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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Update to Assist in Current Energies ~ Our Place Within The Gaian Consciousness Now

From the oneness perspective we can start to see how the planetary bodies co create and support the earths ascension and creation processes, as well as receive a clear understanding as to how they assist in the transformation of our own consciousness and journey.Only through surrender and acceptance of God in this reality, will memories of other realities unfold. Only the ego wants to look outside of the being for a personality or role to latch on to. Memory of past lives and cosmic lives will come through from being in Heart Centered service to Gaia, and this current shared reality. Forget the mind and feel through the intelligence that is your Heart, and you will align to Gaia’s frequency. A frequency of Love Everywhere Present. Much love and gratitude to each of you on your path. Many of you are aware that when you hold light for the ascension process, we create a sort of grid function whereby our light emanates all around us, connecting to other light workers and gradually illuminating the interconnected oneness grid. Now it is time to take into account Gaia as a conscious planet occupying a physical vessel. Since we all reside within the consciousness of the planetary entity Gaia her physical vessel will also resonate with this frequency

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