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Saturday, November 4, 2017

November 2017 Super Full Moon in Taurus ~ Release from The Shackles

I have no doubt that important revelations, decisions and maybe a little luck will be coming to the surface. Relationships are also going to be a key theme with an important Venus – Uranus situation in play. Lots of insight will up for the taking, as well as, events to help us start wrapping us the year. Two more Super Moons will follow this one — so a big shift has only just begun! But we’ll need to really go outside the norm in order to tap into it. With a feisty Uranus – Venus opposition in play at this time irritation will be hot for the taking. Relationships are going to be brought to a tipping point and someone may come to the point where they need to break free. If you’ve been feeling bound by chains, or unhealthy attachments of any kind, this Super Moon will be pushing us to release from the shackles.