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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mayan Prophecy Connection to Kundalini Awakening

What the Mayans meant with the end of time is the end of time that’s caused by the mind, which means the awakening from the collective hypnosis that we suffer from. It’s the shift of our attention from being almost completely absorbed by thinking to our direct sensory perception in the present moment. People who experience this awakening suddenly see beyond the illusion of separation. In India they call the world maya, which means illusion or play. The world is a huge cosmic play or dance of energy that manifests as impermanent forms. It’s never trying to get somewhere, it simply is, which means it has no goal beyond itself. In our unawakened state our sense of self is derived from identification with one particular form within this infinite play of forms. To awaken means to awaken from the Maya and realize that your definition of yourself is arbitrary. You no longer solely identify with this particular form or body that exists only from birth to death but rather awaken to the fact that the real you is the entire fabric of this playful universe itself