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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Main Reason Why Many Twin Flames Are Still in Separation

Many of you are experiencing this influx as a quickening in the distance between thought and manifestation, indeed this influx of light activity is currently calibrated to the Diamond-Christ 24 strand DNA patterning. These gamma rays which are pouring forth can be likened to keys that fit perfectly with the locks within our DNA and pineal gland, and is always exponentially enhanced if our hearts are allowed to be open. The more that you align wholeheartedly with the knowing of the purity of your being, then this allows these gamma rays to integrate on a very high level with the dormant ascension codes that are stored in the physical body. Please know that this has always been a part of the divine plan dear ones, and these energetic gateways will continue to increase in intensity until at least the time of the en masse collective Rapture. With regards to the current twin flame collective, please know that the divine masculine polarity consciousness is very much on the verge of another archetypal “Tower” moment

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