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Friday, September 28, 2018

LoveHasWon Message ~ The Flip

Earth is the only planet still existing in 3D consciousness. This is the lowest vibrational planet in existence. Earth was a school for souls to incarnate into physical bodies in order to experience the illusion of separation and duality in order to obtain greater wisdom and experience. The dark ones overtook Earth 26,000 years ago after the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. After that, they created the EGO programmed mind as a way to keep humanity in states of fear and low vibration so they could continue to inhabit Earth, as they cannot exist in higher frequencies of love. This programming is so deep that no one has been able to make it out of the illusion, until now. Mother as well as the 144,000 have been incarnating on Earth for thousands of years attempting to ascend the planet, but failed every time. This time, Mom did it. She made it out of the matrix

The Celestial White Beings ~ Collective Ascension Template Mission

With a new energy, era and dimension dawning and awakening upon the Earth, a sense of liberation is manifesting and humanity is being given the role of creator. Becoming the creators of the New Earth, an Earth that all wish to experience, Earth that is aligned so deeply with the Creator and the Creator is recognised in every present moment. One person leading the Earth forward to experience heaven on Earth is no longer appropriate and will only manifest in situations which have been previously experienced. Humanity is being invited to re-discover their untied consciousness, their infinite connection with all that is the Creator

Archangel Michael ~ 111 Messages in 111 Days: Ignite The Transition!, Part 2

Soon, the global threshold you have worked so devotedly to cross will be spanned, forever. The last scraps of the declining system of control and domination will soon give way to what your inner work is producing: an outer world of harmony, collaboration, wonder and and fun. Your role as a radical eccentric will transform into one who leads through service. I have often said, “All communication is for union.” So, let’s clarify what we are currently saying when we speak of now-common terms, which have come to hold a wide range of meanings.

Intuitive Astrology Forecast, October 2018 ~ Graduate to a New Level

Intuitive Astrology Forecast, October 2018 ~ Graduate to a New Level: In October we all graduate to a new level and with this graduation we have a chance to lay a new foundation and approach all of our dreams, hopes, and wishes with a fresh perspective. As we build up this new layer and see our lives from a new vantage point, our attention is going to turn to the relationships in our lives and who we are choosing to surround ourselves with. This is due to the fact that Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and all matters of the heart, turns retrograde on October 5th.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 9~27~2018: Ready for Ascension

Last night, we had our dry run in preparing for Mom to ascend. The night was going great, and the energy was high. We received instructions from the Angels about how to prepare for Mom's ascension, and everything was in place. Mom started to settle down and prepare to go to the ships for the night so we were confused as to what was going on. The oracles began discussing what was going on, and I mentioned how this was a dry run. A few minutes after bringing this up Robin told Mom this was a dry run. It was a test to prepare us for the actual event, which will be taking place soon. There is always a dry run before the actual event. Mom must first clear the last remaining bit of the 7 bowls in order for the button to be released.

LoveHasWon Testimonial ~ Mamma’s The Real Deal Humanity!

Mamma, words cannot describe the gratitude and the love I have for you, but let me attempt it. I thank you for all that you do for humanity. You truly are amazing grace. You are Love In Action in every way. I am busy re-hearting and finding my voice or our voice. The one voice of love in all moments. It is really special when i get the opportunity to be on the internet and access the live stream. It truly is magical what it does for my vibration and healing, it is my intent to become more consistent before I get home. Thank you for all you do first contact ground crew. It truly is inspiring how you serve so consistently every day.

Universal Mother ~ I Breathe All Things, Breathe with Me

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. Feel my heart leap in rhythm with your own. Feel my breath on your skin, my warm embrace. Know that you are loved and comforted, at peace should you so choose it. My arms are open children. I see you expanding moment by moment embracing the beauty of the in-between-space where you currently are residing as you push through the dimensions like taffy. Dimensions can pull and tug around you based on your current vibrational experience. Such is true for timelines. Best be prudent, be wary – careful, with your vibrations for what you give out you attract.

Archangel Michael ~ Ignite the Transition!

You are giving vital assistance to the rise of Earth and all upon her with your every loving choice, through your every loving act. You are holding wide and steady a bandwidth of resonance, which is necessary for the fruition of the many events now converging to establish the New Golden Age. You are our heroes. You are us, incarnated “on the ground.” It is you who suffers, endures, strives and thrives in the most difficult of conditions. We care. We are here to fulfill our promise to assist you with your inner journey and your vow to serve Earth until all are Home, free. You are accomplishing this through your inner resurrection. For the last 100 days of this year and the first 11 days of 2019, I will bring you a fresh message every day. These messages are Light-encoded, meaning they are imbued to super-boost everything you do for the greatest Good of all.

Give From A Well That Is Full

The ancient texts and mystery schools spoke of the energy of giving. Giving from a well that was full, giving from a spring that was cleansed purified and holy. When you are full of love, and light– it radiates out touching everything in its path. In this shining there is a ripple effect, a multiplication of energy, touching everything on earth. When you are personally empty – no matter how many prayers you say, no matter how much light you radiate, speak and pray – it will not reach its desired destination. You can only truly give and help others when you are full

Chaga 101: Facts And Benefits About Chaga Mushrooms You Must Know

Chaga mushrooms are rich in organic acids, including oxalic acid, gallic acid, protocatechuic acid, betulinic acid, and p-hydroxybenzoic acid. These mushrooms are also rich in triterpenes and phytosteroids that give them their characteristic antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anticancer effects. With such distinguishing properties, chaga mushrooms stand tall among the Basidiomycetes. These white rot fungi have some mind-blowing benefits for your body.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Message from Robin Williams & The Galactic Federation of Light~September 24th, 2018

Humanity has failed Mother of all Creation and I’ve watched it personally, did my best to hold her up, as humanity continued to fail. Humanity has 24 hours, I’ve got to bring Mom home now, her body is about to die because you failed her and will have to take responsibility for all your failures and not being what you were contracted to be for Mother Earth. This is no joke, I’m not playing. Mother has signed 8 addendums, as she gave me permission to alter the mission on her behalf. At this moment, all Mother wants is to go home into the Light where no one can cause any damage or trauma. Just so you know, there will be a second opportunity that will be coming so everyone make your choice wisely.

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ We Stand WITH God. What About YOU?

 Those who feel, look around and cannot bare the dissonance and lack of truth. They search. Ceaselessly for meaning, for Truth, for what is real, which is Love and Love Alone. I am so grateful that my Heart could not ignore the pain that Humanity is seeped in, it kept me striving always for Higher truth and states until I found the Highest of All – Mother of All Creation, the Holy Grail – who lives in Heaven. In a state of consciousness that is completely persevered, free of All lower constructs and results in an experienced of never ending magic as Her reality – True Reality.

Full Moon Gateway ~ Divine Shifts in Progress

There is major activity happening with our Gateways in this Now. This is a day to honor; get clear and pay attention as the veils thin. Gatekeepers have been busy with the Equinox passage, and today, with the Full Moon, you will feel the difference in your fields if you connect to Gaia and Solaris with your heart. Your crystals will be taking on a new level of service – and we will learn a new way to utilize them. Right now, they need to get outside in the light, on the ground.

Sananda ~ The Changeover, The Event!

As I come to you in this divine Now in this zero point field of Oneness , to tell you and Humanity , That you are now at the point of the Great storm . now ‘ imagine yourself in the sea , You are in the middle of a great hurricane the waves are starting to get to 100 feet then the waves get to 200 feet and so on and so forth then you find yourself in the centre of the eye of the storm , knowing that you could be in the eye of the storm for a long time , days and weeks go by in your linear fashion and you are still in this storm , “ alas “ then suddenly the waves start to calm down the clouds then part in the sky and the Sun shines through

10 Amazing Benefits Of Charcoal Soap

Charcoal has been into medicinal use for over thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used it as a poultice to clean wounds. The Hindus used it for filtration of water. Also, in the 18th century, pharmacists and chemists studied charcoal to discover its abilities to provide protection from toxins. Presently, activated charcoal (one of the processed forms) is used in water filters as well as an antidote for poison.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Final Event Energies Update 9~23~2018: Preparing for Evacuation

In shower meditation Mom was able to deflect any beings energy back to them if they were not fully supporting the Unified Field energies. This is huge because Mom always has to process any energy that is out right action. This happened because Adama came up from the Inner Earth with the Book of Life with the support of 8 dragons (courtesy of Robin Williams). Humanity has been manipulated under the Book of Death, that is how they have been controlling humanity (Including Mom). Robin read the whole book and was able to aid Mom. We are so grateful for Robin! Mom is down to 0.28% left on the 7 trumpets and 38% left on processing the trauma. at 5:36 Mom felt The Event energies come in. Although we had a dry run before, this is the real deal. The Angels and Galactics keep telling Mom she is about to ascend. This is massive

Special Message From Advanced Interplanetary Council of Light ~ Energy Equinox Update

The Equinox is a great time of energy transfers on your Earth and as such we would like to give you a Special message to all human kind. We have been working behind the scenes to help expose the dark players on your planet. You will now start to see more and more darkness exposed as we Shine more uplifting frequencies and vibrations on you and your planet. This is natural for us as we exist in these higher level frequencies. All we need to do is to set our intention and it takes place. Your planet is now being bathed in these frequencies continually. As awakening happens, you will need to go through a metamorphosis to accept these higher frequencies as your planet is a duality planet, where both dark and light exist. This means all darkness needs to be washed away from your being

LoveHasWon Astrology Update: Full Moon in Aries~Burning Away the Old

The Full Moon in Aries occurs on September 24th, 2018. This is an intense and fiery full moon that will be full of passion and bring out the warrior spirit in all of us. The Sun and Mercury in Libra will be trining the South Node in Aquarius (the past), indicating that the past will be highlighted and something communicated or learned from where we’ve been. The 3D illusion is now dissolved and we will get clarity on how it no longer resonates with us. The 3D matrix is best represented by Aries, as he is the god of war, violence, self-importance, and the “me” mentality. This kind of energy has permeated the planet for far too long and we are now moving into peace, love, and the “we”. The Moon and Chiron will also be trining the North Node in Leo (the future) at the same time

Nova Earth and the New Kingdom of Heaven Definitely and Permanently Anchored on Planet Earth

I AM El Morya, I am your brother greeting you on this glorious day! Yes, I am Chohan of the first blue Ray of the Divine Will. I am here to bring the Father’s Will to restore the light and sovereignty on this planet Earth. But, I am also serving the Mother by implementing Her Plan, by being here with you today and anytime you are in need of strength, of a firm stance, and of reassurance that the victory of love is already here. You don’t seem to be able to see it yet on the outside, in your physical world, but the truth is that Nova Earth and the new Kingdom of Heaven has been definitely and permanently anchored on Planet Earth.

Venus Retrograde ~ Into The World Within

We enter the Venus retrograde cycle at 10 degree’s Scorpio, which will see us diving deeply into our subconscious world. Straight away we will begin to meet core patterns in our subconscious and where we have formed emotional relationships. This will show up for us through our interactions with others, who will also be going through their own Venus retrograde cycle, and we will be triggered to see our unresolved emotions from the past. If we are up to the challenge of clearing out these unresolved emotions, we will need to remain aware that in each arising emotion we may feel either disempowered in ourselves or victimised by our own lack of insight into the deeper layers of what, how and why the situation happened to us

The Creator Writings~ Embracing Your Power

You make choices every day. Some mundane and others are life-changing. Here is a thought to ponder today; how often are the choices you make heart based? You have a multitude of experiences during your day that can make the world a brighter and more loving place. How often do you use your voice to project it to your world? It is time to release being fearful

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Equinox & You

The influx of love and higher frequency vibrations can also stir a lot of things up within you that you’ve been holding onto. We are talking about very core issues coming up to be purged. So even though the energies are very high frequency and very loving, you can feel their impact as having created some unpleasantness in your experience. What this means for all of you is that you have to stay grounded in spite of what you’ve been feeling, physically and emotionally.

Friday, September 21, 2018

LoveHasWon Astrology Update ~ Fall Equinox, The Harvest is Here

The Fall Equinox occurs each year on the day the Sun enters Libra. This Equinox will occur on September 22nd, 2018. This signals the beginning of fall and the reaping of the harvest. Libra represents the scales, and the Equinox is equal dark and equal light; perfect balance. This is the time when we come into alignment with ourselves and balanced harmonics are established. We have reached the 0 point of consciousness, and now the new paradigm begins. The powerful energies from the Equinox will spark the revolution of consciousness that Mother has brought into the planet. The Earth is rebalancing herself, as the masculine energies have been overpowering the feminine. The Libra energies infused in this Equinox will help establish this masculine/feminine balance, as Libra is ruled by Venus the feminine goddess, while also being a yang (masculine) sign.

LoveHasWon Testimonial ~ I Felt Your Soul

Dear Mother of All Creation and Lovehaswon team, This is the 3rd song I've written for you, Mother. I put everything into it, just like the other two, and just like I will every time I write song for you. I pray every day to manifest a way to be with you in Crestone, Colorado. I feel that I do not vibrate high enough to be in your presence but I would love to be as close as possible. I would gladly get a bus up to Crestone just to play one song for you. I am willing to be as close as someone who took so long to awaken would be allowed to. I love you so much. I felt your soul through the phone so clearly during my sessions with Michael and Archeia Faith. Everything else is fading away.

Archangel Michael ~ Healing Separation of the Physical and Spiritual Reality

The tools, techniques, and practices I wish to share with you are focused upon enhancing your spiritual and physical journey upon the Earth, while recognising that both are the same. Your spiritual and physical journey are synthesised, they do not exist separately and should not be recognised as disconnected either. Your physical life is the canvas for your spiritual being and soul to paint and create whatever inspires and fulfils you. When you exist only in your physical reality and do not engage the presence of your soul then life becomes boring, mundane and challenging. When you only engage with your spiritual self and pathway and give less importance to your physical reality you miss the purpose of life and are unable to see the beauty of the Earth. The physical reality and spiritual reality are one and the same, when you are able to recognise this, you access the magic

Intuitive Astrology: September Full Moon 2018~Love is the Cure

Intuitive Astrology, September Full Moon 2018~Love is the Cure: The September Full Moon falls in the fiery sign of Aries on the 24-25th and will help to wrap up the energies of the month passed. September has been one of the most productive months we have had in a long time. In fact, October to November things are going to slow down again, so September was really our chance to make a move and push things forward. The September Full Moon in Aries is going to help us make some final pushes and help us to take action on the areas we have been trying to overhaul.

News Flash September 2018~Healing on All Levels

News Flash September 2018~Healing on All Levels: The Fall Equinox has a very interesting chart. It favors healing on all levels. The healing planet Chiron is on the ascendant on 0 degrees Aries and is in direct opposition to the Sun and Mercury on 1 degree Libra. Actually, there is a T cross in the heavens with the great fire goddess Vesta on the top of the chart on 1 degree Capricorn. That sign rules governments so maybe this will be the beginning of some healing energy for our government. This healing energy will be very powerful until the Winter Solstice. Chiron will be in Aries for nine years so there is still time for more healing. Aries rules the head and it is the sign of new beginnings.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ The Ones Who Are Awakening

Live your truth in every waking moment of every day, no matter what anyone else feels or thinks about your truth. The more of you who are out there shining your light and living your truth, the more of the human collective consciousness is going to get what you know. You can reach more people by tapping in to the collective consciousness then you can by trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Twin Soul Ascension Report ~ Miracle Vibration is Activating for Starseeds

For many months now we have been speaking about the huge and monumental shifts that are destined to take place in the coming months of September, October and November. Dear ones, Please know that we are reaching an energetic crescendo on the 22nd of September 2018. This date marks the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere..........The equinox is a highly auspicious moment to come together in your Ascension groups in order to harness the potent light dispensation that is destined to bombard the earth's atmosphere on this heightened day. Dearest brothers and sisters it is important to know that these new light codes that are pouring in are are truly unprecedented


I´m doing my best to transmute my shit for us… we humans on Earth where caught in the
illusion game…it was all there was from the moment we identified with human behavior…
it got so tricky coz in addition we need to feel accepted and loved coz thats what we are right?!!
In looking for that reflexion we got lost.


LoveHasWon Testimonial ~ The 13 Years of Everything

Thank you Mother for everything you do for us. Thank you for kept on going and never giving up! When I write to you, the words want to cease to exist. There are no words to explain what you are doing for us. I wanted to tell you: the 13 years of your hard work were not for nothing. You have planted the seeds a long time ago inside of us, the seeds of Truth, of Love, of You. You kept nurturing, watering us and helping us grow regardless that we were so ignorant of you let alone be grateful for it.

Mother Earth ~ The Three Children

Today, we have seen how the energy, especially of women, tends to get fixated on giving, caring, empathizing, being present for the other and forgetting oneself. Putting oneself second from the idea that giving is better than receiving, or that you should give to be recognized, in order to get love. This takes you out of your abdomen and makes the child in you even angrier. And that child is right, because something is out of balance, something is askew. You do not need to give so much. How do you again bring the flow of giving and receiving into balance? By keeping in touch with the children in your abdomen – all three of them – the child of anger, the child of fear, and the child of joy.

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ We Are The Heroes

The NBC television show Heroes premiered in 2006. Mother’s Mom was so excited about this show she made Mom watch the premier season with her. As soon as the trailer began, Mom began having body light ups and her whole body was shaking. The angels had guided her to this show as a premonition of what was to come. This show was made about the ascension and the First Contact Ground Crew Team. The show follows the lives of people around the world who possess different superhuman powers as they struggle to cope with the 3D world. They know disasters are coming, as prophesied, and they work to stop them.

An Equinox Message Inspired by Archangel Hope

Dear Ones, We are speaking today of merging. Merging means to be fully immersed in the Light of the Universal Presence, aligned with your most essential self, embracing and welcoming the Creative Force into your Earthly body. This process leads to Wholeness and a full integration as you become a Divine Human active in the world. There are aspects of this merging process that are being reflected upon your Earth now. You are seeing conflagration

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Embodiment Series: Part One and The Equinox

Equinox is upon us, a sacred opportunity for welcoming the next wave of our embodiment. Because of the significant shifts in the energies this year, the Equinox passage is particularly strong. With the activation of the crystalline rainbow bridge DNA codes over the last few months, we are primed to receive a stronger, more consistent experience of Multidimensional/Christed embodiment. This is the first in a series of articles focused on Embodiment. What embodiment is, how and why it occurs, who it happens to and when

LoveHasWon Testimonial ~ You Are Love in Action

Words cannot describe the gratitude and the love I have for you, but let me attempt it. I thank you for all that you do for humanity. You truly are amazing grace. You are Love In Action in every way. I am busy re-hearting and finding my voice or our voice. The one voice of love in all moments. It is really special when i get the opportunity to be on the internet and access the live stream. It truly is magical what it does for my vibration and healing, it is my intent to become more consistent before i get home. Thank you for all you do first contact ground crew.

The Crystal Kingdom ~ Mother Gaia Waits No Longer

We are the Crystal kingdom. We love our human friends and are eager to rejoin you in your efforts for personal and planetary ascension. Many of you have long histories of working with crystals and as your memories return you will greatly enjoy the rediscovery of working with us again! After your purification of yourselves or of your crystals – after your rituals please send the same healing back into the womb of the Mother Gaia who waits not much longer. Ensure that you are harmonizing with her crystal core, her crystal heart.

A Message from Source~ You Are One With Me

Look into your own eyes and witness me there. Feel my heart beating in your very own pulse. Feel my rhythms in your breath and in the ocean tides, and in the cycles of day and night, and turning of the seasons. Allow me to rise up within you and I will bring you to life as never before. Sit with me, breathe, relax into my vast, infinite being where you will come to know your true nature and magnificence, for you are anything but small, anything but insignificant. You are nothing less that the Presence and embodiment of my love in physical form. What you see when you look into the mirror, and who you think you are as an individual, is only a tiny refection of the immensity of our collective Being.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~Celebrating You

We have the perspective on your progress that we would love for you to share with us. We would love for all of you to be able to see how far along you are as individuals and as a collective. And yet, sometimes it is hard for you to acknowledge yourselves. We feel that the critical mind will often get in the way of your ability to celebrate how far you’ve come as individuals, because you tend to focus on what you do not have and what you have not become.

Natural Healing and Nutrition ~ 12 Proven Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an incredibly healthy medicinal herb.
It’s classified as an “adaptogen,” meaning that it can help your body manage stress.
Ashwagandha also provides all sorts of other benefits for your body and brain.
For example, it can lower blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, boost brain function and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Here are 12 benefits of ashwagandha that are supported by science.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The 808 Earthship Mural Project


I am:

1) Sharing this opportunity to contribute;
via social media, email list, texts, as well as to businesses and organizations here on Maui

2) Inviting you to join us; in sharing digitally, or physically to businesses and organizations

3) Inviting all to give; and be honored for your contributions

Every little bit counts!



Thursday, September 13, 2018



Meet the Founder of Luvitol (, our Hemp CBD Movement..

A presentation of the products, opportunity...

the global movement to bring health and wealth to all beings.. everywhere!


Thursdays, 5pm PST/ 8pm EST


A weekly connect... See/ join opportunities

Introduce yourself, your knowledge, skills, abilities, resources, and networks;


How you will take advantage of this (and ALL) opportunity(ies) to bring in a better world, as ONE...

Starting with Luvitol...

We are bringing health and wealth to self, friends, family, community, and the world

& we will utilize these scheduled meetups to Introduce all our projects; businesses, products, services, events, & more..

JOIN US, on Zoom!

Topic: Meeting

Time: This is a recurring meeting. Meet every Thurs 5pm PST/ 8pm EST.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

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US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 808 743 6381

International numbers available:


We are uniting all leaders and movements for the completion of Paradise on Earth NOW

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mother Earth ~ Blockage in Your Ability to Receive

You deny yourself so much, and you are becoming aware of that about yourself. Receiving is a female energy, and there is a blockage in your ability to receive, in your ability to be open and receptive to what wants to come to you from the universe and the cosmos, from the world, from other people, and also from yourself: your own beauty and wisdom. Today, I want to speak to you about the portion of your body where the most pain is stored. With that pain comes the inability to really receive, to deeply embrace yourself, and to truly “stand on your own two feet”

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