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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Crypto Success So Far!


Everything from Bitcoin (& Altcoins) to Blockchain;

Wallets, Exchanges, Security, & more..

$750 billion currently in the space, going on a Trillion $ very soon..

Hasn't even reached the mainstream yet..

Great opportunity to get into this space..

Have your money increase in value..

Greatest wealth transfer to the people ever..

Only at about 1% market capitalization.. the 99% is starting to get in now..

The mainstream has just started shifting into the space..

The old paradigm, big banks, big corporations are already shifting in..

This is how we are building out the Resource-Based Economic System for planet Earth.. our Multi-Trillion $ Enterprise..

There are 1,400+ coins in the space.. focused projects that each hold a piece..

Towards a peer-to-peer, decentralized, democratic world that serves all life, and our Mother Earth..

Enjoy the video... and stay tuned in for more..

Simply "subscribe" to be in the loop for continuous updates, webinars, how to's, and more..


1. Now is a great time to invest into Bitcoin (~$13,500).

2. When it goes up, convert your Bitcoin holdings into all the coins that you believe in (Bittrex has hundreds of coins)..

2a. (diversify to either the select group of coins you believe in the most (based on research),


2b. invest into as many coins as you can, especially the penny coins (~$0.000001 - $0.99, etc) and some of the most solid coins as well.



- Here's how to contribute to me: 1EgycWwso2qsSZUP1SNoaAnrKATd95X7qg

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Coinbase - 11 Million+ Users - Super easy/ user friendly

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Get your Earth Dollar today!

Get Bitcoin Debit Cards (Visa/Mastercard/etc) -

P.S. I will share a list of lending platforms (coming soon)..


Meditative Geometry (seen in video) -

Dolphin Yoga Retreat:

Schedule of Event for Big Island, Hawaii (Jan 26-Feb 10):

1/26 - 1/27 -  Mana Fest

2/2 - 2/4 -  Flow Fest

2/3 - 2/8 -  Dolphin Yoga Retreat

2/9 - 2/10 - Mauli Ola Fest


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