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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Final Event Energy Update 07~25~2018: Trump is Here to Share the Message: “God Wins!”

Here we are on the 'Day Out of Time,' a powerful day, that is also the Galactic New Years Eve! Mother and Father of All Creation began the day watching Trumps address at the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Convention, an annual conference held in Kansas City. The address was extremely powerful and a lot of Messages relating to the formation of the New Earth were put forth. Trump stated, "we're destroying the bloodthirsty killers, known as ISIS, we're calling them by their real name." This has many deeper meanings, the cabal old controllers created False Feminine deities that were the opposite of everything that Love is. Isis was one of these false feminines who ruled in Ancient Egypt when darkness ruled, this being was rooted in manipulation, control dramas, lack of integrity, deceit, lack of honor. The cabal have recreated Isis, in a new form and modern setting, it's an energy signature that stands as an aberration of All love is.