The One Platform

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SHOW 2 - Part 4 The One Platform: Our Laws, Our Leaders, Accountability.


What is "The "ONE" Platform?

ONE Platform for ALL

(In your community, in your world)

* From local, to global.

* We the People decide the village we wish to live in.

* Example - All Basic Needs Met for All Members of Community, All Human Rights for All, All Rights for Mother Earth and All Life.

What do we stand for?

* All voices heard & accounted for.

* Everyone shares their vision for the village, and then committees are formed to bring in the collective vision.

* The collective vision creates the collective platform, or goal/bylaws, i.e. The One Platform

* All leaders are held accountable to meet the expectations of the people, or they are to step down.

Take Action Today!

* Start a "ONE" Platform in your village!

Other Action Steps To Take!

* Start a "ONE" Global Village in your area! (Example - ONE Ojai)

* Host a Carnival Of Love / Community Gathering on Sunday afternoons in your village! (Example - Ojai Carnival Of Love)

* Gather the visions of your community members with The Vision Project!

* Start a Cause Market in your village!

* Host an Ascend Summit in your area!

* Form a Local Marketplace of Conscious Products & Services with The Market Place!

* Create a Local Events Calendar with the intent to reach Every Day's A Holyday (Holiday)!

And more!

Love and blessings to you and yours!!

- Source

Paradise On Earth Now!