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Monday, February 12, 2018

The Light Brigade Collective ~ Vortex of Light Energy, Emanating from Gaia

You all are aware of the very turbulent and chaotic events which are happening in your holographic dimension, right now we call it holographic because it is an illusion, or a better word might be surreal. Either way we are here to talk about what is underneath all of the surreality. When something feels surreal, it feels untrue, does it not? The word untrue or non-truth, is a very accurate description of your current world events, we would say. We think most who are reading this message, would also agree with that sentiment. So then, what lies underneath this surreality? Well, we would call it Truth or Light or Love. It truly does not matter what word is used the most important aspect to be conveyed is that all of Life, is made up of this very important Energy and it is this Energy, that nourishes Gaia, and all of the plants and animals, and every human Being. When we are watching Humanity from our starry vantage point, we see a beautiful vortex of Light Energy, emanating from Gaia