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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Message to Lightworkers ~ February 5th, 2018

As you heal Earth’s timeline in this way, you also heal your experience of the past—events and experiences that have contributed to the density all of you are now dissolving etherically. That in turn frees your psyche, spirit, and body to move more freely in the world, without the heaviness of past experience, trauma, and pain holding you back. You are transcending the past as well as the present—transmuting that which in other eras would have had to be relived in yet another Earth life, experienced each time at perhaps only a slightly higher vibration. And of course there are also disturbing and chaotic aspects of present Earth life, as She spews out the last of the toxicity that has invaded and oppressed Her for thousands of years. You may have images of great dragons coming out of the depths of Inner Earth, riding the skies with their powerful wings and roaring at adversaries to Earth’s Ascension, as they chase away or fell opponents