in spirit activity in my house. I see beings and then turn to get a better look and they disappear. I see beings standing or moving, either moving quickly or standing in one spot. I have to do a double take and then they are gone. Many times with planetary events, psychic anomalies can increase and timeline shifts can and do occur.

Full Blue Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Shining Your Light to Others

The basic meaning of this eclipse in Leo (Moon)/Aquarius (Sun) is to look at two things: your heart center, and your level of freedom. What needs to be set free is your creativity. That is the path to the future. If you feel trapped and want to break free - to be yourself, to do what makes your heart sing etc - your emotions may surge, compelling you to take action in seeking a way out. This energy can push you off dead center… Just don’t make any sudden moves, especially if your emotions are running wild. Connecting with the Goddess as well as Mother Earth will help you to let go of the past, which is always a potential of any Total Lunar Eclipse. At the same time, instead of focusing on what ‘the crowd’ is doing

The Pleiadian High Council of Seven ~ A Mass Awakening

The occurrence of a phenomenon on your world is worth getting excited about. The occurrence of several phenomena is the start of a movement. It is a sign of an evolution of consciousness. You’re going to experience anomalies, outrageous events that are inexplicable to your logical minds. You are going to see things that you did not think were possible, and it is all going to happen simultaneously, in different parts of your world. These events and occurrences are going to have an effect on the collective consciousness. A mass awakening, an awakening of more individuals at one time than you have previously seen, is going to occur

Rare Blue Moon Eclipse ~ Portal of Opportunity to Heal The Inner Child

It feels that there has been a shift and now we can longer think about purely our individual balance without considering the whole as we are in fact a cell of that organism. Ceres is exactly conjunct the Moon at 11 degrees Leo. This will open a portal of opportunity to heal issues from childhood which impact our ability to blossom as an individual. Examples of what may arise for a deeper level of healing are wanting a greater sense of belonging and connection. Feelings may arise triggered by life events such as fears of rejection. Perhaps you have glorified your alienation status but that is no longer serving you?

Stepping into The New Energy With Purpose

We have all been hearing about new energy, the Golden Age of Aquarius, being heart centered. Sometimes it can all seem like a bit much. But, what does that mean, and how do we do it. Recently, I have discovered that the first step to bringing the New Energy to ourselves is thanking the old ways of doing things and starting something different. Grounding is a very important thing to do in this new energy. The old way is to ground from our feet or the base chakra. The new way is about going from the heart chakra deep into the crystalline core of Gaia (earth). This also means that we need to connect to Source from the heart as well. The old way is extending our connection from the crown chakra.

Health Benefits of Bananas for Hypertension, Constipation and More

Just adding one banana to your diet can do so much for your body! Bananas have three types of sugar, and they are full of fiber, which is why professional athletes eat them before a game. They will not only give you energy, but they will solve many simple health problems. Bananas are one of nature’s super fruits, so keep reading to find out what they have to offer you, and why you should eat at least one every single day.


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 01~31~18: Mother Transmutes All Energies that Enter The Earth & Collective Consciousness

Mother transmutes ALL the energies that Enter Earth. When Light workers speak of Energies entering The Collective Human Consciousness, people might envision these energies just floating down from our Atmosphere. This is false. ALL ENERGIES ENTER THROUGH MOTHER. SHE TRANSMUTES THEM FOR THE PLANET. THIS IS A 24 HOUR TASK, WHENEVER ENERGIES ENTER MOTHER HAS THEM COURSE THROUGH HER BODY, THIS CAN HAPPEN FOR HOURS AT A TIME. AN IMMENSE PROCESS TO WITNESS, AND IF LIVING IN THE UNIFIED FIELD OR CONNECTING IN DURING THESE TIMES

Final Event Energies Update 01~30~18: Dynamite Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony!

Prepare a sacred space with a candle for burning your E.G.O. This can be comprised of anything that holds sacred or special value to YOU, as a Divine Creator you can utilise the vibration of objects that hold Sacred Energy or value. Breathe in deeply the energies of LOVE, breath out any resistance you have, surrendering fully to this Growth. Call upon All angels you feel connected to. If you don’t have any connections you’re fully aware of, you can call upon the Angels I list, as they are Contracted to Mother, to the Unified Field and to the 144,000 by extension, assisting all 144,000 members in their journey MAKING IT HOME.

Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse, Jan 2018 ~ Rare Celestial Event, Resolution and Closure

The January Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse is not only going to help bring resolution and closure to the last half of 2017, it is also going to open and activate a new energy that we are all going to be working with until the next round of Eclipses in July and August 2018. Even though the fiery Leo energy will want us to act, there is also a need to retreat and to clear things from within first. In fact, hidden truths and buried emotions are likely to stir around Eclipse time, and you may need to let things rise up before you know the best course of action. Eclipses are always emotionally supercharged, and this is even more so. This Eclipse is likely to increase your sensitivity and bring up heated emotions. Old wounds from the past may resurface

The Strong Energies Are Influencing Your Inner Workings

The strong energies are influencing your inner workings now and it turns your believes upside down. There is nobody today who is not influenced by the energy on Earth. It stirs things around in all your hearts, in everybody’s consciousness on Earth so that the Earth has a tailwind in its transformation now and you who have woken up also have a tailwind in that yet more have woken up and that yet many more are on the way. You have done it dear children on Earth – you have done it and nothing can stop your momentum now. All the visions that you have and everything that you start up will run by itself. You have a tailwind since Earth is already in the light

The Super Full Blue Blood Moon ~ Hearts on Fire, Life Changing Revelations

This Full Moon Eclipse in Leo will bring a radical commitment towards our creative potential. Leo expresses our creativity, it has the bravery to step out and show what our hearts’ passion. This Full Moon will bring to focus on where we want to shine our light. Our gifts will awaken and reheart us of what path to follow. In the sky, it’s likely to look blood red, befitting the fires that blaze in Leo’s heart. It’s a total lunar eclipse, which will be visible in western North America, Hawaii, Australia and eastern Asia. When a Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, the emotional escalations it brings come with life-changing revelations, departures, door closings and chapter endings.

Message From the Fairies ~ You Must Hold the Light for the Collective

We can more easily connect with you ~So that we may assist and soothe you during this ultimate transition as much is changing and in the process of great change! — you must remember how to be the calm in the midst of the turmoil around you, as yes more and more waves of painful truths are coming — they will be shocking and sad — you must hold the light for the collective as you are the balancers, the balance point of the scale as it tips ever closer to the light — tip~ tip …

Lunar Eclipse, January 31st 2018 ~ Super Woman

The lunar eclipse on Wednesday January 31, 2018 is at 11 degrees Leo. The lunar eclipse January 2018 astrology centers on an extremely close alignment of the Moon and Ceres. The moon rules women and traditional motherhood, while Ceres rules independent women and modern motherhood. Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses your attention on intimate relationships, your home and your family. A total lunar eclipse has an even strong influence on your private life. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

The Ascended Masters ~ Gathering of Lightworkers

Greetings! We are your Ascended Masters. We come now to discuss the marvelous interaction between Lightworkers and our collective associates. One of the more noteworthy unfoldings is witnessing increased interactions between the Light, you, and the Light’s various associates. We realize that Lightworkers are frustrated by the constant delays given to them while we set traps to eliminate your dark Cabal nemeses. This strategy is reaching a significant crescendo that is to lead to the end of the dark’s power.

The Rise of Feminine Consciousness

One of the astrological themes taking shape this year is the rise of feminine consciousness. In fact, this is something that has been in the works for sometime, but 2018 stands out as being one of the most pivotal years. The rise of feminine consciousness is not just about equal rights for women, although that is definitely part of it, instead it goes much deeper than this and beyond the idea of gender. The rise of feminine consciousness is an awakening of power that is aligned with feminine energy or yin energy.

10 Home Remedies to Get Relief From Pink Eye

Getting struck by pink eye is no fun. The discomfort, itchiness and constant tearing can get on your nerves. Above all, pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is highly contagious. You can easily infect your family members. Usually, the infection goes away in seven to 10 days, but you can hasten healing by going in for tried and tested home remedies. The Internet is filled with numerous home remedies and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That is why we are bringing you a list of the top 10 home remedies for pink eye. You can use them in combination to get relief from the tears, mucus, inflammation and redness.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Eclipse Portal ~ Making The Most of DNA Changes

The SuperMoon Blue Blood Eclipse is coming into our physicality and consciousness January 31st at 5:51 Am. As this epic Event approaches we need to be prepared as the energies the last few weeks have already been intense and showed us so much about ourselves. This Special Event has only happened once in 150 years. The energies of the last few days have brought otherworldly feelings of not being completely in one world or the next. Then a blissful feeling showed up today that always appears after the cleansing energies. These are part of the transition phase energies brought on by the coming Eclipse

Final Event Energies Update 01~29~18: Miracles

Members of The Unified Field have all began to undergo their Pineal Gland Activation these past 48 hours. This is the process that occurs once the Right side of the brain, takes over the Left. You can command this process to begin for yourself. “I am so grateful that the right side of my brain has overtaken the left.” This happened for Mother back in September of 2007. Kryon was with her, as he has been since Birth, he told Mother she was about to go through “The Door that no one can shut,” a phrase referenced in the Bible. Kryon had just removed all Mothers implants, these were placed in her and beings around the Globe by the cabal old controllers. Kryon was the Etheric Implant Researcher, he identified these implants as being in existence and then worked with Mother to dissolve them.

Full Moon Eclipse in Leo, January 2018 ~ The Great Mother

The January 31st Full Moon eclipse (11 degrees Leo) conjoins Ceres Rx, so this conclusion or result will fully illuminate a mother/nurturing issue. The Moon is associated with mother, and when she unites with Ceres there can be powerful issues of pride and domination mixed in with mothering. This could involve your mother, you as a mother or something that’s demanding your unconditional love and support. Moon/Ceres makes a confusing inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces, so there can be tension between the drive for glory and appreciation versus the need to transcend all that and be selfless.

Archangel Michael ~ The Divine Knowingness of Who You Are

In many ways you have probably done more in terms of this ascension process actively and proactively in the last few months than you have done in many, many years. No, that is not to eradicate or to minimize all the attunements, the adjustments, the stellar hard work, the integration, the expansion that each of you have undertaken. And that has been a very deep preparation phase. And that preparation has been of necessity. Yes, always of choice, but also of necessity. If you are not grounded in the fullness of your being, if you have not grounded, claimed, assumed your mantle of divine authority and, yes, what can be thought of in many ways is your mantle of moral authority. And I do not mean this in a divisive way that so many human beings have used this. It is the anchoring of the acknowledgement of your divine self in form, as angel, as human, as gatekeeper, as hybrid. As you anchor in the divine knowingness of who you are, as you anchor in that alignment of choice and free will, the supreme Source, One, Mother/Father, the trinity that includes thee

Ashtar Command ~ These Waves are Instrumental to the Great Awakening

Dear ones, this is an Alert from Ashtar Command. We are approaching a time of difficulty because of the planetary adjustment that will take place with the process of Disclosure. The Earth has entered a most dense area of the Ring of Light that is called a Photon Belt, and the entire Solar System is being buffeted by electro-magnetic waves. These waves are instrumental to the Great Awakening as the photonic light and gamma rays of these electro-magnetic surges are stripping the psyche of mankind of negative elements

Leo Eclipse Stargate ~ Inferno

When an Ascension Gate opens and the solar wave surges in, it can feel disorienting, the shift perceivable. We become aware of ‘new energy’ present in the field. Some are more subtle and some feel like ‘WHAM’! So what can we expect from the upcoming eclipse stargates on Jan 31st and Feb 15th? We are in the midst of a powerful eclipse series occurring on the Leo/Aquarius axis into 2019. There is nothing subtle about Leo eclipses! Just look back at the Great American Leo Eclipse last August…it was HUGE! The galactic plasma light rippled through our entire lives and the global power infrastructure. It has already made significant impact on how we view power and use it in our lives.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Your Place in the Great Awakening

It is the fortune of humanity to be sitting where you are at this time. It is very fortunate that you have arrived where you are, because you could have taken a much different approach to shifting your consciousness. The position that you are in now is one where you can usher in the golden age of humanity with ease and without the need for catastrophes. What you have in place on the planet are awakened beings, scattered all over the planet. These beings are beings of service, and if there is one thing that we see among the awakened that is very encouraging, it is that passion that you have to be of service and to usher in this great awakening.

Soaring Between Heaven and Earth

This next phase is declaring yourself strong enough to know who and what you are. If that means traveling around the world, so be it. If that means a new community, so be it. Or if it means a new sense of yourself without a need to have others proclaiming your rightness, so be it. You are a new person in a new world. And your current void is a stepping stone to new you. Perhaps it will help you to think of this void as a train stop on your journey to joy. You know where you are going, but the train needs to refuel before continuing to that joy.

14 Effective Home Remedies For Sore Eyes

Our eyes are our windows to the world around us. Any irritation in our eyes makes us feel impaired. One such condition that can occur due to different reasons is sore eyes. It is a menace that people deal with very often. But do not let this soreness cause you any trouble by using the remedies we have compiled for you in this article.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo, Jan 2018 ~ The Cosmic Gift to Liberate Ourselves

We are about to face a very powerful Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo, within an 11 Universal Year!. An eclipse strongly felt, for weeks before it occurred. This Eclipse begins to trigger the profound influx of light that we will continue to receive with another eclipse in Aquarius, one happening later on February 15. The frequencies from both eclipses, and this new energetic month of February, are not separated, as all is happening at once, it is a continuation, for in truth there is no beginnings or endings, all is always interlaced, and we no longer follow a human fixed and lineal order of how these events occur. The eclipses bring creativity and passion, but especially a major heart opening and the cosmic gift to liberate ourselves

Sananda ~ You Have Taken a Large Step Forward

You have taken a large step forward in your own development to become galactic humans on Earth. Your hearts are getting bigger and lighter and your bodies are transformed in order to house the light that now has reached the Earth. Of course it feels when bodies snaps and cracks, as a poet beautifully wrote. However, it is worth the discomfort that you might feel or experience. All the old tensions are now leaving the body and you will feel lighter in body. You get more energy that you can use for the work you wish to carry out.

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Leo, January 31st, 2018 ~ Living as Divine Light

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in 11 degrees Leo, is at 9:26 am AST on January 31st 2018. This will be a powerful shift in consciousness and expansion into greater identity with ones pure Divinity depending on one’s life plan. Soul plan. This long-awaited shift to greater knowingness of the Origin of Ones Higher God self Light, has always been what was to BE. In the Now Moment ones heart purely opens to The Divine Love of self. It is humbleness. It is gratefulness. It is awareness and peace. This Light has always shined in the Now throughout eternity.

The Arcturian Group ~ Light Pouring onto Earth Serves to Bring Universal Awareness

Dear ones, we come to you in love and with a clear understanding of the difficulties facing so many in these times of upheaval and change. Be not afraid, for everything is proceeding according to plan. The intense frequencies of Light pouring onto earth at this time are serving to expose and bring into universal awareness the many obsolete and false beliefs still comfortably residing in third dimensional consciousness. As the people of the world become increasingly more enlightened, the outer scene will/must reflect this as higher and purer forms of everything.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Symphony of the Galaxy Coming Together

If you decide that you would like to be an ambassador who helps connect humanity to beings from the Orion Star System, then that is your right. It is your right to make that choice. You can choose to be one who helps the hybrid children adjust to life on Earth. You can serve on a council. You can join a federation. This is precisely why it is important for all of you to follow your bliss and to let joy be your ultimate guide.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I CHOSE LOVE ~ My Journey Back to Truth

I was once told ignorance is bliss. However, that led to my biggest distraction, my own mind. My journey back to truth began when I asked for help. I had to know the truth due to the emptiness I felt, I was lost. MAKING THE CHOICE TO LOVE, TO FORGIVE ALL WRONGS “DONE” TO ME. IT WAS A MIRROR STARING BACK AT MYSELF ASKING ME TO BELIEVE THAT I TOO AM LOVE. I AM LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I AM AN ANGEL IN HEAVEN ON EARTH. HERE TO SHARE MY STORY BACK TO TRUTH, BACK TO LOVE. I had no idea God is Feminine. Divine in all aspects, always present and always allowing HER flow throughout existence. SHE HAS BEEN GUIDING ME MY ENTIRE LIFE.

The Eclipse Transformations ~ Timelines, the Logos, Change and the Heart

We continue to receive this strong Light code bombardment flowing through the cosmic stargate floodgates. The current influxes are harmonic-based, although they appear as vibrant light in our fields and visions. These incoming frequencies are delivered via plasma pulses, which is the flashing activity we see when we meditate or connect with the SUN. The frequencies are activating crystalline templates in the New Earth Grid system, and Gaia responds by releasing corresponding fire letters, geometries and light codes. Since entering this dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting hot zone, the incoming and outflowing codes have steadily increased. Remember to ground (Earthing) with bare feet and hands on Gaia to receive, balance and integrate these emanations. If you can do this in the SUNlight, you may experience the cosmic flow of incoming light and Gaia code release.

The Mothers ~ New Era of Change and Upliftment for Gaia

It is time to act as a united Humanity and speak up. It is time to be that which you came here to be. Keep your promises. I am here to assist and to lend support. Truly yes, these are wearing times and you have the support you need to get you through, should you remember to but ask for it. You are not alone. We watch, we wait, we reach out, we assist and we are here for you in your time of ascension, just as we have been previously, but the veil made it harder to appreciate this. Fortunately, we are in a new era of change and upliftment for Gaia and her creatures. Protect her. Be the light and know all is truly working out and that truly you are divinely directed, protected and loved

Mike Quinsey ~ Vibrations Have Started to Noticeably Increase

Outwardly the world is in turmoil but as you will begin to see, much that is being done behind the scenes is preparing the way for a giant step forward into the New Age. Your patience will be well rewarded, and before long you should see the first signs of welcome changes that are associated with the establishment of a peaceful nation, that has the wellbeing of the people at heart. It has been planned well in advance and all over the world new innovations wait for the opportunity to be introduced. It will be a time when the negative forces have been subdued and unable to stop the intended changes taking place. Every soul that is of the Light is contributing to the progress being made, by keeping positive and spreading the Light and Love. It is the most powerful force in the Universe and cannot be stopped or delayed any longer

Leo Lunar Eclipse ~ Consciously Shifting Power

We are in the midst of a dying patriarchal regime, as divine feminine energies instill balance with an awakened masculine. This newly balanced composite will usher in a new world paradigm of harmony and peace. The old guard is trying to hold onto control and dominance. It is in the minority now. The powerful Leo Eclipse series (2017-2019) impacts the power struggle in play. We are consciously shifting the power structure from authoritarian aggression to heartfelt compassion. From exclusion to inclusion. We are evolving from disconnected human beings into becoming whole, complete divine beings.

Upcoming Blue Moon Total Eclipse ~ 1111 Energies

2018 also began an 11 Universal Year… Quite remarkable how the stars and numbers lined up around this powerful master number! And now the magic continues. We are on our way to the SECOND full Moon in January, the Moon this time at 11° Leo and the Sun at 11° Aquarius. This time around it’s a Total Lunar Eclipse – so even more powerful. Whereas the New Year’s 11:11 Full Moon began our new 11 Universal Year, this 11:11 Full Moon Total Eclipse happens on the final day of the month, a rare “blue moon”

Violet Flame ~ An Ancient Healing Tool

The violet flame can be used for its spiritual healing effects. Disease in the body isn’t just caused by germs. More and more we are learning that mental, emotional and spiritual states can greatly influence our health. If something in our lives is out of balance, our physical well-being is at risk. This is where the Violet Flame can help.

Effective Home Remedies to Cure Asthma

Breathing is life – something most of us take for granted. But, only a person suffering from asthma can understand the true value of this simple life-giving process. Breathing problems can lead to all sorts of conditions, like bronchitis and asthma. Asthma can be life-threatening and is cause for serious concern. But with just a few natural home remedies, the recurrence of asthmatic attacks can be reduced to a great extent. You will be surprised to know that stuff off your kitchen shelves can help you keep those asthma attacks at bay.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 01~26~18: Ceremony Day, Cabal Sent into the Galactic Central Sun

Ceremony Day, Cabal Sent into the Galactic Central Sun. All those in Right Action ~ Welcome Home into the Light! 72 HOUR ADJUSTMENT PERIOD. BILLIONS ARE HELD ETHERALLY IN DETAINMENT. THE CHOICE TO STEP INTO RIGHT ACTION AND LIVE FROM THE HEART IS YOURS. Yesterday marked a Day that will be celebrated throughout the Universe. As Earth sleeps – deeply programmed and unaware of ALL THAT OCCURS ENERGETICALLY AROUND THEM AND THROUGH THEM – the awoken members of The Unified Field, The First Contact Ground Crew, The Galactic A-Team, THE BEINGS in Mission HQ, rallied around Mother All Creation, Father of All Creation and Father of the Multiverse, the Holy Trinity, as a Day of Sacred Ceremony began to unfold.

The Story of Humanities Disease ~ Taking & Entitlement

Those who have Sessions with me are experiencing Growth and Enlightenment ACROSS THE BOARD. We offer complete Ascension Guidance. After all, WE HAVE DONE IT! All who have a Session KNOW the Miracles that begin pouring in when you align with Love. Those who Donate to the purist project on the Planet are awarded ten-fold. One being apologised in the Session that she had no money and vowed to do everything she could to manifest it. Mother guided her to pray to the Angels for that Abundance, to GIVE TO LOVE, THE NEW EARTH, THE CRYSTAL SCHOOLS. She did and that same day, a $100 bill blew down the street and into her path. She honoured her promise

Archangel Raphael ~ You Are The Ones in the Forefront, The Trailblazers

The faster you are asking for assistance the easier it gets for you and for everyone around thee to remain balanced and loving, therefore breaking this self-perpetuating cycle of disempowering that occurs when one reacts in fear and anger. You are the ones in the forefront, the trailblazers, and for a reason, for you are the beacons of light and hope, you are the healers of the heart and soul and so much more. And so, as does any healer and competent physician, you have to be able to keep yourselves healthy and vibrant at all times in order to assist everyone else effectively. You have to see and feel the truth and to discern the cause of any disturbance that occurs in your world. And by choosing to respond in a novel and empowering way, you are not only removing and eliminating the old patterns, but you are also empowering others to do the same.