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Monday, July 31, 2017

The Sun, Earth and Sirius ~ Activating The Lion's Gate Portal

Every year the Sun, Earth and Sirius move to specific points in the sky activating the Lionsgate Portal. The Lionsgate Portal opens from July 26 to August 12, however it is at its most powerful on August 8. It is on this day that we can receive the full abundance of the magical and powerful energy that is on offer. Sirius is known as the Spiritual Sun, and is believed to hold knowledge and wisdom from higher Divine realms. When the Sun and Sirius meet during this period, their energies intensify and Earth is able to receive “light energy” from both of these celestial bodies. It is this highly activated and spiritually advanced energy from these stars that help to activate the portal and send an influx of higher vibrational energy for us to use.

Mother Mary ~ The Time is Here to Let Go of All The Old, Let It Heal and Disappear

Many wounds need to be healed now. It stings a bit when the salt is put in your wounds, but it heals faster. Yes, this is what it might be for you, dear children on Earth. There are many wounds that needs healing, both of the mental and emotional kind. The time is here to let go of all the old, let it heal and disappear. Some of you feel very fragile and vulnerable now. Others are strengthening their selves and the one they are deep inside. However, we are all on the same journey and walk towards the same goal. The Light that has come down and strengthened on Earth opens for your true self. One has to dare see the dark in order to see the light.

Messages from The Angels ~ Open The Doorway

There is, within your hearts, a tiny spot that you can think of as a doorway to the universe. You call this your “spark of the Divine” but in reality you are all “sparks of the Divine.” There is nothing outside of Divine love. Nonetheless, you experience yourselves in a physical reality. You experience yourselves as separate. Although you expand into universes and melt into oneness in much the same was as a wave expands and melts into the ocean, it is challenging to experience this reality. When you do touch upon the experience of this truth, you start to remember who you are. Your problems are seen as they truly are – lessons or illusions. You receive answers. You feel comforted, and emerge more confident. This is why so many of you meditate. This is why you love to be in love

Archangel Gabriel ~ Proceed! You Are the Delivery Agents of The Mother to Birth The New

You are in the process of birthing and we have talked to you before and we will talk to you again about this process of birthing. And in the process, and it does not matter, child, whether you are male, female, transgender, or simply in and out of form, birthing in and of itself is a great joy. The new does not arrive… your circumstances have changed, yes, you are pregnant with possibilities…but the new does not arrive until you have birthed, until you have given literal breath to that new life. And might I suggest to you that that new life that you are birthing is not only your sweet beloved self, but new humanity, Nova Being, Nova Earth, nova reality. So, do not look for everything to occur prior to the birthing, it is a result of the birthing that harkens and announce and heralds the new.

What Are Your Ascension Body Symptoms Telling You?

This is new, cutting edge, consciously taking ALL our bodies ‘with us’ into higher vibrational frequencies of consciousness. The ‘ascension symptoms’ related to the body are vast and seem to be so unique to each soul, directly connected to what you’ve signed up to heal and feel this life from your soul legacy that became triggered for you by this life experiences. The degree of experience related to body symptoms, I believe, is also connected to the emotional body conscious healing that you have engaged with AND other lifetime aspects (what I call Metasoul) conscious integration as well. The more lower vibrational, fear-based ‘stuff’ in your emotional body (which spans from this life to other lifetimes and seems to connect to the collective emotional body as well), the harder your body has to work to clear it from your cellular memory during the UPgrade process

Twin Flame Message ~ Times of Exception for Twin Flames as The Lion's Gate Opens

We are in a time of great blessings, physical manifestation and absolute glorious reception and transformation of all the golden, immense and divine love that we’ve built, kept, protected and fought for within and against all the walls and barriers that the path has presented before. We come through here to underline and highlight again, if this hasn’t been done enough before, the importance of the month of August in general but more precisely the Lion’s Gate as for Twin Flames transformation. We are now at a “key” moment where at a soul level, it has been said and heard over and over that Enough inner work has been done, processed, done over and over and enough to settle and implement fully within.

Council of Radiant Light ~ How Your Experience Comes About

Allow yourself right now to consider that you could actually accomplish a state of thriving that you never before considered. Just allow yourself to think that thought right now, “I might be capable of accomplishing a state of thriving and well-being, that I’ve never before considered possible.” Allow yourself to consider that everything about your embodiment is capable. For example, your body is really smart and made for this experience. Remember that the cells of your body come about because there’s an energy template that is your body. The energy of all that you are, and the energy of this planet, get projected into this energy pattern and it becomes what you know as your physical form. There’s a pattern that gives rise to your physical body, and this pattern and your body are intelligent, coherent and perfect.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ The Lions Gate Energies & The Gigantic Shift, What This Means for You!

Greetings Dear Ones, I come to bring forth a new message of the current energies and status of the Lightworkers on Our Beloved Mother Earth. Many are facing challenges with integrating the energies being poured forth from the Celestial Bodies and the Galactic Center and we are here to offer some solutions for this. To ReHeart you, we are in The Great Shift of the Ages, out of the head and into The Heart, which in Truth is the Real Divine Intelligence of who You(We) Really Are! There is a mental programming that we have noticed, which is prevalent with the collective which is stunting soul growth, and keeping everyone from progressing further into the Path Home into the Heart, due to this heavy programming and conditioning. This tactic or program placed on the collective, was put into the collective so the old controllers or cabal could remain power over all you. In Truth the Soul is God and this is where we are all One. Let us delve deeper into this conditioning and share what is to come of the energies for August and a prelude into September. As Always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness

Finally The People of Earth Can Rise Up From Its Slavery

The hour of freedom has struck and now finally the people of Earth can rise up from its slavery, which has been going on for thousands of years. Now the time is here – the time that you so long have waited for and so hotly have longed for. It is here now dear children on Earth. Let the abundance spread on our Earth. Let all take part in this abundance. Show the abundance with love in your hearts. Be in your heart and follow you intuition now. This is what is most important and then everything else will be resolved. Everything is perfect and everything is just as it should be. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is well and meticulously planned.

Message From Lemuria ~ Your Heaven is Within

Your heaven is within. Mine is here too, in this now, in my heart, in my body, in my soul. I can share it with you and, as I do, we ARE heaven together and creating this as our experience together of life. Life doesn’t create the experience yet, rather, you create your experience of life. Isn’t this wonderful that you can dial this in to BEcome this more? It is easy to forget this in the world you live in, that you choose to experience fuzzy signal INside of your inner heaven so that you would focus outside you. As you return to your Heaven within frequency, you experience heaven on the outside. The two vibrate in unity rather than in dissonance. This is the natural way…

Elders July Transmission ~ The Temple of Truth and the Sirius Stargate of the Heart

The 8/8 Lion’s Gateway sweet ones, links you to the Sirian Living Library as it aligns with the Center of the Galaxy, bringing through in this Now the Cosmic Living Library Codes and Universal Akashic Records from the Golden Age timelines of Lemuria, Atlantis and ancient Egypt in particular. As these Golden Age timelines merge into this Golden Age timeline in increased waves of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Divine Love, this assists you to create and bring about huge changes within your own life and upon this sacred earth. Every aspect of your Life is re-aligned to your Highest Potential and timelines of Self Mastery

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Healing Past Life Trauma

You are facing traumatic situations from past lives that you are working through in this lifetime, and you do so most of the time without having any awareness of what that trauma was. So then how do you do it? You create situations for yourselves in this lifetime that trigger the emotions that are associated with those traumatic events from past lives. The situation in your current lifetime may have nothing to do with what you experienced in the past life, or it may be a watered down version. It may be symbolic. Whatever it is, you are going to get triggered, and it’s going to feel very irrational to you that you would experience as much fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, or even hatred in this lifetime, given what the circumstances are. We want to help you make sense of all of it

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Crystalline Grid Amplification ~ The Now Preparations

Remember the passage BEFORE the eclipse – the Now preparations – are key to our service during this passage. We have the Lion’s Gate (8/8) and another Cosmic Trigger passage August 11-13. Let us focus on amplification of New Light Now, so the eclipse can do what it can do best; co-create with Divine Will. Many are asking where to be on the eclipse … this is your personal choice, Beloveds. If you are not feeling the knock-out upgrades, you may be capable of handling eclipse travel traffic. Give yourself a full day before and day after if you are guided to anchor at a specific location, or the path of totality. Personally I AM more focused on the next three weeks of preparation. Energetically, it is a global event

Mother Mary ~ Everything is Connected

We are of one and the same family, connected through the heart and never really separated from one another. Only in the illusion of material reality do we seem apart and separated, but in reality everything is connected. Souls cannot be separated, only bodies can be. Bodies are bound to time and space, but souls are not bound. Souls are continually in connection with one another and in a process of energetic exchange, even though this is not always perceptible to your everyday consciousness. Why do I say this now? Because I want to make you aware of the network of energies in which each of you find yourselves during everyday life. You are the center of a web, of a field of energies that is comprised, most of all, of soul energies: the souls of those people around you whom you love. But there is also a wider circle of souls with whom you are connected

Sananda ~ Your True Nature Will Not Remain Concealed

As enormous changes continue to occur planet-wide, don’t become blasé about them, welcome them and hold the loving intent for them to continue bringing about the essential alterations in the way you all live and interact with one another across the world. Truly, your destiny is set, it is eternal Love lived unendingly in the Presence of Mother/Father/God. Your true nature, as you have so often been told, is Love, which is LIFE forever in the Presence of God, and in that state there is only JOY! Love does not see suffering or pain because they are unreal, of the illusion, and can only be very temporarily experienced in that unreal state. In your eternal Home, which you have temporarily forgotten or lost sight of, there is endless infinite Joy. Prepare to awaken by constantly intending to demonstrate Love in action by beingLove in action.

Lady Quan Yin ~ Understanding and Transforming Experiences of Lack

Many of you are feeling the presence of the Creator, your soul and guides within and around you. However, some people recognise that there are areas of lack within their reality especially which equal the strength of their inner spiritual light. Many feel that they try many practices to release and heal the lack and yet it still remains. Examples of the lack I, Lady Quan Yin, am speaking of are a lack of abundance and prosperity, lack of good health, lack of a romantic partner, lack of like-minded friendships or lack of a home. Some people are experiencing a lack of the manifestation of their goal or what they feel their mission is on the Earth. Others may be experiencing a lack of energy, drive, clarity, determination or action in their realities.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Physical Recalibrations

You have been able to take in so much in recent months and years that your systems need to be recalibrated in order to handle the energy, the codes, and the information that you are downloading. All of you are different. There are not two individuals, even twins, who are exactly the same physically. There are several factors involved in why you are different, but that is not the point of this transmission. What we are here to tell you is that the recalibrations that are occurring in your physical bodies have repercussions on how you feel physically. You may be inspired to make changes to your diet, to the amount of water that you drink, and your sleep schedule is probably going to be affected as well. Some of you are sleeping for longer periods. Some of you simply cannot sleep as much as you would like. Again, you are all different.

Healing with The Arcturians ~ A Story of Lightwork

The download being given to all souls is much deeper than what has been given so far; it did start 2 days ago; yesterday was the deepest and it has disturbed the deep inner fibres of the bodies matrix: layers of old energy fragments that are now being dislodged. It’s giving the old fears a shake up so that they can be let go of. Your discomfort is due to the scalar wave energy coming from the centre of our galaxy that is being magnified by the solar flairs that are being caused by these waves. We have updated this energy change through you; you are suffering the anchoring of this inside you conscious alignment. Don’t worry it will pass, to help, let go of all pre-conceived thoughts, ideas and focus, in fact; shed your old skin and emerge as a light being, this is the process everyone is going through in their own way When you get the sick feeling go into it and take the new light into your hearts, this will stop the feelings. Thank you Arcturian Healing Ships

Mike Quinsey ~ Keep Focusing on All That is Positive

Your dreams will be fulfilled but in the meantime your thoughts must be focused upon what you need to do to fully prepare yourselves for Ascension. Keep focusing on all that is positive and keep control of your thoughts and energy, and only give them out when it is necessary. You may for example like to help those who are sick or injured, and your loving thoughts and wishes in this connection would reach those concerned. Even better and more effective would be group healing as it carries more power. If you are new to the idea, consider that a meditation prior to sending it out would bring all into harmony and ready for it.

Twin Flame Message ~ Everything That's unfolding Around You, Brings a Greater Awareness and Understanding

Everything that’s unfolding around you brings a greater awareness and understanding about what could be happening behind the scenes with your Twin. On the path of Twin Flame “reunion” or coming together, we often times see things in black & white. The depth of the love that we feel as well as the emotional intensity which characterize the Twin Flame bond might have us focus our energy on “them” and on “the situation”, and think that the only signs of its possible progression are found within that bond only… but the Universe actually conceals a bunch of other useful omens and signs on the path. We learn in time that everything is intertwined – what happens with them and what happens with others, in the sense that what we heal is healed no matter what the specific situation which allowed the healing of a specific core wound is.

Divine Feminine Energies Coming in, to Balance Masculine Activations

The emotional body is releasing pain as the higher self YOU is activating love codes, PURE love messages, NEW messages of love to hold space for the movement of what has previously been subconsciously stored to move into the light of your consciousness. Suffering is a tone that maybe you (and parts of you) have gotten USED to, yet it is NOT the tone of Golden Earth, 5D frequency. It is not the tone of the higher self-embodied sacred human. It is not the tone that Gaia emotionally wants to feel anymore. BIG changes may be necessary to move suffering out of your life, to say ‘no more’ to suffering in the emotional body, in the mental body, and in the social body. BIG changes navigated with those PURE love messages coming in, creating a NEW reality where big changes are navigable at a rate and pace that you can BE with

The Moment of Transfer to The New Earth Experience and Initiation

Many Suns of Light Consciousness birthed through your Light Body initiating your Form into its ~ Being. There are many rays of LIGHT Suns ~ that are the literal experience of consciousness that FINDS Itself, WITHIN its RAY of Experience. The Initiation that FINDS you ~ that transfers you in THE moment to a SUN ~ NEW EARTH Experience ~ is the SACRED Sun ~ RAY ~ planned for you to experience. The Ecstasy that UNFOLDS FOR YOU ~ as you GREET those that have eternally always been with you ~ is Yours. A welcomed BELOVED part of YOU ~ Longing to return home to YOU ~ through this initiation

Friday, July 28, 2017

August 2017 Solar Eclipse & the Physical Separation of Worlds

I’ve been hot flashing and sweating like crazy again almost every time I move physically, plus I ache most of the time, hurting in new places, purging, expanding, dizzy, ungrounded in those old earthy ways, and feeling rather lousy physically due to these seriously higher July energies. More about that in a moment but I’m using this old cartoon lion image I bought last year for the annual August Running of the Lions as I like to call the Lion’s Gate period, because it makes me smile and remember that no matter how spectacular, how painful, how painfully spectacular, how blissful, otherworldly and simultaneously beat-up feeling I’ve often felt during much of the first-half of 2017, that we’ve reached that long-awaited point where the Separation of Worlds is happening fully in the physical finally

Energy Update ~ Eclipse Energies in Effect, Sacred Heart Power, DNA Altering Solar Waves

Those DNA altering solar waves really cranked the universal vibe to stun…again, in preparation for the August events…and we’ve all been feeling the burn in ways that may have been difficult, but that are fervently challenging us to step into greater life experience. The GOD frequencies are now among us and they are demanding that we release our identification with everything in order to merge with ALL things. It has been a bit of a disorienting entrance to the summer/winter months…BUT, all the surrendering, all the letting go (even of those things that are intrinsically part of our divine plan) is/was for this exciting passage ahead which wants to put a firm close on the past so we can step fully into the NOW.

Pallas Athena ~ A Great Shift is Upon You All at This Time

A time of Liberation is taking place and it is a wonderful time to be anchored here on Mother Earth for many blessings are indeed about to take place. A great shift is upon you all at this time with many planetary activities happening across the night sky…. We come to you this day with much love and joy to anchor the Diamond Frequency of Light to your Earth and to assist you in anchoring this Divine Energy. A time of great liberation and of peace of joy of love of harmony bringing you all together as one in the Divine Light bringing you back to the beginning. We are entering now a New Beginning. This is as intended in the Year of New Beginnings on your Earth.

Coming for Everyone, a Definite Time of Change

There is coming for everyone a definite time of change, and when that happens you will all know why the delays have been in place, and how they got removed, and why they will not be back. There is a misleading essence that has been in place for a very long time, and it is so close to be freed that the changes will not only be evident they will be felt in many ways. There will even be unexpected ways that will give a huge change to the way that life on earth will resonate with what is in the ethers. They will come to the surface as the changes set in place all that has been created for the freedom of humanity, and all life on earth.

Following The Call of Soul Family and CommUNITY

Divine love and light is bringing soul family members together in the Now, coming together to serve love, to serve the ascension process, to serve healing, to serve sacred union in expression of romance, friendship, and service-based networks. These energies bridge geographic distance, lending courage to your life change choices that allow for sharing everyday living in the physical together, living closer to each other or with each other. Risking it all, risking that it could collapse or not work out, more souls are ‘giving up everything they have and have known’ to follow the clarion call of soul family community and sacred union

The Arcturians ~ What is In-between Where You Are Now and Where You Are Going?

Gaia has such a diversity of people that there is no wonder why She is having difficulty with Her Planetary Ascension. Only a relatively small percentage of humans are dedicating themselves to assist with the task of Planetary Ascension. However, the number of those people is rising more and more. Most people do not know what ascension is, and have never talked to a “Higher Being” of any kind, much less, their Higher Self. However, that number of people is diminishing. For the newly awakened ones, this form of “growing” is the process of remembering who they have always been, but forgot.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Experience The Shift

We want all of you to rest and recuperate as often as you can. Most of all, we encourage you to be present. It is in your being present that all of this happens more quickly, more efficiently, and more enjoyably. You get to determine your own path from this point forward. When you decide that you want to be of service to the collective, you are. When you realize that you can be of service to the collective and enjoy your journey, that’s when you are really onto something.

Acceptance ~ Trust Love

To trust in God really means to live in total acceptance of what is. This does not mean that you live passively in the world. You live in the world with love, honesty and integrity. You live an empowered life in partnership with God. You know that your experience of life depends entirely upon the choices you make. You know that your thoughts, words and actions lead inevitably to the consequences that follow. You know clearly what you want and what you do not want but you are not attached to the outcome. If things do not go your way, then you trust that whatever is happening is exactly what is meant to be happening for your highest good and for the highest good of all

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Full Planetary Ascension Underway ~ Testimonials

The Awakening Session accelerates your awakening as we guide you on your path towards divine intelligence and share in the energies of expansion. We are having lots of “Oh My God!” moments as we “come online” into our true being. The Services we provide are nothing compared to psychology or psychiatry. We focus on the Soul, your journey on the Path of Truth, of LOVE. Each session is based on the uniqueness of the individual, since each being is Unique we find different points of clarity among all. We are highly trained in human consciousness and will give you tools to help yourself gain your power back and help others. Below are some Testimonials from Lightworkers of their experiences after having our unique and loving Spiritual Intuitive Awakening Session:

Prime Creator Message ~ Sourced by Love

Your heart is alive to Me, to My expression as your perfect Love, to My goodness and My grace, that means everything is always expanding into greater good, more Love and certainly more joy. When you greet each day with your heart open, you immediately connect to the communion of life. You are full of the conversations of Love, as all life recognizes itself as My out-picturing. The world of the heart feeds you more life, brings you the abundance of Love, opens you to the recognition of Love as all things, and brings forth through your consciousness and your Love the world of only Love. The world that is the truth, beloved ones. The world that is birthing through your heart right now.

It is Time to Step Forth in Service

It is a moment in the world where change has come, where the hearts that are open are now in place, where your consciousness, beloved ones, holds to the high note, where everything you feel is My embrace. In this moment now, you wrap the world in tender Love and feel the blessing that touches everyone. You recognize that your clear vision is very important, desperately needed, that you are called now to step forth and take your place as that which brings the highest Love, the clearest vision and the gift of peace to humankind. For many of you, the journey until now has been vertical. It has been lifting up, changing your vibration, opening your heart, making your connection with Me, until you feel your true stability which always comes from anchoring into the truth of Love. And now, this has become such a part of your awareness, that you are ready to be that which anchors humankind into the truth of God, into the gifts of Love

Archangel Michael ~ Hand on Heart, Breathe and Here We Go!

These past few days of intense energies have been harsh for many, to say the very least. These new moon energetics signal New Beginnings for ALL. You are continually being prepared, and in these next coming weeks, a most significant Solar Eclipse, and more major energy accelerations will also affect your body upgrades. For those of you holding the Light, it has been as if the earth beneath your feet gave way. You will soon know what true freedom is and you will embrace it because of all you had to sacrifice to achieve it. Hand on Heart, breathe and here we go!!!

Galactic Council of Light ~ Latest Energy Update, Time Lines Are Collapsing

For some of you, that means that your divine purpose is being stepped up to the next level. It is time now to be very flexible and fluid about how things are unfolding for you. Connect closely with your Divine guidiance, your Team of Light, which can include your Galactic Teams of Light, Ascended Masters, Angels and Animal Spirit Guides and other Spirit Guides. Some of your time lines are collapsing and other time lines are being re-arranged. This is accelerating certain things for you and slowing down others. Let go of any plans you have made that go well into the future. Simply remain in the present moment and let things unfold for you.

Enlightenment ~ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Enlightenment is a rite of passage. In many ways, it is unique to the individual who experiences it. Enlightenment is that moment when all aspects of you are awakened to the truth of who you are, and in that moment the light that is inside of you, the light that is at the heart of you, is able to shine more brightly and is able to shine more brightly and be expressed through you and by you in your unique way. Enlightenment is a State of Being… one who flows from the Heart, connected with the Unified Heart. One is fully immersed in the energies of Love, experiencing Love, Joy, Laughter, and fully embracing Prime Creator, the Source of Unconditional Love

Kryon ~ The State of the Earth

I want to make a statement: The doom scenario of humanity is so ingrained in you that it has become a habit. Whenever you see something unusual, the first thing you think of is doom! Dear one, you were trained to think that way! In the old energy, it came from history, from scripture, from your parents, from all those who would socially join in, and in conspiracy theories that had all of humanity coming to a horrible end - and seeming to enjoy themselves while they did it! The doom scenario, dear ones, is a habit. Your current movies don’t help, with some of them being doom scenarios about weather and earth changes. You’re still not through it. The habit is alive and well. However, this is a love story. I want to tell you about

Unity Consciousness ~ Love-Light Unified

Love, light, collective consciousness are unified in5D higher consciousness amongst light beings. If humanity can evolve retaining our individuality and function with collective consciousness, we got the best of Ascension, our glorious days are coming NOW. With unified energies, we raise Gaia, our planet to a higher dimensional frequency, one of the reasons of existence of volunteers, starseeds, higher spirit entities and earths’ indigenous people, all assisting Gaia.

Revelations at Glastonbury Tor

I feel a great sense of excitement in approaching Glastonbury where the St Mary and St Michael Ley lines spiral up the Tor and weave their way through the many sacred sites and churches of the town. It seems so much more powerful arriving having traveled these ley lines for a fortnight now from Lands End in Cornwall. The energy in the land itself is the Holy Grail. That our Earth is so clever is wondrous to consider. Our bodies are also modeled on this energy of yin and yang spiraling through our electromagnetic field, known as the Caduceus. This is not surprising as Earth Mother is our Creator. My intention as I set off on my walk up the Tor, wind chime in hand, is to anchor the original frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field at the ‘Heart Chakra’ of the World back into my body – for myself but also for the collective so we can re-member how to be fully aligned with our Mother

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Ascended Masters & Family of Light ~ Balance of The Fractured Heart

Peace must first reside in the heart, the physical and the higher heart before peace can flow through to your soul and engulf your entire being. Each of you have been led to this point in the great transformation of all energetic souls who have chosen to inhabit the Earth at this expansive and vital time. Many are called to serve their fellow man, the Earth and indeed the God/Source. We have gathered together to strengthen those brave souls who have and are in the process of awakening to their soul knowledge in the Divine Light of All. You see, to serve in this great transformation requires much strength on all levels of your being and also my friend, great faith. The great faith I speak of resides within you. Within your heart, your higher heart of expanded Light and therefore great love for all

Final Event Energies Update 7~25~17: Urgent Message from Robin Williams in the Etheric to Humanity

Greetings Humanity, I’m dead… yet I’m alive in the most grandest ways. There is an entire team of Us from the other side, whom have been closely working with you, to awaken from out of the separation. Mother Earth stands alone in Her Heart, waiting for All of Her Atoms of energy to come Home into the Light. I would like you personally to know, She has My and All of Creation’s Full Support. I share with you a warning… Only those of Pure Heart, may enter these coming energies from the Lion’s Gate Portal. Leo’s Heart of Pure Love is at Play

Message to Lightworkers ~ July 24th, 2017

In these powerful and rather challenging days, your minds and bodies are being prepared to receive downloads of the highest possible frequency of Light data that you are able to receive at present—Light particles that work more powerfully than what has reached your planet in millennia. It is so that the Lion’s Gate occurs annually, aligning Earth with your Galactic center and the star Sirius. Yet this particularly potent alignment in this calendar year will open a portal not only for outer manifestations to occur with greater ease and in higher forms. It is also a doorway into a level of inner Transformation that can only result in the turning of your Earth from the denser vibrations of previous timelines into a far higher, unified timeline.

Blue Spectral Storm ~ New Cycle Moves Us Back Towards The Light

Long before the ruckus over whether the world would end in 2012, most of us were introduced to the cyclic calendars of the Maya. They are renowned for their many ways of tracking cycles of time, large expanses of time. Everyone who studied this knew December 21, 2012 was not “the end of time,” but the end of a 26,000 year cycle; and, consequently, the beginning of a new cycle. This new cycle moves us back towards the light, towards remembering. For over 5,000 years, cultures all over the world have used a 13-moon, 28-day count calendar. In the time our earth orbits the Sun, our moon has orbited us 13 times. The 13-moon, 28-day count is an ancient, universal, harmonic measure. If you close your eyes and feel this, you will feel the balance with nature that this brings to your being.